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Cocktail of Mao and Hitler — how 1968’s Ankhen defined Bollywood villains

In ‘Purab aur Paschim: Colonials, Neighbours and Others’, Arun Gupta pays an ode to Bollywood & its portrayal of evil through the persona of the villain.
Xi Jinping at the China Communist Party conference

Xi’s China is a Nazi Germany lookalike. It is also in a hurry

Hitler felt if he did not move fast, the allies would become powerful. Perhaps China feels the need to move fast before their population goes into decline.
President Xi Jingping addressing a meeting

News portal says Chinese embassy warned it of ‘consequences’ over video comparing Xi to Hitler

Strat News Global founder Nitin Gokhale says he received a call from a Chinese embassy official, asking for the video to be deleted and warned there would consequences otherwise.
Alice Cutter and Mark Jones have been convicted of being part of the neo-Nazi 'terrorist' group National Action in the UK | Photo: West Midlands Police, UK

UK woman who competed in 2014 ‘Miss Hitler’ pageant convicted for being terror group member

Alice Cutter and her ex-partner Mark Jones were found guilty of being members of the neo-Nazi group National Action, which was declared a ‘terrorist’ group in 2016.
Adolf Hitler's autobiography Mein Kampf | Wikimedia Commons

Amazon bans sale of Hitler’s Mein Kampf after years of campaign by Jewish groups

Amazon reportedly informed all booksellers that they will not be allowed to sell any 'Nazi-authored' books as it breaks the company's code of conduct.
Two amazon packages

Twitter outcry over Amazon’s Auschwitz Christmas ornaments raises a bigger question

Companies like Amazon.com Inc., which took down Auschwitz-themed Christmas ornaments from its site, may need to draw a line when it comes to selling third-party merchandise.
Nazi memorabilia

There’s a market for Nazi memorabilia, and it’s growing fast

A large number of Nazi artifacts — from Hitler watercolors to his companion Eva Braun’s clothes — are available today, and the prices they fetch speak to a lively demand.
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson should know destroying parliaments has led to war

Boris’ act of suspending UK's parliament brings back memories of European history of the 1930s.
Dhyan Chand

Dhyan Chand — the hockey wizard who refused Hitler’s offer to join German Army

Dhyan Chand led India to the top of the Olympic podium thrice and scored over 400 goals. His birthday, 29 August, is celebrated as National Sports Day.

Tale of two Hitlers in Pakistan: Imran Khan is a fan of good one, keeps the bad one for Modi

When Hitler is not being compared with Modi, he is being worshipped by Pakistanis for his military prowess or cited by ministers as a hero.

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If Hong Kong wants zero Covid strategy to succeed, it must improve its quarantine rules

It’s increasingly difficult to find a clear, logical justification for policies, which at this point are defensive and rooted in fear. The govt must improve its quarantine system.
File image of Subhash Chandra, chairman of Zee Entertainment Enterprises | Scott Eells/Bloomberg

How Subhash Chandra is fighting to keep control of his media empire

The 70-year-old tycoon risks losing control just as Zee’s prospects are looking up. The media mogul is looking for ways to raise his family’s shareholding.


A soldier at the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh | Nirmal Poddar | ThePrint

As tensions with China continue, beefed-up Mountain Strike Corps reaches Arunachal for exercise

The exercise will see use of various IAF assets and integrated operations with a focus on springing offensive capabilities in short period of time.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Aryan Khan isn’t a show to enjoy. NDPS is a weapon vengeful state could use on you or your kids

The draconian Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act has been handed over to people who are prone to misuse it. The story we see unfolding on our TV screens is of its blatant misuse.