Friday, March 31, 2023
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How are Chinese discussing Pakistan economic woes? State media quiet, social media buzzing

Chinese commentators have said that there are limits to how much Beijing can help. But China also wants the US to stay out of the current crisis in Pakistan

China wants a ChatGPT-like AI chatbot. But it poses challenges to CCP’s censorship regime

China's version of ChatGPT could mimic ‘memory hole’ from George Orwell’s 1984. The age of Party-approved propaganda spread through AI might be just around the corner.

Buddhist leader Master Hsing’s death shows religion still plays a role in Xi Jinping’s China

Beijing wants more interactions with Taipei’s main opposition ahead of the 2024 presidential elections, which can shape the region’s geopolitics—including US-China relations.

China’s loan apps mafia spills over to India. Banning isn’t going to help

Until India maps the network of these Chinese lending apps and traces their offshore location, new apps with the promise of millions will continue to lure Indians.

Brazil to replace India as a manufacturing hub? China is pushing for it

China has been increasing its trade with Latin American countries. Even individual Chinese provinces do more trade with the region than India.

China is eyeing Afghanistan’s mineral wealth—but it comes at the cost of its own safety

China’s quest to secure lithium, even with illegal means, is just getting started.

Xi Jinping’s politics is driving China’s wealthy out of the country–with cash

Chinese citizens are looking for ways to relocate abroad rather than just move their assets. But Xi Jinping’s tactic to exert ‘ethnonationalist power’ won't be easy to escape.

Why Tibetan youth joining Chinese civil service is no indicator of their love for China

The Tibetan youth’s interest in pursuing civil services reveals the failure of government policy in creating enough private enterprises that can generate jobs.

Wang Yi and Qin Gang—two new appointments by Xi Jinping and why they matter to India

China's foreign policy will now revolve mainly around two key people. And one of them, as director of Central Foreign Affairs Commission, will report directly to Xi Jinping.

What dominates Chinese chatter on India—economy, cheaper medicine

While Indians rely on Western media for information and insights about China, Chinese social media users rely on Russian state media to learn about developments in India.

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Punjab militancy

Punjab sees violent struggle every 2 decades. But a few overseas...

Today, the chances of the Khalistan issue taking the shape of 1980s seems least probable. Both political and economic conditions have undergone major changes.

Rupee inches up on last day of fiscal, runs into ‘usual’...

The rupee was quoting at 82.20 to the dollar at 11:32 a.m. IST compared with 82.3375 in the previous session. The local currency reached a high of 82.10.


File photo of Bhutan’s PM Lotay Tshering | Twitter @PMBhutan

PM Tshering denies Chinese villages built in Bhutan. Expert suggests Bhutan...

Bhutan PM Lotay Tshering refutes reports of Chinese villages being built on Bhutanese territory, says 'it is not for Bhutan alone' to settle Doklam issue.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Four reasons the Sikhs are hurting. And it’s not about the...

'Causes' of anger are dera threat to Sikhism, incarceration of ‘Bandi Singhs’, inaction in sacrilege cases, & ‘if BJP-RSS want Hindu Rashtra, what’s wrong with Sikh Rashtra?’