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Don’t listen to VHP and panic. Christianity is a failed project in India

Even if one accepts the assumption that Christian missionaries in India lure people to convert them, just look at their success rate.

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India’s home ministry has suspended licenses of four Christian groups under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, or FCRA. According to a report in The Hindu, these organisations won’t be eligible for foreign funding for the next six months, post which their license will be either cancelled or reinstated based on their response. In 2017, US Christian group Compassion International was asked to stop its operations in India. Earlier this year, a Chennai-based NGO Caruna Bal Vikas was booked by the CBI. The FIR claims that the NGO was getting huge finances from abroad to convert people to Christianity. There is a long list of Christian groups that have lost their FCRA license during the NDA rule.

This tells us two things: 1) International Christian donor organisations think that by pumping money into India, they can succeed in their alleged aim of converting people to Christianity. 2) The government of India and organisations like the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its offshoots like the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) also think that with the help of foreign money, Christian organisations can convert Hindus. And so, they spread narratives like Indians need to be saved from missionary mafia because “the evangelical army has multi-billion dollar resources.”

Both these suppositions are wrong. In India, Christianity has no future and there is no reason for the RSS or the VHP to spread false alarm or panic about proselytising capacity of Christian missionaries.

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Missionaries’ aim

Christian missionaries coming to India and trying to convert people is a historical fact. There is no central registry that tracks foreign missionaries and evangelists, so it’s not possible to know their exact numbers. But it’s a commonly held belief that thousands of nuns and fathers arrived in India, remained unmarried, and worked to convert people. Similarly, Christian donors invest a lot of money, allegedly in the garb of social work, for their proselytisation projects. But all these are suppositions. Available data, meanwhile, gives us a clear picture.

The simple fact is that making India Christian is a failed project. The Census data shows that the Christian population in India is either static or dwindling since 1951. In the 2001 Census, Christians’ share in Indian population was 2.34 per cent; in 2011, it fell to 2.30 per cent. The decadal growth of Hindus during the same period was 16.8 per cent, higher than the increase in Christian population, which was 15.5 per cent.

If the Christian missionaries have any system of KRA, then they should be either dismissed from the job or given warnings about their bad performance, especially because the gender ratio of Christians (1,023) is far better than Hindus (939). It will not be easy for them to explain the decreasing proportion of Christians in Indian population.

For several decades, it is alleged that Christian evangelists are hyperactive in the tribal belt of central India. This is the area where many people were killed (Graham Stuart Staines was one of them) and many churches were burnt by fanatics who accused them of luring tribals to covert.

Even if one accepts the assumption that Christian missionaries in India lure people to convert them, looking at their success rate after more than three centuries of allegedly indulging in such activities should make  clear.

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The conversion claim

Let’s start with the Christian population in some tribal-dominated states in central India, keeping in mind that conversion does not change the legal-constitutional status of members belonging to Scheduled Tribes (STs). Muslims or Christians can still be STs, but  not Scheduled Castes (SCs). Constitutional order of 1950 applies only to SCs. Hindutva forces and various social media influencers use the term crypto-Christian for converted SCs, who register themselves as Hindus to continue getting reservation benefits.

For almost three centuries, Christian missions are active in the state of Bengal, Kolkata was the seat of power of British colonialists until 1911, and yet there are only 5.15 lakh people in West Bengal who profess Christianity, as per 2011 Census.

People say if the nuns and fathers had decided to marry and have children, the number of Christians in West Bengal would have been higher than this.

Even in other power centres during British rule, Christian population, according to the 2011 Census, are quite meagre — Delhi (0.87 per cent), Mumbai (3.27 per cent) and Chennai (7.72 per cent). In larger states, only Kerala has more than 10 per cent Christian population.

This raises two questions. First, why has Christianity failed in India, despite Christians ruling it for nearly two centuries, lakhs of missionaries putting all their efforts, and organisations spending billions of rupees into the proselytisation project? Second, why does Christianity have no future in India? Here are five reasons that answer Christianity’s failure in the past and why it will continue to be a filature in the future too.

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Christianity’s social failure

First, in India, Christianity has never been a liberation theology. Spending money or doing social work or helping people in need to proselytise them is in itself an immoral act and no god will perhaps approve of this act. Even the book of law agrees with me. The first anti-conversion law was enacted in Odisha and under the Act, “inducement” includes “the offer of any gift or gratification, either in cash or in kind, and shall also include the grant of any benefit, either pecuniary or otherwise.” So, seeking to convert people in need of financial help or aid is immoral but not the other way round. People can accept money or other means of help and revert or cling to the religion of their choice. This is not at all unethical.

Second, Christianity in India never played any role similar to the one Black Church played in the Civil Rights Movement or as in the case of Latin American Church and priests who became part of the anti-colonial struggle there. In its early days, Christianity was seen as the religion of the colonialists and the oppressors. It never played the role as argued by Karl Marx – “Religion is the general theory of this world, its encyclopaedic compendium, its logic in popular form, its spiritual point d’honneur, its enthusiasm, its moral sanction, its solemn complement, and its universal basis of consolation and justification….Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions….”

Third, Christianity failed to transcend the barrier of caste. Becoming Christian does not absolve an Indian from the shackles of caste. Though this is true for all religions in South Asia. Religion can be changed but caste identity remains. In that sense, becoming a Christian has never been any incentive for people of lower caste Hindus. Just like upper caste Hindus treat those ‘lower’ in the caste hierarchy, upper caste Christians have similar apathy and hatred for lower caste Christians. As the leadership of Churches in India remains in the hands of upper caste Christians, and they also claim the caste ancestry, situation for the lower caste remains the same with caste subjugation continuing for them even after conversion from Hinduism to Christianity. Arundhati Roy says that her mother was a Syrian Christian (Kerala Brahmins, who converted to Christianity) and her father was a Bengali Brahmin who took the membership of Brahmo Samaj and later converted to Christianity. According to her, this ancestry makes her casteless. This argument is entirely bogus. Even making this claim is a privilege that only a Brahmin can exercise.

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Becoming a tool for Brahmins, elites

Fourth, early Christian preachers took the wrong path in India. Upon arriving here, they first tried to convert the Brahmins. The idea was that since Brahmins are the intellectual leaders of Hindus, if they convert, others will automatically follow. This never happened. It’s a fact that in Kerala, West Bengal and also in Maharashtra, early converts to Christianity were mostly urban educated Brahmins. They were early entrants in the English medium schools mostly run by the missionaries and came in touch with the British and other Europeans. In Hinduism, the lower castes accept the leadership of Brahmins because in Hinduism, Brahmins have been ordained the higher position. But upper caste Christians don’t have this superiority sanctioned by their religion.

Fifth, English-medium Christian schools symbolise the problem Christianity in India faced. The Bible says: “It is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich person to enter into the Kingdom of God.” Serving the poor is the religious ethos of Christianity. But in India, the most important Christian institutions — the English-medium schools and colleges — hardly practised this. They largely became the hub of social and economic elites of the country. In most of these schools, located mainly in urban areas, poor kids can’t enter. This is true for such schools in metropolitan and big cities.

The worst sin these Christian schools have committed, and continue to do so, is that some of them have a system where rich kids are taught in English medium with a separate shift for poor kids for whom the medium of teaching turns vernacular. It wouldn’t be wrong to say these schools have made the upper caste-upper class elite more powerful and dominant, helping make the caste system more hegemonic. Just imagine what difference it would have made if thousands of such Christian schools had decided to follow the diktat of the Bible 300 hundred years ago and taught English to millions of Dalits, Tribals and poor kids. Instead, the fathers and nuns in these schools taught the likes of Lal Krishna Advani, J.P. Nadda, Arun Jaitley, Piyush Goyal, Vasundhara Raje and such personalities.

A government led by a party whose president J.P. Nadda had his education at St. Xaviers School, clamping down on the financial sources of Christian missionary activities is the poetic justice happening to Indian Christianity.

Dilip Mandal is the former managing editor of India Today Hindi Magazine, and has authored books on media and sociology. Views are personal.

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  1. Who made this buffoon a sociologist? Probably just a bare minimum pass in BA sociology, while upset some Christian girl dumped him. Your buffoon Hindu gods are clearly crumbling, no wonder your frustrations are showing. The very fact, Brahmins would embrace Christianity, long before Europeans came, clearly shows, the power of this faith and its one true God. Unlike your hopeless Brahmin invented recycling re-birth Hinduism (Hindu name given by Arabs and Persians, a foreign name), Christianity gives clarity about the reality of human life and the existence itself. Go read the bible, before ventilating your ignorance.

    Even if some of your religion’s Dalits converted because of money, it clearly shows, how weak their Hindu faith is. How weak and pathetic, your non-existent mud gods and goddesses are. Thank you for stating that clearly.

    When ISIS came to cut the throat of Christians, they refused to renounce their faith and died.
    Your Hindus convert for money
    Clearly, someone’s God is more powerful.

    • Interesting points. Mostly borne out of ignorance.

      No Hindu Gods are ‘clearly crumbling’ otherwise you would not have had to write it explicitly. Faith among Hindus has actually increased. If you look at the map and see the religious composition of the world, you will know this. Hinduism is expanding. While Christianity is on a global decline (albeit they are trying to make up in the ‘third world’). Even in India, say in the 1960s the number of Hindus were much less (they had Hindu names, yes). Things have changed now. The rest of your tropes about Hinduism is, as said, borne out of ignorance. There is the Internet, read more Hinduism, Sikhism etc (all believing in rebirth, other Gods etc) and widen your horizon.

      But then a true believer in Christianity is not a person who can be commended for intelligence. I can only hope you go through your scripture in its entirety. As you say, the Truth shall set you free.

    • I am happy to learn that you and other christians are leaving a paradisical life here on earth as well as in heaven through the strength of your powerful god. I am yet to see a suffering christian by the way, because it is not possible that those who are going to enjoy paradise after death will be suffering on earth while in faith. Congratulations to all of you’ll.

      The next times any Hindu or muslim has an incurable disease, I am sure one of your powerful pastors who heal everything will heal them too, and you will get one more follower.

  2. This is failed article. Don’t hide under percentages. Many converted and its facts if you walk across the towns and villages. People simply don’t declare and enjoy sc/st status , subsidies, benefits but practice….

    This article is a cover up and fails miserably.

  3. Christian missionaries and their conversion of people of India remains more dangerous for the thousands of years old civilization of this land. Just see, what have they done to Africa in the name of their prophet.
    Christianity remains a pseudo-political attempt to subjugate people where all others are forced to accept religion as part of the nation, like the erstwhile Holy Roman Empire.
    Though Islam remain confined to Arabia and N Africa, Christianity was taken to the entire world with the same mission.
    India, SE Asia, Japan, China, etc, have resisted this and remain thorn in the sides of Christian world. In fact, it’s not a religion, but a tool for political and economic subjugation.

  4. The term missionary says a lot about the religipn. Lets not forget the crusades and the violence it unleashed in Goa. Many Indians are getting lured by the shining western images of christianity, when in reality countries like US, Uk have highest cases of depression, unhappiness among christians and they would rather call them selves as religionless rather than christian. For christians propagating christianity is a secular mission but displaying hindu identity is right wing extremism!!

  5. It is the truth which I have found.I have hate not for your religion but the way missionaries convert people.These so called missionaries say that you can do anything in life .Actually they are ignorant they do n’t even understand their religion .Have you seen a y missionaries sitting in meditation of God.Jessus had truly realized God .He really abstained from meats of animal ,even onion and garlic.Do you know even Greek abstained from onion and garlic? The onion and garlic was served to lower class.Onion and garlic is a symbol of lust ,greed and anger.The missionaries must have chasity ,tell truth and they do n’t think of fashion.Christian missionaries are jealous of other religions .Jesus realised God and spread the message to go towards God . Christian missionaries did not thought of God . Missionaries have lost their tradition and adopted antagonists methods. even missionaries plotted against various Hindu Saints like Swami Vivekananda , Ramakrishna paramhansa.Missionaries even destroyed manusmriti.The Indian Christian during India’s Independence Struggle even did japa of Ram naam ,studied Bhagavat Gita .They respected Indian culture.They are not like today’s Christian who disrespect Hindu religion stories of Bhishma Pitamah Celibacy .They do n’t respect others religion
    Shame upon them and mere reading of Bible will not help.They call us communal . I have more information I can’t even tell you.

  6. Thanks for your useless research on Christian conversions, I donno where u did your research or what is your source of info. Coz you are saying not to panic, but the situations here in Andhra are worse than you think, so in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The best example is from my Hometown, when I was in my 5th grade my street have only 1 Christian family among 21 homes, do u know now we have 9 Hindu families and 1 church of the entire street. A person from Kerala came on a mission to convert and he won. Now every week we will enjoy some foolish speeches loudly and proudly. Yes, the situation is not in Panic mode coz it already crossed that

  7. Thank you for a deep analysis on Christianity. Please also let us know why you have so much hate in your mind against us . What did we do wrong . As a population we are just 2% since last 2 decades and it should worry any government either the ruling or any which will come in future. Please consider us as Citizens of India and allow us to follow our religion and live in peace.

    • 2% is a official statement may be but there are so many converted Hindus in the left list. FYKI many of my friends still show them as Hindu in government or any Public platforms but they follow Christianity in real life. Thanks to the pastors who are in fooling mission.

    • This Dilip mandal guy is faking it…He himself is christian it seems!! I am from chatra jharkhand and let me tell you all that this conversion is real recently these missionaries dressed Marry as tribal woman christ in in her lap and led a procession all over my block area. This is their trick to preach and convert us tribal. My aunt anita kundu converted to christianity why? because she will get foreign visa to study Christianity. Mr. Dsouza you christian are destroying our peace in our tribal area creating conflict in our area….why the F you people convert us tribal luring money and all WE have our own SARANA tribal culture and practices( religion in one sense) we never went to convert people….you people create problem for us and then play a victim card wow! Mooothr fooker!!! Look at north east it has become all most christian….here is historical example of how nagaland become almost 100% christian. They have destroyed naga culture and practices in the name of purification and civilising nagas.

    • If you don’t know your past and the Goa Inquisition (that’s how your ancestors became Christians), then it’s your fault. The persecution of Hindus, Muslims and Jews of Goa was officially brought by Francis Xavier (I won’t call him a saint yet).
      Please delve in the past to get at the roots of problem and dispute. Unless you know that, your views will remain biased and far from truth.

    • I don’t think this article talks about hate against Christianity or Christians. It conveys disappointment that missionary schools too ended up in working for the privileged upper castes. Hinduism, by design, oppresses the lower castes. Churches were expected to liberate the oppressed as they did for the blacks in America. But in India everything, from Mosques to churches, did not escape the prying eyes of caste hindus.

      • Lol ,if Hinduism by design oppressed the lower classes . We wouldn’t have saints like Valmiki, etc who were from so-called Lower castes. We wouldn’t have Kings like Suhaldeo who fought vs muslim invaders . Show your nonsense to The illiterate Africans who will believe your nonsense.

  8. It is not a failed project.They are doing missionary work in Punjab also.They say that we are communal and they are truly communal .When there is any rape case of a priest in a church ,they would immmediately crush the case ,pay a lot of money to the media houses.I feel people in media house are like an instrumment and they are controllled by greed .They are money minded and they can be even called true wordlings.They do n’t what they are doing and what it will lead to .I wil name you few news channel and newspaper by which church they are controlled by church organisation like
    1)The Hindu Newspaper which is funded by Joshua Society in Berne ,Switzerland . It is known in Chennai (Madras) variously as “The Sapper” (because it supported the British during the struggle for Indian independence).
    2)NDTV – funded by Gospels of charity in Spain. Indian CEO Prannoy Roy is co-brother of Prakash Karat, Gen Secy of Communist party of India.
    3)CNN-News 18 (prev. CNN-IBN) – 100% funded by Southern Baptist Church in the US. The Church annually allocates 800 million dollars for promotion of this channel. Its Indian head is Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife Sagarika Ghosh.
    4)The Times Group ()TIMES OF INDIA, MID-DAY, NAV-BHARTH TIMES, STARDUST, FEMINA, VIJAYA TIMES, VIJAYA KARNATAKA, TIMES NOW (24 hour news channel) and many more.- 80% funded by World Christian Council.
    5)Star TV – supported by St. Peter’s Pontifical Church, Melbourne, Australia.
    To date this Hyderabad newspaper is still controlled by an Indian named Ramoji Rao. It is under concerted attack by the Christian Church, the Andhra Pradesh Christian chief minister Y.S. Rajashekhara Reddy and the Congress Party.
    The Muslim Party of Hyderabad known as MIM along with a Congress minister has purchased this Telugu daily very recently.
    It is controlled by Communist Party of India.
    9)KAIRAL TV:
    It is controlled by Communist Party of India (Marxist).
    Leaders of the Muslim League and some Communist Party members have major investments in the newspaper.
    These popular newspapers are owned by a Saudi Arabian company. Its chief editor was M.J. Akbar until early 2008. New chief editor unknown. These papers are aggressively pro-Christian (Roman Catholic) anti-Hindu newspapers.
    India’s national TV network broadcasting in all corners of the country. Since Sonia Gandhi’s Congress Party has come to power, all DOORDARSHAN stations carry Christian missionary programmes dubbed into the regional languages.
    They are many traitors sitting our country.Even ABP Group , India Today(Aaj Tak,IBN-Lokmat,IBN7,Aaj Tak Tez and its other channels),Reublic Group and India TV are true traitors.They can do anything to make the news spicy so they get high TRP is one of them ,These missionaries even killled Rajiv Dixit by poisoning his food.They banned Sita Ram Goel books because it shared the reality of the Christian missionaries .Even Benny Hinn comes to Bangalore to convert people to Christianity ,they received support from UPA and INC (Sonia Antonio Maino).Christian missionaries get visa extremely easy in India but when we go to different countries we have to wait for a long time .Even multinational companies like Surface Excel ,Tide,Nestle ,Wilson ,Babolat ,Kelloge’s do funds some share to Christian Missionaries.Even Bible Text have taken quotes from Bhagavat Gita. Shame on our Hindu People .India would truly become Vishwa Guru and Hinduism would domiate the world .The Third World War would truly destroy the Hindu Race .

    • I meant that except Hindu races other races would die .World War 3 would be started by Arab and China .The battefield would be the Middle East .The Christian Countries would be overwhelmed by this attack.This alliance would go on capturing the Christian Countries.The Italy would be totally devastated.In India there will be another war were politician and other influential people would run for their life . The Indian motherland take revenge from all the people who looted India .A Hindu leader from moreover would be totally defamed by totally ignorant Indians would come out.With his help USA and Russia would be totally in ruin at the end of war.The Pope will spent his last days in Jerusalem .India will become Vishwaguru
      These are the future prediction of Sant Ravidas .

  9. Clear could be seens, this is a paid article probably by a missionary. Fact has been molded to proff libranud formula of peace (in reality it’s piece) and an opportunity to some rice begger Hindus who could abuse rest of non converted Hindus. On the name of Christ some peaceful people has killed millions of people and grabbed thier land in America, Australia, Africa and now for 500 years in India.

  10. This article has a very narrow perspective about Christian Mission. It looks like it is mostly surrounded around the mainstream churches and Christians, which are Catholics and Syrians and few others. There is huge difference between each of their ideologies. The missionaries that came to the North East part of India especially Nagaland (which is 98% Christian state) were mostly protestants that believed in changing human lives through bringing them out of their primitive religion. Most of the North-eastern are Tribals. They had different tribes which were at war among each other. A lot of missionaries died or killed by these tribals when they tried to share about Jesus Christ and his love and tried them to stop to fight with each other. But eventually and slowly all of these tribals started accepting Christ as their savior and if you see now Nagaland is doing far better from other states in the north east. The motif of the missionaries that laid down their lives to share about Jesus was completely different than how it is being portrayed by others.

    What I believe is that it is important to study both sides of the party and understand their motifs before coming to such conclusions. Only fathers and nuns are not the ones as Christian leaders. Read about protestants and Pentecostals who do not come under mainstream Christians and are actually not counted as Christians. They prefer to write their religion as Hindus or Sikhs or Muslims. So, the number of Christians can be way more than what it shows in the documents. therefore, this article is not valid. It does not showcase any field work and field study.

  11. You nailed it almost right.
    The objective of Christianity was never conversion but to deliver the gospel news and everyone should hear at least once. Then it is the personal touch with God that will prompt people for public conversion. The original missionaries didn’t selectively taught Christianity to elite few – you can see numerous schools/hospitals/orphanage across south India all for poor and suppressed only. However those from upper caste converts really couldn’t shed the caste system and when they took over the second generation (as you rightly pointed out) mixed the true essence of Christianity with Paganism and bred a new customized religion. But the good thing about Christianity is, it is a belief system in heart and you can keep it to yourself. In my street, atleast 10 other religious families attend weekly house prayer meets, also in youtube/zoom masses and follow Bible study etc but they also keep their religious names for their family/political/Ration Card reasons as it is a bit awkward to make all name certificate changes.. They attend both their festivals and christian masses, so I think the numbers in India is atleast 200 million if not more.

  12. Good Analysis. Thanks. Indeed, Christianity has totally failed in India. 1. Christianity is not a religion. It is all about Jesus Christ who came to the earth, died, rose again, went to heaven, promising to return to this earth to rule the world for 1000 years. Till he returns, Jesus asked all Christ Lovers to go to entire world and introduce Jesus as the Saviour of the world. Thus Two disciples, Thomas and Barthalomew, are believed to have come to India between AD 50 and AD 60.
    2. So Christianity is not a product of the Colonial rulers. Till 1813, the British never allowed any Christian missionary to come to India
    3. Christians failed in preaching Christ in India. Instead they institutionalised themselves, and also created several education and health and other social service facilities. They educated people and let them to go to hell. They made people healthy and let them to go to hell. They never preached that all Christ Rejectors will go to hell. So people accepted the blessings from Christ’s servants and rejected Christ as God and saviour of sinners.. So, Christian population never grew.
    4. The only hope for India India is that every Indian should have the opportunity to read the Bible in their mother tongues and be able to establish a personal relationship with Christ. Every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus is LORD.
    5. Christ Lovers, according to the Bible have no political aim in India or in the world. Because Christ Lovers are going to rule the whole world under Jesus Christ as the global ruler, soon, for 1000 years. It will be the most peaceful and prosperous time on earth. If anyone trusts Jesus Christ today, they also can rule the world when Jesus comes back. Otherwise,, when they die, they will go to hell.
    6. Though Christians are a very small percentage, their contribution to nation building is amazing. It was Bible lovers who created modern India. They developed and modernised most of Indian languages by giving modern scripts, grammar books, dictionary, prose, literature, literacy, education, from Kintergarten to Universities. The brought printing to India and launched newspapers. They introduced modern health care and health education. (For details, read my book “Let There Be India: Impact of the Bible on Nation Building’ babukverghese @ gmail .com)
    7. It’s time every person in the world would invite Jesus Christ into their life and save themselves from hell fire. If so everyone will love one another. There will be peace and prosperity. No sin, No corruption. Unfortunately most people who call themselves as Christians have nothing to do with Christ. As Gandhiji said, if every Indian Christian lives like Christ, every Indian will fall at the feet of Christ. Yes sir, we have failed. May we learn lessons from history and go to every corner of India, preaching and living like Christ, having a passion for God and compassion for people. For details, read the Bible.

    • Babu remember Jesus was absorbed in the thoughts of God only and he was incarnation of Brahman. Jesus Christ is misunderstood by you.He had a divine vision ,he could see Lord in everyone ,not like us ,we only see the flesh of human body .If you see woman you get attracted ,Jesus was a truly chaste man ,he did not have any lusty thoughts about woman .He did not eat meat,fish,non veg,even abstained from onion and garlic.He had deep yearning for him.It is said in the Bhavishya Purana he appeared on the land of mleechas (non-religious man contemplating religious scripture) to teach dharma and he appeared to king Bhoga worshipper of Lord Shiva.He had inner peace and did every act in chasity.He preserved his semen ,the vital fluid in body,whitish in colour released in ejacuation because of evil habits like masturbation ,copulation.This semen takes us to Lord.We men waste this fluid for momentary pleasure which is a terrible pain.He could even survive in dessert for more than forty days ,he was absolutely absorbed in his Lord.There is no difference between Hindus , Muslims and mens of other faith.Ifone realizes God ,then there is no sect for the same person.Sri Ram Krishna practised Hindusim,Islam and Christianity found the same God .

    • Do you know Babu India does not need any Bible ,because Hinduism Vedas ,18 Puranas ,Bhagavad Gita ,Ramayana ,Upanishad and Manusmriti?You will ask how?India even as a book which was called bible of humanty.Pierre Trudeau ,The President of Canada had visited India during 1960’s .He bought the Bhagavad Gita,Vedas,Puranans had read it .Even though he was a Christian .Threrefore Indian culture was alwas greater than others culture.Pierre Trudeau described Bhagavad Gita as bible of humanity.In Indian there are many great saint born in every century in India .Indian culture describes a way of relationship to God.Even Christianity is great in its own way.Do you know Jesus has taken incarnation as a Hindu leader within in India?Jesus has come as a Hindu on Earth.He was born in Sindh and now in India .It is a hint please find out.Bible lovers have n’t contributed anything to India.Bible lover eveen got Rajiv Gandhi asssasinated .Do you know people of USA are suffering from mental borne diseases ? Even Bible lover do not know the solution for it? Even they gave ad on Television what t do ? It did n’t help .Even the Church thinks that celibacy must be for nums and priest.Every man needs celibacy ,without celibacy man cannot achieve it’s aim . Without celibacy ,is without concentration and a meaningless life. The Church has so much money to defame any Indian saint by supplying 2600 crore but it ca n’t stop sex industry .Even Church does not spend money on spreading the awareness of evil effects of Freud’s theory.The children of U.S.A have lost their virginity at the age of 10.The Church is not able to find the soluton for it.But the Indian culture has a solution to it by observing chasity.Without chasity no one can be like Jesus and Pitamah Bhismah..

  13. A one way article written by DILIP MANDAL has surely no clue on facts or on how to open a free discussion on things right or wrong

    Please understand first where we have come from as a country and the real meaning of India rather than supporting the idealism from pockets of parties in power that are trying hard to indoctrinate and ensure they have sufficient masses for their own popularity and longevity of their parties they work.
    It is very well known that for the past 800 years before the independence of India the rulers of India were Muslims (600 Years) and British (200 Years)
    and when the country was granted its Independence the fundamental right guaranteed by Article 25-28 of the Constitution of India. … Every citizen of India has a right to practice and promote their religion peacefully, so until this remains there is no failure of any religion or belief in India and everyone knows that the parties in power lack the ability to change that including yourself

    Heading to your point which you stridently write about a group called compassion international missing your point so clearly that the Christian Faith administration and governance is solely in the hands of the Vatican and not a group in the USA
    Did it ever strike to you that the reason of dismissal of funding from such groups could also be to prevent the misuse of such funds in turn where people like you use this information to spread a false message in turn to imbecilic masses so that you look good in front of the people that support you monetarily
    Returning to the point of the Christian missionary and its objective is no longer to convert masses but to spread the news via good deeds and support, take the example of Mr. Theresa who Indians should be grateful for what she has accomplished. On another note where you have mentioned about affluent and achieved people who gained education from Christian schools such as Lal Krishna Advani, J.P. Nada, Arun Jaitley, Piyush Goyal, Vasundhara Raje and many more such personalities are very clear indications that the education gained by them from Christian schools has helped them to become who they are and what they have achieved rather than who they were and you will surely agree that such an education will never be achieved in other religion based educational systems. The Brahmins of those days were the educated and easily understood the importance of their life choices and this is why western ministries were able to communicate better them to see that the teachings of their religion and culture is spread in the community hierarchy. One needs to understand the life of Jesus himself choose to be born and live with the suppressed and delinquents of the society. In his words as proclaimed truthfully ‘’I have come to serve and not to be served’’ unlike other cultures, the western Christian ministry objectives were to spread the news of humility in the name of Jesus The Christ.

    Time and Time again we have seen how the different religion clusters have tried to portray a Christian minority group as a threat which is easier to speak out loud rather than understanding the true meaning of the Christian religion and accepting and incorporating its culture and symbolism towards the self-improvement and development of their community.

    I would like to leave a note of thought ‘’ It was the Hindu kings that invited the western rulers to India to oust the Mughals and save them’’ this if not had happened would have probably left them as minorities. Something to think and be thankful about.

    • The way you are talking sounds like Mughals were decreasing Hindus.when Mughals married and even Hindus rule on behalf of Christian’s killed and famine india.stop hating Mughals,you islam haters.

    • You have put forward a far more objective opinion with knowledge of Indian history as well as Christian history, than the author himself. I, as a doctor, am a personal witness of practising Christians, who officially record themselves as Hindus in the public records & census. Hence, the author’s use of census data is completely useless.
      Secondly, I have personally seen foreign funds being misused in the medical field as well as orphanages. But, I do not believe in punishing everyone for the wrongs of a few.
      Third, in my state, many who have converted to Christianity in the early days were mostly suppressed populations like Dalits but you can clearly see that money is attracting people from upper castes which is against the law in most countries across the world. Best example is current AP CM, whose grandfather converted to Christianity, though being an upper caste Reddy, who dominate the Rayalaseema region of AP. There are several more examples. Hence, as far as I can see, inducement to conversion to Christianity is happening financially but it is not happening in Islam.

  14. “Arundhati Roy says that her mother was a Syrian Christian (Kerala Brahmins, who converted to Christianity) and her father was a Bengali Brahmin who took the membership of Brahmo Samaj and later converted to Christianity. According to her, this ancestry makes her casteless. This argument is entirely bogus. Even making this claim is a privilege that only a Brahmin can exercise.”
    Can someone please explain the last line without sarcasm? I’m truly unable to comprehend it. Can she exercise her claim if not a Brahmin?

  15. No one change thier religion by force whether they are Jews in Europe…parsi in Iran…uigher in china… U can’t change one’s inner soul…..shikh in afgan…hindu in Uganda…
    If these hindutwa group are so serious about their religion…why don’t they went like christian in tough terrain….proffess about thier religion…n make changes in thier life.. and tell them about truthness of ur religion instead of blaming and orchestering atrocities on minority….. Unhuman attitude of hindus r pushing people toward Christianity n atheism…this is harsh reality….
    If govt ll not allow any religion to profess…then what is the meaning of freedom of religion and hence democracy…..

    • What a beautiful reply my brother in Humanity!! GOD BLESS YOU!! I’m a Christian and to be honest I need prayer, to be a better Christian. I’ve let other people’s opinions hinder me from truly expressing my faith. I feel like a failure, because I fear what people I don’t even know might think of me, for my belief. I PRAY OUR RISEN LORD YESHUA HAMASHIACH (JESUS CHRIST) will deliver me from fear, especially what others may think of me!!!

      • Hindu militant: So intolerant, undemocratic Muslim countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan etc. should become role models for India ?

        I suggest you change your identifier from “Hindu militant” to “Hindu Taliban” !

        • Ha ha ha holy Qur’an is the basis for human rights and religious freedom,just read it and humanity,and wiki- islam and other religions.even in many Muslim countries there are reservations for non-muslims.and Tariq Aziz,goodluck Jonathan and Michael aeon like so infidel even ruled muslims.hindus themselves has relations and lived in these hypocrites then you demonize them.

          • you liar, you tell me lies? where does unholy korand teach human rights and reliious freedom? in saudi arabia??? your false prophet mohaund actually said that all other religions should be wiped out of arabia

        • @Kili Jolsiyar: You are a hypocrite & liar!! Islam & Christianity are politics of land & wealth grabbing through other means!!

          Sunni Muslims are worse evil as they have been butchering Hindus since eons & have eliminated almost all Hindus in Pakistan & Bangladesh!! Meanwhile, Sunni Muslims have been breeding like pig puppies in India!!

          There are 57 Islamic nations BUT Muslims run from Islam to Christian & Hindu states for refuge!! WHY won’t these Islam lover caliphates accept them??

          Meanwhile, If the Church/Vatican has real love for their brethren, they can take them or at least repay for their crimes against India & Hindus which run into trillion of dollars!!

  16. Dear Editor
    I could really feel the thinly veiled hatred at Christianity through this article. Thatz understandable tho..we all have our opinions.
    That being said, I dont believe in the Paid Conversion theory of yours and I dunno how you can say that a religion is a failed or successful “project ” for faith is a very dynamic phenomenon that can change any day. You blame money for converson…you blame schools and colleges for conversion YET till now, conversion takes place despite of money and education incentives and for that we look to the multitudes of Dalits who have converted to buddhism christianity and islam.
    Ever ask yourself why ? Perhaps itz time to ask the so called Guardians of Hinduism…RSS…BD..VHP….to introspect.
    Those fellas are pissed when dalits converts but will remain unabashed at how dalits are treated by your “upper caste ” hindus. Do you need these poor folks to remain Hindus just so you can put them in thier place? Perhaps the problem is with how Hindus practice Hinduism ehh?
    And coming to induced conversions……. missionaries will provide schools…colleges..medical treatment facilities…skills development centers… irrespective of faith and like your said…conversion rate is miserable. So again ….what are you actually selling with this article. If christianity really did buy converts…. India would have been a very different nation now in terms of faith….

  17. Government agency is promoting anti nationalism divding people pushing hatered in the name of shameful infact concentrate on development….most of the country still depends on British built railway stations,drainage system, drinking water, British military bases,educational institutions….soo on, why debate here push India into developed country…rather than speaking useless division, speak about looticians they become rich looting public funds.

  18. It would be interesting to note the activities of “Pastor” Sudhir Mondithoka and his vile attacks on Hinduism and his attempts to convert Hindus to Christianity at no less a place than the Tirupathi temple. See the videos of this fraudster denouncing and insulting his own ancestral religion at:

  19. Talking of Christianity, one is reminded of the quote from Jomo Kenyatta (1897-1978), the former President of Kenya:

    “When the Missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the Missionaries had the Bible. They taught how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.”

    That should not happen in India. Or anywhere else in the world.

  20. Since Christian has been made a religion, there is always a question of its existence. In Christian book Mark chapter 2 verses 17, “ Jesus told Those who are well don’t need a doctor, but the sick do need one. I don’t come to call the righteous but the sinners”.
    In Luke chapter 4 verses 18 “ The spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free”
    So now the scenario different.
    India is a blessed country and we are blessed Indian.

  21. Another incorrect article from the media, down playing the threat with false numbers and cloaking. Please do not be misled.!!
    If the missionaries are such honest people with no ulterior agenda, why dont they go propagate their ideology in Saudi Arabia, Afganistan, Russia, China or Pakistan? We all know the answer to that question…. Just because India lets them in and carry on whatever agenda they have in the country, its their very first preferred place to visit. Be very very warned about them. I am glad BJP and its sister organizations are standing up to this.

  22. For a change, this writer has written a fairly well researched article. But he attempts to lull the Hindus into complacency by underplaying the threat of Christian missionaries to Hinduism. Potentially, every Christian is a missionary. Most Christians continue to use Hindu names resulting in misuse of reservation etc. Most Indians don’t know the blood soaked history of Christianity. In the absence of political power, Christianity adopts different strategy. Catholic Church has Project Joshua, which is a 200 years long, intending to win Asia for Christianity. Never underestimate the tenacity of Christian mission to convert the followers of Hinduism and other religions.

  23. This article definitely a mix of facts and fiction and totally ignored the tradition and history of India
    Pre independant india, or post independent era the educational sector was revolutionized by the introduction of english education to indian masses through the school’s established by christian missionaries.
    Converting hindus by offering money is a fiction, no evidence.

  24. The Census figures are inaccurate. Lower caste or class Indians who are lured for material benefits do not convert on paper because they want to enjoy reservation benefits of Hindus. Many times Census officials don’t ask religion and mark Hindu if they hear Hindu names. Moreover, Christianization of North-Eastern states is more than enough proof of missionary presence in India.

  25. OK Aloo Basharam you have rightly Said a Hindu PIG like you should be Kicked Out of India so that Other can live in PEACE, Sharam karo Apni Bura Aadath Paar.. Think before you INK… You Belong to P-I-G… Category

  26. The missionaries who came to India came because they had a heart for souls to be led to Christ. No one in this world can accept Christ as the Messiah by force or inducement. Because it is a matter of the heart not mind. No one forced my forefathers to accept Christ. They heard a sermon hundreds of years ago and decided to accept Christ. I have the history of my father’s family which shows people of different faith from the same root family. ISIS tried to use forced conversion but this increased the faith of the Christians in Syria nd they accepted even death, abuse , etc. It has made the people who know Christ more resilient and ready to face anything. Quite a few ISIS militants turned to Christ after seeing the Christians in Syria. These are all documented facts. So forced conversion does not work. But on the contrary it sprouts more people to accept Christ. If RSS and BJP are curious to know why more people in comparison to the previous years are accepting Christ. It is because of persecution. The more you persecute more the increase in faith. If Christ was a man this faith would not grow. But He came as man and He is God which not everyone can understand this is only understood by an inner spiritual experience. So force or inducement does not work here. Those who know Christ live by faith in Him every moment of their lives. Before any of you people give your judgements please go and read stories of Sadhu Sundar Singh and many people who truly knew Christ. Then judge for yourselves if force or inducement works. Also Indian Constitution declares freedom of speech and freedom of religion so if that is changed there will be no more India or Bharat. It is for everyone whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Atheist, etc do you want a beautiful India where people of all Faiths thrive or do you want a Hindu India. Remember when there could have been a much bigger India a Pakistan was born- why a separate country based on religion. Do we want a united India or a Hindu India. Please my Indian brothers and sisters think about it. May the God I know give you a heart of love and understanding.

  27. Absolute truth is…
    Many practice cristianity but don’t identify them as such. I know many.
    Equally bad is Islam.
    Hindus should wake-up. Only solution.

  28. May be this guy has taken skewed dara from only the Catholic denomination. All the time he mentioned Fathers and Nuns who are the face of Catholic church. What about 100s of other denominations?
    In such a long personalised ideas at least one instance of LURING should have been mentioned. If there’s no proof for the claims this article stoops down to a gossip level.
    Christianity has been in India for 200 centuries after the arrival of St. Thomas the apostle in 1 A.D. It is purely spread on the Vocation and redemptive power of Christ rather than the claims made and that is the reason why it is not spread in India rapidly.
    Christianity was not spread due to the tyrant British- they only choked it. Neither did they use their colonial powers to spread it unlike the Mughals.
    I’ve seen people waiting for 3years to prove their faith and get converted to christianity in Catholic church. It is not a cake walk into christianity.

  29. Hello Brother everyone is a born sinner including you . if you want to have eternal life, you need to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus did not come to start a religion but give you eternal life. this is the work of God and no one can stop it

  30. Ofcourse,it involves lot of time and money, but I prefer the government does the mapping of churches in the country, mapping of Christian/ missionary schools, colleges, institutions,etc in the country. The number of churches will speak volumes about the total Christian population, much much more than the official statistics of 2.3%, not less than 15%. Entire schedule caste ,ie, Harijans, converted, on record , HINDU,SC, but practically practising Christians and very devout Christian, regular Church goers. The most irritating fact is, that such converted people from the working class, I know , many a domestic servants, refused to accept prasad from our homes on Hindu festival days, sankranti, deepavali, dussera, all Hindu festival days, our servant maids didn’t accept prasad and our colleagues in the office, and some family friends, doctors, engineer, all refused prasad even though they eat at hour home. Some senior colleagues attending house warming ceremony , don’t want to take lunch served there. I can prove this in Andhra Pradesh, our Christian family friends from Kerala don’t have this type of reservation like refusing to eat prasad.

  31. I have studied in Christian Missionary school till 8th grade and well aware of their tactics for brain washing the young minds for conversion. Just get the news from Tamil Nadu where mass conversion and abusing Hinduism and anti hindu god declaration are being made every now and then. Hinduism don’t need validation from any religion or any one. Faith is personal preference and above any insults and humiliation. God is one for everyone. You just follow your heart and allow others to follow their own.

  32. Christian never force anybody to convert, if they forced it would not be 3% India. They give education, hope and help for the deserving people. Be a missionary is not a simple thing lot of sacrifice behind it.See Jesus himself incarnated and took cross to manifest the love of God, same way the disciples of Him shown to world.I understand that to be christian must have more knowledge and wisdom. Most of indians don’t have even basic education. Unfortunately still they are in slavery, poverty etc.Infact they are really trodden by caste system and bad practices for centuries followed. Christianity will spread once people understand its greatness and loyalty. Actually these fanatic group such as VHP and Bajringa Dal just stopping the grest aid such as education, food and cloth to the poorest people. They don’t do good things and forbid others too.Once country will recognise their poisoning works also.Infact they are putting many people into hardship for their selfishness. Truth may triumph. God Please bless our country

  33. This guy doesn’t know Catholics are different from Christians. No one can convert from one religion to other like changing clothes. Problem in India is idol worship which is a big business.

    • What is wrong with idol worship Mr KT Kishan? Why should what I worship be of any concern to you ? Why don’t you simply get lost instead of telling people what to worship ?

    • Idol worship, polytheism is more advanced thinking. It is only stupid primitive people who believe in one god who can not be represented in image. It is like dimwit illiterate farmer to whom all government are one. He can not differentiate between local, state or national government. it figures that you are dimwit Keralite probably part of Jehowah’s witness protection plan. LOL.

  34. Their is a major flaw in the data presented itself, how come the Indian Evangelists are not included in the census and how come only the American and British evangelists are considered to be not known ? Making a to and fro visit ?

  35. “This raises two questions. First, why has Christianity failed in India, despite Christians ruling it for nearly two centuries”

    There is misconception that colonial power were interested in converting Indians. They were actually not interested they were happy to get economic benefit from India. Actually missionary activity increased under Nehru family rule.

    The reason missionaries & Muslim preachers succeed in converting is due to failure of government to take care of people. So missionaries take advantage and convert poorest & least educated people. They don’t go head on with Hindu-Buddhist concept of reincarnation or issue of whether animal has soul or not. So instead of enlightening people both Muslim & Christian missionaries tend to bring down rather than uplift people.

  36. The author is a sour loser… Leaving away 1001 different issues of the country deciding to writeup a communally provoking article shows his very detritus thought process. Still Using words like upper sections leadership, someone living under someone else shows how uncultured someone could be even with good education and learning. Lets wish he Grows up.

  37. It’s also attesting to the fact that people in India are free thinkers so going from a free and liberated dharmic thinking to being subjugated by God in Abrahamic faiths is just pure idiocy and hence Indians will never willingly “submit” to such atrocious scams unless incentivised by either power or money which according to me is not true worship/faith but common human tendencies…so might as well stop these forced conversions and gtfo!!!!

  38. Converted Indians become neither Indian not european, they hate every thing in the country they were brought up. Like free radicals the are becoming the enemy of the integrity of India

  39. You forgot one more reason. Sheep-stealing
    Many of the newer churches don’t convert Hindus or Muslims. They try to convert Christians from older churches to join the new ones.

  40. How insecure do you have to be to think that christians are the issue? In almost 2000 years of christianity in india, there’s only about 2-3% of the population that’s christians! Your supposed to be a plural country. Your a democracy. Do you think there’s going to be a christian uprising? If you look at christian history, sure it had issues, that’s no longer a problem(force conversions etc.). This was evident throughout the world during the 1400-1900s, but stopped really after the world wars and slowed down after europe’s Renaissance period. If your a democracy, you should allow all religions to naturally take its course. All democracies will have freedom of religion as a core tenant of their constitution. Do you want to follow pakistan’s lead and become autocratic, reducing the christian population by force over it’s existence to less than 1%? Is this what being hindu means? For most people outside India, hindu means peaceful coexistence, are you going to prove them wrong?? If so you won’t gain any new followers to Hinduism (outside India). The core of christianity is Jesus, who lived his whole life helping out poor and the needy. Most of the western world follows the teachings of christianity. If you want more acceptance from the west and influence, then surely, leave christians alone and let them grow! In fact they should grow to 5%. Don’t follow Pakistans lead! Also india is very diverse, that’s what makes it unique. Each region has held on to it’s values. Which is definitely why people travel to India in the first place. You get new type of style by region(which isa partial result of freedom of religion). Democracies protects it’s minorites!!! If not then go the dictatorship route!

    • I think this is not about threat from Christianity or threat to Christianity. As you said democratic country should allow to take religion it’s natural course but sponsoring any religion to allure people towards it is not natural. Infact it’s biasness, if other religions doesn’t have that kind of funding then I think they are at disadvantage. So keeping this in mind stopping financial aids tu lure someone to get into some religion should be stopped.

      On your second point that the era where someone was asked or forced to change religion has ended long back, sorry to say it has not. Even here in USA I see on daily basis Christian religion being publicized.

      Having said all these things, it’s best not to spread negativity like author of this article had done. Secularism means don’t discriminate against any religion and highlighting a biased truth against a particular religion and casting it as a victim doesn’t comes under it.
      If you will now think that government is playing against Christianity, read about government taking away all or almost all the money from Hindu temples.

    • After conversion to Christianity community certificate of those people should be changed. To get caste based allowance – as quotos no one is doing that. So Officially there won’t be increased numbers.

    • Problem is not with Christianity but with poisonous and toxic evangelical missionaries that have been ordered by their God to convert non-believers, what a shameful, pitiable line of thought.

  41. You may be from any religion, caste or creed always remember that Jesus Christ is the Son of Almighty God, and He died sinless and rose from the grave to save all of mankind from hell, If You wish to believe then accept Christ and see Heaven after You die, or You can choose hell if You refuse.
    People understand the Love of This Christ and embrace Christianity which is an experience and not a religion.
    P. S. I know many Hindus,Muslims and people from other castes who are secret Christians, these were not so called force converted, they understood the wisdom and reality of the Holy Bible.
    Finally, the gentlemen who done this write up needs total education, yes back to school for you, and do not quote biblical scripture when you do not understand the Bible, which is the word of God.
    God bless You all

    • Christian people are stupid ,they use the cross sign in which a normal human being died .(Real gods don’t die , they disappear )

      • Thats why only ISLAM is the true religion bcz only ISLAM is the religion outside Christianity which believes in Jesus Christ as one of the greatest Prophets of God,but not God….Jesus Christ (Hazrat Isa A.S) was a Muslim prophet sent by God to spread ISLAM but the notorious popes and people at that time abused Jesus Christ,wrote their own Bible and said that Jesus is Son of God….Which is completely illogical….
        Then Almighty God (ALLAH) sent the last and the final messenger PROPHET MUHAMMAD PEACE BE UPON HIM to spread the message of ISLAM…THE ONLY TRUE RELIGION….
        I think Christians must adopt Islam as their religion so as to become true Christians…Bcz we Muslims are more pure christians than the christians themselves…We follow teachings of Jesus more than the Christians themselves…

    • U have megalomania, This happens if u keep reading only one book and doesn’t have wider knowledge. Read all books . No book is perfect and no religion is perfect.

  42. You may be from any religion, caste or creed always remember that Jesus Christ is the Son of Almighty God, and He died sinless and rose from the grave to save all of mankind from hell, If You wish to believe then accept Christ and see Heaven after You die, or You can choose hell if You refuse.
    People understand the Love of This Christ and embrace Christianity which is an experience and not a religion.
    P. S. I know many Hindus,Muslims and people from other castes who are secret Christians, these were not so called force converted, they understood the wisdom and reality of the Holy Bible.
    Finally, the gentlemen who done this write up needs total education, yes back to school for you, and do not quote biblical scripture when you do not understand the Bible, which is the word of God.
    God bless You all

    • I will never believe what Paul tells me to believe.
      Instead I’ll believe what my master and one of the best creations on this earth, ‘Jesus Christ’ (peace be upon him) told me to believe.

      He clearly said l, “Hear oh Israel, your God and my God is “ONE” Lord l. So worship him”.

    • In trying to defend the undefendable the journo is sounding more guilty than the missionaries…… As a product of a missionary school …I love the Christian way of life ,particularly the message of love and compassion and thankfully the school never attempted a concert or even suggested…There lies the difference of the present day missionaries vs the missionary schools. The missionary schools were service oriented or for sheer commercial reasons never attempted the conversion progrom. The paid missionary goes to any lengths to convert….conversion is a individual right to follow any religion..the problem is the community demanding rights as a group ,this game is now being recognised and the Hindus are doing the same ….bringing the flock together …..and they have a right to proletyse jyst like the Christians or the islamic faiths .

  43. In old india, supression was so large only few groups were allowed to pray to god or allowed into temple. They treated other people harshly and disrespected them alot. This group of people were so busy in this activities, they forgot how to rule the country and lost it completely to Mughals, Turks amd British. As the story goes British before conquering india analysed it and conquered it. What British did is, they made some sort of rule, if you are Christian you are either BC or FC not SC or ST. Suppressed and disrespected people took this path to uplift themselves and some converted because they liked it, why they liked it because, someone near to them did something really wrong in the name of god, probably, due to that they changed entire religion.

    If there was no supression or nobody disrespected anybody and everybody was kind, caring and loving then Ambedkar was just a simple lawyer.

    Religion is about doing good. If god finds evil in the world he will be born. God’s never asked any human to do his work on his behalf.

  44. Don’t waste your time.
    The fact that you find time to write and discuss at length. Is a proof that Christiany is fruitful.
    Remember Jesus Christ died for the sins of all mankind. That includes Indians. It’s God given right to know and be told of the love that God has shown towards human.
    God loves you all.

    • Albert Chettiar avargale: I don’t want to be loved by God ! I want to be loved by the taxman ! if you can talk to God and reduce my taxes, I will say “Romba thanks !

    • Mr Albert Chettiar: I do not wish to be loved by any God but simply left alone. So please pray to Jesus Christ to take me off the subscription list – I did not sign up !!!

  45. Mr. Mandal, you have put a lot of hard work in writing this article, pls reflect on your skewed data. Before publishing an article.
    Plus you may be oblivious to the devastating situation you are creating n our Great Nation, that as a mat-O-fact accepts all respected Religions to preach non violence and Peace.
    A word of advice; there are better ways to gain attention and ( negative) popularity.

  46. At the time of census, converted Christians give their Hindu caste only so that they don’t lose their government benefits or they are not exposed to the government. This makes the whole story of ‘Christianity is not spreading ‘
    a meaningless phrase and assertion. To believe this, just check how Christians have been adopting Hindu phraseology , cultural symbols in their prayers and living. This facilitates easy conversion. Be sure that the cores of rupees Christian missionaries spend on poor and weak- minded Hindus is out of compassion. Their compassion is for Jesus Christ.

  47. It’s not a failure.. data which the he govt have in hand is from census, but I know quite a good number of people who on papers are Hindu but converted to Christianity. If such numbers will be taken into account then the total percentage of Christ population may rise over 30%. The tribal belts of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh are worst hit. Again the Godavari districts of Andhra have huge number such people.

  48. Fellow Indians,
    Go back few hundred years back.
    Mughals , Nizam’s were the top rulers.
    It is good that theses rulers didn’t convert 100% if all Indians to Islam.
    Alternatively, brahmin, chataria, kaisath, Sudra system is totally crumbled, beyond recognition or repair.

    So there were many tools for religious acceptance and conversions.
    1) political grounds , very stronge force, like what is in present RSS – KAL
    2) e conomical grounds, this is where you are paid to take an regilion , it is going on without notice
    3) society status grounds: As following Anglo, British trends , highly motivating + lots of development support along with good education life style,
    4) global scenario grounds: you wish to migrated first for education, then professionally, then retirement ambitions

  49. Really pity this small planet for centuries struggled for survival due to huge blood shed from wars. When things turning towards development this devil issue of Dharma is killing human kind. Terrorism is evolved by this conflict. No body has seen god. It is only hope of survival. Intelligent people in the name of sitting in pretty places showing moon in milk. First let this world servive. Thousands of years belief will easily not go away. True to say coming years if these are not stopped and uplifting poor is not going to happen nothing remains safe. You belong to any Dharma ultimately human Dharma must servive. If not nuclear powered world may face seroius threats. All educated must see our next generation should servive as good human beings.Sorry really painful when we see one human killing other for blind belief

  50. IN AP most of the converted people do
    Not say they r christians . They say their native caste n census . since they loss most of the benefits govt is gvinng like reservation , free schemes etc.,

    Please do not talk rubbish about the NGO’s
    who does great work without any self motive

  51. Have you ever travelled to Andhra Pradesh? If not please do. This is the only successful project in the last 2 decades or so and carved out a successful vote bank. If this is not checked it may lead to social tensions in the future.

  52. This writer is a covert for christianity and the publisher is a conduit. There is almost all SCs coverted to christianity in southern states except Tamil nadu. They are getting into govt jobs and using power to make more conversions. The conversion will be soon exponential as they are noe coverting all tribals of AP and Orissa. Be care ful. Subramania swamy is correct, we are going to face cultural terrorism from christianity.

  53. Many xians think that if missinerries were not here we don’t have wrtten this in English. Pity them.Is knowing english alone means education. Besides many rulers brought in englishmen to teach many subjects including english. Most chinese talk mandarin, as french, spanish used their language. Does it mean they are illiterate. Missionaries work not forcharity but to spread their religion

  54. Paid article.
    Christian conversions are at all time high in Andhra and tribal areas. Converted christians are not changing castes and names and taking all government benefits also.

  55. Nonsense report. Christian conversions are at an all time high in Andhra Pradesh and all tribal areas. They are playing a dirty double game. Converts from lower castes are not changing names or religion officially and taking advantage of all government benefitd

  56. I always believed that ‘the print’ is anti national, anti Hindu and anti BJP media supported by leftist, Congress and western ideology. This report is bullshit. Does not have any factual data with them currently Punjab is being converted on large scale. AP is competing it. Kerala and north East is already have majority of Christians grown and supported in Congress rule. There is strategy adopted that, newly converted tribals and Dakota are told to not to disclose their religion in the census. That is how hiding their religious identity, but will be used while elections are on for their own purpose. Shame on the print for spreading misleading and covered story.

  57. What an article! Given the kind of readership The Print has, this author seems to have deliberately created a narrative so disconnected from ground reality that it will push individuals with moderate views towards communal politics.

    The article not only widens the communal gap, but also creates distrust in media as a pillar of democracy.

    In democracy everyone should express their opinions, but distorting facts is taking it too far.

    If you can’t win an argument with the right facts, you have already lost the argument!

  58. What an article! Given the kind of readership The Print has, this author seems to have deliberately created a narrative so disconnected from ground reality that it will push individuals with moderate views towards communal politics.

    The article not only widens the communal gap, but also creates distrust in media as a pillar of democracy.

    In democracy everyone should express their opinions, but distorting facts is taking it too far.

    If you can’t win an argument with the right facts, you have already lost the argument!

  59. No one can convert to Christianity or any other religion in this world unless conviction.

    Even if we assume it for the sake of a debate still then what were the Hindus doing and why did not the God stop this.

    Religion is a belief and one should respect it and not hate it.

    The people whose religion is declining usually talk nasty of Christianity.

    Look at the history of the missionaries they did self less work in India example mother Teresa.

    Christian conversion is gods plan and no fool can stop it.

    The world could not stop it for the last 2000 years… Can India stop God…

  60. No one can convert to Christianity or any other religion in this world unless conviction.

    Even if we assume it for the sake of a debate still then what were the Hindus doing and why did not the God stop this.

    Religion is a belief and one should respect it and not hate it.

    The people whose religion is declining usually talk nasty of Christianity.

    Look at the history of the missionaries they did self less work in India example mother Teresa.

    Christian conversion is gods plan and no fool can stop it.

    The world could not stop it for the last 2000 years… Can India stop God…

  61. Sir Your report on Christians and Christanity in India does not hold any ground, in a progressive society we tend to ignore the enormous value these missionaries have bought to our country in eradicating ancient evils, superstitions and ignorance in our society. Empowering people with good education and healthcare. We smear these missionary services with the grab of proselyting people. My question to the editor is if you see a person hungry would you not feed him, clothe him and bring some diginty to human life. Well I suppose you would not like
    to appreciate, but ask those whose life’s have been improved, and also do not ask forget to ask if anyone has been forced to convert. I believe it’s humanity and the goodness of these missionaries that has led to be who they want to be. please understand that humans have their own will and no one can change ones will by propaganda, you need conviction to follow something you believe.. we come to conclusions on data which are not fact checked. Thank u for reading and just ponder.

  62. The author is a “former” editor and this speaks out so boldly! He is actually primitive! One of the commentators mentioned that he is not aware of the current scenario. It’s so true!! I’m really delighted to see that the readers are so well informed and unbiased. Come on Print, the readers deserve a better columnist. At least for the sake of their knowledge standards, employ someone better. And please don’t quote Bible verses if you don’t even know the literal meaning, forget about the inner meaning!! Grow up!!

  63. Silly opinions. The article author is biased, and in turn this article is a bad reflection upon the editors or publishers who allowed it’s printing.

    • Mr Rashaverick: It is easy to attach epithets and adjectives such as “biased”, “bad reflection” and so on. And you are entitled to do so.

      But it is bloody easy to hurl an epithet or abuse at something you don’t like. Any Adityanath or a gaurakshak from Adityanathisthan can hurl abuses. But it is infinitely more intellectually demanding to justify you stance – something you seem to be incapable of doing. Why not join the debate when you have your intellectual impotence under control Sir ? And the Viagra you take to overcome the shortcomings of the termite between your legs can’t help you with intellectual impotence …

  64. Get your tacts checked….. spreading false news and claims…..visit Northeast india… will come to know conversion rate…..just sitting in Air-conditioned cabin and writing bullshit articles…..get grass root level facts and than publish…..

  65. Christianity may fail, but Christ will never . He is coming soon to judge the whole world, that’s include India too. Be a human, you will see Christ in every Christian!!

  66. What is the problem of these guys if anyone want to Convert to other religion it is their freedom to choose the religion to live with it, it should not be any problem for these people so called themselves protecting hindu religion in india, because again India is a secular country and every Indian citizen has right to select, choose and live religion what he likes nobody

  67. Jesus is not done with India…he will save people from sins and bringing them to the kingdom of God untill the last day…God is not finished with India yet…India still exists and gospel will reach every home of India whether you like it or not…before the end of the world all people will hear the good news…then the end will come

  68. The conversion gangs have two agendas

    1. Comvert them
    2. Retain the names and use reservations as usual

    They are deep dived wwapons to malign and abuse Indianess making money by fradulent ways and spread hate.

  69. Sir ,these converting etc are done by some Evangelical groups.. & are not done my community of thomas christains..

  70. Stop this kind of rubbish things you have no right to raise hand on any other person, organisation or religion. How can you judge whole religion with only one’s act?

    If it is so then you have to write an article on other persons who are killing or harassing the minorities and tribes.

    In North side nearly 600+murders took place in this year why it is soo…?

  71. The writer is on a regular payroll of Christian missionaries. Today around 2 percent Indian are Christian I.e. 3cr. It means one England is already converted here. The population and area of undivided India is bigger than whole Europe. Hence this ungrateful converted Author is unhappy that the Christian failed to create an another Europe here.
    If the pope and whole Christian machineries can save the Europe in coming 50 years, then that will be their great achievement. Because the Islamic population is rising in such a high rate that Europe will become Islamicsthan in next 20 to 40 years.
    There fore o intelligent Hindus be ready to defend your supreme way of life and kick out such converted hypocrites.

  72. This is a perfect bullshit report if I ever read one… Plz don’t degrade your paper with su h nonsense ….

  73. First of christians don’t believe in converting. First and foremost thing is to serve needy. Even Jesus does not force one to accept that he is God and follow him. It is left to free will of people. They are free to choose. Secondly, Christianity is not project. Failure and success are not the focus. Focus is to love people as they are. Serve people. For example Stephens Hospital in Delhi. It serves the community in its surrounding mostly Hindus. Is it able to convert Hindus? “no”. If prayers are said they are for healing, they should not be misunderstood. Christianity does not fight for supremacy over others. Like in all other religions kings and rulers might have for political reasons used Christianity and beneftted from it. If anyone wants to write about Christianity they should read and understand the Bible and Christ’s teaching.

    • Everybody knows you are saying pure lie and bullshit. No need to pretend because those organizations didn’t get FCRA cancelled for nothing. Christianity believes in conversion.

  74. You are just another propaganda news media like CCTV, Global Times, Al Jazeera. I’ve been following you guys and I’ve come to know that you guys are being paid for this. Please don’t even think of yourselves as journalists, you are a disgrace to journalists

  75. 70 Per Cent Christian Pastors Given Honorarium By Jagan Govt In AP Hold Fake Hindu Caste Certificates – Legal Rights Protection Forum. If this investigation by the NGO is correct, than Shri Dilip Mandal is wrong. Many Christian and Muslim hold fake caste certificates. Hence while they are counted as Hindus, they are not.

  76. Do you even know why Christians (the true ones and not the liberal and heretics) reach out to people which you allege is a trap to convert people?? It is only for Jesus Christ who is the only living God (now don’t ask me if your god is dead, because i would say that it is indeed dead, as your greatest god couldn’t even attach back the severed head of ganesha, so you can understand why i say your god is dead) Anyways, i would pray for you that you at least for even once try to know about Jesus Christ our Lord for not the many wonders and miracles and healings that He has done, but to know only one thing and that is to understand why He died for our sins and rose again victorously defeating the sin in the flesh

    • If you dont know about other religion dont try to comment on it. You people are religious but not human at all. Your are just lije pre-programmed robots.

  77. Note that I don’t believe in religion. Now to be impartial, Christianity is better then Hinduism and far better than Islam becoz Christians are non violent. Secondly, what’s wrong if missionaries are helping poor people, does Hindus help?

    • Yes very non-violent and so colonialism, slavery and slave trade, racism, Inquisition, Reconquista, Goan Inquisition, Witch hunting, Covert conversions etc. is bane of Hinduism and Islam. Very nice, delusional.

  78. Before saying such things , please get your facts right. Please don’t entirely downgrade a complete community. Please understand that most of you guys have studied in a Christian institute atleast once in your life. Please also understand that when someone is trying to do something good please don’t degrade it in the basis of religion. This is a diverse country and each have their own beliefs and we do respect them. Christians try to help others as much as they can, people devote their lives to become celibate and serve people based on the teaching of our lord and it has got nothing to do with conversion. Just try to understand that, when you trying to stop a good effort just based on some wrong facts, you are causing much harm to poor people who benefits from the work of missionaries. But if you still want to do that,to spread rumours, then I am no one to stop you, I just have one request, please make a provision to look after these people , since we are being scrutinized and not being able to carry out the work. Please try to see the big picture and understand that true Christians just follow Christ blindly and we help because we love and care for others and not to gain something from it.

  79. The truth is that not all missionaries are here to convert, most of them just help people to make the world a better place,in order to grow spiritually. HIndus of the rss and bajrang dal are terrified as they have seen a lot of Hindus attend church services. It can hardly be called a failed religion since a majority of the world is Christian.

  80. Lower castes are not Hindus. Only the Brahmins are Hindus. The vast majority of others entered into Brahmins domains and took over almost all Brahminical possessions only around the 1900s.

    The lower castes do have their right to decide their spiritual address. Check what happened in Travancore kingdom. The records are the in Native Life in Travancore. A vast section of the population who were literally kept as domestic cattle in the higher caste households were saved by the work of the London Missionary Society and others.

  81. The so called Ibrahimic religions failure in their oun countries and communities led them to seek on another areas to try their luck, India is a fertile land for those inhuman religions which flourishes through death an blood shed, a hard times awaiting for poor Indians

  82. This is the most non sense article aimed at whitewashing the crime of christian missionaries. Conversion has happened and there is grandiose plans to convert the poor hindus. Plain and simple.
    If you are so dumb please go to villages of AP, Bihar and such states. Please do not publish after taking bribe.

  83. This is the most non sense article aimed at whitewashing the crime of christian missionaries. Conversion has happened and there is grandiose plans to convert the poor hindus. Plain and simple.
    If you are so dumb please go to villages of AP, Bihar and such states.

  84. Stop writing this kind of baseless article, which creates just negativity in peaceful India. Britishers ruled India for more than 200 year with doing dive and rule, you soled media is doing same thing. How dare you can this kind of articles without a knowing ground level fact and spreading it. In the name of freedom of speech you can’t allowed to do bull sit.

  85. What u r saying….. christianity is a very precious and most respectful community….. we will never fail in our faith…. it will grow day by day….. we christians r leading a faithful life..we never harm others like other religious people….

  86. This article is full of hatred and venom against Christian’s in India It’s a shame that Dilip Mandal being a journalist could write such nonsense about Christianity in India. Christians have been at the forefront in education and health sectors. Christianity is called a religion but in fact it is not, it is a movement against injustice, equality., oppression, persecution, a fight for truth, repentanc, forgiveness, conversion of heart, honesty and equality. Christian movement’s roots started from the poor and underpriviledged in the society. Christianity went through severe persecution the world had ever seen for 350 years. The Roman Empire used everything in its power to crush and destroy the Christians but the Roman Empire got destroyed in the end. The Jewish authorities persecuted the early Christian’s and they too failed and later they were persecuted by others. Christianity is growing inwardly all over the world because it is a revolution, not a blind faith and superstition. You can try suppressing it, but you will be defeated in the end. It is true there are some people who try to spoil the work of the Church by inducing and converting for their nefarious gains but they are a negligible lot. There are hardly any priests and nuns coming to India to convert or proseltize, infact it is the other way round. Just do a fact check and you will see thousand of Indian priests and nuns have gone to Europe and America as there is a big drop in religious vocations there. It is sad that the writer Dilip is trying to get TRP for his article like Arnab Guusami. Christian’s may be a small minority but they have a big influence in the society. Spreading rumours and inciting hatred against Christian’s in the name of conversion and inducement will only make the movement strong. We have seen what happened to Graham Staines and his two sons, how they were burned by a mob of Hindus due to incitement and rumours, how more than 50,000 Christian’s had to run for their lives in Khandanmal Orissa, houses burned, orphanage inmates burned to death due to a rumour that Swami Saraswati was killed by Christian’s but the Police said it was by Moaists. That is the kind of rumour and hatred you have spread, Dilip Mandal. God forgive you.

  87. Completely false article. The Hindu fanatics and the BP and RSS is always trying their best to distroy the Christians. Dont worry, the Truth will prevail. You don’t know and don’t have the figure, you will never have how many millions of brahmins and good Hindus have come out darkness to light.

  88. This article is full of hatred and venom against Christians in India It’s a shame that Dilip Mandal being a journalist could write such nonsense about Christianity in India. Christians have been at the forefront in education and health sectors. Christianity is called a religion but in fact it is not, it is a movement against injustice, equality., oppression, persecution, a fight for truth, repentanc, forgiveness, conversion of heart, honesty and equality. Christian movement’s roots started from the poor and underpriviledged in the society. Christianity went through severe persecution the world had ever seen for 350 years. The Roman Empire used everything in its power to crush and destroy the Christians but the Roman Empire got destroyed in the end. The Jewish authorities persecuted the early Christian’s and they too failed and later they were persecuted by others. Christianity is growing inwardly all over the world because it is a revolution, not a blind faith and superstition. You can try suppressing it, but you will be defeated in the end. It is true there are some people who try to spoil the work of the Church by inducing and converting for their nefarious gains but they are a negligible lot. There are hardly any priests and nuns coming to India to convert or proseltize, infact it is the other way round. Just do a fact check and you will see thousand of Indian priests and nuns have gone to Europe and America as there is a big drop in religious vocations there. It is sad that the writer Dilip is trying to get TRP for his article like Arnab Guusami. Christian’s may be a small minority but they have a big influence in the society. Spreading rumours and inciting hatred against Christian’s in the name of conversion and inducement will only make the movement strong. We have seen what happened to Graham Staines and his two sons, how they were burned by a mob of Hindus due to incitement and rumours, how more than 50,000 Christian’s had to run for their lives in Khandanmal Orissa, houses burned, orphanage inmates burned to death due to a rumour that Swami Saraswati was killed by Christian’s but the Police said it was by Moaists. That is the kind of rumour and hatred you have spread, Dilip Mandal. God forgive you.

    • Saffron terrorism?? Haha you know what? It does exist and I won’t deny that but Radical Islamic terrorists have been destroying the world peace for a long time. Turkey just converted a meant to be church into a mosque and claims that they’re secular. They’ve been transporting

    • From where you got this? RSS is not a terrorist organisation. Read about them Mohammad then you eill come to know about their ethos, organisational behaviour. Better not to make generalised statement.

    • This article is about the menace of conversion. Don’t give wrong interpretation to what the author is explaining. Missionaries are supposed help poor underprivileged societies for improving their health & for education without luring them to change their faith.

  89. I have always seen the Print as being a secular media outlet. But the assumption given here by the writer seems to show Christians in India in a negative light and stating that Christianity has no future in India by merely pointing out only the negatives aspect of Christians without even trying to look at the contribution of Christians in India. What about the schools, colleges and hospitals? I suggest you even just take CMC Vellore alone and just see their contribution to society where doctors who are service minded and not money minded are helping the society. Kindly share a balanced view in future. Taking sides especially on a media front will ensure that the Print becomes just like any other media house. The aim is to be neutral, truthful and yet present a balanced view.

  90. Northeast Christian population is 90%, Kerala Christian population is 27% and Tamilnadu it is 12%, Andhra Pradesh it is 12%, Please do not whitewash Christian conversion success.

    • Correct.. this report is false.. in Andhra Pradesh the conversation rate is very high.. I my self witnessed entire villages turn Christianity.

    • Absolutely. Look at South Korea and Phillipines too. The local culture has been totally annihilated. It is ok for one to embrace a religion of their choice but to systematically attack a religion masking their religious identity by carrying a hindu name is cunningness of the highest degree. They also foster anti-national feelings among Tamils in TN. They are trying to decouple Hinduism from Tamil Identity.

  91. This is bullshit of a report .Step into AP and see how the missionaries are working on large scale to covert people .just see how may acres of land is being occupied in name of building churches .My village never had a church .today there are 12 churches in my surrounding 3 villages .Most of the lower level government employeesin Revenue,Village offices are Christians and they always deny the permission for pujas. this ganesh chaturthi we are not even given permission to just keep urthy og lord ganesh .we just wanted to install the murhty ,not want to go on doing all pujas .the same village gave perission to conduct church mass gatherings on both friday and sundays .this is prevelant in all villages.

    • People convert becuase they want to convert for a better life. A life with dignity and religion where you not only need to go to Church but also to go to school,collage and higher studies at the fraction of the cost. This is why the south is more educated than North.

    • This article does not cover the reality. The reality is that these missionaries have changed their approach, while the conversions continue. The converted are encouraged to keep the Hindu names. Hence, these census are conducted the true numbers never are reported. I agree with Swamy’s tweet. These missionaries are more dangerous than jihad.

    • All the Andra people want to immigrate to Christian countries and going to a Christian country is their only aim in life. So may be they are practicing for their future. Haha

  92. @Dilip,
    It does seem to be a failed project considering population statistics.!
    In any case, all religions are dying and go through their ebbs and flows.
    Does not mean, we shouldn’t be vigilant!
    Lately, it has become a business opportunity for Indian interlocutors of such funding organizations from outside.
    They are just getting rich pocketing the funds and not using it as intended.
    The great Indian corruption (habitual by now) will kill conversion efforts (if any)

  93. Some PEOPLE pose as journalist but are actually anti HINDU activist.

    1) They themselves are converted but keep HINDU NAME AND caste identity to bad mouth HINDUS.

    2) They will bad mouth HINDUS but will never discuss how there is still racism fascism and slavery practiced in their religion.

    3) How all over the world their religious leaders are found to be involved in sex and embezzlement scandals. But in INDIA the community is dissuaded or abandoned if they speak or protest.

    4) Hence we see these converted journalist raving and ranting about HINDUS. But knows that if they point out what’s wrong in their community he will be an outcast.

    5) HINDUS ARE NOT INTERESTED IN CONVERSIONS. But will not accept proselytizers with fake propaganda either.

    • These guys at The Print are the same guys who go around with a begging bowl to support this kind of pseudo secularism . Talk shit about Hindus and go Scott free in the name of freedom of speech. Like a lot of others who expressed their views here the author has completely kept quiet about north eastern states where Christians whose population was 10 % has gone upto almost 90% and most converts to christianity have held on to their actual Hindu names and have not said that they have converted to christianity should they lose their dalit or obc/tribal benefits. And seriously the kind of the hate this guy is spreading and divide he is creating by slandering the Hindu community should you be even having this guy write articles for you .

  94. Chritianity project failed because of only one reason: it wasn’t forced brutally. Brutally converting is the only way large scale conversion can work. And history of human civilisations has a lot of stuff about invasions and conversions. However good or bad a religion is it cannot spread on its own. It had to be forced. Only Atheism is a religion that needs no bullshit like these. It has science and human reason as its messenger. It truly makes you powerful and no stupid jackass.

  95. Before writing anything just make your facts correct. If Christianity was not there in India then you won’t be writing this article in English. If you say Christianity has failed in India then your development and education has also failed. The so called education system has its foundation from Christian missionary therefore today lot of Indians can to fly to the Christian countries. Even they want to have citizenship of the so called Christian country and want to wait for 2 decade for the process to complete. Do you know how many denomination of Christian are there in India? When you are referring nuns and father which denomination are you addressing and what are the principles or law it follows? When you are quoting bible verses don’t quote in out of context you need to educate yourself. Don’t be like Fargo. Go back to history and see foundations laid by the Christian missionary. If Christianity failed in India then India won’t have evolved today because the foundation are strong therefore India still has a place in world map. Did you even know that our constitution is based on Christian principles and values. Can even tell the basis of our constitution….

    • Because of British India has gone backwards by thousand years.britishers took away all wealth from india. Our education system was much more effective than we produce more clerks

    • From your reply, it’s clear you have zero knowledge about Indian history and education in general. Pure ignorance, must be bliss!

    • If Britain and Christianity wouldn’t have colonized half of Earth, annihilated local cultures and languages in their civilizing motive then one wouldn’t need to write in English because English would be the language of no more than the tiny island in Atlantic Ocean.

  96. Sir,
    You didn’t discuss the north east where they have christianised almost whole population. They have been hand in gloves with the naxalites of India. They have been instrumental in fomenting insurgency in several parts of the country. There schools slowly and steadily de-hinduising the pupils also.

    • That’s why North East states of India have been living in peace,dignity for women n caste ,no dowry for marriage,no murder on the basis of covertrousness etc…

  97. Looks like this guy out of touch with the current. Not sure why print allow this dummy guy. In south most of sc caste converted to Christianity out of hate. Most of the converts are worse than than actual/original.
    The census is scam. Actual figures are like Muslims 20% Christians 10%. Hindus are around 65% .In usa white Christians won’t let in black Christians in their churches. There are separate churches for each race.

  98. The writer seems to be an advocate for missionaries in India. Though I like Shekhar Gupta’s balanced articles, this Liberal drivel and apologist of minority articles of this kind are sickening. unnecessary waste of time to read.

  99. Missionaries have converted dalits and poor people, but asked them stay hindu in papers due to SC ST benefits, So dont think that they have not been successful.

  100. The census cannot be relied on if people lie about their religion. If folks do not change their name and retain their Hindu caste affiliations for appropriate benefits. At the end of the day, Missionary conversions should essentially be banned not just in India but all over the world. This is cultural genocide.

    As much as serving the poor is Christian Ethow, so are the Crusades that were carried in the lord’s name. Let us not speak falsely and mislead. Intellectual honesty please!!!!

  101. Pl see what happened to north east India. Those states were not Christian majority . In few decades now they are Christian mejority states.

  102. Most normal people dont panic about Christianity these days (2% most being casual).

    People panic about Islam (Isis, Al-qaeda, Pakistan, bangladesh etc). There is a reason to be phobic about Islam

  103. Mandal or like him should ask himself / herself .. why is that missionaries are more prevalent in Forest area n tribal region . Because they are luring n fooling poor . They are stealing their identity n culture and making them a abrahamic demonic cult . One should learn about project Joshua n how 40000 missionaries are still in India converting poor .

      • You cannot convert people with money…it’s all about who you believe in your heart…you know why many Hindu’s convert…’s because of yours Vedhas and Puranas…when people read them..they do not find a true God in it… seriously check for yourselves..just see how these so called God’s were born…see how they dealt with women, how many did they marry or had relationship…sorry to say it’s all about sex…check history of Brahma , Vishnu , Shiva , Rama, etc..check how they were born , how they dealt with women , how did they die, what we’re their deeds…do they all revolve around women ? Whom did they curse and who cursed them in previous lifes..etc What did they do for you that you should worship him ? Before anyone comment back check the above and seek the truth….I don’t mean offending my hindu friends..but just see the facts…

  104. The author himself is a converted Christian, like other converts he uses Hindu name and uses his caste to get reservations and financial benefits and at the same time uses his position to spur poison on Hindus , in south India , unofficial estimates suggests at least 25% population converted in to Christianity as of 2020, I am from south and o could see thousands of churches coming every year , yet Mandal trying to whitewash the conversion figures.

  105. A good article. But I think the author needs an in-depth research on the missionaries work in India. I am not disagreeing the fact the “some” lure the poor to convert. But one cannot generalize the whole missionaries. There are certain groups practice the luring business. And also I cannot agree with generalizing of the schools run by missionaries. I also do not agree the leadership of Churches in India remain in the hands of upper caste Christians is a notion far from thruth. Just to give “a” few examples the parents of the Archbishop of Trivandrum who wields enormous power in the church are from the fishing community and their income source was fishing. Even the Major Archbishop of the Sero Malabar Christians George Allenchery also cannot claim an upper caste hereditary and as far as I personally know the fact that his father was a farmer turned merchant. So the article has lot of flops which I think resulted from poor research. In my humble opinion why the hinduthwadis objection to the missionary work is the education they give to all irrespective of caste and creed and by doing so enabling the poor and marginalized to wake up and question their oppressors. Why sister Rania Maria was killed? Why Graham Stain and kids were killed? Why the Kandamal massacre happened? Its not just they indulging in conversion. The perpetrators worry is the empowerment of those adivasis..How an upper caste society can tolerate an adivasi or a lower caste Indian becoming their DC? Though I can absolve Keraal in general from that kind of sentiments, such sentiments are deeply entrenched in most Indian states..

    • Arch Bishop of Trivandrum fom Latin Church, which generally frm fishermen community. Ofcourse Bishop Allencherry from uppercast. Why 85 year old sanyasi killed in Kandamal, who was working amoungtribals. You are giving education to tribals isnot out of charity. Best examples areNagaland, Muzoram, Manipur etc
      Please notbe thatinnocent

      • We have not sowed the roots of education in North East. India’s best Management University Christ University, students from different states. Its all about providing quality education and spreading love and mankind


      • The Holy Bible never says Earth is flat. Rectify your knowledge on God of the Bible. You seems to have wrong information about The God of Bible

        Indians are fed with wrong notion that the missionaries induce, and proselytize poor and dalits. Infact they only do the social service. Christians believes and the Holy Bible says that man cannot convert any one, it is the work of God. Man can only tell the Good news that the there is only one living God. Only fortunates and the blessed can trust and those who are doomed for destruction cannot trust.

        British rule never supported Christian Missionaries. Missionaries came to show and share the love of God to the poor and needy Indians. They served the sick, the dying, lepers, TB patients risking their life. They started schools, medicals and served the people of India for nothing.
        Christianity never came with British, it came to India in 1st century AD through one of the disciples Jesus Christ- St.Thomas.
        You cannot be Christian if you cannot give. Dont expects anything in return for becoming Christian.
        In the end of 1st century AD India had 3% Christians and now it is 2.4%.

    • Mr Nisaruddin Ahmed Jeddy : There is more violence, bloodshed, misogyny and human rights violations in Muslim countries that swear by the Holy Qur’an than in countries that do not use the Holy Qur’an. Indeed, most Muslims prefer to flee Muslim countries to settle down in Christian countries or places like India. After all, how many Muslim refugees want to go to Saudi Arabia? Most Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian and other refugees in Islamic Turkey want to leave that country to enter Europe. Many even wish to leave Islam to live in Europe.

      In fact, one of the worst incidents of genocide was seen in 1971 when the Punjabi Muslims of West Pakistan brutally murdered the Bengali Muslims of erstwhile East Pakistan. How do you justify that genocide Mr Jeddy? Permitted in the Holy Qur’an perhaps ?

      Indeed, Muslim minorities such as the Shia, Ismailias, Bohras, Ahmadiyas etc. are safer in non-Islamic India or in Europe than in any Islamic country. The Holy Qur’an does not actually protect these Islamic minorities, leave alone infidels like Hindus, Buddhists, Christians etc. doesn’t it Mr Jeddy?

    • Why don’t you comment with reference so that people can verify themselves. This is the problem of Hinduism they followed different stories and each era had developed myths evolving which were not the words of one true God. Hence 33 crores diety.

      • Nope you are as right as bogus theories of islam. The aggrevise misogyny n oppressive fundamentals of islam n christianity is pushing people back to hinduism. Hate mongering n homophobic speeches n inhuman deeds of muslim uma n church priest keep presenting them as biggest hypocritics. Keep believeing in flatearth n pious rapist muhmaid n supercorrupt kerela rapist bishop

      • Even Christianity is myth that Jesus was/ is god Jesus Christ is a person who saved Israelites from seviour punishments from old testament he opposed old testament punishments that lead to death of Jesus
        It is in old testament those who oppose my rule kill him

    • Author just didn’t know the reality. missionaries targets are poor scheduled caste(SC) people, even they convert and follow christianity, they won’t make it on government papers due to the seats they’re getting by SC quota. But innocently they’re naming the child’s pure Christian names, which will be a problem to getting SC quota in future.

    • This whole conversation is for Converted Christian to come and abuse Hindus. And irony is this they called Hindus stories as myth and gosip but his own son of God rises after death and born by a vergin mother…. Yeah this is very scientific

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