Saturday, 28 May, 2022

Topic: Fertilisers

Modi govt’s steps to fight inflation will help, but there’s a risk of unintended consequences

The measures have been imposed to insulate the domestic market from higher international prices. But they could reduce incentives for producers to expand production in the long run.

Sri Lanka’s tea farmers can’t afford fertiliser, can’t get paid enough, can’t make govt listen

Revenue loss from export crops like tea played a big part in Sri Lanka's rapid economic decline. For descendants of Tamil-bonded labourers, life is more difficult now.

Liberate Indian soil from chemical fertilisers, PM Modi says at natural farming conclave

Fertilisers helped raise agricultural production and led to the Green Revolution, but there is a need to keep looking for alternatives, PM Modi said.

How Sri Lanka’s flip to organic farming has now caused row with China over fertiliser crisis

A Sri Lankan bank withheld payment to China’s Qingdao Seawin Group after its fertiliser samples were allegedly found to host harmful bacteria. China has now blacklisted the bank.

Modi govt likely to approve additional fertiliser subsidy of Rs 28,600 cr

The proposal will partly offset the increase in international prices of DAP and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilisers.

It’s too late for recycling alone to resolve the global plastic crisis. Here’s why

The truth about recycling is murky. Just because a product features the symbol, it’s not certain that it will be recycled, especially when it's plastic.

Low reservoir levels coupled with depletion of fertiliser stocks threaten rabi season sowing

The water level in reservoirs in major agrarian states has plunged due to deficit rainfall. Meanwhile, soaring global fertiliser prices have led to a fall in imports.

Lip balm, mouthwash, fertiliser — why chemical companies have become stock market winners

A rising global appetite for specialty chemicals in automobiles and cosmetics amid pandemic recovery has made chemical industry in India an important player in global supply chain.

Niti Aayog index shows agriculture booming in Punjab & Haryana, but environment paying price

Punjab & Haryana are among the states that fare poorly on the use of harmful nitrogenous fertilisers and groundwater, according to the Niti Aayog India Index 2021.

What is nano urea? India’s ‘21st century’ product aiming to revolutionise world agriculture

Nano urea liquid is expected to potentially replace 13.7 million tonnes of conventional urea usage by 2023. IFFCO has also started field trials of the nano version of DAP fertiliser.

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What are UST & Luna and why the fall of 2 ‘stablecoins’ led to a crypto crash in India

Along with crash in value of UST and Luna coins, Indian market for crypto assets also reeling under strict control imposed by government, with the imposition of TDS on all crypto transactions.


NSA Ajit Doval with NSAs from the other countries at the meeting at Dushanbe, Tajikistan | Photo: Courtesy the NSA's office

NSA Ajit Doval pushes for ‘terror free’ Afghanistan, says India stands with Afghan people

Doval's comments came at 4th Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan attended by national security advisors from Tajikistan, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan & China.

Why it’s obscene to tell Ukraine to give in & how war-upended global balance of power brings openings for India

Global order is in flux, and India is being wooed by all. It opens up economic, strategic & military possibilities unimaginable till recently. It is for India to take this opportunity.