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A Hegde here and there cannot alter the essence of our Constitution

The Constitution of India is dedicated to the ideas of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Any identification, beyond that of being ‘Indian' is not secular.

The cat is finally out of the bag: Hindutva leaders’ utter disdain for the Indian Constitution

Anantkumar Hegde has at least ended the hypocrisy and showed us the Hindutvavadis’ real intent, which can now permit an honest debate.

This MP warned the Constitution didn’t give Indians freedom of speech. He’s been proven right

Historically, the imposition of restrictions on the right of citizens to freedom of speech and expression in the Constitution was neither inevitable nor unopposed.
Congress party workers paying tribute to the first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

TalkPoint: In many significant ways, Nehru’s vision for India seems passé

Nehru’s vision and idea of India could only take shape to the extent that other strong men allowed it room, writes Neeti Nair.

The conversation we’re having about reservations isn’t the one we should be having

The government should end its embargo on caste data from the 2011 Census, and the Supreme Court should revisit its arbitrary limit of 50 percent on reservations.
A protest in Bengaluru over the murder of journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh

Gauri Lankesh protest shows liberalism can’t be confined to classroom, TV or Twitter

The revival of a new form of constitutional liberalism can be the political glue that binds diverse social forces.

Triple talaq verdict creates society with social democracy

The SC judgment heralds a new thought and turns away from the practices which are indeed “bad in theology” and creates a society with social democracy.
A picture of TN Ninan, chairman of Business Standard Private Limited

Hypocritical contestations

There isn't much to choose between BJP and opposition parties when it comes to their record of undermining constitutional principles. T.N. Ninan
Lal Chowk Supreme Court

Talk Point: What are the constitutional ramifications of revisiting Article 370?

The Supreme Court is revisiting its position on the special status granted by the Constitution to J&K. Many parties have voiced their opposition to this move.

SC to decide appointments to subordinate judiciary, states irked

State governments are upset over the proposed unified selection process for the appointment of judges in the lower judiciary. Apurva Vishwanath


shiv sena

Is pact with Shiv Sena sign of BJP’s desperation or smart manoeuvring ahead of elections?

The BJP and the Shiv Sena will contest the Lok Sabha and the Maharashtra assembly election in alliance. The BJP is also forming an alliance with AIADMK in Tamil Nadu.


What is a Hawk, the jet that crashed at Aero India rehearsal in Bengaluru

The introduction of the Hawk resurrected the Surya Kiran aerobatics team in 2015, but Tuesday, two aircraft collided in Bengaluru, killing one IAF officer.
National Interest

Suicidal Pakistan should know Modi may not be scared of its nuclear button

Pakistan has taken too much of a chance with Pulwama — with the wrong government in India, and at the wrong time.