Thursday, 6 October, 2022
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Topic: Milky way

What’s going on at galaxy’s centre? Astronomers spot hot gas bubble swirling at 1/3 lightspeed

Previously spotted only at X-ray and infrared wavelengths, a radio telescope has managed to record hot bubble of gas swirling around our galaxy’s black hole for the very first time.

Scientists capture first-ever image of supermassive black hole at the centre of Milky Way

A team of more than 300 researchers from 80 world institutes worked for five years with supercomputers to record black hole Sagittarius A*

An ancient mammoth tusk buried deep in Pacific Ocean & ‘newcomer’ dwarf galaxies in Milky Way

ScientiFix, our weekly feature, offers you a summary of the top global science stories of the week, with links to their sources.

NASA telescope may have just helped find the first planet spotted outside Milky Way

The potential planet is located 28 million light years away, in the Messier 51 (M51) galaxy. It is thought to be the size of Saturn, orbiting its host — a neutron star or a black hole.

This unusual star cluster with two tails is set to dissolve as 100% black holes, in 1 bn yrs

The Palomar 5 star cluster is ejecting its stars and filling up with black holes. A billion years from now, it will dissolve fully as only black holes.

For the first time, scientists ‘see’ black holes swallowing neutron stars

Team of international scientists, including those from India, confirms detecting collisions between black holes and neutron stars by analysing gravitational waves created in January 2020.

Discovery of hidden microbes on Da Vinci drawings could help preserve them better

ScientiFix, our weekly feature, offers you a summary of the top global science stories of the week.

Astronomers detect first fast radio burst in our Milky Way galaxy

Fast radio bursts are bright bursts of radio waves from astronomical objects across galaxies. In a first, FRB 200428 was accompanied with X-rays and could be traced to a magnetar.

Rogue planet with similar mass as Earth found floating in the Milky Way

Astronomers estimate that there could potentially be millions of such free-floating rogue planets in every galaxy.

A dancing star in the heart of the Milky Way proves Einstein right, again

Astronomers at European Southern Observatory have discovered that the orbit of star S2 around a Milky Way black hole is flowery in shape, not elliptical. 

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Rahul Gandhi addresses a gathering in Mysuru, Karnataka | PTI

Six reasons why Bharat Jodo Yatra isn’t simply a routine political ‘tamasha’

As in football, so in politics: Ball possession matters. So much so that even the troubles in Rajasthan couldn’t derail the positivity of the Bharat Jodo Yatra.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 5G services at 6th Indian Mobile Congress 1 October 2022 | Representational image | The Print

Data vs atta, petrol, LPG: How dirt-cheap mobile internet contrasts with surging food, fuel prices

Analysis of govt data shows that while price of mobile data is one-twentieth of what it was 6 yrs ago, LPG price is up 73%, atta prices up by over 28%.


Image: ThePrint

Multiple military & civilian chopper crashes in past years highlight a disturbing trend for India

An Indian Army Aviation Cheetah helicopter crashed Wednesday. Several such crashes over past few yrs have jolted the military. Non-military sphere, too, has encountered many crashes.

India’s hijab supporters will lose even if they win SC battle. Because the real war is political

In a highly polarised time, cornered minorities tend to lean back and protect the roots and fundamentals of what is so dear to them. Politically, it can often be a bad trap.