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Why I converted to Islam and buried my Hindu identity: Dalit Camera founder

Periyar had suggested Ambedkar convert to Islam. After years of research, I too found Islam to be the only religion in India that could annihilate the caste system.

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I learned one thing in my eight years’ experience with the Dalit movement through Dalit Camera assignments, and my research on caste for the last 14 years. Babasaheb Ambedkar was right when he said that leaving Hinduism is the only way to fight caste.

Dalit Camera is a digital platform that documents voices of Dalits, Adivasis, Bahujans, and minorities through a website and a YouTube channel by the same name.

Following his footsteps, I chose to leave Hinduism and embrace Islam on 30 January 2020 in Kodungallur, a historical town in Kerala’s Thrissur district. Kodungallur is where the first Indian mosque was built. I am now Raees Mohammed.

The date is significant. It is the day when the first Hindutva terrorist Nathuram Godse assassinated Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. It is also the day when our beloved brother Rohith Vemula, who fought against caste discrimination in Hinduism, was born.

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 A religion for emancipation

In my childhood, as a devotee of Lord Ayyappa, I had been to Kodungallur six times. It is also where CPI-ML (undivided) Kerala state secretary Najmal Babu embraced Islam in 2015. Rationalist Thanthai Periyar (father) had said that if one wanted to annihilate caste in 15 minutes and live with self-respect, then Islam is the only solution. Periyar had also suggested to Babasaheb Ambedkar to choose Islam as a religion for emancipation.

In my years of research, I too found Islam to be the only religion in India with the strength to annihilate the caste system.

The anti-caste movement has been the longest ongoing socio-cultural movement in India. The main demand is to consider ‘untouchables’ as equal citizens in Hindu society, and to be located under the ambit of the Constitution rather than Hindu religion. But I was curious why this easy solution to annihilate caste via Islam has never been even a reference point in Dalit movement and Dalit literature.

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Fight for equality

In January, I was invited to Kodungallur to address a gathering on the dangers of fascism, and against the proposed National Register of Citizens, the National Population Register, and the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019.

Muslims are battling for their citizenship rights in Narendra Modi’s India today. But theirs is a battle different from the struggle of Dalits. The former is for justice and citizenship. The latter is for something as basic as self-respect, to be treated as an equal human being. In that sense, Dalits have it much worse.

This is when I embraced Islam and buried my Hindu identity as Ravichandran Bathran. I do not want to refer to my Hindu name because if you dive deep, all Hindu names only indirectly refer to caste, and I don’t want this Raees Mohammed to carry the old baggage. The name is not the real problem. After all, my parents named me with so much love. But the problem comes when the Hindu society attaches that name to a caste and instils a stereotype of the hereditary occupation of scavenging. My father was treated badly because the Hindu society said he did a job that was considered filthy. This is hypocrisy of the highest order. First, you enforce a traditional occupation on some groups, treat their members badly, and then blame the people rather than the caste system.

My parents chose a Sanskrit name, an unusual practice among my relatives, who always chose names that are easily identified with Chakkiliyars or untouchables. But like my parents, I too experienced unequal treatment.

My education and earnings did not change my identity, and never will. But we are fed with this lie by none other than the Dalit movements.

My father worked as a sanitary worker and my mother was a sweeper in a local school. For the last 15 years, I worked to address the discrimination and untouchability faced by my parents and tens of thousands like them because of their work — sanitation workers/sweepers/scavengers.

We belong to Chakkiliyar/Arunthathiyar caste in Tamil Nadu, who are called, especially by fellow untouchables, as migrants or outsiders. The reason being that Arunthathiyars’ first language is close to Telugu. During my research in undivided Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, and Karnataka, I found that in all these states, the sanitation workers were addressed as outsiders. It doesn’t matter whether they had migrated from other states. Interestingly, in all south Indian states, except in undivided Andhra Pradesh, sanitation workers speak Telugu. In Andhra Pradesh, they speak Hindi and a dialect closer to Odiya.

Scavengers and sweepers are not allowed inside the homes of upper-caste Hindus. Even the toilets are constructed outside the homes. Indian sociologists and anthropologists have a problematic understanding of caste and Indian homes, where Dalits have a separate entrance (as is visible from most buildings). Things are changing slowly in rural areas.

On the contrary, mosques have toilets within their premises. A toilet is not considered unholy. This is where I fell in love with mosques. I do not find any good reason why Dalits should continue to carry Hinduism on their shoulders.

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Who’s a Dalit?

Many people request me to drop the word ‘Dalit’ form Dalit Camera. Dalit is not a term to refer to the physical body of untouchables, it’s a revolutionary concept that Dalit Panthers conceived of. Now, I don’t have a caste. But being part of Dalit Camera is a sign of solidarity I show to Dalit Panthers, and to my beloved Muslim brothers and sisters.

For us, Babasaheb Ambedkar’s image itself is enough. It conveys his ideology and idea of justice.

So, Dalits and Muslims have a battle to fight. The fight of Muslims is constitutional in nature, but the fight of Dalits is social, which is more difficult. Many Dalits still do not know that they are being treated unequally because of Hinduism. It’s for this reason Dalits are not aware that they too might find themselves without citizenship one day.

Raees Mohammed, formerly known as Ravichandran Bathran, is the founder of Dalit Camera @dalitcamera. Views are personal.

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  1. What prople do not know is :
    1) ISLAM SUPPORTS SLAVERY – Sex with “ma malakat aymanukum” (possessions of the right hand – slave girls) is HALAL, legal as per QURAN. QURAN recognises slavery as a part of society. Muhammad himself kept slaves. Civilian women captured by Muhammad after wars were either sold into slavery or became Muhammads / his 14 wives slave. Muhammad received 1/5th of the loot in property (including slavegirls after every military conquest).
    2) The SAHABAS (companions) of Muhammad would rape captured civilian females right on the battlefield. There is a record in SAHIH BUKHARI of how on one such occassion they consulted with Muhammad if they could ejaculate within the women or practice “AZL”. Muhammad opined that “AZL” wasnt necessary because “children were in the hands of Allah”.
    3) Muhammad killed an entire tribe of jews, including non combatants, including children that had pubic hair and sold the civilian women and children as slaves to purchase weapons. This is a documented fact in SAHIH BUKHARI of the BATTLE OF AZHAB in which the BANU QURAYZAH, a rich jewish tribe of traders, was butchered under the direct command of Muhammad.

    QURAN HAS MILLIONS OF FAULTS BUT THE BIGGEST STILL HAS TO BE THE RECOGNITION OF SLAVERY of both MALES and FEMALES. There are many documented instances of Muhammad selling and exchanging “slaves”, slaves captured after waging war against Kings that refused to “accept islam” in response to Muhammad’s letters beinning with “Aslim Teslam” basically warning those kings of the dire consequences of not accepting Muhammad’s “prophethood”.

    The Hindu VARNA system is plainly bureaucracy, it has got to be stupidity to leave something sensible and peaceful and decide to jump into an arabic stoneage political ideology.

  2. OK, now try to revert… You’ll know how peaceful Islam is 😂

    I think you would have read Quan, and are aware of the aftermath of apostasy….

    Also, don’t come near me, who know you might blast shouting Ola – Uber… 🤣 🤣

  3. You might change the cult… But not the religion,

    You’ll always be a Sanatani, like everyone else in this world.

  4. I left islam because of its ragging terror around the globe… Baghdadi was not a terrorist for Muslims because if you look at the life of Mohammed, he was also a mass murderer and pedophile…. Though apostates are growing in number….

    Allah can never discriminates on the basis of religion, but in quran its written that, behead non Muslims where you find them…. So tell me how islam is peaceful?

    The truth is that Mohammad fooled people in name of Allah…

    Well its no wonder that only retard like you follow this cult called Islam.

  5. He doesn’t have a caste, he says, and yet he still refers to his Dalit identity several times and milks it for commercial gain. There’s no denying that casteism is brutal and needs toe be eradicated, but let’s spare ourselves this left-wing Hinduphobia/Islamic missionary activism dressed up as progressive thinking.

  6. okay okay, I don’t wanna be rude here, plese don’t mind but I wanted to say this very politely, You are a total motherfucker, I mean why the fuck you people always want to attack hinduism, can’t you people live in peace, if you don’t like hinduism it’s ok but what is the point to post on a fucking website, ohhh!!!! I got it because you want views by hurting the religious sentiments, dude Hinduism is manipulated by many outside invaders, don’t post anything without knowledge you idiot, It was varna system which can be choosen by choice it’s not by birth but some foolish brahmins tried to make moey from it by manuplating people’s mind and hinduism is universal religion,,,,, a way of life just like buddhism and taoism, if you don’t like the religious part of it, that’s okay but the philosophy part is good for everyone, people like you should get out of the country and what did you said, ” Islam ” then you should know that they thinks that whoesever don’t believe in allah should be killed immediately, they just look for themselves, first research the whole thinkg then take decisions and then you should post. Yoga and ayurveda came out oh hinduism 😏😏😏

    • God did not make death, only “Love thy neighbor as thyself, the 10 Commandments “Moses wrote of me” & the Lord’s Prayer thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” proof by resurrected-ascent into heaven Son Jesus Christ to live forever, eye witnessed the way to God “before the world was” Saint John 17:3-5.

  7. First of all casteism when it came to being wasn’t bad. It was called varnas and actually was a noble concept.. It degraded over time and it’s unfair to blame Hinduism for the menace. It’s like how the MLAs who are supposed to be public workers now roam about thinking of themselves as kings.. It’s a social failure and not a religion issue.

    Second, the whole middle East is burning due to sectarian violence and this article claims only Islam can “annihilate” casteism. Stopped reading it right there because it doesn’t make sense when Sunnis can’t accept Ahmadiyas as Muslims. Whar doesn’t make sense is most likely propaganda.

    FYI – as a Hindu, I and almost all of my “higher caste” friends don’t discriminate and think it used to happen in past. Now we eat from the same plate as our “dalit” friends.

  8. Discrimination exists in Abrahamic religions. Both killed people, destroyed places of worship, annihilated civilizations, segregated people.
    Hinduism never did. But Hinduism gets the bad name.

  9. Periyar had suggested Ambedkar convert to Islam.
    Of Course. PERIYAR DID NOT HIMSELF CONVERT TO ISLAM, because he wanted to retain his influence in Tamil Nadu. I didn’t realize he was so diabolical. By advising Ambedkar to convert to Islam he was trying to kill two bids with one stone. Get rid of Dalit leader who could raise dalits against him power and with Ambedkar gone takeover orphaned dalits, without prominent leader, in his fold and increase his power.

    Periyar’s advise was like ” Chadha ja beta suli per allah tera Bhala kare”. But Abmbedkar was not stupid, which can not be said about Raees Mohammed or Ravichandran Bathran, Rees mohammed wants to become even dumber in believing in nonsense like world was created six thousand years ago., rather than becomin scientifically minded.

  10. Leaving one’s religion and adopting the other faith proves lack of self confidence and weakness of an individual it can be thought that a person born of some father does not like the birth one got through that father, he may wish to change his or her father to feel satisfied,how silly it looks that you abuse your self?Again I believe the rigidity and flexibility are core difference between two.The draw backs have totally been ignored by this convert from Hinduism to Islam.Becuse reason has now no place in his life.Let good sense prevail upon this convertee and come back to Hinduism which believes in the prosperity of all.

  11. You are such a retarded fool! For those of you who are Muslims feeling pride after reading this and got another chance to attack us Hindus, I say go eat sh** morons, not because you are Muslims but because you are such ignorant people that even Allah would be thinking that how these numbskulls came to be? The author of this sh**ty crap, ever try reading history of India rather than just taking crap of what has already been said to you. Caste System? Yea well this system was brought upon by Westerners/Outsiders who always xame to conquer India and this Concept of Caste System was another divide and rule policy. And Mughals were no different, killed countless hindus to make them Muslims and this procedure is still visible. “Taj Mahal a wonder!” Yea right, ever thought about thise workers who lost their hads so that they can’t build another one? Ever heard, talk about treating everyone equally. And for those idiots who don’t know a sh**, a little knowledge for you retards, I don’t know if you’ll even Understand. Sanatana Dharma has “Varna System”, at a certain age of your childhood you were sent to Aashram (School for reference, although not close enough to describe the word), After 12 years of education, they were assigned their roles according to how much they have learned, and we did not had books so you might think what knowledge? It was life morales and understanding of the world fools! And all this was to maintain balance between society.
    If one does not accept its role, society would fall. In old time, Kings Role was to look out for his people cause he can do it, Brahmins to educate/show right path, Merchants to keep economy up, normal people had different roles like farmer, labours etc. This is how society functioned without crumble. Suppose if merchant stopped doing his job and wanted to become King and by asking for equality and farmera started riot, that kingdom will fall. And it’s not hidden that cauz of corrupted Kings, Kingdoms have fallen. What is wrong being given roles according to your education and understandigs? How is it Caste System? Go and 1st of all educate yourself before asking about what you deserve. Even Mughals came to conquer India and destroyed so many things.

  12. You must listen the words of jamitha teacher the quran teacher who is leave from islam from kerala alone fight against the terrorist of islam

  13. Iam happy that u left sanatana dharma..we do not want wastes like you..please be happy where your tiny mind and regressive thghts can be nurtured…cover ur woman….beleive in blood sacrifices and etc…why not buddhism or jainism…the factnis…u r paid ….u r a paid puppet…

  14. Hinduism is not a religion, it is a way of living. It is Sanadhan Dharma, which comprises of everlasting virtue. If some people convert to Islam, if they are poor, will the middle class and upper class Muslims allow them to be inside their house? Will they give their children to marry these Dalit converts’ children. Never. The casteism remains because of the poverty. Once they are financially sound, they will get recognition in the society. Who, if the forefront Dalit politicians or the poor Brahmins get acceptance in the society? Definitely the powerful and rich control the society. That man is foolish with no individuality to convert to a religion which says to wipe off the people of other Faiths from the Esrth.That man would have worked for rights of his people in the mother religion itself and tried to uplift others of the brothrern. He is a coward to run away. Muslims also fight in the name of sects, like Shias, Sunnis and so on. As time passes, this man will not get this reception and will experience insult from that religion. Wait and see. Conversion is a pandemic which should be eradicated from the globe, may it be any Faith- Hinduism, Islam,Christian or any.

  15. Dude are you high on opium when write,because of Gandhi cancer like you are in this country who want to eat it like termites and run to pakistan. Have some shame for the soil air which nourished you to.

  16. you are a black stain on society… dalits are Hindus and we all are brothers…we believe in prosperity and union. You joined Islam because you are a coward and a value less creature, don’t forget you forefather have sacrificed their lives just to uphold their sanctity and integrity of dharma..

    • How can a person follow that religion.. whose so called holy books are speaking against his caste? How can he be in a religion where their is a system like caste system which considers him low by birth… which considers him to be born from feet? How can he be in a religion, whose history is always against him.. and always degraded him.. like Rama killed shambukah, Dronacharya took eklavya’s finger. He needs to find a religion.. where he is not looked down upon.. where people are considered equal

      • Give me single reference from arsh granth which speak against any one’s caste or varna. You people are curse on planet that doesn’t read holy books and come on conclusion by reading propaganda.

      • @maatermind im not saying people don’t support caste system.. Most higher caste do promote caste discrimination. Not denying that truth.. But the point i want to explain here is the misconcepted story of rama killing sambukha. sambukha being born as a sudra decided to penance himself to be in a world of gods.. At the first all beings were righteous and did penance for each other welfare and as the time passed humans started being corrupt and evil and they started using the power of pence to get unnatural bonds. So power of penance no longer existed to reach the eternal world and those living once who wish to reach there need to either complete his life in a good waybor die from the hand of demi gods or gods under their blessing.. Rama came to sambukha and asked him to stop wat he was doing where sambukha really at any cost wanted to reach there( eternal world). Thus with the permission of other 4 sages, rama sent sambukha to heaven being him one of the gods in the heaven world. So basically if rama was discriminating him he would not have reached heaven and moreover 3 out of those 4 sages were sudra and they became sages under their great will and desire to be a sage.. The writer of ramayana also belong to a sudra caste.. 2nd story of dronacharya and eklaviya.. Dronacharya started teaching started teaching shetriyas to win the battle with ravana.. And ekliviya was a good guy who wanted to learn to archery from dronacharya.. Dronacharya had the fear of ekliviya being a man of ravana would kill him after learning his skills.. Even though ekliviya had only the desire to learn archery. Even after not allowing him to learn, ekliviya used to hide and listened all the techniques and he performed much better than the pandavas.. Dronacharya was happy as a teacher as one have learnt a technique seeing him in the same time was sad as he belonged to enemy’s group.. So he asked him to cut off his finger, in fear of him. The moral here is the value of teacher. A teachers responsibility is not just teaching others its also to understand others well before judging him in the first view. So please understand the story well before you make a comment. There is no doubt minorities are facing discrimination in this country especially in North. Tat doesn’t mean u should read the stories in a wrong way

      • So sad Hindus treat Dalits this way
        At least you can live in dignity while being a Muslim
        May you prosper in life 😇

        • Ignorant idiot read about discrimination of dalit Muslims by upper class muslims and also views of Ambedkar on Islam.

          • There is no such thing like ‘dalit Muslim’ or ‘upper class muslim’. Stop your lies you loser.

  17. Religion is ones mother! It’s a culture. One who doesn’t understand his mother and culture cannot understand another mother or religion! What had he learnt about Hinduism to compare with another religion? Hinduism is the most secular and not a one god religion. Vedas say to read it, to live it and even to challenge it. Which other religion will allow to challenge its holy book? So this is all a game which Indian slaves are playing.

    Hinduism is applicable even in the most modern system. Caste is political and it will be kept alive as long as pseudo secular parties and anti Hindu parties exist. For Hindus to unite and stop the civilisation from ruining, we need political party or the pseudo secularists will ruin it for money.

    The man who converted here did it for selfish reasons. The media which is propagating is funded to do this!

    Many people including foreigners are converting to Hinduism so we are happy to see some rubbish out of Hinduism!

    Let him try reading the new religion’s holy book. He is going to miss our library.

    Your media is one deplorable anti Hindu media

    • The Thing is he was inspired by Ambedkar and got converted to Islam. If he was really an Ambedkarite, he would have converted to Buddhism. And he says he did all Research. If he had actually researched Ambedkar, he would have known that Islam is the worst thing which happened to this World.

    • Really ..very true….

      People blame hinduism and easily sell their soul hust to fulfil their targetted goals and selfishness.
      Hinduism is not only the religion which is mother of all other faiths.

  18. Good decision. Welcome to Islam.
    By seeing this high cast. Hindu will cry at new converts telling you will lose monetary benefits that government give.
    If that is the case I recommend higher caste people to convert to Dalit to enjoy the benifits that government provide.

    • Don’t worry, soon you muslims too will be crushed beneath the feet of Hindus. At that time Lord Kalki won’t see religion, but will only see the doers of wrong which will have all sorts of people, even Hindus, but islam will vanish that day and you people will see it too. Convert, don’t convert, one day you will all die by the hands of the Hindus.

  19. What a rubbish article again by theprint. Definitely theprint wants to make everyone anti Hindu and appease musalmans to create another Pakistan but this drama won’t hapoen again. Dr. Ambedkar clearly said many harsh things on Islam. Converting to Islam by taking name of Ambedkar is a mockery of himself. The one who wrote this article is definitely not Dalit and it sounds more like propaganda to make more divisions among Hindus. Caste system is dead. One more generation and caste system will be history forever. Read “Pakistan or Partition” by Dr. Ambedkar to understand reality of Islam

  20. Allah SWT sends Prophet Adam(AS) to this world. As guidance always he send messengers for guidance to human race.
    Allah SWT sends always only one message I.e Islam is since time immorial, since man stepped his foot on the earth.

    Islam – or guidance to humanity – is nothing for submitting our will to the WILL of Allah!
    Allah SWT send more than 125,000 Prophets (avatars) to different times, and different continents.

    The last of series of messengers ie avatars (Adam, Nouh before 100Kyears ago), are the lineage of Abraham (5000yrs) are Moses, Jesus,…..the Last one to be Mohammed, peace be upon him and peace be to all messengers. Message is simple, Nobody worthy of being worshiped except Allah.

    Like all earlier prophets Moses, Jesus all has brought Islam, however humans (popes, pandits, Moulana’s) who control the religions has twisted the message to their desires.

    Actually, this is the last of many 100s of civilizations, and focal point of this civilization is Middle East, and started by prophet Ibrahim (pbuh), almost 5000yrs ago.

    Earlier focal points of civilization probably on each times india, china, Japan, America, Mexico, etc. These civilizations started and ended. Whenever the message got too much courrpted, ALLAH started new message (new avatar).

    Today’s father of civilisation is prophet Abrahim (peace be upon him). His lineage has 3 major prophets  prophet Moses, prophet ISA (peace be upon him), prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). Current period, the only charter given by Allah is Quran, it is upon all humans.

    Ref: all religious Texts

    • Abraham is the father of civilization? A man who was prepared to kill his own son to appease the voices in his head?
      Don’t make me laugh.

  21. This is unfortunate that some one is discriminated on the basis of caste. But to my surprise when I started my schooling approx.54 yr back,one child who used to sit with me was from the community reffered by the person above.One other side a JAT boy used to sit.neither my teacher nor my family members ever questioned this.But when I may be around 10 yr old I saw that few people were not allowed in temple.However they used to have their own temple.Fooding habbit was different as these people used to eat non veg food after killing an animal on special occasions like marriage etc.Even then whole village community used to help them at every occasion and there was no frictions of any kind till the time politics entered into the picture.However it would be wrong on my part if I certify that their morale may not get affected by all this.At the same time,society does not have any respect even for a person of other caste if he was engaged in this type of job. When I grow older one of my muslim friend told me that they don’t allow lower caste muslim to sit on the same charpai.

  22. He who can convert once can convert again. The only failure of Ambedkar was that he converted. They say Islam is in danger, I agree. Fight for your rights and religion my dear dalit brothers.

  23. Ravichandran alias Raees Mohd is extremely gullible, greedy, patience-less and misinformed person who claims fake research on social and religious matters. He appears to have never studied Dr Ambedkar’s books and thoughts on various social and political matters of India.

    Constitution of India gives not only equal rights, but also special reservation to SC/ST/OBC communities of all religions. Ravichandran never bothered to think why muslims claim reservations in the name of SC/OBC if there is no caste discrimination among them. Now Ravichandra aka Raees would justify the terrorism (jihad) all over the world in the name of islam–He would justify recent attack on Bangluru’s Congress MLA Srnivas Murthy’s family by muslims.

    This fellow should have learnt about conditions of SC caste people in J&K under muslim CMs before scrapping of article 370, conditions of SC Hindus in Pakistan. He should have learnt about SC caste Mr Jogendra Mandal ( and his fellow millions of Dalit Hindus’ highly terrible treatment at the hands of muslim rulers of Pakistan.

    He says that sweepers are not allowed to enter the houses of upper caste Hindus through the main entrance, then will rich muslims allow sweepers to enter to their drawing rooms?
    He must become a Jihadi now onwards. If it is true that Periyar recommended Islam to Dalits then I would say that Periyar was a super stupid person.

    By writing this comment I am wasting my time over a greedy person whose expectations are too high. By the way I am totally against caste system among Hindus and struggling to annihilate caste system by large scale intercaste marriages among Hindus. I am surprised that OBC/SC caste people are not ready to do intercaste marriages among themselves and keep doing within caste marriages. No upper caste person or group is preventing them from doing intercaste marriage among themselves, but they do not want to leave the caste system and blame upper caste people for all their problems. I myself belong to OBC caste.

  24. A very good life story.My only humble request is to kindly mention about the previliges you have enjoyed being SC/ST reserved candidate.Does your new community brothers and sisters enjoy the same privileges.

  25. Islam is said to bind people together. This is only a half truth. For Islam divides as inexorably as it binds. Islam is a close corporation and the distinction that it makes between Muslims and non-Muslims is a very real, very positive and very alienating distinction. The brotherhood of Islam is not the universal brotherhood of man. It is the brotherhood of Muslims for Muslims only. There is a fraternity, but its benefit is confined to those within that corporation. For those who are outside the corporation, there is nothing but contempt and enmity. The second defect of Islam is that it is a system of social self-government and is incompatible with local self-government because the allegiance of a Muslim does not rest on his domicile in the country which is his but on the faith to which he belongs. To the Muslim ibi bene ibi patria is unthinkable. Wherever there is the rule of Islam, there is his own country. In other words, Islam can never allow a true Muslim to adopt India as his motherland and regard a Hindu as his kith and kin. That is probably the reason why Maulana Mahomed Ali, a great Indian but a true Muslim, preferred to be buried in Jerusalem rather than in India.

  26. Very good decision. Islam will teach you way of life and equality which none can give you.
    Excellent brother either u are black or sweeper or a garbage cleaner, u will have same respect as others. Like Bilal had with others no discrimination, discrimination is a sign of paganism with hindus do. Better leave it forever, and come to real and true path of success.

    • How islam teach you good lesson about life ??
      What islam teach you hates those who hates islam ?
      what Islam teach you terror attack only weapon to save islam ?
      what islam teach you convert dalit and spread islam trouble to the nation ?
      your islam soo poor thats why you covered target dalit …..

  27. I believe value education is the cure to caste system, we see it slowly declining as humans progress. The new generations’ values won’t be rooted in petty superstitious beliefs.
    Caste and varna where created by people for selfish reasons, it’s not a part of sanatana dharma. Don’t use such platforms to promote hidden agendas.

  28. I believe value education is the cure to caste system, we see it slowly declining as humans progress. The new generations’ values won’t be rooted in petty superstitious beliefs.
    Caste and varna where created by people for selfish reasons, it’s not a part of sanatana dharma.

  29. I believe value education is the cure to caste system, we see it slowly declining as humans progress. The new generations’ values won’t be rooted in petty superstitious beliefs.
    Caste and varna where created by people for selfish reasons, it’s not a part of sanatana dharma.

  30. i guess u didnt understand why Dr Ambwdkar choswn Buddhisam instead of Islam after 20 years of studying all religions. If you want to call youraself Ambedkarite, then read Dr.Ambedkars book about ‘Thoughs on Pakistan’ to understand reality of Islam.

    • But then what are pasmanda muslims who ask for dalit reservation?
      If Islam is equality then why labels like
      Dalit muslim

  31. for a religion that keeps chugging on the fact that it is the one “true” religion, but shits it’s pants whenever women with opinions, gays and dogs, and pigs cross through or when someone declares they don’t want any part of this hate-filled hypocritical BS called Islam. I mean, you really have to be hit in the head, or basically a mongoloid to not be able to see how fucked up this religion is. It’s an enterprise with a cultish appeal, a pyramid scheme- One that always runs into the gutter, sooner or later.

    • In Islam all animals, birds, insects are considered believers of God….a Dog known as kitmeer was a companion of the great seven sleepers…

  32. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Way, the truth, and the life, in Him is the only way for salvation for all people, and in Him there is equality for all. Islam is a false religion (as is Hinduism, which Islam is an enemy of – as it is an enemy of all other religions), and it teaches that you must be subjugated forcefully to Islam (Jews and Christians can have the “gracious” opportunity becoming highly taxed dhimmis, in exchange for not converting or being killed or exiled. Learn about Islam, check out on Youtube: Acts17Apologetics, CIRA International, Islam Critiqued, PFanderFilms, Arabian Prophet (Christian Prince Debates), 1nemind, Shamunian, Variant Quran, etc. And websites:,,

    Jesus is Lord! He loves you, He left Heaven, became a man, and died for your sins, He rose from the dead to PROVE Who He is and what He did, and He is coming back again to raise the dead, judge the world, get rid of all wickedness, and set up the Kingdom of God. If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved!

    • Please convince us that the 4 gospels are without errors and contradictions and then we will consider your made up notion that Jesus is God or son of God . The concept of Trinity is not preached any where in the Old Testament . All worshiped one God only and that wasn’t Jesus ?

      Also how is it fair to punish an innocent human for the crimes of another ?

  33. I thought the purpose of religion was the pursuit of God. But in his Hindu hatred Mr. Bathram is directing his life and his lot from one religion to the other. He could have remove his surname all together and could have become an atheist. But he thinks this step of his won’t get much attention. He is just another trouble maker.

  34. The caste system has nothing to do with the Hindu faith, another lie. Please stop this! You only hurt people and make the Abraham faiths look even more shady.
    Caste system was implemented by a British Adminstrator during colonization and stuck around. Lately, it is becoming weaker. The paths of Hinduism, including Vadanta, do not support Caste system.

  35. LOl
    Read my comment properly ppl, it will let you know how UNEDUCATED THE HINDUS OF THIS NATION ARE TO FALL FOR THESE ISLAMIC TRAPS.
    1) DR Br AMbedkars view on islamc:

    3) This is how Islam divides the world, not on the basis of development but on the basis of ISlamic rule
    Dar al-Harb – “territory of war or chaos.” This is the name for the regions where Islam does not dominate and where divine will is not observed. It is, therefore, where continuing strife is the norm.

    Dar al-Islam : “territory of peace.” This is the name for those territories where Islam does dominate and where submission to God is observed. It is where peace and tranquility reign.

    4) GHAZWA E HIND: Mentioned in one of their Hadiths, says that a HOLY WAR will be launched on India which will mainly kill all Hindus and convert India into an Islamic nation.

    5) Pew Research in 2013 records that more 80% of the people in ISLAMIC MAJORITY nations, vouch for SHARIA LAW. Which involves beating women and stoning homosexuals to death

    6) Congress govt in 2013 allowed 25,000 wahabis with 10 billion dollars to set up radical islamic (oxymoron) madrasas and masjids to convert and turn Hindus into radical islamists who then will be recruited to ISIS. Pls be aware.

    7) Islam has already taken control by putting loudspeakers during azans and forcing people to listen to that noise, forcing Hindus and Christians to eat halal meat…….
    2) Islam only cares about its ppl, starting from the Quran which calls all non believers as kafirs and ordering death on them.

    Guys plss if you are a Hindu vote for Modi because he is a strong pillar against islamization of India. With ppl liek Amit Shah they cannot turn India into a shit hole.

    • A total pack of lies against Islam. Islam is a neat and clean religion based on justice and equality of all human beings. One person is not superior to the other on the basis of his pedigree, color, caste, ethnicity or race but piety. You people believe in demons, abhorrent idols, ugly face and shape figures, sexual figures and even then call it sanatana dharm. Islam doesn’t reject wars to fight against evils. You have to fight against evil at any cost for peace and tranquility in society. Every nation has army, police and paramilitary forces but objection is raised only against Islam. If anyone rapes your sister, will you put garland of flowers around the neck of the rapist? You people are idiots.

      • U people are the only one who kill people of other religion to go to jannat.You dont consider fellow muslim like shia and ahmediya as muslim and you are talking about equality in funny it is.

      • You did not read your holy book and hadiths in complete. I know some rational people who quit Islam just by reading them in whole and try to understand it.

      • You did not read your holy book and hadiths in complete. I know some rational people who quit Islam just by reading them in whole and try to understand it.

      • Neat and clean religion lol. Islam is leaving a trail of dead bodies everywhere since its founding. And leaving a leaf act of rape and murder stretching from the prophet to wherever muslims are today.
        Nobody is discriminated hah. You discriminate with everyone. Muslims don’t spare other Muslims denominations let alone anyone else.
        Garbage faith piggy backing on christianity.

  36. Subhan ALLAH welcome to true religion of ALLAH and ALLAH guides whom he wills others hearts r sealed. Some r blaming Islam because of lack of knowledge about Islam. But ALLAH or Islam has nothing to lose it’s one who hate Islam is in lose .when they r produced before the creator ALLAH. No one will help them .may ALLAH give hidaya to all and may ALLAH guide u to true path and success in both the worlds ameen

    • Hey, sucker
      1st try to leave a jihadi-free life here on earth, then think about after life bullshit

  37. What what?? You found only religion in India who doesn’t have caste system.. Come on, you can’t say anything. [even Islam have different group under it]. And importantly Islam divides directly humanity in believers and disbelievers.
    Have you ever heard of BUDDHISM , originated from Hinduism . Having 500million followers worldwide.
    Buddhism don’t have caste system.
    You need to do more research.

  38. What’s about casteism in subcontinent Islam. The Ashraf ajlaf ajral community in subcontinent Islam. Baba sahab know very well about it and criticize it. Baba sahab also know radicalism brutality and violent in Islam.we also can check through partition of india or thought of Pakistan written by baba sahab. Baba sahab describe Islamic extremisism in his book. Baba sahab also know slavery tradition in Islam.. Baba sahab have many reasons to not choose Islam.its is only Propogenda article. Periyar was atheist and periyar love christainity then Islam.

  39. What’s about casteism in subcontinent Islam. The Ashraf ajlaf ajral community in subcontinent Islam. Baba sahab know very well about it and criticize it. Baba sahab also know radicalism brutality and violent in Islam.we also can check through partition of india or thought of Pakistan written by baba sahab. Baba sahab describe Islamic extremisism in his book. Baba sahab also know slavery tradition in Islam.. Baba sahab have many reasons to not choose Islam.its is only Propogenda article. Periyar was atheist and periyar love christainity then Islam.

  40. Colour of skin, physical features, knowledge, political identity & financial status has always determined status of an individual in all religions.

    If not apartheid/ colonies wouldn’t have happened or even various Islamic religious persecution during war & many years after the war, wouldn’t have happened.

    You could have been an atheist choosing your own name but the problem is that you wanted to demean something to highlight the other. The one your highlighting is already in troubled waters all over the world, be it thy neighbor who divided the nation just to be a Islamic nation.

    From frying pan to fire, no difference at all ,..’

  41. lol godse terrorist??? then everyone who killed someone is a terrorist then.btw thanks godse which is aterorist as per ur opinion, to have india still secular n not become pakistan.becoz had godse not killed gandhi, more money would have been given to pakistan which even a 5 five old can say they would have used to buy weapons and attack india with greater force, a road linking bangladesh n pakistan would have been made, permiiting any one to sneek into india then. and gandhi experiments in his ashrams would have achieve another level.

  42. Many countries people and civilisations have been annihilated, tortured, raped by Islamist invaders and their only idea is to convert and not to let live others! Even now it’s being continued and you glorify this one fellow who left his mother religion! You don’t have the guts to show any vice versa example of many who left these abrahamic religions who fight for their God supremacy! You are a sold out media! Despicable to the core which only finds flaws in Hinduism which is the most tolerant and allows all religions to grow. Time has come for Hindus to unite or these dark forces will ruin the only left tolerant religion! Pseudo journalism and sold out liberals and media have joined force but Hinduism will be only answer which allows to even challenge God and seek inside for the power of God lies within!

  43. Welcome to true religion of the prophets free from casteism and superstitions, I invite all brother and sister read more about Islam.

    • lol, thats why u dont recognise ahmadiyya muslim as muslim.. sunni shia oppose each other. saudi arabians dont conider indian muslims as muslims. white muslims consider black muslims as inferior. moon was cut into two thats is not superstitions, earth is flat that is not superstition, sun revolves around earth, that is not superstition, dont fool people here. no superstion lol. u ridicule hindus but follow their practices when u go to mecca.

      • there is no logic your given statement when MOHD ( saw ) has said that there would be 72 casts ( firka ) is islam in the up coming generations and only one firka will be able to enter in the heaven then who are you to talk like that.
        so far as the barelvi ad shia and so on are concerned there ideologies , thinking and evidences are totally wrong. Even the qyadianies are not muslims they are kafir.

        you need get proper knowledge of islam. please dont read islam whith your own ideology

          • You guys do not even know about Islam and you go on making 100% false claims. You like to think you know about Islam but you don’t. Here is the facts: You have never studied the Quran, you never studied Islamic history m, you never studied the Hadith. Therefore, no matter how much you keep objecting, your opinion is invalid, period.

  44. Caste system may be aproblem in Hindu dharma.But Raees bhai Islam has divided this country and is still a threat to this country.Please don’t become Anti Hinduvaftwr embracing Islam.

  45. Every thing is ok but we hope u won’t be suicide bombers…
    But its fine u might get 72 virgin hoors enjoy

    • The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India, occurred as a result of a suicide bombing in Sriperumbudur, Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, India on 21 May 1991.[1] At least 14 others, in addition to Rajiv Gandhi, were killed.[2] It was carried out by Thenmozhi Rajaratnam, also known as Dhanu,[3] member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a militant organization from Sri Lanka; at the time India had just ended its involvement, through the Indian Peace Keeping Force, in the Sri Lankan Civil War. Subsequent accusations of conspiracy have been addressed by two commissions of inquiry and have brought down at least one national government.

  46. Meanwhile in Muslim nations leaving or talking against Islam is a punishable offense.
    That’s how Islam treat humans.

  47. I did not expect the print to print such a senseless act of some immature person. No need for you to show that you are equal in publishing all views. This is completely a piece written by some frustrated guy justifying his mad act. Just asking… If Islam is so good and come only those countries with muslim majority have more unrest on this earth.

  48. One quick question for the Big Media and the Editors of ‘the Print’. Would you have the guts to print out a headline like ” Why I converted to Hinduism and buried my Islamic identity “? Just try this headline and we’ll find out just how liberal you are and how tolerant the ‘religion of Peace’

  49. With the establishment of Turkish rule in Delhi in the beginning of 13th century the process of India’s PTA (ie Perso /Turkish /Arabic) Transformation started.
    Then after British rule started in late 18th century, the process of English Transformation started. First it was the Arab and then the Englishman and his language /culture etc became our ideal.
    But the question is we have to get rid of these both foreign influences as Gandhi had done.
    As far as choosing a Church or religion is concerned one is free to choose any one of his choice. But why should he be Raees Mohammad or Ramson for that matter?
    Couldn’t he be what he is (ie Ravichandran) and become a Muslim or a Christian?
    Change of religion or Church should not mean changing or leaving the culture also. This amounts to surrendering before Imperialism. We find not a single Muslim with Indian name, though we do find Christians with Indian names.
    The problem is not religion or Church, but the cultural rupture which comes about after such conversions. Jinnah had no answer when Gandhi ji asked him whether his son who had embraced Islam had become part of some other nation?Jinnah was then propagating the Two Nation Theory for getting Pakistan.
    Unfortunately what has happened during the long course since Arab Islam’s birth in 7th century Arabia is the great mix-up of religion and Imperialism. We have in the name of religion embraced Imperialism also. We have blundered massively in differentiating between chaff and grain.
    Mr. Ravichandran should be what he is and can choose any faith of his liking. No need to adopt an Arabic/Persian/or Turkish name.
    With Indian name and Indian culture, one can very well become Muslim or Christian.
    If this had happened, the catastrophe of ’47 would not have occurred and the tragedy of Gandhi’s assassination.

  50. Peace Brother
    Welcome to Islam (Submission to God Almighty) All humans are equal. We are muslims and marry each other freely whether shia or sunni. We oppose caste system as it is injust and unfair. Learn real Islam from Quran.


      • Ahmadiyya is a separate religion although they have claimed themselves as a sect of Muslims, hence ahmadiyya when are not allowed in Mecca for pilgrimage (but they conceal their identity and are able to visit)

  51. I don’t care what your religion is. But since you’ve called Hinduism caste ridden, please kindly enlighten me where in the holy bhagawat geeta, the Upanishads , the Vedas is it written to discriminate and look down upon the people of lower “castes”?

  52. If one understands the Laws of Nature, Quran is the most easiest book to understand. There are no fairy tales in the book of God Almighty.
    After the death of Prophet Mohammad (S) 150 to 250 years later the Persian writers got into action and invented several fake stories and fake Hadees (Saying of Prophet) wrote their fake books and succeeded in deviating the followers from Islam Deen to their fake Islam religion.
    They also wrote a wrong explanation of Quran. They are not following Islam deen of Quran.
    The Muslims for over a thousand years are following fake Islamic religion.
    There is nothing mentioned in Quran to read five-times prayers. There is nothing mentioned to make seven circles around Kabha, run between Saffa and Merva., There is nothing mentioned to throw pebbles on Shaytaan. The main purpose to visit Mecca to show brother hood. Discuss their family issues and be the guest of Govt to stay for three days. Let the Govt take care of all the guests boarding and lodging by slaughter the animals.

    • Wisdom is the lost treasure of a Momin (= true Muslim) , said Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him, PBUH). This Hadees (Pl don’t jump to classify it also as un-authentic one, without research) and other Quranic Ayaa and Ahadees, besides common sense, a rare commodity indeed, expects one to speak appropriate in content and delivery to the situation.
      I am sorry, your comments are not appropriate for the matter discussed and for the people discussing it. These need to be discussed with persons who are qualified enough to discuss it. I hope you shall appreciate it.

  53. This fellow seems to be a shallow hypocrite. He has disowned his credentials aa a Dalit Activist. He is no more a Dalit. He gets the basic right to protest against his religion just because he is in India.
    Such pseudointellectuals are the real menace.

  54. Hello Mr Raees Mohammad, no matter what people say but I support you because being a practicing Hindu, I know what is real Hinduism and the best part of it is that there is no forced belief with one particular doctrine and you are free to embrace any faith you want. But I now doubt whether you will be able to enjoy this freedom now ever in life! Well anyways its your life and your choice. But I would like to state some facts against the information you have provided in the above article.
    You are against the caste system which is absolutely the right thing because any form of discrimination is poison in any society. But as you have pointed out the drawbacks of society as faults of my religion, I would like to know something about new identity. Now that you have converted into new religion, are you a Sunni, Shia, Ahmediya, Ibadi or Sufi? Assuming you are Sunni, as it is the most popular branch of Islam, can you socialize with your Shia counterparts? Can you go to Shia mosque? Isn’t it is also another form of discrimination. Country like Pakistan never accepted its first Noble prize winner just because he is Ahmediya Muslim. Read this in detail:

    He was not just first Pakistani but first Muslim Noble Laureate ever. But was never accepted by majority of the society for his religious identity. Isn’t it a discrimination? The fight is against discrimination in society and not against any religion.

    Now you may call it as a different issue. Fine let see about casteism. As per your 14 years research, casteism is problem of Hindu society and doesn’t exist anywhere. Well lets see:

    ” Like castes elsewhere in Islamic world, Muslims in India have a caste system. Ashrafs are presumed to have a superior status, while the Ajlafs have a lower status. The Arzal caste among Muslims was regarded as the equivalent of untouchables, by anti-caste activists like Ambedkar, and by the colonial British ethnographer Herbert Risley who claimed that 56 percent of Muslims in British India were of a caste equivalent in status as the Hindu Shudras and Untouchables. ”
    The above are not my this:
    Any form of discrimination is corruption in the society. You mentioned about Ambedkar couple of times but you didn’t follow his advise of accepting Buddhism, why so? Your agenda and intent seems to be quiet hideous behind this article. Fight against discrimination is suppose to end with equality, not another form of discrimination. Somewhere it’s racism, somewhere it’s casteism, but discrimination exist in one form or other in every society. You have highlighted caste problems of Hindu, but have you ever thought how Sai Baba, a Fakir who always said “Allah Maalik” became one of the most celebrated Satguru for Hindus? Hindus go to Dargah, Church, etc. But how many non Hindus you see visiting temples?
    Being a researcher you should have understood that “Hindu” is a geographical identity and not a religious identity. Caste system existed for a reason. It’s about the clan you belong to have the social security, so that in case you go through any difficult situation ever (I don’t wish that for you please note, I pray God for your good) you or your family knows to whom they can ask for help first. A universal social sense will drain away the need of caste and religions, but switching religions will do no good to society.

  55. बहुत ही खेद के साथ कहना पड़ रहा है की जिस धर्म ने सबसे ज्यादा मानवता को नुकसान पहुँचाया उसी का अनुयायी ज्ञान बाँट रहा है बहुजन की भलाई की इस लेख को पढकर पता चला की कितने घटिया और स्वार्थी लोग दलितों को बहका कर अपना हित साध रहे हैं, ये महाशय काश ये भी बता पाते की पाकिस्तान और बांग्लादेश में किस हालात में हैं दलित।

  56. Ambedkar was opposed to islam.

    islam and Christianity have casteism too e.g. Arshraf and Ajlaf and arzal, In addition they also practice sectarianism, They have bigoted ideology i.e. as hindu all good people of all religion go to heaven but in bigoted islam/christianity the good people of other religion are doomed to hell because they do ot follow christian messenger,
    moreover christianity induces false guilty and fear at birth that “you and your innocent kids are BORN SINNERS for not fualt of theirs” while hinduism liberates you with “you are born divine and pure”.
    in islam, islam is not only evil towards kafir nonmuslims but also to muslim women.

    Muslims are trying to MISAPPROPRIATE and USRUP Ambedkar to fool people so that they can get reservation, eventualy ISLAMIST SUPREMACY. Ambedkar has officially opposed reservation for muslim and he had supportyed deportin all muslims to newly formed pakistan and he had written that if muslims stay in india they will become national security risk to india. Ambedkar chose to adopt an OFF SHOOT OF HINDUISM, never quit hindusim. Ambedker chose SWADESHI religion… not videshi islam/christianity. SHAME ON YOU.
    How stupid of you, the self inflicted ironical joke is on you.

  57. Untouchability came to Hinduism from Islam. Google what is Najis and what are the purification rituals that people who deal with pigs and dead bodies have to undergo. Sultanates patronised Brahmins and the Bhakti movement that brought the Shramanic religions to an end and brought about the domination of Hinduism and Brahminism. That period saw the end of the Shreni system and the replacement of it with the jati system. Islam is equally the cause of what you despise and hardly the solution.

  58. As many said the print will be very happy to publish such sadistic.why don’t you try in working with people to bring unity and peace Instead of such journalism.once you are with people you will know the real hardship.

  59. You have the freedom to convert but i have some questions.
    1. If Islam can help you loose dalit identity, why the term ‘dalit muslims’ is being popularised and demanding rights similar to Dalits ?
    2. Why Islam over Sikhism and Buddhism ?

  60. Dear sir, you are a dalit because of religion your attached to. Know the truth it will set you free from the clutches you are in.

  61. Now you become a ajlaf muslim in islamic terminology. And in india a dalit muslim. I am also a baniya but never feel like your dirty mentality. In future you say that people of india in abroad treated as third world so you betrayed your motherland

    • Christians have casteism too, in addition they also practice sectarianism, and they have bigoted ideology i.e. as hindu all good people of all religion go to heaven but in christianity the good people of other religion are doomed to hell because they do ot follow christian messenger, moreover christianity induces false guilty and fear at birth that “you and your innocent kids are BORN SINNERS for not fualt of theirs” while hinduism liberates you with “you are born divine and pure”. how stupid of you, the self inflicted ironical joke is on you.

    • Christianity is a blind faith invented by Saint Paul who never met Jesus except in a dream.
      The world Historians claim that there was no such person by name of Jesus ever existed. His name is not there in any previous history book. The New Testament books attributed were never written by Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. Moreover, there are several fairy tale stories in NT and no man would accept such a book who believes in science.
      I happened to talk to a Christian Priest that blind faith means you close your eyes and start running in some direction and fall into a ditch breaking your ribs, arms, legs, and hands etc end up in a hospital. It was your fault to keep your eyes closed.

  62. Extremely biased article.even Muslims in Islam practice caste system.arabs feel Superior over non Arabs,list is Endless.please read ambedkar who opposed Islam to convert&finally converted to Buddhism.Discriminatory nature inbuilt in Human nature it doesn’t relate to God/Religion.i know few SC s who discriminate STs.when all Religions man made no point in is better to create u r own religion or be nothing.once again this guy proved fools Paradise by converting to Islam.where it is also Man made&done more injuries to Humanity like other Religions.

  63. Ambedkar asked his followers to convert to Buddhism not to Islam because he new Buddhism was way better religion than Islam. So stop using Ambedkar for your Islamic conversion. Ambedkar wanted to fight caste system but he also wanted the world to have a peaceful future. Even in 1950s he knew Islam is not the right choice.

  64. Merely Annihilation of caste system is not a goal, after doning a deep research on Islam, Baba Saheb found that Islam is not a suitable religion to switch in to for Dalits.

    He categorically said that Islam does not believe in humanity and universal brotherhood, he further added that Islam believes in Islamic Brotherhood only. He gave first priority to humanity and Universal Brotherhood over caste disrimination.That’s why he did not join Islam and switched over to Buddhism with lacs of followers

    Please don’t quote Baba Saheb for defending Islamic cleric and also advised not to create a fake narrative against Hinduism just for the sake of your personal enmity with Hinduism

    I am a Dalit
    I am a Hindu
    I proud to be a Hindu

    Suresh Diwan

  65. Contradictions and double speak :
    Raees respects Gandhiji but not his views on caste system in Hinduism.
    Raees respects Ambedkar but not his appeal to convert to Buddhism
    Islam has huge casteism problem but wants converted to Islam to fight casteism in Hinduism
    Jinnah, a self proclaimed Messiah of Muslims said if we let dalits go who will clean our sewer
    So all the best to join Islam….
    Raees only intention is to anger Hindu but that’s not going to happen..

  66. The only solution for India is a movement away from Hinduism. With its superstitions, caste bigotry, poor hygiene, lack of humanity, Hinduism only ensures India’s backwardness and violence. Islam is a universal faith that abandons caste bigotry, welcomes all races and ethnicities, doesn’t obsess over borders. Other faiths may be able to work also.
    However, Hinduism is too backwards, intolerant and caste fascist to keep a large country like India together.

    • I am pretty sure that Islam too has its own caste system (or at least a system of groups that hate each other and are at each other’s throats every other day.)
      Islam has more bigotry, as the mere accusation of blasphemy will cause a person’s murder.
      Islam forces people to convert, and while the most bigoted Hindus get called out, clerics hide behind the veil of ‘oppression’.
      In Hinduism, people can leave Hinduism and not get called out on, the discrimination (which I regret is present) is decreasing at a rapid rate, with the spread of education.

      Islam kills people who it seems apostates, is that not bigotry? And what about the Jihad being waged in the mid-east? Or the severe oppression of women and minorities alike in major Muslim countries?

      • Not true. The most egalitarian societies were Muslim. Bosnia and Moorish Spain created the greatest multicultural successes in European history. Ottomans led great tolerant empires, much better than Christian empires.
        Christians and Jews lived well into the Muslim world before Zionism destroyed it. US invasions have hurt Christian standing, don’t blame Muslims for that.
        Also Mughals created a diverse and tolerant India. British did too but Hindus have always had caste bigotry, racism and small minded ethnic bigotry. Hindus are destroying diversity in 5 years!!!
        Islam has blondes, blacks, browns, Asians, natives, Hispanics. Hinduism, with its caste bigotry and small minded nationalism remains a brown Indian faith. No appeal to others. It doesn’t even accept other Hindus as equals, dalits. Comparing universal Islam to caste bigoted Hinduism is ridiculous!

  67. You did not convert to Islam because you found truth in Islam. You came because you wanted to escape the caste system. That makes you a false convert in the eyes of the Abrahamic God. If you come to Islam or Christianity, then kindly come out of your own conviction for its philosophy and truths. Otherwise, go to Sikhism or some other Dharmic offshoot.

    • I would have been happier if he found enlightenment towards Islam or its principles. But no, converting to Islam was his escape route. I believe he will never find the solace in it either. He will look for something at a certain point of time.

  68. So why Iran and Iraq fight. because 1 is a shiya state and 2nd is other sunni state and why shiya not going to sunni masjid and sunni not going to shiyas masjid and why Bangladesh (Islamic state) not accepted rhongiya Muslim and why ahmadiyas Muslim is not a Muslim according but Pakistan (Islamic state) and according to devband …. shiya is Muslim or others are kafirs…… jaat..cast.. firke etc evrething is same…. don’t make fool for other…….

  69. Brother Raees Mohammed the only way to abolish caste not only in India but also in the world through the NAVAYAN from BR.AMBEDKAR.
    Study the book NAVAYAN and think what your mistake in your thought is.
    Hindus have to be as BUDDHISTS.
    Then only we can get real brother hood.
    My suggestion is you have to study
    the book NAVAYAN. It can change your damaged brain.

  70. Even after so many years of so called atrocities on dalit of india .We have huge number of dalit population and it shows that they are happy . Sachar committee show that our dalit brothers are prospering ..So anti India forces like you won’t be able to bring conversion . Dalit of india love hinduism no need to break hindu fold.

  71. Such a poor particle without any research , the caste system is more of a cultural thing then religion, muslim , Christian , Buddhist , Sikhs every religion in India has caste, just check population by caste you will see Obc Muslims, Christians , sikh and Buddhist .

    Since now you are Raees Mohammad just try marrying someone whose surname is Sheikh, Pathan or Khan you will feel the muslim caste system.

  72. The Print will always promote casteism, Hinduphobia, Hindu bashing, anti-India sentiments. I am not at all surprised to see such a pathetic article here with zero understanding of Hinduism or Islam.

  73. One ore Enemy of the Public, as Henrik Ibsen would have put it. It is said that a convert to Islam is more bigoted than one born into it. This writer’s tirade proves this point. Why didn’t he follow Dr.Ambedkar’s footsteps and adopt Buddhism instead of falling into Islam? He follows Ambedkar selectively.

    • This is true bro. People who are raising these dalit ideologies which are not prevalent in india now are real reasons of dalits not being shown as a powerful community now. Currently when we see, these bigots always do brahmins X dalits but todays truth is that brahmins have been left with a very less population. What are these bigots scared of. The real truth . Currently there is no caste system As like only on paper for reservations but reading this article i think the writer and this guy have forgot the big ongoing battle of shia and sunni and now one more sufi . Dalits are a powerful majority community in india. People who are calling them a feeble minority are degrading bhim army’s value in today’s political system. I have friends who are far better learners and not complainers and sitting on a major positions now not crying of past. Babasaheb Ambedkar particularly didnt choose islam as he knew that if while the time of conversion of 8cr dalits into islam , what india he might see. This is the reason he chose buddhisim a religion of peace and equality. Press like these are degrading the value of dalits from years. Use freedom of speech and expression in a better way .

  74. Dear Ravichandran, Consider changing your name to a Brahmin name such as Aiyar or Swamy (or any other “high” caste) and move to a new city. Pick any job that is not directly tied to your old caste. Otherwise, enlighten us after another year about how your life improved after you converted to Islam.

  75. Ok…. So you embraced a religion which says,
    1) Islam is the only religion acceptable to God
    2) all the non Muslims (kafirs) will burn in hell
    3)don’t take kafirs as your friend
    4) you can take war refugees as your sex slaves..

    You just became part of worlds most bigotry Religion cum cast….. Hinduism says, your caste is decided by your karma…. Lazy people don’t want to do good karma, instead blame Hinduism and glorify the religion of terrorists…

  76. Congratulations God bless you always الحمدللہ all mideas help Humanity to get Truth
    Thinking about universe and society help the Man to get guidence God help us to follow Right Path
    God bless you



    So what’s the difference ??????

    We all love and praise God. But

    This is defination of those devotees to whom God Loves.


    Meaning of this sentence will surely give us what religion is all about.

    Take care dear friends. You will not find any more messages from my side.
    Have a good healthy and spiritually wealthy life.

  78. Periyar made more derogatory comments on Islam than anyone else. He thought Hinduism
    Was mud and Islam something else. Interesting this author quotes Periyar

  79. No matter which religion we follow, but how we treat others is matter. How we look the discrimination, how we respond Injustice, how we react to defference of openion.

    The most misinterpreted concept of Islam in today’s world is JEHAD which in its most basic sense refers to STRUGGLE or SANGHARSH….

    Struggle with one’s inner evil qualities to purify soul is the most important Jehad, example are various saint who teach the society Soul Purification.

    Struggle to eradicate Social Evils, unfair Custom is another Jehad for example Babasaheb Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi,

    Such Sangharah are also practised by Sanatan Daity Shree Ram And Shree Krishna
    To eradicate evils of Ravan And Kansh as well as Kauravs….

    It’s not merely to Killing someone…..

    Islam through its Quranic verses clearly teaches that “Killing An Innocent is As Good As Killing Entire Humanity, And Saving One Innocent Life is As someone has saved entire Humanity.

    But unfortunately reason behind this misinterpretation is some evil folowers who have used Islam for their personal gain and then those media and political leaders who has deviated such issues for political gain.

    I would like to advise all my brother’s and sisters to please use wisdom and spare valuable time to go through Holly Islamic Books and life of Prophet Muhammad as well as sufi saints of Islam. It serves society on basis of logic, human psychology, natural justice.

    I hope you will have no more questions and misinterpretation concerning it’s principal.

    It will be a great gift to yourself and will surely remove all your misconceptions.

    Any practice against humanity is not at all virtues of any religion.

    Defination of Faith in Islam is To Surrender Our Will For The Will Of Our Creator.

    • Could you tell this to your brotheren who treated Yazdi women as sex slaves. Islam is cancer, don’t preach this BS.

  80. Why only Muslim? Why not Buddist, Christian,?
    Why to have a religion at all? Why not a non believer? Who stopped you from changing just a name? Why didn’t you fought this discrimination? Why ?

  81. If someone want to know what is Islam’s most basic teaching is than that “It Firmly Belive in Oneness of Almighty, God is Only One with No Face (Nirakar Niranjan), He is the Creator of Entire Univerae (Brahmand), All creatures (Prajati)….. And sent as many as 1lac 24 thousands Prophets on earth time by time to teach way of life. Muhammad is one of them.

    So the most basic difference between all the Religion of world and Islam is Islam Firmly Belive in Oneness of Almighty and Teach to Worship That Only One God, All the Creatures came in existence by One God, Than All Those whose creation and life is depending on One Almigjty they may be treated as Saint, Prophet but not God.

    Even Muhammad is also a Human Being, Beloved, Prophet but not at all worshipable… If someone say he worship Muhammad He is no Muslim as well. Muhammad is Not God, Not His Son except Messenger.

    People Most Beloved to Almighty are thise who are the most beneficent to the Humanity. That’s what Islam is.

    Love for one’s Motherland is Part of his Faith that’s teaching of Islam.

    Raise voice against any injustice is Islam.

    Feed poor and take good care of them is Islam.

    • Sorry. Your religion talks of just ‘one’ God and that is ‘your’ God. Any other belief is unacceptable in your faith. How can this be assumed to be conveying oneness of God! I am a’kafir’for you and worthy of no respect according to your religion. Let us not pretend otherwise. The recent convert to your religion, the author ‘Raees’ has a lot of grouse against his ‘original’ religion but that is his personal experience only. That does not take anything away from the all encompassing religion that ‘Hinduism’ or Sanatan Dharma is.

  82. Respected brothers, religion is no more than knowing yourself and your creator. It is the way of life, balanced norms of humanity and a way of life. I hope there shouldn’t be more havoc but all of us must research on scriptures ratherthan folowers.

    There may be wron doers in every religion, as we all are human being and we all have some faults. We are living in 21st century a time of knowledge, time of wisdom before coming to any conclusion one must try to read the holy books, books of saints etc.

  83. What a shame, Print is promoting one side of the coin for Islam. All religions have good side and ugly side. I can remember the news (from Uttar Pradesh) I read few months ago where a section of high caste Muslims didn’t allow to bury the dead body of low caste Muslim in the same graveyard that they use .

    • I am a Dalit from Patni Sub Caste. And I find this article as Hindu bashing in the guise of Dalit and promoting Islam over Hindu. Is Print a religious group now? Due to being a Dalit I got reservation in Education and Jobs which even many of my High caste friends does not have. I will be blunt here, Islam may not have caste system but they have various sects which discriminates agains5 each other which we saw. Add to that, no other religion creates an many terrorists as Islam. Whom the author is fooling here? Please don’t equate us with muslims, they are no friends of Dalits which I can vouch for from my experience. Unlike Islam, the Hinduism is progressive and discards bad practices with time, unlike Islam where no words can be changed in Quran despite being written in thousand years back. That’s the difference, Hinduism will adapt,not Islam. Go to any non Islamic nation, you will find that the most unruly community with lowest of education, employment, and social index are from Muslim community. So this article is another instance of whitewashing the ills of Islam and trying to downgrade Hinduism. Last but not the least, don’t use our Dalit community for your political agenda.

  84. I am also from a Schedule Caste. I seldom faced discrimination in our country but that could be because ive lived in major cities like Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. I have seen myself being identified as Harijan in my native in Gujarat but that never came in the way of anything. I have seen some of my cousins having difficulty marrying in other castes but i find that happening with any caste. I see eventually homogenisation within the country going beyond religion, caste and creed. I dont have a caste certificate anymore and i dont think the next generation might be bothered about it.

    I dont know if Bathran is the author’s family name and if it is, i dont know if identifies with a caste. But i dont think one has to change the first name to change religion. We adopted Patel as our last name around Independence time because it is very generic in Gujarat and does not necessarily relate to any Scheduled Caste. I know several Indonesian Muslims who have very Indic names and dont go by Arabic Names. Iranian have Iranian names, Turkish people have Turkish Names. Hindu might the author’s identity anymore but India is still.

  85. Islam has a caste system moron!! Sunni Shia ahmadiyya what’s all this ??!! Print gives space to any random guy just because he’s a dalit converted to some other religion. Wow!! Nice credentials

    • Schools of thoughts or sects doesn’t mean castes. Any person from sect A can join the sect B based on ideological changes. There is no untouchability either. In case of caste, untouchability is rampant, and one is born in a caste. I bet you already know this.

      • Educate your self first . See the prosecution of shia and ahmadias by sunni muslim in pakistaan. Even sunni muslim do not recognized ahmadias as muslims.

      • I bet you have not seen any of this but just blurting out from articles you read.

        There is no untouchability been practiced now by and large. There is law to punish it. Social evils are in all societies. Heard about recently abolised triple talaaq (or do you think it liberates women along with khatna & halala) ?

        If any shia and sunni can just change their ideologies pray why are there killings going on around the world in thousands every year. Stop sugar coating own problems and highlighting other people’s ones

  86. Is there anyway to know that Raees did not take money to convert and then write about it or to use it to get his 2 mins of fame. It is so shameful that ThePrint peddles this stuff and tries to insinuate how Hinduism has problems —- damn Mr Gupta or perhaps you have converted too.

  87. Welcome to Islam my brother. If you learn the Quran and the Hadith, you fill find that many peoples who were oppressed turn to the religion of equality and justice. Most important of all is that you leave your previous biases behind. Love everyone equally, even though the idea of caste may be imprinted in your psychology. Be sure to pray all 5 times a day, it is in these prayers that you will find peace and good health and hygiene. Fast for the full month of Ramadan, the cleansing process improves health and longevity. Take care of your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. Shun any extremist ideologies, for they will lead you astray. And most importantly of all, do not burn your bridges with family and friends, even if they are still Hindu and believe in the caste system, Allah swt forbids disowning parent, siblings and family. You have many years of difficult learning infront of you, Islam is an easy religion to enter, but difficult to master. Good luck, may Allah swt be with you and may more oppressed people come to the faith.

  88. Caste and biradari are very much part of south asian Islam. But Congratulations – in your mind, you just left caste discrimination behind and graduated to demonization of non-muslims, conquest and their enslavement which is the foundation cornerstone of Islam from the days of the Prophet. Ambedkar on Islam :
    “Islam is a close corporation and the distinction that it makes between Muslims and non-Muslims is a very real, very positive and very alienating distinction. The brotherhood of Islam is not the universal brotherhood of man. It is brotherhood of Muslims for Muslims only. There is a fraternity but its benefit is confined to those within that corporation. For those who are outside the corporation, there is nothing but contempt and enmity. … In other words, Islam can never allow a true Muslim to adopt India as his motherland and regard a Hindu as his kith and kin. That is probably the reason why Maulana Mahomed Ali, a great Indian but a true Muslim, preferred to be buried in Jerusalem rather than in India.”

    Ambedkar on caste system and endorsement of slavery in Islam :
    “Islam speaks of brotherhood. Everybody infers that Islam must be free from slavery and caste. Regarding slavery nothing needs to be said. It stands abolished now by law. But while it existed much of its support was derived from Islam and Islamic countries… The existence of these evils among the Muslims is distressing enough. But far more distressing is the fact that there is no organized movement of social reform among the Musalmans of India on a scale sufficient to bring about their eradication. The Hindus have their social evils. But there is this relieving feature about them—namely, that some of them are conscious of their existence and a few of them are actively agitating for their removal. The Muslims, on the other hand, do not realize that they are evils and consequently do not agitate for their removal. Indeed, they oppose any change in their existing practices. It is noteworthy that the “Muslims opposed the Child-Marriage Bill brought in the Central Assembly in 1930, whereby the age for marriage of a girl was raised to 14 and of a boy to 18 on the ground that it was opposed to the Muslim canon law. Not only did they oppose the bill at every stage but that when it became law they started a campaign of Civil Disobedience against that Act. Fortunately the Civil Disobedience campaign of the Muslims against the Act did not swell and was submerged in the Congress Civil Disobedience campaign which synchronized with it. But the campaign only proves how strongly the Muslims are opposed to social reform.”

    He further writes, “Having been taught that outside Islam there can be no safety; outside its law no truth and outside its spiritual message there is no happiness, the Muslim has become incapable of conceiving any other condition than his own, any other mode of thought than the Islamic thought. He firmly believes that he has arrived at an unequalled pitch of perfection; that he is the sole possessor of true faith, of the true doctrine, the true wisdom ; that he alone is in possession of the truth—no relative truth subject to revision, but absolute truth.”

    • Correct brother, Islam promote equality only among Muslim members. Shari at law, jihad are the main threats of peace in contemporary world. Islam suppressed woman’s human rights. Islam denied perfect spiritual knowledge to attain liberation. There have no knowledge about ultimate reality, pure Brahman, rebirths, karmic bondage Islam focussed aggressive, slavery belief system. I thought his complex due to receive Islam. Indian philosophies have variety spiritual knowledge semantic religions including Islam,Christianity destroy truthful spirituality and they promote aggressive God, heaven, hell etc. Periyor was a social reformer not spiritual leader so follow his ideaology create hatred among soceity.

  89. I come from a caste considered to be dalit, yes there is a feeling that we people are discriminated against by the so called upper caste hindus, conversion to islam would only prove their point,

    Why should the dalits be the one to separate themselves from the Hindu religion , the religion is equally ours as it is of the so called upper caste hindus.

    We cannot go on about making it against them against us and if the issue of untouchability is there, my friend it is a fact that the Indian subcontinent has made even the muslims to follow the caste system, which is a shame, but this is the reality.

    It shoukd not be yiu who should keave hinduism but the so called upper caste hindus shouldnleave hinduisim because they feel too elite to the religion

  90. Poor guy..
    He has right to do anything .
    Being humanist,rationalist and atheist will solve the problems.
    Not by converting to ideology written ages ago

  91. If so called mohammad converted to islam just because of discrimination then you choose a worst religion which don’t even accept sunni (shiya’s brother) as Muslim as well as Ahmadiyya a muslims , instead of they are muslim and how they treat other without discrimination, muslims teaches others to that all non Muslim is kafir and all kafir will go to hell. If this is not discrimination so what is??
    And the print also trying to portrayed his own intention toward islam. How this fake
    Your beloved religion affect you deeply.
    People don’t want to let go their Dalit tags so as to get the perks of being dalit ,now some of sc st proudly tell that they are dalit because of the perks given by the gov, if some one want to be remain as dalit and poor than this is his fault, and we also don’t want the cast system because we hate reservation.. The so called dalit victim

  92. Islam has hundreds of castes and sects which are brutally killing and oppressing each other. Conversion is a very big and lucrative industry in India to make fat and easy money. These maroons must know the oppression and cleansing of Dalits by Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afganistan, Kashmir, Mallapuram, Kairana, Murshidabad, Malda, Kishanganj, Siwan, Mewat, Malarkotla, Bashirabad etc places. Only Hindus give reservation and quotas to SCs,STs, OBCs, Dalits etc. Muslim institutions and minority institutions like AMU, Jamia, Deoband, Nadwa College, Presidency University, Christ Church college, Jesus and Mary College, madrasas, Wafq Board etc have no reservations and quotas. These foolish, coward and greedy converts should know the fate of traitor Jogendra Nath Mondal in Pakistan who was responsible for the genocide of Dalits in Pakistan and Bengladesh by Muslim Terrorists.

  93. Dear Raees,

    You have taken a bold step. But why jump from frypan to fire? The best solution to get rid of the antiquated politics of yesteryears (called religion) is to denounce all religions and be a human being. I was born in a Muslim family and was taught Quran before I knew 2 plus 2 is 4. Later after studying Arabic I found that Quran itself is full of hate. It has no tolerance for non-Muslims. Let all of us get out of the clutches of these clerics, the fraudsters who cheat people by telling them that they have a hotline to God. I realise that in that region, declaration of a religion is a must and so far agnostics are not recognised, but people like you should come out and get united as a group of humans with no religion. Just a love for “humanity”. I have paid a price for declaring myself a non-believer, when my name was struck off the voter’s list in Pakistan. The society extracts a price from the non-conformists. So be it. Let us be a little more bold and denounce all religions.

  94. Islam is always the ONLY answer to everything and that is where the problem lies my brother. Congratulations on converting, I am sure Hindus will do better with one less bigoted person among themselves. I know you must be wondering “How am I bigoted?!” lookup “bigotry of low expectations”. We Hindus will fight our own evils and better ourselves each day every day. We believe in fixing the problem and not start throwing toys out of the pram. While you enjoy being the most perfect creature in the universe.

  95. Religion is a personal choice so one respects your decision. However the assumption that the caste bias will be magically go away because of conversion is naive at best. For that, we as a nation need to work on improving education and reducing mistrust and hatred among people – irrespective of our religion. Hope you find peace.

  96. Mohamed is new and very much in love with his new identity. There are crores of Dalits who were converted to Islam by invaders under threats of swords. Just look at their present condition. You will also be same after some time.

  97. This is level of hypocrisy. Citizenship bill has nothing to do with dalit. U choose a religious that have no caste? Read about shia ,sunni and Ahmadi.Atleast Hinduism don’t allow killing of oerson because if his believe. They don’t kill,rape or force convert other peoples. How much terrorist paid u to write this article?

  98. Agreed hinduism has ugly caste system
    But does Islam really have equality?
    If yes who is dalit muslim?
    Who are ajlaf and ashraf,?
    Why indian muslims are divided into so many sub categories
    Why ahmediyas are considered non muslim

    • These are sects. Means different understanding of same scriptures. You guys haven’t read your own scriptures. You just like watching fictional movie made on hindu Mahabharata character!…..

      • Ohh really then what about Pakistan?war between saudi and Iran? Jizya? Killing of christians? They don’t even consider other sects equal to them. Shame bro

  99. Changing religion is like running away from your problem rather than solving it.. I dont know for some reasons Many Indians always chose to run away from problems..

  100. Who CARES Loser ?

    Convert to Islam or Scientology – why advertise and do such self promotional drama if your conversion is not just some political stunt ?

    Just have the courage that you won’t stand in line and “beg”that your children be given reservation as SC category !

  101. I am a Hindu and I don’t think Islam is a solution to anything if the goal is a progressive world. But I completely accept and empathise with your point. Hinduism as it is practiced is utterly corrupt and shameful and your concerns reflect our failure as a country.

  102. It is true that the plight of the sanitation workers, sweepers, sewage line cleaners and scavengers is indescribable. But then why dalit leaders and leftists never demanded adoption of mechanical sweepers and floor cleaners, sewerage cleaning machine? Why did they not demand that every house should be connected to a sewer so that manual scavenging and carrying night soil on head could be abolished? Years ago, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai had proposed gradual adoption of sweeping machines for Mumbai’s roads. The sanitary workers were up in arms and the proposal was abandoned.

  103. The author of the article should have researched on the prevalence of discrimination in Muslim countries. Their it is not called “caste.” That’s all. While he is free to choose his path, his views are not sincere

  104. This is why Hindus are tolerant. The same suggestions to people of Islamic faith would have killed the journalist. If we push for conversions from Islam because it’s a violent religion, I bet you will blow up something.
    And what caste system are you talking about, the entire Middle East is chaos because of infighting between Shia and Sunni. This is called half baked knowledge.

  105. When a Dalit highlights his problems , the responses to it from many Hindus highlights a pathetic lack of compassion and empathy. While I do not agree with author about one organized religion solving a problem foisted on by another, I do feel that it is better to do just about anything, rather than accepting gross injustice.In Tamil Nadu you have the example of Oscar winner A R Rahman who has done extremely well .

  106. Why is Print the platform for neo converts, hope the founders are not getting lucrative deals to publish this thrash.

  107. Inter caste marriage is happening only between pandit thakurs baniya and kayasth. Not between dalit and pandit or dalit and thakurs.

  108. You could have turned to Aethism. or Buddhism, as Dr Ambedkar did!
    Now that you are a Muslim, be an honourable Muslim. Don’t participate in the reservation for Muslims theme. Islam doesn’t have caste and hence you MUST shun caste based reservation

    • Great answer…… he should be read ambedkar about nationalism and Islam…… before they converted to Islam…… they will be never converted into it….. and thats why ambedkar ji not accepted islam. Evre dalit brothers and sisters plz read that book before converted.

  109. You have researched poorly. Islam also has the baggage of caste, just look at any literature from the Pasmanda movement and consider how similar it is to the literature in the anti-caste movement from Hinduism.

    Islam has its own baggage of caste to deal and is not the panacea for this very reason. You should have become a buddhist instead, it at least does have the historical baggage that Islam currently does.

  110. Extremely sad to know that you have chosen to change your religion. I do not blame you. You have mentioned that EVR advised Ambedkar to convert to Islam. But did Babasaheb do it? No. Why? Ponder please

  111. Haha.. Raees Mohammad , why didnt u chose your name as Raees Peerzade, then i would like to see how you are treated within muslim community.
    Moreover why donnt you eat in toilet if toilet is not a filty place to have alongside Temple.
    And you say education didnt help you shed Dailt Tag , i would like to know your education ?
    And once you leave hinduism, , you no

  112. Dalits stood by their faith and beliefs against Islamic forces by poaching pigs, practicing ghoonghat, or red soaked feet while entering the house. Even if the larger Hindu society did not accept them.

    Dr Ambedkar view was critical of Islam which is very well documented. He turned to Buddhism accepting failures of Hindu society and not the Hindu as a dharma.

  113. you are well within your rights to choose any path you deem fit. This is the beauty of India. Now, since You have chosen a path, remember not to spread terror, hate and violence against any religion. May You find peace and solace in Your new avatar.

  114. Islam is caste free, but then equality is still a problem. What about the way the religion treats its women. How do the women of the household respond to this ?

    • Now that You have converted .You can marry 4
      You can give talk at will.Buy 2 burkhas and force it on your wife and.daughter.Above all reserve a place by killing a kafir

  115. By that logic will The print try to publish article on Mr Mahendra Nath Arya (Ex Muslim) who is now Hindu (arya samaji) on why he left Islam ( the Arabic religion).

    • Mr Mahendra Nath Arya (Ex Muslim) wouldn’t be acceptable to Hindus, for whom he would still be a Muslim! No Hindu wopuld marry his son or daughter to such the daughter or son of such an ex-Muslim! HE WOULD REMAIN AN OUTCASTE! HE WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER OFF REMAINING A MUSLIM!

      • No, He is very accepted in the Hindu society, and most Hindus in urban areas do not ask for the caste and previous religion except for getting information for auspicious reasons, like what date to set for wedding.
        Many Hindu parents let their child marry Muslims, who would have an issue with an ex Muslim?
        I don’t think that he will be an

  116. So now the the print is acting as jihadi piece, who knows this guy is not a Hindu from SC bkgd but a Islamists jihadi bkgd. For Ambedkar, he used much worse words for Islam than for others. He wanted all Muslims to leave this country and complete population exchange.

  117. The author has not been sincere in his research for this article . He says, “In my years of research, I too found Islam to be the only religion in India with the strength to annihilate the caste system.” How can a religion, itself steeped in the business of discrimination , fight discriminate ?! Sorry newly minted RAEES MOHAMMED, your conversion to escape the poison of casteism is well entrenched even in Islam.
    All you had to do was google “caste in Islam”and you would have had your answer. Now it seems your conversion has been in vain.
    All “religions” are a menace to the human race. Now if you really care to be well-informed and know how even in Islam “name” indicates caste, then click on the links below.
    Reading Raees Mohammed’s article, I felt, the author was just pandering to the political strategy of the opposition to create a new Muslim+Dalith vote-bank. In that sense this is a biased article. And I suspect it is a poorly a researched article because the intention was to be biased to being with. Such an article should not find a place on a website that I personally consider sincere and unbiased.

  118. Tumhare sochne ke tarike se mujhe afsos hota hai, afsos hi nahi sharm aati hai mujko.

    This is a dialogue from hindi movie ‘Shakti’.

    Exactly fits here !!!

  119. It’s these kind of convert Muslims, who are a danger to society rather than the Muslim community as a whole, who are still being used by pseudo seculars political parties for their selfish and vote bank politics. In the year 1947 when the country was partitioned on religious lines, it was then that the constitutional fathers should have stripped the Muslim community of their voting rights, by which these sickular politicians wings would have been clipped.

    • Dear Prakash, let us try and understand the only shortcoming of Hindus which is caste system. This guy did not convert to Islam because it was his first choice, he did so because he feels it will be more equitable there! While I think he might be mistaken, but its his right, isnt it? Now differences between all castes in Hindus are quickly being wiped out by the new generation due to inter mingling and loads of inter caste marriages. But, it might still take a few decades for dalits to feel truly a part of Hindu society.

      • wrong, it is due to 70 yr leftist educational propaganda against Hindus. And susprising most of these leftist are with Hindu names. The dangerous Arabic religion has many more problems including terrorism which is absent here. Do you think this cannot be understood by people of any bkgd, they can but yes, state educational institutes needs to do communication on this.

          • Bro i think you are getting funded from islamic missionary system pls Google it “ex muslims ” and apostates you will surely get answers , by converting to islam you are harming yourself and the humanity tooo

    • So instead of facing the embarrassing fact that a Dalit left Hinduism due to the oppression of caste, you are sore at the fact that Muslims have voting rights in India? Shouldn’t upper caste Hindu introspect and discard Hinduism’s caste system altogether if they want to prevent other Ravichandrans from becoming Raees. Mat karo, hame Kya, our numbers increase Alhamdulillah 🙂

      • As Hindu you have the liberty and choice. Now you don’t have that – try to leave hislam you are apostate and will be killed. 9 out of 10 hislam terror victims are mohslums . 52 hislam countries don’t give right to vote .
        Yes, hislam countries have oil and pay you well besides giving you 4 girls to enjoy. BabaSaheb had refused hislam because he was not greedy for money and women.

      • Only increasing numbers hardly helps. It is a pity that the condition of dalits in our country who converted to Islam lured by “equality” is deplorable to say the least. Positive affirmative action like reservation has brought and is still bringing out millions of backward caste hindus everyday from poverty to equality.
        Sachar report places the condition of indian Muslims below the dalits in all fronts- economic, health, education… So much so that they take benefit of reservation gleefully as backwards and dalits today. Then they ask for more reservation as muslims per se. We still have huge reservations for dalit Christians. Much irony!
        There is no refuge in mere numbers.

    • I appeal to our Hindu breahren to leave Hinduism immedietely.

      Hinduism is a colonial progect. It was first introduced in 1830 British education reform.

      No Hindu till 1871 British Indian census.
      Dalits weren’t Hindus till 1941 British Indian census.

      Nowhere in Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Ramayan, Mahabharata and even in Jain as well as Budhists scriptures says about “Hinduism” as religion.

      So leave the British Colonial progect “Hinduism”.

      • Who are you to tell anyone to leave their Religion? or join any Religion?
        Check your facts and don’t speak ill of any Religion. Hinduism is the Oldest Religion to start with, simply go to Wikipedia as you have very less knowledge , you need to do proper research.
        Fowler, Jeaneane D. (1997). Hinduism: Beliefs and Practices. Sussex Academic Press. ISBN 978-1-898723-60-8. Archived from the original on 22 January 2017. Retrieved 10 July 2016.
        The people who want to convert anyone’s belief or religion is never a good person and doesn’t follow any God.

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