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Yogi Adityanath | Subhankar Chakraborty/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

FIR ordered against activist for producing doctored video as evidence against Yogi Adityanath

Pervez Parvaz had produced a video as evidence in a 2007 hate speech case against UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.
Dr. Kafeel Khan

Not leaving Gorakhpur. We’ve lived here, we’ll die here: Kafeel Khan after attack on brother

The brother of Kafeel Khan, charged with infant deaths at a UP hospital last year, was shot at by three men near the Gorakhnath temple late Sunday.

Post-Kairana, BJP needs to fear regional parties, not Congress

In states where the Congress has zero presence, the BJP is struggling to gain foothold.
Bajrang Dal

Communalism in India is now several shades darker than what it was in the 1970s

In Everyday Communalism: Riots in Contemporary Uttar Pradesh, authors Sudha Pai and Sajjan Kumar make a serious attempt to understand the contemporary form of communal politics in India.
A woman looks after her child at the encephalitis ward of the the Baba Raghav Das Hospital, Gorakhpur

Faulty vaccination, late diagnosis, ‘fudged data’ – demons that still haunt Gorakhpur kids

Encephalitis immunisation is not handled by experts, rendering it useless. Doctors also say patients reach them too late, resulting in hundreds of deaths.
BRD Medical College Gorakhpur

Children continue to die in scores in Gorakhpur’s killer ward. No outcry?

Not much has changed at BRD Medical College since the August horror. There aren’t enough doctors, ventilators and at least five children bundled up in a single warmer.
Kafeel Khan | Justice For Dr. Kafeel Khan Facebook page

Packed like sardines, kept like animals: Gorakhpur ‘hero’ latest victim of crowded jails

Kafeel Khan alleged he was one of 150 prisoners lodged in a barracks meant for 50. But he’s not alone; overcrowded jails are a perennial problem in India.
Dr. Kafeel Khan

Don’t think I was targeted for being a Muslim but ask Yogi, says ‘hero doctor’ Kafeel Khan

Khan, one of nine accused in the Gorakhpur hospital tragedy was released on bail last week.
PS Jaggi

Scrub typhus, the disease that killed Lt Gen Jaggi, is one of the most under-diagnosed in Asia

A rare bacterial infection spread through insect bites can kill through mutliple-organ failure and is on the rise in India.
UP CM Yogi Adityanath

Not just Congress, even some BJP leaders secretly ‘rejoiced’ over Yogi defeat in Gorakhpur

Some BJP MPs believe the defeat was the result of arrogance & overconfidence shown by a section of party leaders and are glad the UP CM's aura has been dented.

On Camera

File photo of Narendra Modi at the Dhola Sadia Bridge, across River Brahmaputra, in Assam | PIB

Under Modi government, the PMGSY road scheme is connecting every last Indian

Beneficiaries of the programme from Manipur, Meghalaya and Odisha talk about how their lives were transformed thanks to the newly built roads.

Rahul Gandhi’s Rs 72,000 income pledge: Are populist freebies the only way to win elections?

Congress president Rahul Gandhi Monday pledged to give Rs 12,000 per month to every family in India if the Congress is voted to power in the 2019 elections.


A Chinook helicopter

India inducts Chinook helicopters, adds muscle to military along China border

Each Chinook helicopter can lift 45 soldiers, artillery guns or even light armoured vehicles to high altitudes. It can also fly through narrow mountain valleys.
National Interest

Why Rahul Gandhi’s Congress is in danger of morphing into a clueless NGO

Congress has questions but no answers, ‘leaders’ but no winners. Weeks before polls, it’s behaving like a virtuous, anti-establishment NGO just doing its thing.