Saturday, 15 December, 2018

Topic: Feminism

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas in New Delhi | PTI

Priyanka Chopra promotes feminist app Bumble while wearing thick sindoor and choodas

There’s something very unsettling about seeing Priyanka Chopra talk about choice and agency while wearing sindoor and choodas. Priyanka Chopra an...

I am a rational human being, not a liberal, says Delhi Commission for Women chief

Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal has found herself in the crosshairs of feminists too often of late.
RSS-backed NGO files plea seeking equal inheritance rights for Muslim women

Young Muslim women fight to control their own stories in Ghazala Jamil’s new book

In 'Muslim Women Speak: Of Dreams and Shackles', activist-scholar Jamil tries to find these women's real voices, instead of just presenting them as victims.
Kangana Ranaut in London | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Kangana Ranaut’s Modi comment shows she is a feminist, but only for herself

When Kangana Ranaut brushes away social discontent and trauma in India to win brownie points, she becomes complicit in the status quo.
Trevor Noah

Forgive Trevor Noah, he is no worse than you once were

How many friends would you have if you imposed the same standard of retrospective justice on them?
Pakistani actor and singer Ali Zafar | STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images

Ali Zafar’s ‘Teefa In Trouble’ is a test case for Pakistan’s nascent #MeToo movement

Ali Zafar’s dream of being in the Pakistani cinema’s hall of fame is now marred by the emerging #MeToo movement triggered by Meesha Shafi’s allegations.
The ad represents everything that capitalism tries to emote while hijacking feminism | YouTube

Billie razor’s ‘real body hair’ ad is insidious, harmful and exploitative

The ad manages to package and sell the fickle and ephemeral idea of choice to women.

Shekhar Gupta’s piece is unfair to liberals, it negates everything from feminism to Marxism

It is the duty of the liberals to warn people against the dangers of the politics of majoritarianism.
Imran Khan

Imran Khan hates feminism because he wants women to just make gol rotis & have gori skin

His comment comes at a time when the feminist movement in Pakistan has been gathering a lot of steam, and also ridicule from right-wing factions of society.

Finally, an account of the glamour world that stitches an accurate narrative

Mannequin: Working Women in India’s Glamour Industry manages to avoid the traditional trap of pitting feminists and the glamour industry against each other.
Johnson and Johnson Inc.

Lawsuits against Johnson&Johnson aren’t going away

J&J faces major liability risk from lawsuits over a possible link between asbestos in its talc products and cancer.
rafale deal

SC on Rafale PILs: Setback for Rahul’s campaign or lesson not to politicise defence deals?

The Supreme Court Friday dismissed all petitions seeking a court-monitored probe into the Rafale fighter jet deal. The court’s order comes at a time when the Op...