Friday, 19 August, 2022
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Topic: Pervez Musharraf

‘Nawaz Sharif wants to soften heart of Generals’ — Why Pakistan is inviting ailing Musharraf back

An ailing Musharraf wants to ‘spend rest of his life’ in Pakistan, and Nawaz Sharif — whom he had ousted in a coup — wants to the government to facilitate the return.

The Great Damagers: Why Pakistan will debate which dictator harmed it more, Musharraf or Zia

Dictator Musharraf badly damaged Pakistan: Assassination of Benazir, 26/11 attacks in India and the US Navy SEALs raid that killed Osama in Abbottabad. But he believed he was a democrat.

5 police officers in Islamabad arrested and remanded after they ‘shot dead’ 21-yr-old

Usama Nadeem was shot six times by the police in the head, chest and back. The accused have been sent to three-day physical remand.

Musharraf allowed to appeal only if he surrenders, says Pakistan’s Supreme Court

Former dictator Pervez Musharraf appealed to the Supreme Court, challenging the death sentence handed to him by a special tribunal recently.

Pakistan court annuls Musharraf’s death penalty, calls tribunal’s ruling ‘unconstitutional’

The Lahore High Court ruled that the treason case against former Pakistan PM Pervez Musharraf was not prepared in accordance with the law.

Dainik Jagran calls CAA protests ‘dangerous politics’, Dainik Bhaskar doubts govt’s intent

A round up of the Hindi newspapers opinion pages to reflect the viewpoint from the heartland on topical issues.

Pakistan govt wants removal of ‘mentally unfit’ judge after Pervez Musharraf verdict

Peshawar High Court Chief Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth suggested that Pervez Musharraf's body be hanged for three days if he dies before his execution.

Drag Musharraf’s body to Islamabad chowk & hang it for 3 days, if he is found dead: Court

Special court in Pakistan Tuesday awarded death penalty to former military ruler Pervez Musharraf, who was convicted for high treason.

Death penalty for Musharraf: Are Pakistan courts now too independent and free of pressure?

The verdict’s implementation in all likelihood won’t happen. But the fact that Pakistan's judicial system came this far does not go in favour of Army Chief Bajwa.

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Narendra Modi | Wikimedia Commons

Revadi jibe shows Modi govt letting its insecurities do the talking, not economics

Why exactly should the Prime Minister be worried about the welfare model of an opposition party that barely controls two state governments?
Farmers plant paddy saplings in a field | PTI Photo

Good news from the farm as India’s FY22 foodgrain production estimated at record 316 mn tonnes

Wheat production estimate sees marginal upward revision to 106.8 million tons, though current rate lowest in 3 years.


Su-57, the Russian 5th generation fighter aircraft Photo by Snehesh Alex Philip

Russia wants to build next generation tanks, submarines with India

As the second regiment of the S-400 Triumf air defence system starts getting delivered, Russia said it expects the serial production of AK 203 rifles in Amethi to begin in late 2022-early 2023.
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Tiranga vs Tiranga: Gloves are off as Kejriwal joins the ‘nationalism’ battle with Modi

Kejriwal’s maun vrat on Modi has ended. This is an important turn in Indian politics. In some ways rivalling the dramatic turn in Bihar.