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Dear viewer, you supported Rhea Chakraborty’s media trial. Republic TV, Times Now TRPs show

On the three days that Rhea Chakraborty was questioned by the NCB, the live feed began outside her home by 9 am and continued till 11 pm.

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Let’s be very clear: television news channels are not irresponsible, nor are they in any way responsible for their actions.

You are. The economy is, stupid. The coronavirus, the Chinese, the CBI, ED, NCB, Mumbai Police, Maharashtra government, Bihar government, Narendra Modi government, Baba Ramdev, Kangana Ranaut, why, even Sushant Singh Rajput, his family, and Rhea Chakraborty —these are the people and institutions who must be held guilty and jailed without bail for 14 days (at least) for TV coverage of the investigations into the Bollywood actor’s death.

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Two ‘private’ videos and this anchor

News channels, their prime time anchors, their reporters have been aided and abetted, nay, forced to do what they have done. On Zee News, Tuesday, anchor Sudhir Chaudhary explained why the channel had decided to telecast two ‘private’ videos of Rajput (circa February 2020), which suggest, he said, that the actor had taken drugs: “We didn’t want to show these videos but janta iss kadar janna chahati hai… (the public’s interest level is such…)’’ that the channel has been compelled to run them — on a day Chakraborty was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) for procuring drugs.

Navika Kumar at Times Now said it was the desire to unearth the “truth” that had driven the channel’s “relentless focus” on the case over “86 days of painstaking reportage”, which included “45 drug chat exposes… 36 sting operations… 15 stunning eyewitness accounts” and over 2,000 hours of air time. She asked her “dear viewers” if it wasn’t right to pursue the truth, to demand justice, and find “closure for a deceased’s family…’’

See, it’s your fault. When Republic TV’s road runners plastered their faces and rammed microphones into the window of the vehicle Chakraborty was seated inside, and demanded answers from her, they did it in your name: “Republic Bharat poochhta hai…” aka ‘The Nation Wants to Know’.

Deepak Chaurasia on News Nation, Monday, claimed that 79 per cent of viewers said, “Kangana ka apman nahin sahega Hindustan (India won’t tolerate Kangana’s insult)” and then proceeded to lash out at all comers on their behalf.

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You watched, they showed

The news channels have abided by the verdict of the people as reflected in the television ratings, or the TRPs which indicate that in recent weeks, Republic TV, Republic Bharat, Times Now and Aaj Tak are the most watched news channels. These are the channels leading the pursuit of #JusticeForSushant for the last two months, with continuous coverage. On the three days that Chakraborty was interrogated by the NCB, the live feed began outside her home by 9 am and continued till 11 pm — maybe even later. That’s 14 hours. Surely one for the record books.

The viewer has been a captive audience, breakfasting and feasting all day on ‘drug chats’ as Zee News called the leaked WhatsApp messages between Chakraborty, her brother and other accused. And that’s because millions are confined to quarters due to the coronavirus and have nothing better to do.

Yes, the pandemic is responsible for TV news coverage of SSR.

An already weak economy caught the virus and saw the GDP plunge by nearly 24 per cent, job losses mount to 21 million in the salaried work force, and a government in disarray — the last thing it wanted was for news channels to ring the alarm bells on governance, corona or the economy.

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You can blame corona too

Millions, meanwhile, have been stuck at home for six months, surrounded by gloom and doom, restrictions, restrictions, restrictions — all these depress as much as do nearly 90,000 new Covid cases each day. The last thing anyone wants is to watch is experts moan about how bad things are.

You want something, impersonal, to divert your attention — what better than a Bollywood ‘pot’ boiler (forgive the pun) – Sushant, Rhea aur Ganja? As the positivity rate of Covid infections increased, the news channels’ pursuit of Chakraborty and the ‘murderer’ of Rajput intensified (India TV) and higher the TRPs rose. Channels scaled new heights: India TV discovered the escape route for the ‘murderers’ of Rajput via the rooftop of his home; it had doctors study drawings of his ‘strangulation’, it considered how he may have been ‘poisoned’.

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China and Ramdev also played their part

Now, if China had launched a full-blooded attack on India, the news channels would have abandoned Chakraborty to her fate and flown directly to the LAC but as it was, our neighbour was merely shooting in the dark – and into the air—which diverted some channels like NewsX, NDTV 24×7 and CNN News 18 for a while — but it couldn’t possibly rival the arrest of Rhea, for eyeballs, could it?

The likes of Ramdev are equally to blame. If he didn’t lavishly sponsor news channels, if other advertisers didn’t support them either, they would have collapsed by now or changed track.

And if the viewership rating agency, BARC, didn’t insist on releasing weekly viewership ratings, nobody would know that Republic was ahead of the pack. As it is, news channels – and advertisers – watch it like a hawk, and play follow the leader, doing what they can to catch up. What else explains India Today’s ‘exclusive’ interview with Chakraborty? It was to steal the thunder, generate viewership and make news, which of course it did.

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Media became the mob 

The critics of the news channels who have mourned the death of TV news – NDTV 24×7 and NewsX, both featured memorial debates on the weekend while social media was awash with obituaries – only made their competitors more determined than ever to continue down the road to perdition. At least that’s how the critics see it.

Overnight, the media became the mob, enraged by those who dared to question it – after all, it’s the media which asks the questions, right? And isn’t that just what it was doing when it fairly lynched Chakraborty as she made her way into NCB offices in Mumbai, Sunday?

As for the rest, if the Mumbai Police had conducted a more efficient investigation, if there wasn’t an election in Bihar, the Bihar government may not have interfered, the BJP government at the Centre may not have sent in the CBI and ED, and if the latter had found any incriminating evidence then the NCB may not have been involved — and there would have been no drug case.

Is it the fault of the news channels that these agencies insisted on leaking information to them? If the NCB wanted to provide minute-by-minute commentary on Chakraborty’s interrogation since Monday, could the news channels have refused? Don’t be silly.

That brings us to Kangana Ranaut: nobody forced her to give Arnab Goswami that interview in July which set Republic off in hot, self-righteous pursuit of all that is evil. She thrust herself into the limelight even though she admitted she had never met Rajput. And then she had to go and pick a fight with the Maharashtra government, get herself `Y’ security coverage – is it any wonder news channels followed her from Manali to Chandigarh airport to capture the first shots of her as she walked in a charmed circle of CRPF personnel and onto the plane? How could they resist such offerings?

That leaves Rhea Chakraborty: well, obviously she is to blame for everything. Without her, the news channels would be attacking Lutyens’ media, the Khan Market gang, Rahul Gandhi…

Views are personal.

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  1. It is so sad to see and sadder still to read this article on SSR’s death. Ascribing a motive to each and every partaker of truth, insinuates that the writer’s understanding of things is flawed. If aiming to achieve justice for SSR is the prime task or cause, then all the side aspects that unfold, be it media blaring at the issue generating TRP, political parties showing their might by suppressing people who come out with the truth, common people aligned along the support pole, drug racket being busted, top personalities been probed and suspected etc. are all effects. This chain reaction or domino effect has happened due to the premise of SSR’s death-being investigated thereby letting out the skeleton in the closet. One should not interpret selectively and assign meanings that the effects are the motives and the prime cause is not the task on hand. If the investigation is impartial results will be out with certainty and absolute proof. If the investigation is self or forced biased then the results will not be out. However, there is an uncanny feeling that all parties involved will see the power of God and Truth in this case very soon.

  2. The writer should always read the feedback his/her piece gets from the public. Why Rhea, a convict in the case, is getting such warmth from certain section of the media? Never seen before warmth!
    You can try and create a narrative but in the end, truth prevails!
    Everyone is driven by motive, be it money, power or truth., everyone knows their own reality.

  3. The Print and the Lutyens Media is the big losers in this race. So they are crying foul.. Hear the Losers Cry…. Remember All is fair in love and war. And for most people this is war because Sushant was murdered and it is very obviously not a suicide even for a stupid lay man as decided by Mumbai garbage land cops in just 10 minutes before arrival at the scene. All Baby Penguins and their friends are upset.

  4. blackest pot… stop calling the kettle black… you have been exposed over the years…and especially after the way you ndtv and some guy called sharma from newyork did a poll forecast just to sell a book and try your best to make people vote for the congress…and one of its most incapable persons into power…
    you can flail your hands as much as you want…quote idiotic bollywood songs to substantiate your meagre thought process… but please stop your holier than thou prattle… it is getting us nowhere. If Arnab’s noisy style is getting your goat please try and do an about turn and make your silly reporters and yourself stop overacting and take a neutral tone – if not a neutral policy… as for Arnab he has come clean and stated categorically that he is biased… try being at least as honest as he is… he is far younger than you… does a much better job than any other media outlet…

  5. Useless article.We as audience will like to see truth unrevelling and keeping the case in focus by channels like Republic as well as Times Now.They have done commendable job at least they are showing truth.Your article looks like you have been paid few bucks for it.Look you cannot change people narrative now,people are well informed these days.

  6. How does the author decide on the demographic of the data? Do you think people who watch the show again and again are to be weighed equally with people trying to avoid consuming such filth? Did you even bother to stratify this viewership data? Don’t club me in with those imbeciles, i haven’t watched the show in years and meanwhile the bloodthirsty mobs have taken to the filth like flies to manure~they will continue to nurture it and help it grow, whereas you will lose whatever little visibility you get by making umbrella statements and not making this distinction.

  7. Arnab represents capitalism. Capitalism is about making money. Greed is its motivation. His business model is commendable. Only one star and rest are minions and dispensable and minimum overheads. No research etc or cost of news. Just Bhau Bhau and all the trps in the world.

  8. Much of the blame has to go to the Maharashtra Government run by three political parties with no mandate and the Mumbai Police. If the police had done their job of sealing the crime spot and pursuing the unnatural death doggedly media could not have come into picture. The terrible scene of Home Minister of the State declaring the death of SSR as suicide was to preempt the truth coming out in open and to save the governments skin. The blogger with dubious motives writes on tangential aspects of the drama without dealing into the core of it. By the a few thousand of bucks has been made.

    • Stop blaming the Mumbai Police. Its best police force in the country and we are proud mumbaikars and proud of our police force and the government. Despite the efforts of the BJP they could not buy the government in Maha. Jai Maharashtra. Yagfneshwaran and the like must stay back in UP or Bihar or wherever. we love this city and its police force and its government.

  9. Shailja Ji,

    It is said that every reaction is caused by an action. If we analyse only a reaction without analysing an action then the analysis is prejudiced and biased.

    Let us go down the SSR murder/suicide case, the initial days when media investigation was abysmal.

    The police as well as government machinery with limited investigation declared it as a suicide, not only that the same became a story to be covered by media. Hence that was the beginning of use of media in the said case. I do not know what is the reality, but the way government machinery acted in the case, the statements being issued to disallow CBI and so on and so forth prima facie raises a lot of doubt and suspicion in one’s mind.

    Under such circumstances, where it prima facie appears that rich and powerful are trying to control the narrative and prevent a fair probe, then who should become voice (if not media).

    If one goes through the public statements of government machinery/ actions by BMC (be it senior Bihar official visit) or be it demolition of a Bollywood actress office/house it prima facie appears mala-fide, and same has been upheld by courts.

    Such being the state of actions by a government (which is not a direct elected government but a post-election alliance formed to meet political aspirations which were not public while seeking mandate) if media becomes silent, it will lead to death of democracy and justice.

    Having said that I agree some lines need to be drawn by media and privacy of a citizen needs to be protected at the same time abuse of power by elected representatives need to stop. The latter is a much larger devil compared to the former.

  10. ..our money our tv our wish …’s my freedom which is given by my country’sonstitution….I will watch it

    • amit prasad: its vilification and the mentioned are greatly respected not like Republic, Zee and aaa Tak… take a chill pill. The world knows about us.

    • well said…donno what these supporting types are going on about maharastra police and being proud of them…and what the below comment poster wants to say…:-)

  11. We will continue to watch republic tv unless until all druggist Bollywood Mafia are put inside jail. And you don’t worry on economic, modiji is trying best there is no loot happening like Congress. We have faith on modiji.

  12. Please stop foolIng people with your stupid paid articles. Before taking the moral high ground by blaming others why are you continuously writing paid articles On the same news. Isn’t this trail by media? Atleast follow what you preach. We all know bollywood and shiv sena are the culprits

    • The stupid and unintelligent people who write against the author have themselves to blame. Please continue to read this nonsense about a mentally disturb person who was doing drugs and who committed suicide deserves more attention than the 24% drop in our GDP or the Chinese sitting on our doorsteps or the Pandemic making us Nr one in the world of stupid countries? what kind of people you are? The man is dead and gone. Let him rest in peace. Don’t plaster him as a drug addict all over the walls of all homes in the country.

      • Stop being so toxic. Who are you to decide people are unintelligent who are following this case? Who gave you the best ever certificate of having the highest IQ? So low and so cheap you are for saying all this and keeping yourself at a high pedestal. Who the hell are you?
        People are not liking your article so you start calling them unintelligent! Wow!

  13. Well the media also supported BANGALORE and Delhi rioters and called them victims. Most journalists are actually seekers of publicity and wealth in excess of legal income. But the media never exposes such corrupt journalist. HOW CAN YOU GIVE SERMONS TO READERS .

  14. The question is what does India want? The inconvenient or convenient truth? It has been established (by his family as well) that SSR had mental health issues.
    You all think the Bollywood mafia and nepotism is the problem but where are your pitchforks when there honor killings? You realize that only in India is nepotism rampant everywhere. Politics – the gandhis/thackereys. Business – Tatas/Ambanis. For a country that believed in the caste system, what do you expect? You were given the job your dad did but you will never be critical of these Hindu principles.

    The part that I get annoyed about is that just because SSR was good at his job and a topper in school, he is incapable of being depressed or difficult. Steve Jobs was a genius and he was an awful human. Zuckerberg went to Harvard and definitely does not have many friends. “The Rock” is the highest paid actor in the world and is open about his struggles with depression. Michael Phelps is the highest decorated Olympian ever and is open about his struggles with depression. It can happen. To anyone.

    But it’s easier for Indians to frame a narrative around a manipulative girlfriend and nepotism than to address the real issues and facts.

    I hope Indians learn to take a long hard look in the mirror. Shameful how angry and aggressive the country has become.

    • Madam….your writing calibre is a classic example of why parents should spend quality time with their children in tender age…I agree it’s not your fault but it should be a learning to other parents, and also how you should be careful with your children.. although u too have a right to be the way u are as of now..thank u

    • So he should be killed mercilessly… is that what you recommend for SSR… ? he may have been anything…genius or dullard… sociable or bipolar… that is not our pigeon… but he was his parents’ son, his sisters’ brother… and a fellow being… he did not deserve to die like the way he did… he did not take his life that is for sure…

  15. fourth estate especially electronic media owned by corporates and anchored by jokers and non serious journalists is gone. no more the pillar . and with judiciary also compromised we are fast turning into a banana republic

  16. Ok. Print does not agree that Arnab and his ilk are simply catering to what general public want. They simply love wrestling matches on primetime TV.

  17. Is it worth conducting a trial of a person and tarnishing an innocent’s name ( till found guilty) and sensationalising the issue to such an extent that the person carries the cross ( whether or not found guilty) for the rest of the life? On any day, will vote for for the slow snail paced print media than instant online media , when one can expect a balanced analysis of events. Individual and their personal lives , even if involved in public life, because of their status, should not be analysed threadbare .The journalsists have to think of their own kith and kin, friends and if such fate were to stare them , how would they feel
    Not just about Rhea , Kangana or Phalgar case or Dubey encounter . Started from Jessica Lal shooting time . Leaving aside reporting about individuals, their private lives , reporting of incidents like LAC , our own 9/11 extra are welcome.

    • o my god….tarnishing innocent until guilty… rhea is a judge who in her interview blamed everything on ssr….if ssr was so evil why the hell was she with her….for blow job… least have brain of your names length…..

  18. Hmmmm…..where was this thinking, this introspection about the fact that the media has always played up things or played them down, depending on what suits their owners, the political parties on whom they have depended for favours? The political leaning of the reporters and editors and of course advertising and commercial interests- that has always been the elephant in the room- have always been and will play their part. There are no neutral people in the Indian media today, so don’t preach to us please! Indian reporters, commentators and writers long-pickled in a Left-Congress broth for decades, lost no time in lambasting Narendra Modi, calling him and his team murderers and worse, helping the Indian Left and Congress create an image of the BJP which suited their real owners pulling strings and foreign interests.
    Where was this introspection then?

    It is hypocritical to blame the TV channels, when all grizzled reporters and newspersons have done the same in the decades past, in the print media. You spawned this, now continue watching it play before your eyes.

  19. There was a time when we public thought you were reporting facts, but your lot is worse than Bollywood, politicians, drug dealers, etc.
    So please… spare us your ‘holier’ attitude.
    You are more pathetic than the rest.
    The Mumbai Police has been protecting their interests for the past three months, and you don’t seem to have a problem.
    We the public may be ‘fools’ as you just called us, but then why are there arrests everyday by the NCB?
    We too are concerned about the economy and Corona and China, but we need justice to be seen and given. Anything wrong with that?
    Please sell your agenda elsewhere.

    • 🤣🤣🤣 This is so hilarious… Can you? Please stop cheering the so called justice campaign then?! ‘Bollywood druggies’… 59 grams of marijuana becomes the undebatable, unforgivable crime of the year 🤣🤣

  20. Normally, if a private person had to be provided govt security, it is generally charged and bill to be paid by the private individual.
    Hope it is paid in this case.

  21. Dear Shekhar Guptaji /Print ,

    You are way of the mark. I have been a reader through your days in India today/ Indian Express and there was a time when everything you said was taken as fundamental truth. No longer. Radia tapes exposed the nexus between press, politicians and everybody in betweens. The social ( or unsocial media as you may think) has done well to expose your links and how you peddle your view points conveniently twisting facts to support your viewpoint and sometime prmote blatant partisanship. . Please don’t depict a houlier than thou attitude. You are equally responsible for peddling and propagating lies quoted as facts.
    As far as the SSR case is concerned:

    1. The paid media has taken a very biased view favouring Rhea. If you found out any other person dealing with drugs the way Rhea has dealt , you would be the ones baying for blood. But for you Rhea has done nothing wrong.

    2. There is circumstantial evidence in which his father was prevented from contacting him and you still find Rhea”s conduct as normal. There was some thing very sinister going on with her and its does not take too long to get this preliminary view.

    3. SSR’s father had written to the Maharashtra police notifying that he suspects SSR’s life was in danger in March ’20. No action was taken and inspite of this advance warning, the police hushed this as a suicide within a hour of his death.

    4. Mumbai police were just fooling the public for 65 days doing with an inquest inquiry . I’am not sure if you did raise any voice against the same.

    In short you have been a very partisan player and you deserve no support from my end. I no longer find your opinion trustworthy. You are in the same league as Rajdeep, Barkha Dutt and the likes who have been misleading us all long .

    • 1. Why should anybody bay for anybody’s blood? Are you BLOOD THIRSTY MONSTER DRACULA to bay for blood of Rhea whom you don’t even know? Do you have any proof that she was dealing with drugs? There are big stories of drug lords in other countries on which movies are made, but there wasn’t a hoopla like this on TV Channels and in minds of people like you when these stories were being actually taking place. This Rhea story has become a single most important story in India. Why should everything in the country should stop so that people like you can bay for Rhea’s blood in peace? Don’t you have better things to do in life?

      2. If there was any circumstantial evidence, etc. let the proper authorities deal with it, as it odes, or as it should. Is a circumstantial evidence in a case so rare that everything should stop?

      3. So “SSR’s father had written to the Maharashtra police ……. ” In India there are far more cases of police incompetence, bad behavior, and what not. Let the courts and authorities deal with all such cases, and you mind whatever you should be doing.

      4. If “Mumbai police were just fooling the public for 65 days doing with an inquest inquiry .”, did the sky fall down? Do you want the city of Munmbai stop everything, and watch the utter nonsense going on certain TV channels?


    • “In these unrelenting Covid-19 times, when the economy is in sharp decline, jobs are being lost and a belligerent China is sabre-rattling on the border, the average middle-class viewer (LIKE YOU) is taking voyeuristic delight in tracking every twist in the case. Instead of focusing on the issue of drug-taking, mental illness and depression that were at the heart of the actor’s existential crisis, as dutifully reported by the psychiatrists treating him, the spotlight has been on salacious gossip and even fabricated news. Sadly, if the spectacle of prime time Big Boss style reality tv is the escapist fantasy for a dystopian new India, then why expect any better?”

      “”Last week in Mumbai, after interviewing the much-sought-after Chakraborty, I went for a morning walk along Marine Drive with friends. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers had just seen unprecedented contraction and I thought that my business-inclined friends would provide me insights on the faltering economy. “Forget the economy, tell me do you think Rhea is innocent or guilty?” a friend shot back. It makes you wonder, are we hurtling towards becoming a banana republic of manic voyeurs?”

    • “It tells us that large sections of the middle class (to which you belong) have bought a conspiracy theory of how things function. ……… And if you disagree with it, they wonder if you are part of the conspiracy too.”

      “”And secondly, the jubilation over Rhea’s arrest tells us how much we have regressed back in time and become a primitive society …..”

      “What worries me the rise of the mob, the naked bloodlust (that you have), the desire for unspecified revenge and the willingness to target the defenseless or the outnumbered. It is the sort of madness that occurs during a riot when a large, well-armed mob burns down the homes of vulnerable people and then congratulates itself on its accomplishment.”

      “That surely, is the India we are becoming. A country when the mob roams hungrily, looking to create a modern-day riot. “

      • you can keep ranting… and that is not going to matter…. what matters is that SSR did not deserve to go like that…he did not take his life… that is what the fight is all about…who cares a whit for rhea or who ever she is…

    • Not sure what you meant by drug peddling by Rhea. Let us look at the facts
      1. Sushant is the drug addict and he was a drug addict even before Rhea came into his life.
      2. Rhea got the drugs (Ganja) for him because he asked.
      3. The quantity was 59 grams, which is not something that NCB normally deals with
      4. Ganja is openly smoked in many areas in India especially during festivals or otherwise. They would have to arrest about 3 million people if that is a crime
      5. The Remand report says that she is not a consumer and no stuff was found. The opinion of multiple senior SC advocates is that the case is without merit. They think that the arrest was done to support a section of media that has been baying for Rhea’s blood and hence many sections were added that do not make sense at all. Look in youtube for specific interviews and you will find this discussed threadbare. They found no 15cr in Rhea’s account, they found that SSR’s family lied about not knowing his mental health issues, and hence could not pin anything else on her. But already the Republic and Times Now had painted her bad so the only way this could end was by arresting her. But no court will arrest her with the actual fact (remember, confession to an investigation agency is not considered for arrest without corroborating evidence and there was none). So, they added trumped-up sections so that the total quantum of sentence is 10 years or more to get her remand.
      These are the facts. Whether Print is blameless or not in other cases is not the issue here.

      • Mam ..with all due respect to you….but u are a classic example of why parents should spend quality time with their children at tender age. Else they become like you…I k ow it’s not your fault and that u can still improve while staying in a group of positive people..thank u

      • Now one media is going to teach the nation, which other media to watch….the writers of this article is a classic example of why parents should spend quality time with their children, when they are growing up, and not just pay the school fees…I know the writer here is not to be blamed, but needs to be informed that her condition can still improve…dog bless u..

  22. Looking at image accompanying this article, just wanted to say one thing — Social distancing my foot. providing coverage to viewers is more important than anything else & worth risking life. All these reporters & cameraman should be taken behind bars for flouting social distancing rules. Instead, authority will catch an ordinary person waling on road without mask & get fine. It is not that they are wrong to impose fine but then why discrimination for the same ?

  23. TV was destined to be like this. They can’t make the moolah unless audience is addicted. Violence is addictive. Hence news channels like fox etc started loud aggressive verbal wrestling matches on tv. Arnab is earliest in copying this. But fact remains tv channels are only exploiting human nature. They always thronged gladiatorial arena, burning at stake, SATI etc. We all have a lynch mob mentality.

    • Every one follows a winning formula. Thus most channels are now republic clone. Popularity of WWE never declines. But I would like to say human’s were always like this.

  24. I guess this event gives everyone a fair idea of what it feels like to be Rahul Gandhi – ridiculed, maligned and unfairly blamed for everything wrong with India in the 21st century. And the guy still has the guts to come out and face up to everything. Contrast that with Mr 56 inch chest who cannot even face an unscripted interview. Who would you stand up for – the tormentor or the tormented?

    The lesson in it for all of us is that India will not improve by merely electing some superman PM – India will improve when Indians themselves improve. Merely blaming someone is not going to make any change in our lives.

    • Why do u have to hide your name…was something so Shameful done by your family that u have to hide your identity or family name… Be bold…then only u would be taken seriously..else u are as good as raga

  25. Like it or not , the frenzy is driven as much by the media as by the people… its a vicious circle…. whether it drives up the trp or not is immaterial… all economic activity is driven by the needs of the people… what is politics after all… it too is driven by the needs of the people… what is the basis of it being said it is right or wrong… in the past when channels were few.. these few channels drove up the desires… let everything coexist… it is bad in spirit and fairness to look down on any alternate media activity… PRINT has its own viewership so does NDTV so does Republic …

      • the whole truth, truth is not cake where even a slice is sufficient, get your ideas right, this Print is a well thought of plan to bring down all the forces standing upto the self claimed torchbearers of the country, the liberals, the seculars……no arnab is point blank right in his coverage…..there are chat proofs of convict sibling being a drug paddeler, instead of writing about that, this god of fake journalism is questioning channels covering the case, have you ever thought why is maharashtra police, govt, and a larger section of anti india celebrity industry desperate to save rhea…..what is she….a soldier, a freedom fighter, an honest politician, i noble social worker, what is she……comeon man……have you ever seen anyone from minority community bashing their own people no matter even if they are shelter to cross border terrorist……we the community are still at far far good n noble but some of us are mad enough to cast our country n community as convict…..

      • There are n numbers of news sources and almost everyone shows evrything. You watch that one which suits you. Why point others? Nobody asked you to to watch and follow this case but somewhere deep inside you yourselves are inclined towards this but won’t admit.

  26. With the people voting for Modi and making the Republic TV the Number One TV, I have lost all hopes and am preparing for the worst.

  27. Thanks for enlightening us,
    Yes rhea is very innocent women – everyone else foolishly blamed her. #smash patriarchy
    But before that few questions you should ask yourself-
    1. An IPS officer has been forcefully Quarantined for trying to involve in the case by Mumbai police – if they are very transparent about investigation why should they do that?
    2. A highest Cadre officer from Bihar was directly accusing Mumbai police of not being supportive.
    – Viewers did not blindly supported republic barath , such suspicious ways of handling the case by Mumbai police and MH govt. made viewers think that there is really something wrong with the investigation.
    the above mentioned people are not politicians are news reporters with motives, they are public servants .
    this especially ,” Respectful madam” made some viewers follow the case .
    Still I want to apologize for being foolish viewer , because I can see from your post that you are going through a lot of pain because of all this .
    hope my apologies bring you back to your senses.

    • Exactly the point , once a subscriber of The Print I cannot trust them any longer since rather being on the central path they swung left preaching the reader on morality . They failed to expose the fault of the Mumbai police , covered up one side of the story and went into the preaching mode on Bihari patriacrhy and blah blah( usual preacher in chief Jyoti Yadav)

      End of the day i felt that may be i dont deserve the Print or may they dont deserve me patronage. 🙂 Cmon you dont need to be dishonest when you claiming such moral high ground

      PS – disnot find the whole article worth a read or my time since i am so sure that it would be a loser’s rant

  28. so what one should do?
    think like you supporting the drug peddlers and addicts? Keep mum like you to see the dirty dance by the police operation concluding the death as Suicide in 1 hour and without PM report conclusion?

    Life is not the way you feel differently everyday you wake up. Life also needs to be disciplined. and you call such people close minded ones.. right?

    Grow up Print.. you now are directly blaming the people of this country whose efforts have now brought the investigation to this level and uncover botched up investigation.

    I am not fan of RTV or TimesNow… but you want to be in this country then make sure you uncover the dirtiness of this country is plagued with and is causing never ending issues for the common man everyday…

    this uncover has also led to how the Terrorists and Black Money is generated by way of our Bollywood stars using our movie ticket money against us.

    Never forget that the people only watched this…. they have also understood the entire link and money trail behind this..

  29. An option for viewers is of course to get brain washed by reading biased articles authored by ultra-losers on The Print (who of course is not asking for a single Rupee in subscription fees).

  30. Who started this game? The likes of Rajdeep, Rohini Singh, Burkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar, and Razdan conveniently stage moral high ground but they are the original pimps of JOURNALISM.

  31. Well people are bound to keep a close watch on a high profile case like this. Media should let investigation agencies do their job bring out the truth. Keep a watch on them, raise voice if they are not doing their job but don’t start doing their job.
    Media did a good job by exposing lapses done by Mumbai Police. They are wrong when they are trying to become the investigators or the Jury. They are also wrong in leaking the investigation details, that way they are compromising the case.
    The people giving Clean Chit to accused are equally wrong, as they are also assuming the role of the jury and deciding if someone is innocent or not.

  32. Before you take moral high ground, please get that in this digital age you can not make fool of people anymore..And it is funnly that agenda news sites like yours blaming others of agenda news..First of all look at yourself before blaming others…

  33. hahah seems like no one is watching print fake media who is always spread fake news and earn money.
    Way to go print fake media

  34. Lets face it. the average Indian especially from the Hindi heartland is not really a bright spark. And social media has made him/her much more dumber.

    Now everyone wants to control this section of society. From the ruling government, news anchors, politicians and morals be tossed into the fire.

    Isn’t it clear that there is no evidence against Rhea in the suicide case and it very much seems like Sushant was addicted to drugs. Yet Sushant’s sisters(who look pretty guilty), Kangana(she has connection to this at all) and half of India have an axe to grind and want justice. Please ask for justice in matters that are more important. The economy, falsely accused in riots, Kafeel Khan, Thootukudi police victims.

    • who ever you are, have guts to post in your own name, ok… are such a cheap poster who is using the name of our god to post your shitty views……gfu

  35. Purely a well planned divertive tactics by many of the TV medias to protect the ruling Party. Foolish viewers lapped up. For many I am sure it was entertainment in boring times which alas turned to be TRP. Despite trolling by many social medias, our self proclaimed Arnab was at his best screaming to please his bosses at the centre.

    • She has been arrested and drugs were recovered from her house. Fake media supporters like you will spread falsehood by saying that no evidence against Rhea. The Print is a paid dalaal

  36. what’s eating you and itching you and irritating you and instigating you to insinuate to write this article ? Simply because The Print doesn’t have a crew of reporters, instant investigators in the scenes , proper analyzers in the show or some such arrangements to keep the audience glued to TV sets 24×7 ? or what ?
    The print feels humiliated by the quickies of instant success of Republic, Times Now and even Aaj tak?
    What will the audience get entertained with in this pandemic ?
    Search for some other avenues of social media to attract the audience and readers till then.

  37. It’s better media is banned in india.Why blame the people 🤦🏻‍♂️. When Modi won people were blamed Why is Shekhar Gupta president of editors guild of India then of he can’t do anything.

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