Thursday, 24 May, 2018

Talk Point

Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

Rahul Gandhi’s disappearances during political crises – clever or cowardly?

Experts weigh in on Rahul Gandhi's low visibility since the Karnataka verdict and what it says about his leadership qualities.
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

15 days for Yeddyurappa: Legitimate period to prove majority or will it facilitate poaching?

B S Yeddyurappa took oath as the chief minister of Karnataka after Governor Vajubhai Vala gave him 15 days to prove his majority on the floor of the assembly. Critics say that the period is too long and will encourage illegal trading of members. Experts weigh in.
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

Has Karnataka ended the debate on 2019, or has the match just begun?

BJP has emerged as the largest party in Karnataka with 104 seats. Whether or not it goes on to form the government, the result has bolstered the party’s cadre. On the other hand, the Congress may have secured only 78 seats, but its vote share is 2 per cent higher than that of the BJP. Experts weigh in.
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

Karnataka hung assembly: Time to end ambiguity or leave it to governor’s discretion?

It is now up to governor Vajubhai Vala to decide who he invites to form the government. Both the BJP and the Congress-JD (S) alliance have staked claim. Experts weigh in.

Is a JD (S)-led coalition government what Karnataka voted for?

Experts weigh in on Congress's unconditional offer to JD (S) leader H.D. Kumaraswamy to lead a new coalition government in Karnataka as the chief minister.
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

Karnataka elections: Severe anti-incumbency against Siddaramaiah or Modi-Shah-Yeddyurappa dominance?

As the votes are counted in Karnataka, trends indicate that the BJP will emerge as the single largest party.  The Congress’ performance under chief minister Siddaramaiah has turned out to be way worse than was predicted in the exit polls. Experts weigh in.
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

Should India worry that Bangladesh has joined the new south Asian space race?

Bangladesh recently launched the Bangabandhu-1, its first privately built commercial satellite for telecommunications. Indian satellites have dominated this sector in south Asia, and Bangladesh’s foray into it spells competition. Experts weigh in.
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20 years after Pokhran nuclear test, is India safer?

On 11 May, 1998 the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government successfully conducted surprise nuclear tests in Pokhran, Rajasthan. Twenty years later, experts weigh in.
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

TalkPoint: The Congress-NCP-Sena opposition to Nanar refinery: Will it help BJP or kill its fortunes in Konkan?

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnvais is planning a multi-crore refinery and petrochemicals project in the Nanar area of Konkan’s Ratnagiri district that has become a political hot potato. Experts weigh in.
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

Can Rahul Gandhi finally take on Modi or has he waited too long?

Experts weigh in on Rahul Gandhi's public comment that he would be willing to become the Prime Minister if Congress secures enough votes in 2019.

Malaysia of 2018 has learnt lessons from India of 1977. And, so should we

As an Indian and a democrat – and as an opposition politician also facing a seemingly unvanquishable foe in power, and looking to unity and popular support to bring about change – I can only wish the new coalition government in Malaysia well.
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

Tirupati controversy: Should large temples be run by government trusts or traditional owners?

Experts weigh in on the allegations made by AV Ramana Dikshitulu, the former head priest of India's richest temple, Tirupati. He has accused the state-run trust of corruption and demanded an open audit of the temple's riches.
Narendra Modi

Superbrand Narendra Modi: Cast in Titanium, not merely coated with Teflon

He’s our most polarising leader, deeply hated by many but equally loved by more, especially the young. To extrapolate BJP’s struggles in Gujarat and Karnataka to 2019 is fatally complacent.