BJP supporters celebrating Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 70th birthday in Chennai Thursday | ANI Photo
File photo | BJP supporters celebrate PM Narendra Modi's 70th birthday in Chennai | ANI Photo
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Will the Narendra Modi government’s three farm bills help or hurt the Indian farmer? Will they disrupt the minimum support price mechanism or merely create a parallel mechanism? You might be reading commentaries by agricultural economists to make up your mind.

On a WhatsApp group named ‘Shri Ram Raj’, one Deepak Kumar has a persuasive explanation for these new laws. It is a demonetisation déjà vu. Kumar’s message says that people opposing these farm bills are just defending and protecting middlemen (“bicholiye”). Those spreading rumours that the minimum support price or MSP system will shut down are worried about “bicholiyon ki dalali”, it continues. “If farmers can get a higher price than the MSP rate, then he would be free to choose the higher rate. He can also sell it outside his district or even his state.” Don’t get misled, Kumar warns people, asking them to follow an Instagram account named ‘@sangathit_hindu’, which literally means ‘organised Hindu’.

That’s a persuasive spiel in favour of the new farm laws but Deepak Kumar must also tell us who are the real enemies of the agrarian economy. He does so in another message.

This message warns group members of different kinds of jihad. “Here’s how jihadis take away your business and you think Hindus can’t do business,” it says. “A certain community has occupied the sabzi Mandi (vegetable market) in Phulpur, just like Kashmir.” The long message has an elaborate conspiracy theory about how Hindus are being edged out from the vegetable market. The “only solution” is “complete boycott”.

If this message was on Twitter, there would be a lot of hue and cry about it. People would report it to Twitter to take it down. But on closed WhatsApp groups, there is nobody to object and take note. Encryption — a double-edged sword needed for privacy — gives further privacy to hate speech.

A third message by him goes into a detailed conspiracy theory about how Manmohan Singh and Amartya Sen together allegedly carried out a big scam at Nalanda University. The opposition has to be painted as evil and corrupt so that Prime Minister Modi can look like the only option people have.

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Below the radar

A lot of us wonder why Narendra Modi remains so utterly popular despite having failed to end the Covid pandemic in the 21 days of lockdown that he promised in March, or why people still have faith in him despite the economy going from bad to worse, quarter after quarter. There are many answers to this mystery, and political commentators like me attempt to understand the Indian voter’s complex mind from time to time.

One reason why we are mystified by the support Modi enjoys is below-the-radar messaging. We analyse the Modi government and the BJP’s electoral prospects based on the information we have: what TV news is saying, what BJP supporters on Twitter say, what Modi says in his speeches, the laws the Modi government enacts, the ceaseless stream of vindictive legal action against even the most irrelevant dissenters, and so on.

To understand public opinion in India, it is important for us to also be constantly updated about the below-the-radar messaging of the BJP. In the media and in open platforms such as Twitter, there is still some semblance of what the other side has to say. Even a Times Now might tell you what the Congress party said in its press conference today. But below-the-radar messaging is its own universe. The impact of this universe on the voter’s mind is probably much greater than that of the formal media, which has little credibility these days.

We don’t know what we don’t know about the BJP’s direct messaging into people’s phones or even their doorstep. There are at least three different ways of this messaging that we know exist but there is little reporting about what message is being sent out on a particular issue, on a particular day.

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The WhatsApp group reporter: First, there is the closed universe of WhatsApp groups. Since these are closed groups, you can’t just log into a website and see who’s saying what. But one can get into a few groups — the links keep flying, ‘please join my group’ — and anyone can join them. If we are to understand the BJP’s messaging and how it is shaping public opinion, someone needs to keep track of such groups on a regular basis and report the narrative they are putting forth. This should be a whole beat in the political bureaus of newsrooms.

The open platform reporter: It is not just WhatsApp. On Facebook, Instagram and other such open, searchable platforms, the BJP’s messaging takes place on a giant scale. For example, some of the top political advertisers on Facebook in India are pro-BJP pages such as ‘Bharat Ke Mann Ki Baat’, ‘My First Vote for Modi’, ‘Nation With NaMo’, ‘Phir Ek Baar Imaandar Sarkar’, ‘The True Picture’ and so on. What do these pages say to their audience?

The huge amounts of ad dollars spent on advertising these pages mean they are being targeted to specific kinds of voters. To understand Indian politics today, it is important to know on a regular basis what these pages are doing, what they are saying. What they say may be far more important than what BJP President J.P. Nadda has to say in his public remarks.

Knock on the door: The BJP’s below-the-radar messaging is not limited to social media. The party claims to have 18 crore workers. Even if that is an exaggeration, it is safe to say that the BJP has a lot of workers. Visiting a polling booth in Uttar Pradesh’s Phulpur regularly every election, I have seen the BJP’s strength in the village swell up every election. The BJP workers there don’t have time to breathe. They are given one task after another by the party, which is mostly to do with door-to-door campaigning.

When I met them last year, they were busy going door to door and making people sign a letter that said they supported the Citizenship (Amendment) Act because they wanted Pakistani Hindu refugees to be given Indian citizenship. Before the 2019 Lok Sabha election, the BJP workers had been asked to light diyas outside homes of beneficiaries of all Modi government schemes such as free LPG cylinders.

Why do people have unshakeable faith in Modi? Part of the answer lies in the conversations the BJP’s field army is having with voters on a regular basis. And we don’t get any sense of this conversation. That’s why we are taken by surprise.

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Micro-targeting? As the Cambridge Analytica scandal in the United States told us, micro-targeting on social media can help political parties reach out to every voter according to the voter’s own personal choices and interests. Some of this is possible through formal Facebook advertising. If someone likes Sourav Ganguly, a pro-BJP Facebook page can target them with fake news about Ganguly being the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate in West Bengal.

The more data points you have about a user, more effectively you can micro-target them. Remember we don’t have any data privacy laws in India. Caste data, Aadhaar data, income tax data, internet behaviour data, and what kind of phone you have — all kinds of data can be crunched by artificial intelligence to make a profile of a singular voter. Are any political parties in India micro-targeting individual voters based on personal data? We don’t know. But if they are, we won’t be surprised.

The author is contributing editor, ThePrint. Views are personal.

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  1. The reason is Journalists who were fed by 60 years misrule and crushing Hinduism feel discomfort. There is hardly any political leader in the opposition who is making sensible speech to make voters understand why they should vote out. They themselves are telling NAMO is encouraging Hindutva. But in reality it is not so. He is taking help of every one due to their weakness. This the opposition leaders are not exposing. The very fact that senior leaders in INC are not dare enough to take over INC mantle and take it forward to rule the country. Farooq Abdulla proves through is statements that what NAMO did in scrapping 370 is good.

  2. This is news creating not reporting. For these kind of stupid articles are you guys are asking for Money ? The quote is Quality Journalism doesn’t come cheap. But to be a subscriber, I don’t want to read these kind of cheap articles.

  3. This was true last year. But now people realise on the ground what is the truth. Any person may write and forward anything. They understand and ignore. They are looking what is coming into their plate and account and not what is coming on screen. They are also not giving opinion openly as they don’t want abusive trolls coming their way. So silent revolution happening

  4. I have read many articles regarding lockdown failure but none of the articles have suggested any other way to control covid and if this was such a bad idea why did the most efficient chief minister according to ENGLISH press like kejriwal Amarainder singh enforced it on the very onset even before modi announced it

    • ‘I have read many articles regarding lockdown failure but none of the articles have suggested any other way to control covid’

      You have not read enough my boy. Clapping hands, taking out processions, and lighting lamps, and advising Covid papad, and running PM Cares Fund without accountability is not the way of the world. Announcing lockdown in 4h without arrangements for migrant workers showed the same cynicism as demonetisation. The Indian curve has not reached a peak – whereas most countries have. India is on target to become the largest carrier of Covid. When that becomes widely known, it affects business as people will be afraid to come India – including all the BJP Hindus sitting abroad.

      The only place in India that did a good job on planning for Covid is Kerala. Not only they planned for its control early, they even planned and housed the migrants and did not turn them out to walk 2500 km to the north. Read about them – in the international press. The BBC asked the Kerala Health Minister Shailaja what she could teach Britain. The World Bank held meetings with the Kerala govt. to understand and learn.

      In contrast, Modi and his govt. showed incompetence. It has gone out of their control, they have given up. Amit Shah might be a victim.

  5. I didn’t know anything about Modi before 2014 apart from the 2002 episode. I can’t vote being an NRI with a foreign passport now.
    Let me explain to you why Modi gets my support:
    1. Action oriented – the man doesn’t sit still.
    2. Focus on poor – JAM, health, cooking gas etc etc. The list is loong.
    3. Setting right historical wrongs – triple talaq, Ayodhya, JandK and so forth.
    4. Outwardly looking – went all over the world making a point about India’s positives
    5. Being fair and common sensical
    Who, amongst the opposition, can claim to ignite the common man – across the world?
    Politics and elections are transactional with deep rooted emotions.
    The man knows how to tap into those emotions all the time.

  6. Even if we assume that what the author says is factual, why social media has become so powerful? The author doesn’t even attempt to answer this question. Secondly does BJP has monopoly on the social media? Definitely not. What prevents other political parties to use this media? The author doesn’t attempt to answer this question too. Now why social media is so popular – the obvious answer to this vital question is that it passes the power to communicate to millions of common people in India. Previously, this privilege was held by a selected few but now this privilege has been democratized. Quite true, we must prevent the misuse of the media but any attempt to control or regulate the social media would be futile. The technology would frustrate such controls. I must add that the print and electronic media should learn from this phenomenon. Communication cannot be a one-way traffic. I must congratulate thePrint in this regard. ThePrint openly welcomes various view points without much restrictions. That is the reason thePrint has become the most popular web portal in a short span of time.

    • ‘What prevents other political parties to use this media?’

      Other parties are handicapped as they cannot send hate messages like the BJP has chosen to do. One side believes in democratic norms, the other does not believe in decent democratic norms.

      ‘Previously, this privilege was held by a selected few but now this privilege has been democratized. ‘

      Lies can be propagated and it is true because majority believes in it. Everyone can live in delusions. That is especially dangerous in a society with low IQ majority.

    • Other parties do NOT have funding from top corporates. 95% election fund goes to BJP

      Reason? Single party, dead democracy is safe atmosphere for corporates

  7. Non sense article.
    This is a height of being chronically obsessed with BJP.
    There are anti-farmer bills messages on WhatsApp. Why not point out such messages? There is a big machinery of such messages too which may be Jihadi, radicals, naxals etc.

  8. A great finding how things work under radar, all of these propaganda and tricks work at certain extended no doubt about that. But when at least the young people will get no jobs or quality jobs in no time things get back fire and the propaganda get exposed, and, ultimately people will realized the truth. Credibility is very important more than often people and state think it doesn’t matter but once credibility lost no matter what one will say it won’t work.

  9. Why do you think only BJP has this privilege of under the radar messaging and no other party has? Also door to door “misinformation” campaign is not something BJP alone can do. So I think there must be more to it.

  10. On Modi’s popularity :

    We can say without doubt that Modi is disrespected and hated by Indian Muslims, Christians and Sikhs – with good reason, they are the victims of Hindu mob violence.

    Modi is also hated by Hindu liberals and intellectuals – they are few, but they are fine thinkers. They understand fascism, they can see Modi is a small time Hindu Hitler.

    For the urban, frustrated high caste Hindus, Modi has been a hero since 2002. His main appeal is that he is a ‘strong leader’ who beat up Muslims. Modi makes such Hindus feel they are someone in the world now. Even if they see the handlings of the economy, Covid and China were not brilliant successes, they think ‘who else is there ?’ Also, this kind of Hindu, having backed wickedness, hates anyone reminding him that he did something wrong. This kind of Hindu will say the state of the economy and Covid is the same everywhere. In short, his mind seeks excuses, and he is comfortable with delusions about Modi.

    The majority of Hindus with foreign citizenship adulate Modi. These Hindus have low self esteem in their adopted countries, although they maybe earning money. To them, Modi has put Hindus on the world map. Issues such as the state of the Indian economy, failure against China, and Covid mishandling, do not affect them. They take advantage of democracy and rights in the US, but they support fascist brutality in India. They have the best of both worlds. The opinions of these reactionary and duplicitous Hindus resound in this forum.

    The Hindu media have been bought and most of them have sold their souls (like Goswami) and many do not have the courage to call a spade a spade.

    The Hindu super industrialists and oligarchs like Ambani and Adani have never had such a good time. The same with bank defaulters – all Hindus.

    The Sanghis are also very happy and feel no one can roll them back – they have infiltrated media, universities and all institutions.

    All the Hindu Babas and other fraudsters in saffron robes are happy as they have a prominent say.

    For the bulk of the impoverished Hindu workers – the migrant workers – it is not clear yet what they think of Modi. They are the ones hit hardest by demonetisation and Covid. Whether they are still drugged by the appeal of Hindu communalism, and Whats App messages blaming Muslims, or whether they have started thinking they are being impoverished by Modi, is not clear. We have to see.

    Economic adversity and incompetence sometimes go hand in hand with strongmen. The worse the economy, the more the support for the
    strongman ! Modi, Modi, Modi they chant fervently ! We see that where the electorate is not politically mature and can be swayed by strong rhetoric. We saw that first with Hitler. And we see it with Trump, and other strongmen who tap into frustration and resentment in the majority.

    • I can understand your a** is on fire. Keep crying, people don’t care anymore about your types. And one more thing. Try not to see and judge everything from religious perspective. But again you don’t have anything to argue besides that.

    • ” His main appeal is that he is a ‘strong leader’ who beat up Muslims. ” Modi and Hindus are not alone in such feeling. Many non-Muslims all over the world has such feeling.

  11. Ha ha!! After two consecutive record breaking win if u r not able to understand Modiji whose fault is it and what it says about your calibre..ha ha!!
    Anyways, let me tell you, Modiji message is very simple, he talks about “Bharat to Bhartiya”… So all patriotic and deshdrohi get it…Tumhari samaj me 2024 me bhi nahi aayega… Modiji will win 400 seats..

    • Modiji message is very simple, he talks about “Bharat to Bhartiya”…So all patriotic and deshdrohi get it…

      Like Hitler said Germany for Aryan Germans and everyone got it. And how long did Hitler’s German nationalism last ? The Thousand Year Reich lasted just 12 years.

  12. Most of what the author has written is correct.

    One of the strongest leitmotifs of ‘below-the-radar messaging of the BJP’ is to pander to Hindu communalism, with stories of Muslims being appeased and how they are coming to get Hindus, and how only Modi can check the Muslims. Even Covid was turned into an existential crisis for Hindus in which jihadi Tablighis were out to get Hindus – after many months, it came out, it was largely fake news. But most Hindus believed the messaging, and cling on to it.

    When the Nazi army started facing its first defeat in Stalingrad, their propaganda minister Goebbels started a campaign to tell only Hitler could save German dignity, and so it required Germans to make the utmost sacrifices for Hitler and the nation. He instilled fear that the alternative was the Soviets would get the Germans. And of course the Germans had gone so far with Hitler, they could not pull back, the war was lost, and the Soviets came at them and nailed them. Hitler ditched the German people and committed suicide, while the Germans continued making bloody sacrifices for a lost cause.

    Here, there is no external enemy, even China is not going to invade India, to get at the Hindus. But nations can collapse in other ways also. The writing is on the wall for economic collapse, for which Modi, BJP and RSS have no solution. They can only play the fear about ‘everyone is out to get Hindus with different kinds of jihad’, and only Modi can save them. The hope of the BJP;s propagandists is that Hindus will continue to rally round Modi, and make sacrifices.

    • Till the last days of the Third Reich, Nazi propagandists drummed into Germans that Hitler was the only choice. Even after Hitler committed suicide when the Red Army was a few kms. away from his bunker, his supporters sent out on radio the message that Hitler had fallen fighting the Soviets bravely till the last -whereas he had committed suicide like a coward. Hitler’s bhakths continued fighting for one more week and got killed. They lived in an alternative reality.

      Modi has brought India to the brink of economic collapse, yet for Hindus like you, Modi is the only choice because you think 1 billion Hindus cannot find a better Hindu than a chai wallah with a forged degree.

      • India has seen people with degrees from Harvard and Cambridge. In any western country, such people would have committed suicide, but not in India. And we understand your problems. Modi has united the Hindus and he does not need your votes. Simple. If all Muslim countries can be Islamic, why India cannot be Hindu country?

  13. Finally Shivam has found the secret of BJP’s success! Cheers to you Mr Armchair journalist. As always way too much over simplification of the matter and lack of in depth analysis.

    • ‘The way they are playing with human psychology is simply amazing. This machinery is simply unbeatable. ‘

      There is nothing new. Watch the videos of Hitler and Goebbels, and the Germans at Nuremberg rallies giving their Hitler salutes You will think of Modi and Shah, and the dumb bhakts chanting Modi, Modi, Modi…

      • I was wondering about the way they are combating the fall out of economic and social distress with the distraction of Bollywood mafia. Middle class is so happy getting bollywood stars for lynching.

        • The middle class does not want to be told that they made a mistake backing some one with a criminal record. They get angry. They will argue demonetisation was a success, Covid is the same everywhere, who else is there etc. Earlier, Modi told them that he is cleaning up the the elite and corrupt class, and they believed that he is a tough man taking tough decisions. Now, he is telling them, Bollywood is a corrupt place, and he is going to clean it. He will not clean Ambani and Adani, as they pay all their dues to the RSS-BJP in time.

          This generation’s middle class who are aged 25-55 were ironically made rich by MMS’s growth era. They have property, land, gated community, shares etc. So they do not feel the pinch unlike the migrants. They hate Congress. Today’s sub middle class (and the children of today’s middle class) will feel the pinch of the shrinking economy. It remains to be seen whether they will be content with lynching minorities, showing off Hindutva pride, communalism etc.

  14. I don’t live in India. I don’t have an Aadhar card. I am not an Indian voter.
    I am an NRI. Yet, for me, Modi is the one who is attempting to put the right the wrongs of the last 70 years.
    Agree, not everything is going well, but then it is not going well for everyone around the world.
    I thank the stars that India has Modi as PM. Imagine a Pappu with a fractured mandate!!

    • ‘Modi is the one who is attempting to put the right the wrongs of the last 70 years.’

      Can you tell one of the things he has set right ?

      Demonetisation to end corruption ?

      Handling of Covid ?

      China kills 20 Indian soldiers taking land and Modi keeps quiet ?

      Pakistan kills 49 Indian soldiers in Pulwama, and Modi orders air strike, international media says some trees were struck in Balakot, and a pilot was captured.

      All our neighbours including Hindu Nepal are enemies.

      The question I ask is ‘Why do Hindus imagine a chai wallah with a forged degree and a pogrom can transform India ?’

      • Rasgolla – you are typical of the calibre of people who look at Modi from a Hindu – non Hindu prism.

        Yet, Modi gets the highest civilian awards of muslim countries.

        Enjoy your stay in La La Land.

        • ‘Rasgolla – you are typical of the calibre of people who look at Modi from a Hindu – non Hindu prism.’

          Modi is that calibre of person only. He sees himself as Hindu versus non-Hindu.

          ‘Yet, Modi gets the highest civilian awards of muslim countries.’

          I do not go by what Muslim countries think, I go by what I think.

          As for the countries that you refer to which gave him awards, after the circulation of hate tweets in the Gulf by Hindus after Covid, those states have become aware that Hindus are a threat to them, and they are becoming aware of RSS and its fund raising activities. Some of those Hindus were living in la-la land, as they got deported.

  15. The author very conveniently ignored the fact that the Indian voter does not have any meritorious alternative . Even if BJP doesnot resort to whatsapp propaganda etc, , the Indian Voter will still opt for BJP except in regional party cases , as he/she is is seeing some small change in the living conditions of him/her. All those articulating the negatives of the government know fully well that reforms do not yield the results immediately. Still they try to fool the readers/viewers with such negative views only because they are fed by the opponents. (It is the same media which made a hue and cry when liberlisation guidelines were issued by the PVN Rao government. But now they are praising the same people. All that the media wants is to make money . They can change their stance as per the wind.

    • ‘The author very conveniently ignored the fact that the Indian voter does not have any meritorious alternative .

      Why do you think 1 billion Hindus can only find a chaiwallah with forged degree and a pogrom ?

  16. “Why do people have unshakeable faith in Modi? Part of the answer lies in the conversations the BJP’s field army is having with voters on a regular basis.”

    What is stopping Congress or so called secularist party’s field army from doing them same? The reason is simple. The leadership only care for themselves , their family and their social circles. So their field armies are not motivated. Omar Abdullah is one of the smartest politicians in opposition. He made this observation back in 2013 and predicted possible BJP victory under Modi in 2014.

  17. Indeed a brilliant expose by Shivam and such a sad story for the anti BJP lobby!! Why cannot Shivam advise Congress and AAP to start similar groups and connect with the crores of people all over India? But be careful too-You are giving free ideas to Prashant Kishore by writing such articles in The Print.

    Anyway, it would be interesting to read another story from Shivam’s hat next week.

    • ‘Why cannot Shivam advise Congress and AAP to start similar groups and connect with the crores of people all over India?’

      The reason is fascists use hate messaging and can gather a crowd round them. The Nazis did that, and the BJP has done that – very successfully for themselves, but not for the country.

      The liberal opposition cannot indulge in hate messaging, they have no storm troopers to go out on the streets to beat up the BJP. It is an asymmetric battle where one side observes the rules of civilised democracy, and the other side is willing to use hate messages, riots, pogroms, fake messages.

      But it will work for sometime, but it is not sustainable. Fascism needs continuous hate to continue. It has failed everywhere…Germans reached dizzying heights in the first few years of Hitler, but eventually they got carried away and the Third Reich crumbled. Hindu fascism and India are crumbling due to the economy. When creating nafrath has priority over creative production, then it will crumble.

      • Then are by implication saying that ‘people’ gather around hate? My firnd i am sorry you have a very low opinion of people. This is typical of socialists. This has been a trope of socialists for ages to take away democratic rights based on free will.

      • Then are you by implication saying that ‘people’ gather around hate? My friend i am sorry you have a very low opinion of people. This is typical of socialists. This has been a trope of socialists for ages to take away democratic rights based on free will.

  18. Yup, keep blaming everyone except Congress and then get surprised when they are washed out during the D-Day. In fact, I encourage you to keep doing this shit so the congress doesn’t realise the real reason behind their defeat.

  19. The best political journalist I have read so far except D.k Singh .

    Hat’s off to you connect to the political ground instead of telling what the formal channel tells.

    Have been following you for more then a year and every time you catch the right nerve.

    Look forward to reading your articles.

  20. It’s not a closed door that others cannot do the same. Why does not other political parties even try to venture out and meet public and inform them. As each day passes the wind is getting stronger in favour of BJP. I wonder if 2024 will need vote counting in majority constituencies.

    • ‘It’s not a closed door that others cannot do the same. ‘

      It is difficult to compete on a hate mongering agenda. With a hate agenda, there are many Hindu takers. With a development agenda, there are no takers. The BJP is wired to the Hindu psyche, and they understand the Hindu intellect.

  21. “Shoe I am “you STUPIDO.

    You are not supposed to say formal media has little relevance. Everyone knows that.

    HINDUS believe in education and science and prosperity

    HINDUS coming together and voting against CORRUPTION and proselytizers will finish us.

    We need ideas to divide Hindus. Remember rent a journalist like you were of great importance during our regime.

    Meanwhile let’s eat PASTA and pizza with mozzarella cheese till we are able to get some good ideas of dividing HINDUS….MAMAMIA!!!!

  22. Could it also be possible that “below the radar”, the people are actually getting the BEST under the circumstances. India’s handling of COVID and related economic issues have not been a pathetic act — at least that is what is felt by a lot of people and many commentators around the country and the world.

    Of course, the problem with experts and columnists is that they see only what they know or what thy want to see, even if reality be different. It works either way.

    Tail piece: It may not be correct to assume that we (including experts and media) know everything and the people out there are all wrong.

    • You are pulling a fast one. Can you cite some of the many commentators around the the world who think the people are actually getting the BEST under the circumstances and India’s handling of COVID and related economic issues have not been a pathetic act ?

      Also, does the world think India’s handling of Pulwama and Galwan were anything other than pathetic acts ? I say it was downright Hindu cowardice. Please cite any commentators other than Bakshi and yourself who think otherwise !

      Since you are such a vain Hindu to think Indians are getting the BEST, cite us the evidence from outside India.

  23. You Lyutens morons are brain dead and deaf – that’s why you make idiotic statements like “We don’t know what exactly the BJP says to the voter through multiple channels of below-the-radar messaging.”
    You call yourself a journalist? You guys are not fit to even clean toilets.

    • The article can be aptly named “How WhatsApp ended the largest democracy in the world”
      it can also be aptly named ” How Whatsapp stopped jihad by by secularists on it’s track in it’s chosen place: the Election”

      • Nothing can stop the jihad in the Hindu mind. In fact, it is always on the Hindu mind ! Even if the BJP fielded a monkey which told you it is fighting against Muslims, you will vote for him.

    • Certainly for your your gods, ‘anything goes’, they do not need convincing on Modi. Forged degree and also pogroms are signs of excellence. Hence, the unshakable popularity.

      • Haa, I just went through all the comments by you, and I was amazed by your obsession with Modi and Hindus. I just don’t get why people connect BJP with Hindus? just because they don’t believe in fake secularism.

        What congress did for years was minority appeasement, that’s why you don’t see people from media not portraying them as fascist, because when you go with the majority, it will hurt some opportunists people, who enjoyed privileges for years.

        Seeing all your comments, I just get why people hate certain party over others, it’s just because they can’t give up thinking above religion and casts.

        good luck with your obsession.


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