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NC vice-president Omar Abdullah speaking at a gathering in Drass, Ladakh, as part of campaign by the Gupkar Alliance on 30 October, 2020 | @OmarAbdullah | Twitter

People of Drass have endorsed Gupkar Alliance’s agenda, says Omar Abdullah

PDP president Mehbooba Mufti said it was high time someone reached out to the people of Kargil as they too have grave apprehensions about the future.

Modi can’t afford to isolate Mufti-Abdullahs anymore, even if it’s firing up elections for BJP

PM Modi understood Kashmir’s disenchantment with mainstream politicians. But his expectation of a new crop of leaders replacing the old isn’t materialising.
National Conference president Farooq Abdullah and NC vice-president Omar Abdullah met PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti at her residence in Srinagar on 14 October 2020 | ANI

Finally Indians can see Abdullahs are part of the problem, not solution in Kashmir

The expectation that the Abdullahs and the Muftis could be part of the solution was a cunning, conniving game the Congress played for decades in Kashmir.
National Conference president Farooq Abdullah and NC vice-president Omar Abdullah met PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti at her residence in Srinagar on 14 October 2020 | ANI

Omar, Farooq Abdullah meet Mehbooba day after release, say Gupkar Declaration meet tomorrow

PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti was released after 14 months of detention. She issued an audio message, saying ‘no one among us will forget humiliation of the day Article 370 was scrapped’.
A file photo of Apni Party leader Altaf Bukhari at the party's launch in March 2020. | Photo: ANI

J&K parties hoodwinking people, they can’t bring back Article 370, ex-PDP leader Bukhari says

In an interview to ThePrint, Apni Party chief Altaf Bukhari says J&K parties knew about Article 370 decision beforehand. He says Gupkar Declaration is local parties' means to grab power.
File image of Omar Abdullah | Facebook

Former J&K CM Omar Abdullah to vacate govt accommodation by October on ‘own accord’

Abdullah said he has never held on to any government property that he was not entitled to and has no intention to start now.
Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti

Rejected, infructuous, pending — status of pleas in SC, HC against detention of J&K leaders

While NC leader Omar Abdullah was released by SC after a warning, ex-CM Mehbooba Mufti is still under detention. J&K Bar Council chief Mian Qayoom's legal battle went on for over 10 months.
File image of Omar Abdullah | Twitter

Not given up Article 370 fight but illogical to ask Modi govt to restore it — Omar Abdullah

In an interview to ThePrint, former J&K CM Omar Abdullah says Modi govt asked him to sign a personal bond in Oct-Nov last year that required him to not speak on politics.
A file photo of Congress leader Saifuddin Soz. | Photo: ANI

‘Not allowed to meet daughter’ — Congress leader Soz says J&K lied in SC that he is free

J&P politician Saifuddin Soz says he was not allowed to go out of his house Wednesday, hours after the administration told SC that he was ‘never detained’.
Omar Abdullah speaks to media after he was freed from detention in Srinagar on 24 March

Division of J&K was a ‘humiliation heaped on the state’, Omar Abdullah writes

Simply cannot and will not be a member of a House that has been disempowered the way J&K assembly has been, Omar Abdullah writes in The Indian Express.

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Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh meets his US counterpart Mark Esper at his office in South Block Monday | Twitter | @rajnathsingh

Here is why US changed Rajnath Singh’s statement on ‘reckless aggression’ by China

Both the US State and Defense departments have added footnotes to the transcripts they released on Rajnath Singh’s remarks at 2+2. The State Department has also updated the text.
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