Monday, 24 September, 2018

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Modi's banners on Ujjwala

Petrol pumps claim Modi govt arm-twisting them to fuel its publicity campaign

Dealers claim OMCs telling them to put up hoardings promoting govt schemes bearing Modi's photo. OMCs deny the charge, say move only to promote schemes
Nehru Seated

Nehru is the greatest PM India has had, Vajpayee an economic failure and Rao the worst

To include any other Prime Minister in the Nehru Museum is to tamper with the soul of India.
Shujaat Bukhari

A ‘fit’ Modi has no time to speak on Shujaat Bukhari killing

The Prime Minister can reach out to ordinary people by offering condolences on Shujaat Bukhari’s murder.
File photo of Narendra Mod

Nuclear-powered India cannot afford to treat Modi’s security as political football

Heads of the Special Protection Group and the Intelligence Bureau must remember that their duty is to protect the prime minister, if necessary, from himself. 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

What the BJP may have to do to ensure Narendra Modi remains PM after 2019 polls

The big factor the BJP should bank on in the upcoming 2019 elections leads with the question: “Who is the alternative? If not Modi, who? If not BJP, who?”
Narendra Modi waves from ferry

The strategies that will decide whether Narendra Modi will be India’s PM after 2019

There are 9 factors – 3 sets of numbers, 3 strategies and 3 tactics – that will determine India’s next Prime Minister.
A graphic featuring Jawaharlal Nehru, Narendra Modi, and Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Modi, Nehru or Vajpayee: Which Prime Minister has written the most books?

Indian PMs have explored a wide range topics in their written work – from Nehru’s letters & books in prison to Modi’s guide for exam stress-addled students.
Modi waving at the audience

Modi returning as PM in 2019 isn’t certain. India should be prepared for these scenarios

It's not a foregone conclusion who the next Prime Minister will be given there are plenty of voters who could ensure it isn't Narendra Modi.
Sharad Pawar at 'Save Constitution' rally

Sharad Pawar’s final play to fulfil his dream of becoming the nation’s PM

The tug of war for the mentorship of opposition unity has begun between the two ailing leaders: Sharad Pawar and Sonia Gandhi.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi delvers his speech at the plenary session of the World Economic Forum, in Davos on Tuesday.

In his first Davos speech, Modi goes passive-aggressive on China and Trump

The key takeaway from PM Modi’s Davos speech is his highlighting data as the new currency of global power, probably the first time an Indian PM has done so.

This is what cheaper and better looking electric vehicles can do for you

Charging will last for months in electric vehicles, it's cleaner and convenient to use and also reduces air and noise pollution.

Christian priests accused of rape: Isolated events or eroding credibility of Indian church?

While allegations against Bishop Franco Mulakkal are under investigation, there is pressure on Bishops' Council to initiate a full-fledged probe. Experts weigh in.