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PM Narendra Modi speaks during the flag-off ceremony of the Dandi March to celebrate the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence in Ahmedabad, on 12 March 2021 | PTI

PM to address events on Birsa Munda & Ambedkar as BJP uses Azadi show to reach Dalits, tribals

Committee headed by Amit Shah has approved high-profile events under Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav programme, which celebrates 75 years of India's independence.
File photo of an RSS training camp | Twitter

RSS roadmap before it turns 100: New debate on freedom struggle & radical Islam, expansion

RSS is will complete 100 years in 2025, and so, its second-highest decision-making body has taken some crucial decisions that will be part of the Sangh’s roadmap for the next couple of years.

Premdatta Varma, Bhagat Singh’s co-accused and India’s lesser-known freedom fighter

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav should be the year when Panjab University finally recognises and honours Premdatta Varma’s role as freedom fighter by installing a plaque.
File photo of Mahatma Gandhi | Central Press/Getty Images

Gandhi’s encounter with a young Romila Thapar in Pune that inspired her activism

In 'The Psychology of a Patriot', journalist Saket Suman delivers an account of modern India, tracing the evolution and contestation of patriotism.
Chauri Chaura memorial in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh |

100th year of Chauri Chaura — event that led to Gandhi calling off Non-Cooperation Movement

In 1922, Gandhi called off the Non-Cooperation Movement unilaterally after a confrontation between police and protesters turned violent in Gorakhpur district.
Rani Gaidinliu |

Rani Gaidinliu, ‘daughter of the hills’ who spent 14 years in jail for India’s independence

Rani Gaidinliu began her own version of the Non-Cooperation Movement in the 1930s among Naga tribes and made it difficult for the British administration to function in the region.
The colonial police force with prisoners of the Moplah riots | wikimedia commons

Why 1921 Malabar Moplah rebellion wasn’t a peasant uprising but an ‘anti-Hindu genocide’

In the run-up to the centenary year of the 1921 Moplah rebellion, a Malayalam movie is set to valorise the chief protagonist, Variyamkunnath Kunjahammed Haji.

Khudiram Bose never got his due as a freedom fighter, ZEE5 just made it worse

After outrage over the wrongful depiction of freedom fighter Khudiram Bose in a ZEE5 web series, the channel went on to issue a problematic apology.
Representational image | Commons

Iconic Akashvani tune to secret station and banned songs — India’s tryst with radio waves

On World Radio Day, a look at how radio played an important role in Indian history.
Imran Khan | @ZarlashtFaisal/Twitter

Pakistan has turned its birth day into a black day. Just to spite India over Kashmir

Pakistanis don’t accept their Indian roots, and prefer being Chinese, Arabs or Turks. Yet it’s India that lives in all our thoughts and actions.
Illustration: Ramandeep Kaur | ThePrint

Bezos, Branson & Musk — Are billionaires popularising space travel or just on an ego trip?

Jeff Bezos will travel to the edge of space in his New Shepard aircraft — more than a week after billionaire Richard Branson defeated him in a fast developing space race.