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Never waste a good crisis—How Xi Jinping removed his rivals, took control of CCP

CCP elders who had picked Xi Jinping in 2007 believing him to be more easily controllable sat listening to his speech at the 20th Party Congress on Monday.

China was pushing ‘Xiplomacy’ all these years. World is waking up to it only now

China doesn’t want to interfere in the affairs of other countries while playing a central role in shaping a new world order. It's all about 'Xiplomacy'.

No traditional deterrence—PLA has its own agenda in Ladakh. Deter, compel, make India accept

The Chinese term for deterrence differs from the English term in International Relations literature. China combines deterrence and compellence strategies.

How Falun Gong-backed media pushed Xi coup rumours around the world. And Indians bought it

Despite claims of a ‘coup’ and political turmoil linked to Xi’s ‘flight cancellation’ being debunked, The Epoch Times hasn’t given up backing them.

This is how China’s provinces compete to bring new projects. It’s called localised bargaining

China's regional officials lobby ministries for infrastructure projects at their high-end 'Beijing offices' where they also operate hotels, bars, restaurants, karaoke boxes.

Nepal is the new battleground for China and US. Beijing goes into overdrive after MCC deal

China’s third-ranked leader Li Zhanshu arrived in Kathmandu on 12 September to strengthen ties with Nepal and to keep the US at bay.

China watchers are on the rise in India—from civil servants to scholars to general public

Besides civil servants and academics, there are now open-source enthusiasts, finding clues for China-related developments in satellite imagery and social media.

Hu Chunhua has a chance at Chinese premiership and why it will have implications for India

Hu’s prominent role in Communist Youth League puts him squarely against the type of personalities and friends Xi has promoted.

Byton, BYD, SAIC, Nio, XPeng—China’s electric car industry is locking horns with US’ Tesla

China’s electric car companies completely dominate the EV market and are eating into Tesla’s business. In 2021, China’s EV industry was worth $124 billion.

Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan with a burden of course-correction — ‘US has lost China’

The failure at turning the People’s Republic of China into a ‘liberal democracy’ has brought back the long shadow of the Cold War and US’ entrenchment in Asia.

On Camera


Representative image | Pixabay

Apple revolutionised smartwatch. Then came the budget wave and more—AmazFit, Fitbit to Samsung

The Fitbit Versa 4 and Sense 2 are good options for fitness fiends who want a smartwatch for fitness tracking only, while Garmin is great for extreme sports enthusiasts.
Representative image | Reuters

GameFi is revolutionising global NFT market. Here’s how crypto regulations could shape it

GameFi is the intersection of gaming and finance in an environment driven by use of blockchain, non-fungible tokens and smart contracts.


Illustration: Soham Sen | The Print

Modi govt moves with Arunachal Frontier Highway, among India’s ‘toughest’ projects yet, China in mind

The 2,000 km-long highway will be of strategic importance to military. Same equipment used on other side of LAC being deployed to carry out work on tough terrain, say officials.

A Gujarat gamble: A likely reason Rahul is not giving Modi a fight this assembly election

I'd rather not buy idea that Rahul's holding his fire until 2024. More likely, Congress believes Karnataka offers best chance of winning a Gujarat-sized state if Gujarat is too challenging.