Indian air force pilots walk away from their IL-76 medium cargo jet after landing
Representational image | Indian air force pilots walk away from their IL-76 medium cargo jet after landing | Commons
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New Delhi: The Indian Air Force (IAF) has war gamed how it can successfully launch air operations in case China deployed its S-300 and S-400 air defence systems, as it has reportedly done in the Tibet region adjoining Ladakh amid the current stand-off.

India has pushed in more air defence and radar systems in Ladakh since 20 May, giving it a full view of the deployment and activities across the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

“The IAF has war gamed the scenario of operating amid Chinese air defence systems which includes the S 400, S 300, LY 80 and others. All I can say is that the high altitude and the mountains work to our advantage,” a source told ThePrint.

Sources in the defence and security establishment say that from a pure air-to-air combat, the Indians have an edge over China in the high altitude Ladakh sector. However, what China has an edge over with India is its air defence systems.

Sources underlined that the air power comes into play only when there is a war, and engagement of any aircraft flying in Indian territory by China would be an act of war.

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India’s tactical advantages

One of the biggest handicaps for China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) is that all their bases in Ladakh are far away from the LAC and are at high altitudes.

“Because of high altitudes, the fighters cannot take off with full fuel or weapons packages. High altitude means that it effectively saps the energy of the fighters,” another source explained.

India on the other hand has a number of bases close to Ladakh and it has activated all the bases in Punjab, Haryana, Kashmir, Leh and rest.

Other elements that work in India’s favour are the long range stand-off weapons with extreme precision, such as the Indo-Russian joint venture missile BrahMos, European manufacturer MBDA’s Scalp and even the Israeli Spice 2000 among others.

The Scalp is the latest addition to India’s inventory and has already arrived ahead of the Rafale fighter aircraft.

These missiles were originally meant for the French Air Force but have been diverted to meet India’s immediate requirement, as reported by ThePrint Monday.

“All these have an over 300 km range, except Spice, and some even more with high precision,” another source said.

The sources said there are other missiles and resources available with India to take on any kind of defensive or offensive systems of enemy besides pounding their positions.

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  1. India is well equipted to deal with these rogue countries. Indian army can never be defeated and chinese should be well aware.
    It is only Indisn army who defeated all nefarious designs of pakistan. USA is with us.
    Lesson to all with full ferocity.

  2. It is just committing suicide to challenge China for India. In a case of war it will face two fronts against China and Pakistan. Naturally China will use Pakistani territory for military purposes. And whole the Muslim world will support Pakistan. It may be a good opportunity for Pakistan to take back Kashmir and reunite it to its territory forever. Perhaps Indian people will like a life under Chinese administration like Hong Kong. Anyway they will get used to be a Chinese colony…..

    • Chinese are wimpy! They have had too many bloody noses, from 1967 to Vietnam to Galwan, to ever think of war. It’s got allies like Pakistan and Nepal, while India has USA. China will not only lose, it’ll be curtains for CCP. The Chinazi under Xitler are raring to go. Bring them on.

  3. Any idea why Russia is not delivering the S-400 air defence system ordered by India? Is the delay a kind of friendly help to China? Russia is no longer a reliable defence partner. It is also getting close to Pakistan during the last couple of years.

  4. Don’t believe any of the article. It is like they claimed Indians crossed the LAC and killed 43 and only lost 20. If it comes to a war, India will get another beating.

  5. In case of war China will immediately use Pakistani airbases…..if India attacks those it will start a two front war with China & Pakistan……which it can only lose………..there is not much war gaming required for this sort of defeat !!!

  6. The article GPS down by Paul Tullis in Dec2019 issue of Scientific American points to something much more sinister than S-something systems. The article quotes Todd Humphreys an associate professor of aerospace engineering as saying that in the Antispoofing field ” If your opponent happens to be the Russian Federation (read China) “good luck” ” Just imagine as the planes are flying at night in pitch darkness suddenly the GPS signal disappears over all of North India or worse guides the pilot to fly straight into a mountainside.

  7. First time the Print is not writing against PM Modi and have an article written with unbiased and an Indian mind.

    • Unbiased Indian is the only who likes an alternative to reality, who believes Modi is the first Hindu ruler in 1000 years, due to whom the world is spellbound by India.

  8. Frustrating to see, enemy has entered our house and pointing gun on us, it is then the Raksha Mantari is running helter skleter looking for Gola baroot. Can this “dusku” origination call Drdo provide us some meaningful cutting edge technology at least now???? It is really shameful that to protect our house we have to run to others.

  9. What is this? A Filmfare article?



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