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Take care, Rajiv Gandhi told Prabhakaran. Even gave bulletproof vest before Sri Lanka Accord

Prabhakaran entered the accord thinking it would get him Eelam. Jayawardene hoped it would end violence in Lanka. And Rajiv Gandhi had good intentions for the Tamils.

‘Sinhala Only’ to remembering Tamil minority victims — How Sri Lanka changed this week

From a 'model developing country' regaining its centrality in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has become a 'bankrupt nation' with socio-economic tensions running deep.

How Rajiv Gandhi’s assassins were identified: New book recounts aftermath of his death

Published by HarperCollins, 'Ninety Days: The True Story of the Hunt for Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassins' by Anirudhya Mitra will be released on 12 July on ThePrint’s Softcover.

LTTE’s ‘plan B’ to eliminate Rajiv Gandhi in New Delhi using human bomb Athirai

In '90 Days', Anirudhya Mitra writes about the thrilling chase of Rajiv Gandhi's assailants and gives a first-hand account of those turbulent days.

In besieged Lanka, war-hit Tamils miss something more precious than petrol: kids & spouses

Every year on 18 May, Tamil families gather in Mullivaikkal, where thousands of Tamil civilians were trapped & killed in 2009, during last leg of offensive by Sri Lankan military against LTTE.

Women suicide bombers evoke a ‘special’ fear. But it’s about patriarchy, not bombs

Exactly like men, women suicide bombers kill and die for causes, good or evil. They too are motivated by political grievances, revenge, and rage.

China’s bare-chested turn to Sri-Lankan Tamils is India’s new headache

Anti-China sentiment among the Sinhalese allows China to influence the Tamil north. This time, through the fishermen crisis.

India has an upper hand over China in jostle for foothold in Sri Lanka. But it can slip away

A proactive New Delhi has increased its vigil and speeded up strategic cooperation with Colombo to counter Beijing’s movements so far. But it needs more.

What is Mullivaikkal war & why has the demolition of memorial for its victims triggered a row

University of Jaffna has decided to raze a war memorial erected in memory of the victims of the 2009 Mullivaikkal massacre. The decision has triggered protests.

Sri Lanka varsity warns pupils protesting against demolition of memorial for Tamil war victims

Dozens of students, politicians and locals have been protesting at the university after the memorial erected in memory of Tamil war victims was demolished Friday night.

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Tale of two ships – How Delhi is asserting Indianness of the Indian Ocean to China

A US Navy ship docked in an Indian port for the first time. And a Chinese ship couldn’t in Sri Lanka. New Delhi is finally pulling strings.
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‘We are cracking down’— how Modi govt plans to make it tougher for states to fund freebies

The Narendra Modi government is looking at ways to check states’ spending on handouts like free electricity and rations. The first step is to tighten the noose on state borrowings.


First batch of women cadets to join NDA

First batch of 19 women cadets join NDA, set to begin training this week

The cadets will train for three years at NDA, Khadakwasla for the 148th course. The Supreme Court last year paved the way for women to take the NDA test for the first time.

In Kashmir 3 years on, 3 positive changes, 3 things that should’ve happened & 3 that got worse

Kashmir as a crisis has fallen off our headlines and from the top of our collective minds. Which is precisely the most important change for the better.