Monday, 24 January, 2022

Topic: Antarctica

Drilling under Antarctic ice shelf, scientists find treasure trove of life with 77 species

ScientiFix, our weekly feature, offers you a summary of the top global science stories of the week, with links to their sources.

98% of emperor penguin colonies could be extinct by 2100 as ice melts

Emperor penguins survive in a goldilocks zone — not too much or too little ice.

Think running a business is tough? Try building a hotel in Antarctica

Building fuel station & ice chests to semi-permanent style that can be broken down quickly — the economics of building a hotel on the continent is staggering.

Moss on ice: Indian scientists’ discovery may change what we know about Antarctica

A team of scientists from Punjab has discovered a new moss species in eastern Antarctica and named it Bryum bharatiensis as a tribute to goddess Saraswati

Gene-editing experiment conducted in space for first time, paves way for crucial research

ScientiFix, our weekly feature, offers you a summary of the top global science stories of the week, with links to their sources.

‘Not that complicated’ — study has new take on India’s split from Antarctica, union with Eurasia

German study that sampled ocean floor near Antarctica claims to reject currently-accepted theory on Indian plate's separation. Proponents of old theory have dismissed the new one as incorrect.

Antarctica is headed for a climate tipping point by 2060, with catastrophic melting

A new study shows that if emissions are not cut quickly, by about 2060, the Antarctic ice sheet will lead to a sea level rise that is not reversible on human timescales.

Accidental discovery deep under Antarctic’s ice could change what we know of life in the cold

Geologists discover strange lifeforms attached to a boulder under Antarctic ice shelf, more than 500 km from the nearest access points to nutrients and sunlight.

Covid has reached Antarctica. Scientists are worried about its wildlife

Each visitor to Antarctica carries millions of microbial passengers, such as bacteria, and many of these microbes are left behind when the visitors leave.

Global ice melt accelerating at record rate, finds new study

First study to analyse the total ice melt on Earth shows ice loss of 28 trillion tonnes between the years 1994 and 2017.

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Liberals mourning India Gate flame must also recall some dark aspects of the colonial Army

The moving of the flame seems, to some, as part of an ongoing extinguishing of the Indian Army’s heritage of secularism, decency and righteousness.

India’s addiction to cooking oil imports seen lasting for at least 15 more years

India will likely produce about 10 million tonnes of edible oils in 2021-22, compared with local consumption of as much as 23 million tonnes.


File photo of Scorpene-class submarine 'INS Vela', at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai | ANI

Kamov choppers, submarine torpedoes among deals defence ministry will review this week

Ministry is reviewing all procurement under the ‘Buy (Global)’ category, under which equipment is bought directly from foreign manufacturers, amid govt's 'Atmanirbhar' push.

Modi vs non-BJP CMs: When most popular isn’t all-powerful & why Centre-state ties will worsen

Modi’s inability to win many states, and the huge popularity his rivals enjoy there, is pushing Indian politics in a more robustly federal direction.