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Dogs can smell everything and more. Even diseases like cancer

Dogs are able to detect cancer while it still hasn’t yet spread to other parts of the body. This means that people have a much greater chance of surviving.

‘In Re: Bruno’ — Kerala HC pays tribute to dog beaten to death, renames case after him

A black Labrador named Bruno was beaten to death by three people in Thiruvananthapuram Monday. Kerala HC took suo motu cognisance of the matter Thursday.
Dogs up for adoption at Charlie's Animal Rescue Centre in Bengaluru | Photo: Angana Chakrabarti | ThePrint

How rescue of Bengaluru’s Buddy whose owner, 87, died of Covid shows plight of pets in pandemic

Owners are either dying or abandoning pets due to Covid, and several animal rescue shelters ThePrint visited are stretched beyond capacity.

Another novel coronavirus detected in humans, and it likely came from dogs

A novel coronavirus was isolated from pneumonia patients in Malaysia in 2018. It could be the 8th coronavirus to have entered the human population but poses no pandemic risk yet.
Conan, the Belgian Malinois, who chased ISIS leader Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Army to get Belgian Malinois, dog breed that helped in Osama raid, chased ISIS chief

The canines will be used for urban warfare and are being trained to carry out surveillance of rooms through head-mounted cameras and for scouting in the jungles.
A police officer and trainer works with a dog sniffing a box with a sample at Carabineros de Chile Dog Training School in the Parque Metropolitano | Bloomberg

Bird flu to cancer —How dogs and other animals sniff out sickness

Right now we don’t have devices that are as sensitive as animals with well-developed senses of smell.

US pet food company recalls products after 70 dogs die due to suspected poisoning

US FDA noted that all cat and dog products from Midwestern Pet Foods may contain high levels of aflatoxin that could have been behind the deaths.

Going back to work? Here’s how to manage your dog or cat’s anxiety

Your dog or cat is not trying to teach you a lesson or get revenge by peeing or tearing pillows. Animals don’t act out of spite.
The ITBP K9 pups at the 'Naamkaran Ceremony' | ITBP

Meet Galwan, Rezang, Daulat, ITBP’s K9 warrior pups named after strategic locations along LAC

A video from the naming ceremony shows the pups being carried by servicemen and adorned with a red and green collar. They were knighted with a sword.
President-elect Joe Biden speaks at an event on November 01, 2020 in Philadelphia. | Photographer: Drew Angerer | Getty Images North America via Bloomberg

Biden suffers hairline fracture in right foot while playing with his dog

The diagnosis from his personal physician came after Joe Biden received X-rays and a CT scan Sunday. He’ll likely require a walking boot for the next several weeks, his doctor said.
Illustration: Ramandeep Kaur | ThePrint

Bezos, Branson & Musk — Are billionaires popularising space travel or just on an ego trip?

Jeff Bezos will travel to the edge of space in his New Shepard aircraft — more than a week after billionaire Richard Branson defeated him in a fast developing space race.