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New Delhi: The Pakistani army spokesperson Asif Ghafoor has landed himself in yet another row, this time for tweeting inappropriately to a journalist who had questioned the tone of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech at the UN General Assembly.

Responding to a tweet by political commentator Gul Bukhari, who said that the “world may just disarm Pakistan” after Khan’s thinly-veiled nuclear threat, Ghafoor offered her Burnol.

In Twitter slang, Burnol, an antiseptic cream used to treat burns, has become a way for trolls to mock someone who they believe has been scarred by a taunt or a statement.

However, Ghafoor did not stop there. He proceeded to offer to do Bukhari a “favour” that could be done by his “fellow Pakistanis on demand” earning the ire of many on Twitter.

A slanging match between the two ensued on Twitter with Bukhari offering “general advice” to not tweet when “drunk”.

Ghafoor has a history of gaffes, constantly wading into controversy for his inappropriate, oftentimes sexist remarks and consistent attacks on India. ThePrint looks at some of the instances where he has slipped up in the past.

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The Chandrayaan connect 

Ghafoor’s language and content have often caused many to accuse the General of being a “disgrace” to the Pakistan army.

Ghafoor had mocked the Indian army for getting the technology to shoot down Pakistani drones way after claiming his country had successfully shot down at least four Indian drones.

After India’s second attempt to put a satellite in the moon’s orbit proved unsuccessful, Ghafoor had tweeted “Hindutva will take you nowhere, let alone the moon”. He sarcastically suggested that the country would now level blame on Kashmiris, Muslims and sane “anti-Hindutva” voices.

He has also repeatedly dismissed the Indian government’s claim of shooting down an F-16 aircraft in the aftermath of the Balakot airstrike. He accused the Indian media of spreading “fake news” and being “incompetent”.

Major General Asif Ghafoor is the Director General of Inter Services Public relations and spokesperson for the Pakistan army who  tweets regularly and more often than not gets embroiled in twitter spats not just with fellow Pakistanis but often Indians across the border.

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