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Civil-military tension over privileges: Bureaucrats pampered or have forces overblown it?

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The defence spokesperson responded to a photograph showing a civilian officer’s car with a flag on the bonnet, pointing out the misuse of privileges. The episode has brought to the fore the simmering civilian-military tension over perks.

ThePrint asks: Civil-military tension over privileges: Bureaucrats pampered or have forces overblown it?

It’s terrible to see Modi govt’s goodwill being destroyed by this type of arrogance

Rajeev Chandrasekhar
BJP MP, tech entrepreneur, and founder, Flags of Honour

The debate on civil-military relations is a fractious and often an angry one in India. The anger is mostly because of the inexplicable superiority and arrogance demonstrated by MoD bureaucrats, who have little to show by way of experience or record of security service except for proximity to political leaders.

Military leadership are bound by their oath to discipline and do not have a culture of arguing or fighting for their space and respect. And so, successive bureaucrats using their easier access to political leadership over the decades have altered the civil bureaucracy-military balance. They have positioned themselves between political masters and the military, thus creeping above the military.

This recent instance of a typical bureaucrat – who would otherwise be one more among thousands of unremarkable paper pushers with no achievement to speak about except tweeting – replying disrespectfully to one of India’s most distinguished Admirals and naval combat aviator Admiral Arun Prakash – is a reflection of that misplaced, substance-less arrogance. An inexplicable bad behaviour by a nobody who enjoys proximity to a minister. While Admiral Prakash was unruffled and pointed out the need for a discussion to delve into this mindset, my views are far more blunt.

This is unconscionable behaviour for an MoD spokesperson and the person deserves a real sharp putdown. More importantly, the MoD leadership must shut the door on this type of culture of foolish, boorish hubris and arrogance among its bureaucrats. Public may perceive this junior loudmouth’s conduct as reflecting a mindset or a broader culture within the ministry.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done a lot, despite financial constraints, for armed forces and veterans and it’s terrible to see the goodwill being destroyed by this type of arrogance. There is a need for a real discussion on civil-military relations. It is imperative that those who represent uniformed men and women are worthy of them.

Arrogant, powerful bureaucracy & sulking military are dangerous for national security

Lt Gen H.S. Panag (Retd)
Former GOC-in-C, Northern & Central commands

The photo of the car of the IFA Western Command with a flag, aping the age-old and codified norm for flag officers (Brigadiers and above) of the armed forces, sparked a social media controversy.

Serving officers ridiculed the flouting of the rules and the childish desire of the bureaucracy to seek equivalency with the armed forces. The bureaucracy led by the spokesperson of the MoD, rather than accepting the deviation, hit back highlighting the abuse of privileges and misuse of soldiers, vehicles and government property by the officers of the armed forces.

Armed forces are the nation’s instrument of last resort and are privileged organisations in all countries and have enjoyed a unique lifestyle over the centuries, which is the envy of civilians.

This lifestyle and the privileges that have become associated with it are codified in rules and regulations, and any breach is punishable under military law.

In a democracy, the armed forces function under political control as laid down in the Constitution. In India, politicians do not take too much interest in the military and have virtually delegated the control to the bureaucracy. This has given the bureaucrats in the MoD an overarching power with a veto over all aspects of the armed forces. Military leadership resents this because it stymies their authority. Rather than establish a healthy relationship to further the national interest, there exists an environment of mutual suspicion, jealousy and antipathy.

The culture and lifestyle of the armed forces is the last frontier the bureaucracy wants to conquer. What we have seen on the social media is only a reflection of the bigger problem. Nothing can be more dangerous for national security than an arrogant and powerful bureaucracy and a sulking military.

Statements and actions of an individual don’t reflect viewpoint of entire community

Amit Cowshish
Former distinguished fellow, IDSA

The statements and actions of an individual, whether serving or retired, do not reflect the viewpoint of the entire community of that individual. Sadly, the tendency to consider every statement and action as an affront to one’s position has become the hallmark of public discourse on civil-military relations, with tempers running high and emotionally provocative statements flying around all the time.

That the armed forces are held in the highest esteem in the country is absolutely undeniable. This is in sharp contrast to the public perception about the bureaucracy. Individual statements or actions do not change this reality.

This is not to deny that there is a strong feeling among the services of being at a disadvantage vis-à-vis the civilian bureaucracy in regard to pay parity, perks and privileges. It is equally true that a section of the bureaucracy does not agree with this. This should be seen as healthy dialectics and not an unseemly clash between the services and the civilians over their respective entitlements.

The problem can be resolved only by focusing on its specifics and through a continuous, dispassionate and objective dialogue with the government. Each side must stop treating the other as an adversary. They must also respect, and be tolerant of, differing points of view rather than indulging in polemics.

In this emotionally surcharged atmosphere, the case for parity cannot be bolstered by making self-righteous assertions and through outpourings of anger over stray remarks, often made in one’s personal capacity.

Misuse evident both by civil & military officers, issue is deeper than that

Ratna Viswanathan
Former civil servant, ministry of Defence

The defence spokesperson is a defence accounts officer and belongs to the Controller General of Defence Accounts’ (CGDA) establishment. The CGDA’s mandate is to exercise internal oversight on defence spending, whether it is entitlements, compensation and benefits, or acquisition of any sort. It is supposed to act as associate finance to the services.

Somewhere down the line, the CGDA has become an agency that interprets rules, sometimes overriding the competent authority from services headquarters, which has resulted in a larger-than-life role for them.

Along with it has come the self-abrogated power since more often than not services do not want to cross swords (metaphorically) with the CGDA. Hence, the use of a flag entitled to a three-star officer has probably been overlooked as people tend to choose their battles.

Officers from all services at certain seniority are provided cars by services headquarters although not entitled to it when posted to MoD as a courtesy. The misuse is evident, both by civil and military officers. The issue is much deeper than that.

Civil-military relations need to be relooked at, particularly in the wake of the cutting back on certain entitlements by the Pay Commission, and the perceived mismatch in the warrant of precedence between civil and military ranks, which currently are not in line with the levels of responsibility being exercised.

The misuse of a flag is a symptom of issues that are flagged above. Rather than looking at it as pampering, there is a need to rationalise on both sides with due respect for each other.

Only freebies a majority of defence services get are enemy’s bullets

Major Navdeep Singh
Advocate, Punjab & Haryana High Court

I’m the last one for treating the military as a holy cow or for hiding its infirmities behind the cloak of ‘national security’ or other exaggerations. Therefore, paradoxically, it was not the text of the tweet that I found highly objectionable but the fact that it came from the official twitter handle of the spokesperson of the ministry of defence, and that it was totally ill-configured with the subject purportedly being replied to.

Former naval chief, Admiral Arun Prakash, had commented upon a flag of the Indian Army’s Western Command being used by a financial adviser of the Defence Accounts Department. Naturally, it was an odd sight. Traditionally and as per precedent, flags are used by appointment holders in various uniformed services, holders of constitutional posts or high administrative appointees, and are governed by some regulations or statutory provisions. However, it seems that the flag today is fast becoming a status symbol and a tacit replacement of beacons atop vehicles, which were first deprecated by the Supreme Court and then recently abolished by the government. Anyway, it can be nobody’s case that each and every government officer should be provided with a flag to be flaunted on his or her car.

The tweet by the spokesperson, even if inadvertent, unfortunately still does reflect the negative inner sentiment harboured by civilian staff against the military (vice versa is true too) and displays the widening wedge between two sets of employees serving the same nation. While the text of the tweet would have been perfectly understandable had it been a part of a drawing-room conversation or even between two citizens or government officers in their respective personal capacities, but it is extremely distasteful coming from an official handle and must be taken note of at the highest level.

Also, as a parting shot, while I will never condone any unauthorised freebies to officers, military or civil, it must never be forgotten that for a vast majority of the defence services and the Central Armed Police Forces, the only freebies that they get are bullets of the enemy.

How many apologies do officers owe for using jawans for menial work?

Nikhil Rampal
Journalist, ThePrint

My father was in the Indian Air Force and he wasn’t an officer (he retired as a Sergeant). As a jawan’s kid (and not defence brat), I had seen the discrimination and misuse of power by the officers.

From their salary package, treatment in hospitals to the ration quota, the line between the officers and non-officers is clearly drawn. Officers eat in a separate mess and the quality of food varies with respect to what non-officers get. While non-officers stand in queue to get their monthly ration, officers get it delivered at their doorstep by making just a phone call.

Even in schools, officers’ children enjoy an advantage over others when it comes to representing the school in debates or other co-curricular activities.

I agree that it takes a lot to be an officer in the armed forces, but is it right to treat jawans as slaves in the 21st century?

I remember once my father was asked to shop for groceries for a squadron leader as he was hosting a party that night. My father rushed to the officer’s residence, but when told about why he was called, he politely refused to do it. The officer got someone else to do it.

Jawans clearly do not join the force to pet officers’ dogs, pick up the golf sticks, pick and drop their children to school, cook meals for them, or take their wives out for shopping. But the power dynamics are such that saying no to these things is accompanied by a constant fear of a transfer to a difficult station, or god knows what.

Admiral Arun Prakash is saying that the bureaucrat be reprimanded for using the defence flag. But, I want to know how many apologies officers owe for ill-treating the jawans.

Compiled by Rama Lakshmi and Kritika Banerjee.

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  1. In defence forces, officers are the jawan’s real enemy. All the discrimination, exploitation, harassment etc of the jawans are done by officers in the name of discipline. Even the rations of the jawans are eaten away by these honest officers. If someone dares to open his mouth against these corrupt officers, he will be court marshalled and kicked out of service. Since matters of the armed forces are not open to media, their corrupt acts get unnoticed. As far as the use of military insignia by civilians is concerned, all the financial irregularities by almost all the defence officers are possible only due to the collusion of these IFAs, civilian officers of the DEFENCE ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT. It is my personal view but I am dead sure every jawan will agree with me.

  2. Have a heart Nikhil….the words from son of ex serviceman is not taken in right spirit. You are doing so well in life is also owed to the Offrs only who looked after their men so well. Just imagine if it’s civil life , your father would have got in long lines and queues to get single signature, attestation, certificates,loan documents. I have seen both life’s very closely ,I can vouch that Offrs owe much larger to the nation than one can even imagine. One odd cases what you reflected cant be used to label the brand Offrs of Indian Army. There is one Offr for nearly 200 men. And still you feel that there should not be seperate queue for Offrs, then it should not be for and IAS,IPS,minister,CM,PM,President… everyone in this country should have equal treatment. We point out to defence forces because we know they will not respond. I am eagerly waiting for your coverage on civil Offrs living a normal life and not misusing privileges and manpower.

  3. I worked for 26 years in the Indian Air force like your correspondents Nikhil’s father did. I left as a warrant officer, am airman. I never faced the situation what Nikhil’s father had to. Am officer has to lead his men in war. If you see the list of people missing in 1971 war there are 24 officers names. No Airmen like me. The officer leads. The men follow. So if the officer gets to bypass a queue there is nothing wrong. He leads us in the war. No officer ever called me for shopping vegetables in 26 years. I spoke to a lot of my Airmen friends and it was a one off case where some willing Airmen do shipping. Some units have 4000 Airmen with about 50 officers posted there. If leave percentage is 25% , at any given time there will be 3000 Airmen and about 40 officers in the units. In some situations where there are long working hours, at times some Airmen have willingly done some personal work. I was never forced to do it. Neither were my friends. I think we should not generalize like what Nikhil’s father did. As far as children are concerned, my 3 children have all cleared IIT, and home abroad for MS. None of my officers child had cleared the IIT exam. So we should not trivialize the issue.
    What the IFA officer did was wrong and using the official Twitter handle to complain was wrong. And trying to deviate from this issue by throwing in wrong info is absolutely wrong

  4. Observation made by Mr Rampal of the Print is coloured as he had ni foresight or privilege of understanding a system. that said no way his observations are wrong but the understanding.
    It would have been a responsible for a journalist to comment with facts and regulations than emotional outburst.

  5. the jawan posted as a help in an officers house is not treated as a ‘slave’ but as a part of the officers family. so if your son takes your dog for a walk he does not become a slave of the house. ditto for the batman or sayhak.

  6. A soldier is privileged as compared to a civilian just because he has a duty to die in combat. Government hasnot done any favour by extending certain perks to uniformed personnel . Even GEETA says a soldier who sacrifices himself in combat goes to heaven by jumping the Queue. Mr IFA should send his children to NDA or naval/ air force academy to b able to get into a flag car as and when they get promoted. As a proud father, he can then sit on the right side in the car and enjoy the privilege…but the doors will still b opened from left side of the car.. just because mr IFA has concurred the case for hiring the cars doesnot mean he wil put a flag on his car… but i have an idea..give him a flag on his car and tell him to drive to kargil..fight for the country and return in the same car. If he can complete the journey FLAG IS HIS… looks like he is using the same spoke to fly the flag which he puts in processing the cases…

  7. A few points that emerge need to be addressed and highlighted :
    Firstly, Its about time that the Nation understood the misplaced use of the term ‘Responsibility’ used by one of the bureaucrats above….. Let there be no doubts in anyone’s mind that the role of the Political Leadership, Judiciary and Administration only comes up once there is a NATION with its well defined and defended boundaries and that ONLY THE DEFENCE SERVICES OF A NATION CAN PROVIDE TO IT !!! PERIOD !!! The Defence Services not only provide a NATION to a Nation but also PROTECT & PROJECT it with all its might even to the Peril of the lives of its Officers, JCOs and OR and to that extent it becomes its FIRST and LAST BASTION against all forms of INTERNAL as well as EXTERNAL Instability and Aggression; Therefore the existance and prominence of the Defence Services as the front runner of the state cannot be wished away; Now coming to the aspect of responsibility; The personnel of the Defence Services are put ubder the ARMY ACT, IPC as well as the INTERNATIONAL GENEVA CONVENTIONS; Suffices it to say their actions have Local, National as well as International ramifications; Thus the decisions taken by any Personnel of the Defence Services have Local, National and International Ramifications including to that of the Very EXISTANCE OF THE NATION and they directly relate to decisions on LIFE & DEATH of HUMAN BEINGS, self or the man across…. bullets know no names and fly along a parabolic path… Conversely, the decisions taken by any bureaucrat can at best be local; ie towards the local administration of the society under self made laws and do not threaten the existance of the state; SO WHERE IS THE QUESTION OF PARITY ??? That’s why Gen (Later FM) Cariappa when asked, clearly stated, “What Parity ? THERE S NO PARITY ! AN OFFICER IS AN OFFICER” He said this because he understood this ; He further quaified it by adding that “Ranks are ONLY ADMINISTRATIVE IN NATURE”…. that summed it all….
    The second aspect is with regard to this unhealthy wedge being promoted between the Officers and Men, which is blatantly represented by the men of the AIR FORCE; This is because, the Airmen never go to war; they only support the Pilots who go into actual Combat and are thus a pampered lot !!! The question here is has this question ever been raised for a Neta, Judge or a Bureaucrat or a Police Officer who all along stay within the same People they are supposed to SERVE ??? Has anyone ever analysed how many men are there with any bureaucrat or a Policeman in his house and what chores they perform ??? Has anyone questioned that ??? If not WHY ??? Because those people serving there like it….. becsuse of the illegal Power they derive due to their proximity to the bureaucrats and policemen they serve !!! Has anyone considered why the concept of BUDDIES ever came up ? It was a necessity because the personnel of the Defence Services especially the Army were a secluded society who stayed away from the civilians because of the fear of espionage by the enemy hence requirement of men in uniform provided them the insulation against such enemy actions ….. however there are norms of conduct which are strictly followed and as such there is a NO CASE in this except noise.
    Thirdly is the aspect of gap between Officers, JCOs and OR…. that is a universal gap !!! Do you ever see a bureaucrat or a Police Officer standing in the same queue as any person who is their subordinate ??? The rise to the Officer class is not Complimentry, our Nation and our Society gives a chance to everyone to become an officer, therefore if one is NOT able to make it, and joins the ranks, well he has to take up the role assigned to him.
    Rest my case here…. The biggest disservice sny Government can do to the Nation is TO MESS WITH ITS DEFENCE SERVICES; Gorbachev did with it in USSR and rest is HISTORY…
    The Indian Defence Services are TGE ONLY INSTITUTION OF STATE THST DELIVER WHEN EVERYONE FAIL….. Please don’t MESS WITH IT and try to promote this unheard of and unhealthy wedge between its Officers and men and its time that the HONOUR of the Defence Services was restored to the HIGHEST PEDESTAL where they truly belong ….. The Defence Spokesperson reflects the high headedness of the Indian Bureaucracy which now needs to be made accountable for all their acts and cut to size….. and this person SACKED !!!

  8. Mr Rampal, it reflects your vengeance towards officer cadre. Do you think that every officer is like what you brought out in your article. Have a heart. Firstly in airforce the jawans are most indisciplined as I have witnessed. I am not a soldier or officer in forces but having seen in NCC during my school and college days I can vouch that there is so much of respect amongst officers and soldiers doe each other. What misuse are you talking about. Tomorrow you will say that PM and President should be made to stand in queue and that you should be allowed to access all facilities on priority. Can you do that? Similarly when it comes to officers , I believe there would not be more than five or six officers who are leading more than few hundred men. So if those few are made to stand in queue who will do their job ?? Or you feel that the duty is not important your privileges are more important? Likewise I am sure when the jawan comes with hos family to hospital where he stands in queue, he is given time off his duty for the whole day to look after his medical or other need? Can the leader or officer who is responsible for everything afford to do that? How much leave does a jawan get and how much an officer? Please bring out facts. Don’t make it a hate affair because you must have been brushed up by some officers kid or officer for your misadventure sometime in your childhood. Bring the facts , the responsibilities , duties and privileges of a jawan vis a vis officer for the whole country to see.Dibt try to be a victim of your own lopsided view. Shame on you ….. Please don’t try to create a divide amongst the best organization of this country.

    • Very well said. Agree totally.
      I think Mr Rampal you need needs to do some soul-searching. I am sure that if you do so, you will realise how much Air Force has provided you to develop the personality and be where you are today, an accomplished journalist. You need to reflect upon your father’s journey from his village or a small town boy with limited education to joining as an Airman. The Service provided you the wonderful schooling and the exposure to an atmosphere to develop your personality. You need to just look across to the achievements of all the children of the Group B, C and D staff of any other Govt of India or State to realise the difference. Also, all seniors are treated differently than their subordinates in any organisation, whether private or Public or Govt and it is because certain perks and privileges come from the higher responsibilities which they tenet. I am sure everybody doesn’t get paid the same despite working the same hours of work even in your organisation. Similarly, you must be having peons and errand boys to run for you and provide you cups of tea and fill in papers in printers while you are engaged in writing an article. Why? it is because you should be able to concentrate upon your job of a journalist and write your articles without wasting time on peripheral issues. Now, that’s how the hierarchy works in all spheres. As bought out above, so many PBOR kids are today joining as officers and it is only because the Services have provided them with the foundation and opportunity to develop. As a journalist, you are expected to provide a balanced view as you have the wherewithal to impact a wide and a large number of people. So please don’t let your personal prejudices or singular experiences cloud your journalistic ethos and run down the best organisation of the country. An organisation which I am sure your father continues to be proud of belonging.

  9. Folks,
    Firstly there was never any ill treatment ever. It’s a tough life and soldiers and officers do it alike. Unlike other services their welfare is in their own hands, no one outside is responsible.
    Secondly, the job of the bureaucracy is to meet the needs of the services and ensure that they don’t have to look over their shoulders. They are a service unlike the Armed Forces which is not a service.
    Thirdly, the bureaucracy at least some of them forget that and want to become macho. And want all the facilities of the Forces, without being under the Army, Navy or Air Force Act.
    Fourthly, and what is special about these acts. It is a clause under which you can be shot for refusing to obey an order which could in all probability lead to certain death.
    Fifthly, there is no other establishment that has this clause, which is why the Forces will remain the Number One Service always, irrespective of what list of precedence the bureaucracy keeps publishing or NFUs.
    Sixthly, the Flag is a part of the uniform, it’s not a perk as someone has mentioned. Are you telling me that the uniform is a perk.
    Seventhly, this country is truly screwed. We have complete idiots being paid from funds.

  10. the discussion should not get into the goings on within the armed forces. That is a separate discussion. This discussion should be constrained to the armed forces vs civilians – if it may be called that. Essentially these are arrangements made between the different areas of expertise and manpower availability for the purposes of having a focused fighting force. Clearly the Armed Forces can get into every discipline needed by them. It would however not be worth their time or the countries. What is lacking today is the availability of ‘sensible ‘ people in the bureaucracy – the quality of which people continues to diminish with every passing day. Their sole ability appears to be in getting into the good books of a politician and be self serving at all times. I wonder where the country comes in. Contrast this with the Armed Forces – hopefully country first. That is what the Armed Forces are paid for. Why the bureaucrats are paid and how much and how much power they are given is for one to figure out.

  11. Equality is to be compared between set of people bound by same terms and conditions at the time of induction in defence services. So discrimination in perks and privileges during service is a Bigggg misnomer. With such incredulous argument a clerk in deptt will start comaring himself with his IAS boss and will demand equality with him in every sphere. What an ILLOGICAL definition of discrimination.

  12. Equality is to be compared between set of people bound by same terms and conditions at the time of induction in defence services. So discrimination in perks and privileges during service is a Bigggg misnomer. With such incredulous argument a clerk in deptt will start comaring himself with his IAS boss and will demand equality with him in every sphere. What an ILLOGICAL definition of discrimination.

  13. The unfortunate part is that children of jawans going to civil stream and talking. Recommend that as a journalist he should spk to JCO/OR kids who have joined as officers as also subordinates working in other services and probably then he will get the right perspective…

  14. Nikhil Rampal is not talking like a son of a soldier or an IAF veteran but a true presstitute on behalf of the Babus of MOD Under whose favours the presstitutes thrive & prosper.An IAF doesn’t have a tradition of batmans or a sevadar.Nikhil has been induced to cook up a story.

  15. This nation is always in danger .. and it deserve to be in danger .. every institution wants power in its hand and when they perceive that their power is slipping away they started crying.. whether it’s beaurocracy, Defence ,judiciary…I remember one story
    Once there was a rogue person who was famous for his mischievous acts.He purchased a dog so nobody could come to his residence. Dog knew that its master is a rogue but he bounded by a oath to save its master on any cost.. that’s the situation of our institution..kill innocents save rogues and then cry for bloody national security

  16. Here some thing has gone wrong or otherwise I donot know. Clearly Officers and Men relation ship is very good IN Indian Air Force. Donot exaggerate the things having very less importance or which can be corrected by the Higher officer of the unit. You have welfare meetings etc to voice your problem if any in your unit itself.

  17. I am a Retired Seargeant ,I would like to say one thing is that a car flying a flag is to be saluted. That is what I was taught in Parade ground. Further No Car will be seen flying a flag without the officer e.g Commanding officer/Station commander. What is the fun a civilian sitting inside. Lest he be any body.For heaven sake donot misuse . Who ever mis uses should be punished.

    • Very well said….A Flag on a car represents the presence of a senior service officer in the car and also that he is entitled to a salute. Thus all personnel, both officers and PBORs are required to salute. However, no civilian officer, irrespective of his rank or position is entitled to a salute. Thus flying a flag on his or her car by a civilian officer is incorrect. Also, authorisation of who all can fly a flag and what type is clearly laid down in the respective Regulations for the Army, Air Force and the Navy. These Regulations have been passed by the Parliament and are Statutory in nature. Any other individual is not permitted to fly such flags just like no individual other than those belonging to Indian Armed Forces can wear uniform or insignia of Indian Armed forces and is considered unlawful and is liable to be charged for fraudulent behaviuor.

  18. Firstly, dear Nikhil, it is worng to say your father wasn’t an offer. He was very much was an offer. He was a non commissioned officer. Secondly your idea of bondage an officer has with their men is not clear, it seems. Men are well looked after by officers and they always feel their welfare comes first. More over these day’s children of men are doing better and they are in majority in joining forces as officers. Be proud of your self for you belong to this esteem organisation.
    Col Gokula

  19. Hello ! I have been an officer in the Navy. Forget about discrimination between officers and jawans. There is discrimination between senior officers and junior officers too. A junior navy officer can not maintain his membership of Kota House Officers mess. The senior officers continue to be members even after retirement and keep making use of the facility because it comes very cheap to them. Gone are the days when there was only one chair reserved only for the President Mess Committee. Now there is a separate table for Captains and above in the mess. Separate washroom for senior and junior officers. To rise to senior ranks in services an officer has to be cunning else you don’t even get an Annual Confidential Report on time. If you represent the whole system gets after you.

  20. We can do with the arrogance and improper conduct
    of the bureaucrats but loss of trust between officers and jawans is extremely dangerous. The mighty US lost in Vietnam primarily because of loss of this mutual trust between officers and men they commanded.
    Attempts to create a wedge between the two is not dangerous just for the forces but puts national security at grave risk.
    Let’s be aware.

  21. Comment: The mistreatment by Officers if it ever existed earlier is totally non-existent now. The gaps between officers and jawans both in terms of pay as well as social status have significantly reduced. A lot of emphasis is placed on the welfare of troops. Nowadays officers often sacrifice their personal life more than jawans. They put in longer working hours, get lesser leave and have poorer promotion ratios as compared to jawans

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