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Capitalism needs reform, not the risk of revolution

Critics haven't done a good job in defining capitalism in the rush to bash it.
File photo of EMS Namboodiripad | @cpimspeak/Twitter

EMS Namboodiripad, the communist CM who laid foundation of ‘Kerala model’

To mark his 21st death anniversary, ThePrint traces the legacy of Kerala's first chief minister and his relevance for CPI(M)in 2019.
Shripad Amrit Dange

Shripad Amrit Dange, the overshadowed beacon of Indian Communism

On his 119th birth anniversary, ThePrint remembers the man who founded one prominent Communist party and was responsible for the birth of another.

How Jack Ma made rich capitalists acceptable in communist China

Ma showed that an innovative private enterprise could thrive under a Communist regime once hostile, and still at times suspicious, of ambitious capitalists.
Steve Bannon

The echo chamber is the enemy of democracy

New Yorker editor's move to withdraw invitation to former White House strategist Steve Bannon has sparked a huge controversy.
The officially atheist CPI(M) party's decision to back the events raised questions | Facebook

Atheist CPI(M) to ‘back’ Ramayana month events in Kerala

The party claims the idea is to encourage Sanskrit scholars vying to protect religion from communal forces.
modi and oli

Communism in Nepal is of a home grown variety, rooted in Hindu moorings

While Nepal has assured Prime Minister Narendra Modi that its soil will not be used in any manner to challenge New Delhi, losing control over Nepal’s economic reconstruction would be a strategic setback for India.
Illustration by Peali Dezine

The Left is dying, but Leftism is alive and kicking

If the two principal parties have turned away from the “neo-liberal” agenda, they must agree the electorate isn't interested in those ideas.
Illustration by Peali Dezine

Lenin’s dead and desecrated. But rules on in Indian economic thought, from Rahul to Modi

The Left is on its political deathbed but its economic ideology still rules India, with Narendra Modi its newest torchbearer.
Stalin on his desk

Global Pulse: A new ‘end of history’?

Is there anything really unprecedented about this era? Or are we, like past generations, taken over by “the parochialism of the present"?

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Did the last season of Game of Thrones let down its legions of fans?

Many Game of Thrones fans across the world have demanded a remake of the 8th season of Game of Thrones saying the script didn’t match their expectations.


After 10-year wait, defence ministry to grant ex-servicemen status to military nurses

Military nurses had been seeking to be treated at par with other military officers, including doctors.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

If Pragya Thakur wins this Thursday, Modi is in for an embarrassing 5 years

Never has one constituency had such a bearing on Indian nationalism and the pretence of a Gandhian polity. So what if PM Modi doesn’t forgive her in his heart?