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Playstation inventor Ken Kutaragi | Commons

PlayStation inventor starts new career making robots for no pay

Ken Kutaragi is on a mission to make affordable robots that can safely move around and do physical work alongside humans in factories and logistics centers.
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Robots that can sniff out coronavirus being tested in America

Koniku, a biotechnology startup, will examine samples from patients tested for Covid-19 to compare how well the smell-bot detects the virus compared with traditional methods.
Representational Image | Robots | Flickr

The lab assistant that can work for 21.5 hours a day and tackle problems humans cannot

The robot chemist, that is helping scientists at the University of Liverpool with their research, could make scientific discoveries “a thousand times faster”.

It’s not science fiction. Robots running industrial world can be hacked, remote-controlled

Previously unknown vulnerabilities could allow hackers to hide malicious code in the software that robots run on.
It is fascinating to study how people use technology in their relationships (representational image)

AI is already putting journalists out of job. But there will never be AI Arnab or Ravish

Microsoft recently fired dozens of journalists responsible for curating and editing news stories to be replaced with automated systems.
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Post Covid, it’s not a bad idea to have robots and machines replace humans at some jobs

Some jobs aren't good enough to protect. The pandemic presents an opportunity to negotiate better terms with those leading the AI revolution, such as Google and Amazon.
It is fascinating to study how people use technology in their relationships (representational image)

Robots spell trouble for millennial workers in Europe and US

It would be foolish to dissuade companies from investing in more productive machines. However, governments must ensure that the impact is spread evenly.
It is fascinating to study how people use technology in their relationships (representational image)

No, data doesn’t support theory that robots are replacing human workers

If firms are adding robots to production, it should show up as accelerating productivity. But labour productivity growth has slowed to a crawl since 2010.
A 3D printed humanoid robot at Mumbai techfest 2015

Workers might welcome robots taking over their jobs

A survey found a robotic takeover was easier to accept because it didn’t batter people’s self-image quite so brutally as being replaced by another human.

Robot ‘Baxter’ could solve shortage of qualified nurses across the world

Students and professors at Imperial College London are developing a robot to assist patients after looking at nursing shortage statistics paired with aging population demographics.

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If Joe Biden wins US presidential election — prepare for an epic policy hangover

As pleasant as it might be to have a president who isn’t actively destroying the country, there are many areas where Biden will need a better plan & political will to make progress.
President Xi Jinping (centre) with other leaders of the Communist Party of China | Representational image: Reuters via ANI

China to reveal how it plans to steer economic growth through the 2030s

China’s Communist Party is expected to release two policy blueprints at the end of 4 days of meetings -- Their 5-year plan & a longer strategy document that stretches until 2035.


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh addressing the biannual Army Commanders Conference in New Delhi Wednesday | Indian Army

China lacks ‘honest intent’, be prepared for any eventuality, Rajnath Singh tells Army

Speaking in Delhi, the Defence Minister told military commanders that the government will strongly back reforms in the armed forces including setting up of theatre commands.
Illustration: Soham Sen/ThePrint

Trump or Biden? Doesn’t matter to India-US ties as they’re in a full, strategic embrace

Pompeo & Esper’s visit to India for the 2+2 talks is proof that old hypocrisies are history, and supreme national interest has again driven a strategic choice.