Wednesday, 15 August, 2018

Topic: Internet

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TalkPoint: With the worst 4G speed in the world, is India just chasing headlines on digital economy?

Experts weigh in on the Open Signal report which ranks India's on the last position out of 88 countries in terms of its 4G speed

Chic & Dangerous: These Facebook meme pages make sexism, casteism and intolerance cool

They may speak the language of urban millennials, but a set of Facebook pages are raising questions about whether they are subtly spreading hate and discrimination under the guise of humour.

India’s youth still want ‘any’ government job, and continue to struggle with maths

A study of over 28,000 youth across the country reveals what youth aspire for, how connected they are and that girls still face many disadvantages.
A large screen shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking on stage.

मोदीपूजा में व्यस्त मीडिया के लिए बज चुकी है घंटी

मोदीपूजा में व्यस्त मीडिया के खिलाफ एक तरह का सविनय प्रतिकार लोगों के बीच से उभर रहा है पारंपरिक पत्र-पत्रिकाओं तथा टीवी समाचार का उपभोग घटाकर पाठक...
A large screen shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking on stage.

If Indian media becomes anymore servile towards Modi, it will lose whatever viewership it has left

By reducing its consumption of traditional print publications & TV news, the audience is rejecting current content, which just promotes a personality cult.

Doing away with net-neutrality may be easier said than done

Considering the behemoths that Alphabet Inc, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Snap Inc are today, it may be imprudent to expect the repeal of net neutrality to be a smooth sail.
Mass protests in Kashmir

Talk Point: Are internet shutdowns the best way to restore peace during violent protests?

There were 42 times security agencies resorted to internet shutdowns this year to control volatile conditions in eleven states. Is this the only way to restore peace during violent protests?

Modi’s I-Day speech: Should ISRO focus on human spaceflight or refine robotic missions?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech announced a manned mission to space by 2022. This comes over half a century after Americans, Russian...