Wednesday, 15 August, 2018

Topic: Murder

Dabholkar, Pansare, Kalburgi, Lankesh

Bombay HC’s remark on Dabholkar shows our fear isn’t just a product of the paranoid

Govind Pansare and Narendra Dabholkar stood for rational and scientific temper, and they were killed for it.
'We will pass on our message of tolerance,' said Yashpal Saxena (L) | Ananya Bhardwaj | ThePrint

Months after son’s murder by his Muslim lover’s family, Delhi man plans iftar for love

Yashpal Saxena has continued to reject the attempts to politicise his son’s death, and wants Ankit to be an inspiration for those in inter-faith relat...
Former cricketer Virender Sehwag

The curious case of Sehwag’s ‘communal’ tweet, an apology, and their disappearance

Former cricketer named three Muslim names as the people who lynched tribal man Madhu in Kerala, ignoring the other 13 Hindus & Christians who're also suspected. 
A photo of Ankit Saxena, who was murdered in Delhi

The horrific Ankit Saxena murder is thanks to India’s unending faith in arranged marriages

The Rajasthan murder video, Hadiya, Rahul Gandhi’s religion have unleashed our collective anxieties about mixed-faith marriages.
Gauri Lankesh and the scene outside her house

Breakthrough on murder weapon, says team probing Gauri Lankesh killing

Shell casings found at the crime scene matched the illegal weapons that have been tracked by special investigation team.
Rahul Gandhi, Hadiya and a screengrab of the Rajasthan murder video

अरेंज्ड मैरिज की गहराई में छुपी खाप मानसिकता

अरेंज्ड मैरिज की मानसिकता, जो जाति, गोत्र और धर्म की पवित्रता की धारणा को बचाए रखने की गारंटी देती है, अंतरधार्मिक विवाह के विरुद्ध हिंसा और असहिष्णुत...
A drawing given to Pradyuman's parents after his death

A life too short: Pradyuman’s parents hold on to fleeting memories

After the murder of their five-year-old son, the parents of Pradyuman Thakur reveal how they still hold on to memories of him.

Pradyuman’s ‘new murderer’ at Ryan School: A story of crime and prejudice

CBI says it wasn’t the bus conductor who slit Pradyuman’s throat in Gurugram’s Ryan International murder case; it was a Class XI student of the school.
Journalist Gauri Lankesh

Gauri Lankesh murder: Nervous BJP deploys big guns to counter allegations

The party has deployed big guns to thwart criticism from the Opposition.
Gauri Lankesh and the scene outside her house

Gauri Lankesh’s activism or journalism can’t be used to justify her brutal murder

Gauri Lankesh's brutal killing outside her home raises an uncomfortable question: why are people emboldened to kill in Karnataka?

Modi’s I-Day speech: Should ISRO focus on human spaceflight or refine robotic missions?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech announced a manned mission to space by 2022. This comes over half a century after Americans, Russian...