Tuesday, 17 May, 2022

Topic: Mutation

Neo-CoV is a no Cov: How 10-yr-old virus is causing needless alarm & what study actually says

It’s hard for NeoCoV, found in bats, to infect human cells without mutation that’s yet to be detected occurring naturally, says preprint paper by Chinese scientists.

Coronavirus mutated same amount during pandemic as humans since Homo habilis walked earth

Mutations are the ultimate engine of evolution and provide the raw material for natural selection to act.

Vaccines almost certainly less effective against transmission of Indian Covid variant, says expert

Oxford Univserity professor Anthony Harnden also said that there is no evidence so far if this particular mutant of the coronavirus evades the vaccine.

‘Double mutant, triple mutant, Bengal lineage’ — Covid variants driving India surge decoded

India has seen emergence of at least two unique mutations of SARS-CoV-2, but there are other infectious variants around the world that could be a factor too.

New Covid lineage B.1.618 identified from Bengal, 2nd in India after ‘double mutant’ virus

CSIR-IGIB’s Vinod Scaria says lineage was found last October and is increasing in proportion in Bengal, but can’t be sure if it’s driving Covid spike.

India’s Covid numbers are alarming, and there is a lesson in them for the world

The new variant, B.1.617, has features associated with higher infection rates and lower antibody resistance. It's turning up in more than half of viral samples taken in India.

Covid-19 pandemic: Israel eases mask rules, UK studies if vaccines cover Indian variant

As the Covid-19 pandemic shows no signs of letting up, ThePrint highlights the most important stories on the crisis from across the globe.

Vaccines won’t be enough. New Covid variants have changed the game

No one is truly safe from Covid until everyone is safe. We are in a race against time to get global transmission rates low enough to prevent the emergence of new variants.

Covid mutants multiply as scientists race to decode variations

The future of SARS-CoV-2 is hard to predict because it's not just the individual mutations that matter, but also the order & combinations in which they occur.

What is double mutation & why it’s the latest buzzword as India sees a Covid surge

The double mutation in India is a variant carrying both the L452R and E484Q mutations. Both of these are able to evade detection by the immune system.

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Overcrowding of India’s mental health centres are disasters waiting to happen. Bring in reform

Implementation of the Mental Healthcare Act has been sluggish with Maharashtra having only 8 District Mental Health Review Boards, and UP just one.
The LIC India headquarters in Mumbai | Photo: Dhiraj Singh | Bloomberg

LIC shares slump in market debut after record Rs 205.6 billion India IPO

The shares fell as much as 9.4% to Rs 860 versus their IPO price of 949, before paring about half of the losses. LIC is the fourth-largest deal among global IPOs priced this year.


Representational image of army personnel in Ladakh | ANI

India ‘doesn’t foresee’ border fighting with China, but ‘won’t back down’ if tensions reignite

Aim is to ensure not just disengagement of troops, but overall de-escalation. Govt in favour of solving tensions through talks as it wants peace with all neighbours including China.

How Congress is like the Ambassador & why Indian politics needs a brand new set of wheels

Like the car, nothing the party has done to reinvent itself has worked. Only way forward is to offer something looking towards the future, not in image of glorious past.