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Topic: air defence

China Air Force’s behaviour with 3 countries has a pattern. India’s air assets must catch up

Chinese aircraft encounters point to an emerging pattern in East Asia. But in the high Himalayas over Ladakh, India's lack of allies is concerning.

Lasers out of sci-fi — what is Iron Beam, the new air defence system Israel just tested

PM Naftali Bennett said Thursday's test was successful, and shared video showing laser beams intercepting & destroying rockets, mortars, UAVs. Each shot will cost $3.50, he said.

Israeli Air Force shows F-35’s first aerial ‘kills’ of Iranian drones in declassified video

Video tweeted by the Israeli Air Force shows footage from March last year of ‘Adir’ F-35I fighter jets shooting down two Iranian UAVs.

Russian S-400 air defence systems begin arriving in India, US threat of CAATSA sanctions looms

The $5.2-billion contract for five S-400 systems was signed in 2018, and deliveries were to begin by end of 2020. But they were delayed because of payment issues.

IAF chief Bhadauria speaks to UAE counterpart on ways to strengthen ties between two forces

Air Chief Marshal Bhadauria’s two-day 'goodwill visit' to the middle-eastern country comes nearly 8 months after the Chief of Army Staff General Naravane travelled to the country.

India tests RUDRAM — here’s why first indigenous anti-radiation missile is important

DRDO Friday successfully tested the new-generation anti-radiation missile RUDRAM on a radiation target located on Wheeler Island off Odisha. 

IAF is key to India’s ‘deterrence by punishment’ plan against China. Now to wait for winter

China knows PLAAF doesn’t match IAF, and is strengthening its air defence along LAC. The government’s stance must stay focussed on punishment, not denial.

Corps of Army Air Defence raising day to change to 15 September to recognise WW-II origin

Corps of Army Air Defence has until now celebrated its raising day on 10 January. But the Army’s first air defence battery was raised in Sept 1940, and the change of date will mark this.

IAF inducts Rafale today, here’s how the deadly fighter jets will boost India’s air power

Rafale is considered to be one of the finest fighters in the world. With its avionics, radars & weapon systems, it is the most potent aircraft in South Asia.

Joint Air Defence Command will lead to sub-optimal utilisation of assets. Not a great idea

The decision to form the ADC has operational risks. Its consequences could lead to an irreversible fracture of the very integrity of the IAF’s air operations.

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Pakistan: Imran Khan's Instagram account hacked, doubious crypto link posted

Imran Khan’s becoming costly for Pakistan govt. But army won’t completely remove him from scene

Imran Khan is so tuned into Pakistan’s domestic politics, he sees foreign policy more as a ploy. That’s why he can surprise his rally audience with a Jaishankar video.

India’s ‘salaried class’ shrank during Covid, Muslims hit hardest, govt data suggests

India’s salaried class shrank by 2.7 percentage points during pandemic, govt’s Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) shows. But data for religious minorities, women is even bleaker.


The two frigates under construction at Yantar shipyard in Russia | Snehesh Alex Philip | ThePrint

Not dependent on Ukraine for engines, want to be part of Make in India initiative, says Russia

India had procured gas turbine engines from Ukraine & handed over to Russia to install them on the Admiral Grigorovich-class guided-missile stealth frigates being made for the Navy.
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Tiranga vs Tiranga: Gloves are off as Kejriwal joins the ‘nationalism’ battle with Modi

Kejriwal’s maun vrat on Modi has ended. This is an important turn in Indian politics. In some ways rivalling the dramatic turn in Bihar.