Thursday, 26 May, 2022
Topic2+2 dialogue

Topic: 2+2 dialogue

US arm-twisting India on ‘human rights abuses’ ended with handshake. But Delhi got the signal

The US under Joe Biden has to accept the changed ground realities and work with democracies like India in a multilateral framework. It's in the best interest of both.

India is watching the Russia-Ukraine war. And Biden is watching Modi

The million-rupee question is, how far and in what direction will PM Narendra Modi tilt in pursuit of India’s national interest?

China ‘elephant in the room’ during India-US 2+2 dialogue, Russian purchases also part of talks

While welcoming Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, US Defence Secretary Llyod Austin said Beijing is eroding security of Indo-Pacific region & Washington will continue to stand alongside Delhi.

Seeing past Russia, US says ‘able & willing’ to be India’s partner of choice, recalls Nehru-Truman

US & India held 4th round of 2+2 ministerial dialogue — the first under Biden — in Washington Monday, which was preceded by a virtual meeting between President Joe Biden and PM Modi.

US monitoring ‘rise in human rights abuses’ in India, Antony Blinken says

Blinken made these remarks at a joint news conference with Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin and their Indian counterparts after the conclusion of the 2+2 ministerial dialogue Monday.

India-US forging tech alliance since long. Now use 2+2 dialogue to push it further

At the fourth edition of India-US 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue, first under Biden administration, the two sides will likely focus on strengthening partnership in emerging tech.

At 2+2, US needs to treat India as great power, and India needs to act like one

If Russia can enforce its international will by war and threats to use weapons of mass destruction, China will not be far behind in employing those tactics.

India thinks it’s safe, but Russia is getting close to China. Non-aligned days should be back

New Delhi should be aware of Russia’s engagements with India’s adversary—China. It can't treat its friends and foes alike.

India-Russia ties are ‘back on track’ — that’s the message from Putin visit and 2+2 talks

President Putin’s 6 December visit to India sent a strong signal to China that Russia would manage its ties with the two countries independently.

Trade, 2+2 talks, Afghanistan to top US Deputy Secretary Wendy Sherman’s agenda in India

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman’s visit to India next week is expected to put Trade Policy Forum dialogue back on track and will also set the tone for the upcoming 2+2 talks.

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In Ukraine, tanks face an existential battle. Is it time to ditch them?

Even though India fought its last major tank battle in 1965—the famous battle of Asal Uttar—the armour continues to have a key place in operational plans.
A petrol pump staffer refills fuel in a two-wheeler in New Delhi, on 29 March 2022 | ANI photo

Modi govt won’t borrow extra this year to fund tax cuts, inflation target to stay at 4%

The cut in excise duty last week, coupled with an increase in fertiliser and food subsidies, is expected to cost the exchequer around Rs 3 lakh crore in the current financial year.


Naval helicopters | Representational image |

What’s Combined Military Forces-Bahrain? US-backed coalition India joined on Quad sidelines

India is 35th member of the maritime counterterrorism partnership that also includes Pakistan, Australia, Bahrain, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany and Greece, among others.

Mandir or Masjid? New surveys not needed, just acceptance of truth & move towards reconciliation

That temples were destroyed and mosques built is undisputed history. The past can’t be changed, but we can’t deny the wrongs of the past either before we consider reconciliation.