Wednesday, 15 August, 2018

Topic: love jihad

Candle march for Ankit Saxena

Why did Ankit Saxena and Shehzadi have to pay for falling in love in a free India?

Time and again, the intolerant is hurting the tolerant, cowards are hacking the brave to death. Be it Rizwanur in Kolkata, Afrazul in Rajasthan, or now Ankit.
A photo of Ankit Saxena, who was murdered in Delhi

Ankit Saxena murder shows it’s Muzaffarnagar everywhere now

We are living in the times of a 'hate epidemic' where the price of making the mistake of loving is paid by innocent lives such as that of Ankit Saxena.
A photo of Ankit Saxena, who was murdered in Delhi

The horrific Ankit Saxena murder is thanks to India’s unending faith in arranged marriages

The Rajasthan murder video, Hadiya, Rahul Gandhi’s religion have unleashed our collective anxieties about mixed-faith marriages.
Police in Udaipur detain activists protesting against the Rajsamand video in which a Muslim labourer is hacked to death

Now, a campaign that’s raising funds for Afrazul, victim of brutal murder in Rajasthan

Rajasthan police froze a bank account with deposits around Rs 3 lakh collected on behalf of the wife of murder accused Shambhulal Regar.
Activists of Bajrang Dal during a bike rally

Why are Hindus trying to prove that they can become ISIS-like extremists: Taslima Nasreen

Shambhulal may be in jail, but thousands of Shambhulals are walking about free with their anger, disgust, and hatred.
Rahul Gandhi, Hadiya and a screengrab of the Rajasthan murder video

अरेंज्ड मैरिज की गहराई में छुपी खाप मानसिकता

अरेंज्ड मैरिज की मानसिकता, जो जाति, गोत्र और धर्म की पवित्रता की धारणा को बचाए रखने की गारंटी देती है, अंतरधार्मिक विवाह के विरुद्ध हिंसा और असहिष्णुत...

Minorities minister Naqvi says Rajasthan video murder not about ‘love jihad’

National Commission for Minorities chief Rizvi will write to Rajasthan govt on the incident, says he'll also mention Pehlu Khan and Umar Mohammad murders.
Murder-accused Shambhu Lal and Women associated with India Against Love Jihad hold placards in Bhopal

Rajasthan ‘love jihad’ murder video has made the imaginary term frighteningly real

Despite there being no evidence of 'love jihad' in the country, the video from Rajasthan shows the dangers of hysteria over a conspiracy theory. 
Girl escorted by police

How about calling Hadiya’s case ‘Kerala Hindutva case’ instead of ‘Kerala Love Jihad case...

The media continues normalise a right-wing coinage and turn identities of marginalised people into click-bait commodities.
Hadiya jahan faces media on her way to the airport and screams that she wants to be with her husband.

But who really is Hadiya Jahan?

Who really is Hadiya Jahan? A conspirator of love-Jihad or a woman denied of exercising a faith by her own will? Understand more about her life.

Modi’s I-Day speech: Should ISRO focus on human spaceflight or refine robotic missions?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech announced a manned mission to space by 2022. This comes over half a century after Americans, Russian...