Monday, 28 May, 2018


Shashi Tharoor

Debate over finance commission exposes south’s tendency towards misplaced entitlement

To ensure equity between the states, poorer states should receive a greater share of union tax revenues as compared to better off states.
An investor observes stock market in China | Getty Images

India has much to learn from the opening of China’s onshore bond market

A $54 trillion miss highlights India's bond disconnect.
Debit cards

In just two years UPI gets the upper hand hand against Mastercard, Visa in India

Transactions using UPI reached almost half the value of debit and credit cards swiped at stores last month
Uber app

India, the lone remaining jewel in Uber’s once-flourishing Asian empire

Uber's India doom is written in the (selfies with) stars.
PSU illustration

Privatising sectors isn’t enough, public companies need to be told to perform or die

While privatising markets benefits customers, the system must accept the hard budgetary constraints on the public sector entities in these markets.
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell

The message for India from US Fed: Open up bond market or risk flight of capital

India is debating whether to open the country's debt markets wider to foreigners, to as much as 8 percent of outstanding bonds, from 5 percent currently. A 1 percentage point increase in the limit may attract 800 billion rupees.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

India is the most attractive distressed market for this debt trader

Cleaning up India’s stressed loans has been a big priority of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to attract investments to the country. 
A photo of former CAG Vinod Rai

Body headed by Vinod Rai says govt rejected suggestions for reforms in public sector banks

Calling for greater dialogue with the finance ministry, Bank Boards Bureau says it is merely functioning as an appointment board.

Facebook besieged by Wall Street, Washington and Europe

Facebook has struggled to respond to the allegations following the Cambridge Analytica data breach, and their own employees have been in the dark.
artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence-based warfare is the new space race among nations

Proliferation of Machine Intelligence capabilities in the commercial sector will provide low-cost access to intelligent systems, may spur unexpected threats.
shahid aziz

From key Pakistani general to ISIS terrorist ‘killed’ in Jihad, the chilling saga of Shahid Aziz

An army cannot afford to allow so many ideologically motivated hardliners to rise to senior ranks and to freelance on behalf of their ideology after retirement.
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

How should the Indian army ethos handle Major Gogoi’s case?

Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat has said that 'exemplary punishment' will be given to Major Leetul Gogoi, if he is found guilty of violation of Army rules. Experts weigh in.
Illustration by Peali Dezine

The barely told stories of Indian and Pakistani spies making peace while waging war

Some untold or barely told stories of Indian and Pakistani spymasters making peace on the sidelines of war.