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Stand With Kashmir not an innocent hashtag, it supports violent Islamists and terrorists

With noted academics and ‘experts’, Stand With Kashmir has become the voice of India resistance in the US. But it has a dangerous agenda.

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As protests over Kashmir intensified around the world after India’s dilution of Article 370 last year, Stand With Kashmir — SWK — became an essential voice of the anti-Indian movement in the US. But while this “grassroots group” is represented publicly by academics who, somewhat reasonably, appear to discuss the question of Kashmir’s self-determination, the organisation’s actual intentions look far more sinister. The Middle East Forum has uncovered that the SWK also works to lionise and defend violent Islamists committed to the murder of Indian troops and civilians.

Across the US, the SWK can be found forming university chapters, organising protests, sending representatives as guest-speakers to events, and working with various Islamist organisations, such as the US proxy for Jamaat-e-Islami, the Islamic Circle of North America. The SWK has rapidly become one of the most influential voices in America on the subject of Kashmir. But behind the humanitarian appeals for Kashmir and Kashmiris, lies a dangerous agenda.

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Support for extremism

While the SWK lists neither founders nor employees on its website, it does offer the names of dozens of its “experts”, some of whom frequently represent the movement at events. Many of these so-called experts are academics at American universities who specialise in subjects such as human rights, colonialism, and gender studies. As could be expected, the SWK and its experts frame their support for Kashmiri resistance to India using the topical, Left-leaning language of today’s social sciences – insisting on the area’s “indigenous” population, praising women’s role in the resistance, generally portraying the conflict as a struggle against an imperial power, and even – somehow – linking it to “climate change”.

But unabashed extremism is found amid the progressive niceties. Despite the obscurity surrounding its organisational structure, SWK is very active on social media. Along with regular posting of poetry, drawings, and articles, it also paints terrorists as victims. On Twitter, the organisation recently tweeted about a Kashmiri named Riyaz Naikoo being “killed” and his house destroyed, failing to mention he was a senior commander in Hizbul Mujahideen, a Kashmiri terrorist group designated as such by the US government and tied to the South Asian Islamist movement Jamaat-e-Islami.

The SWK calls for the immediate release of all Kashmiri prisoners,” whom they present as inoffensive activists – arrested merely for benign political beliefs. In reality, several of these prisoners have been involved with dangerous terrorist organisations, while one has even met with al-Qaeda members and openly declared Islamist aspirations for Kashmir. These violent extremists are profiled and venerated by the SWK online.

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‘Angel of death’

The most compelling example is that of Asiya Andrabi, whom the SWK simply presents as a “sociopolitical activist” who has been unjustly jailed. In fact, Andrabi is a notorious Islamist activist and founder of the India-banned outfit Dukhtaran-e-Millat (Daughters of the Nation), which The Economist notes “supports terrorists” and advocates jihad. Some in Kashmir refer to Andrabi as the “angel of death”.

In one interview, Andrabi explains that she has met with al-Qaeda officials and told them that if  “you belong to Sheikh Osama’s al-Qaeda then you are very welcome because he was a legitimate leader of Jihad”. Andrabi describes the possible arrival of the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Kashmir as “our brothers […] coming to help us to liberate us from India”. In another interview in 2001, Andrabi expresses her support for the killing of “not only the [Indian] police, but all the Indian politicians, too.” When asked about “a call made by a Kashmiri militant group for the assassination of India’s prime minister”, she replies that “we’d be very happy, inshallah [God willing] ….”

As for her eight-year-old son, according to the 2001 interview, Andrabi “would like him to be a jihadi, and fight for Islam anywhere in the world.”

While the SWK experts insist on the importance of Kashmiri self-determination, Andrabi argues that it is “purely an Islamic struggle”. Andrabi does not appear to favour an independent Kashmir, instead saying “we want Pakistan” and “then it will be our first and foremost duty to Islamise Pakistan”.

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Not an inclusive dream

Stand With Kashmir’s academics, meanwhile, claim that Kashmiri culture is threatened by India, and highlight the issue of feminism in Kashmir. SWK expert Huma Dar even led a discussion on “the resistance of women, queer and non-binary gender Kashmiri”. It seems unlikely, however, that any “queer” or “non-binary” Kashmiri would be accepted in the Islamist Kashmir envisioned by Andrabi, who has affirmed her opposition to “traditional Kashmiri culture” and intends to “return our women to Islamic culture”.

SWK representatives, nonetheless, prefer to offer a rather different image of Andrabi. Ather Zia is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Colorado and one of SWK’s “experts”. In an article about the resistance of Kashmiri women, she describes Andrabi as an iconic figure of women’s resistance, and insists, while making no mention of Islam, that these Kashmiri women “are not anomalies to be objectified by rank misogyny camouflaged as religious ideals” nor should they be “patronized by men who judge their dress, language, and expressions”. Incidentally, SWK’s Zia recently mourned the death of Hizbul terrorist Riyaz Naikoo, referring to him as a martyr, and declaring: “death to Indian occupation!”

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Astounding duplicity

The SWK is evidently aware that Andrabi’s long history of support for violent extremism does not corroborate their portrayal of nonviolent activists facing injustice for their political views and peaceful resistance. The organisation and its academics carefully avoid mentioning Andrabi’s violent activities and associations, only noting that Andrabi was imprisoned with her two aides.

In fact, these two aides, Sofi Fehmeeda and Nahida Nasree, are mentioned in another slide on SWK’s website – described as “female political activists” involved “in the movement for self-determination in Kashmir”. The SWK does note that they are members of Dukhtaran-E-Millat (DeM), presenting it simply as “a women’s organization”. But according to the SWK, Fehmeeda and Nasree were arrested not because of DeM’s terrorist activities, but because of a sinister attempt by India to “stifle political participation”.

This astounding duplicity – from academics at prominent American universities no less – does not stop there. Another SWK-championed prisoner is Yasin Malik, whom the SWK describes as having “embraced nonviolent resistance”. The SWK does not mention that he “was arrested […] for his role in fomenting unrest in Kashmir during separatist agitations in 2010 and 2016 that was triggered by the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani”.

The SWK also does not include the fact that according to India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA), Malik visited the “Lashkar e Taiba (LeT) camps in Muree in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and addressed the LeT cadres there”. LeT is a designated terrorist organisation under US law, and is best known for the 2008 Mumbai attacks, in which more than 160 people were murdered.

In March 2020, a Jammu court announced it had “enough prima-facie evidence” to prosecute Malik for involvement in the “killing of four unarmed Indian Air Force (IAF) officials in 1990 in Srinagar”.

Other SWK prisoners include Altaf Ahmad ShahPeer Saifullah, and Aftab Hilali Shah. All three were arrested with other separatists in 2017 on charges of “raising, receiving and collecting funds” for terror activities. According to the NIA, the militants were “acting in connivance with active militants of Hizbul Mujahideen, Dukhtarane Millat, Lashkar-e-Taiba”. Another, Shabir Ahmad Shahwas “in touch with the global terrorist Hafeez Sayeed, chief of banned outfit ‘Jamat-ud-Dawa’ [a branch of LeT] based in Pakistan” and was reportedly given money to conduct separatist activities in Kashmir.

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The true face

Stand With Kashmir is gradually wielding more and more political influence in the United States. In October 2019, it denounced an Indian investigative journalist, Aarti Tikoo Singh, before she testified in a congressional hearing focusing on the political situation in Kashmir. During this hearing, Rep. Ilhan Omar attacked Singh using curiously similar arguments and rhetoric. Six months later, the congresswoman joined SWK for an event on “racial justice” and “militarization in Kashmir”.

Are SWK’s experts – academics of purported renown – really so guileless and such negligent academics that they are not aware they are championing terrorists? Or, do they knowingly support al-Qaeda sympathisers and jihadists, deceitfully presenting them as pacifist political activists?

In any case, it seems almost certain that Stand With Kashmir itself is intentionally advocating for terrorists under the pretence of peaceful progressivism. As the SWK becomes more influential, and as its experts continue to disseminate misleading claims regarding Kashmiri “resistance”, it is imperative that the media uncovers who is really behind this organisation, and that policymakers are made aware of its true agenda.

The author is a research fellow of Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum. Views are personal.

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  1. Modi government has taken a right approach in dealing with Kashmir issue. Only perfect Q solving steps in their last six years. More harsh they should in dealing with issue.

  2. Americans are as distant from the realities of Islam, Pakistan and Kashmir as India’s Judiciary and Neta-Babu Cracy from the reality of India. But they are just as susceptible to Sunni Petro Dollars!

  3. This is vicious propaganda. The people of Kashmir and tourists were lied to about an imminent attack on 5th Aug 2019, then when Kashmiris went to their homes & tourists were moved out, Kashmir went under complete lockdown. That is when the news of removing Article 370 & 35a broke. Kashmiris realised they were lied to about an imminent attack, Kashmiris were furious, their special status was removed. Thousands of Indian forces occupied Kashmir to crush dissent. “Islamic terrorism” is like a magic word India uses to cover up its war crimes. But, be very worried because the world is seeing India for what it is. Kashmiris want their basic human rights and freedom, you will not deny them that no matter how much hate you spew. The internet blackout in Indian Occupied Kashmir is the longest of any democracy. Thousands have been detained under the VERY controversial Public Safety Act. The reality of what has been happening in Kashmir has been revealed to the world. Kashmiri Photo Journalists from Kashmir faced dangerous challenges but managed to secretly take their USB sticks out of Kashmir. Their work was recognized and they were awarded with an international Pulitzer prize. India had caused chaos in Kashmir and the hindu supremacy plan in India itself is also in full motion. The discriminatory laws against minorities has been passed, their are detention camps built in Assam, India has charged Safoora Zargar with anti terror law, a pregnant muslim woman who protested against the discriminatory laws. The world knows what is happening in India.

    • What is happening in Kashmir is what is happening in Pakistan, Afganistan, parts of ME & central asia.

      The Kashmiri might themselves have been innocent in the past but radicalization & violence has now been exported to them.

      SWK seems to be working to bringing in ISIS into Kashmir.

  4. SWK Letter to the Editor

    Stand With Kashmir wishes to point out that it does your news portal no credit to publish an article by Martha Lee of Middle East Forum (MEF) entitled “Stand With Kashmir not an innocent hashtag, it supports violent Islamists and terrorists.” Surely you know that MEF is notorious for its virulent Islamophobia and was created for the purpose of demonizing scholars and activists who call attention to the Israeli state’s vindictive treatment of Palestinians? Its founder, Daniel Pipes, has spent decades “promoting anti-Muslim tropes and has financed numerous activists and organizations that spread misinformation about Muslims and Islam.” We remind you that Anders Brevik, the Norwegian mass-murderer, cited the MEF and Pipes numerous times in his manifesto detailing his motivations for his July 2011 slaughter of 77 Norwegians.

    Your giving MEF a platform to publish its bigoted, unsubstantiated, and manifestly libelous claims is particularly ironic given that the very next day, one of your Contributing Editors published an article on Islamophobia in Indian news coverage: “India’s anti-Muslim fake news factories are following the anti-Semitic playbook.” Given your own claims to journalistic ethics (see in particular the sections “Errors” and “Fairness and Balance”), Stand With Kashmir demands that you acknowledge the “prejudice and malice” that motivates Martha Lee’s canards.

    Any respectable news portal would have asked Stand With Kashmir to respond before it published Martha Lee’s article. Since you chose not to, we wish to make clear that Stand With Kashmir is an independent, transnational, social justice advocacy movement committed to standing in solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir in ending the Indian occupation of their homeland and supporting the right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people. We advocate on behalf of all Kashmiris who are impacted by the Indian occupation, including those who are unjustly detained. In addition, we stand against all forms of oppression, with allies ranging from the Palestine solidarity struggle to the black liberation struggle.

    Although we are steered by the Kashmiri diaspora, our volunteers and supporters are of diverse national, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore, the article, and by extension ThePrint, falsely presents the list of experts on our webpage as being the Stand with Kashmir organizers. These experts are scholars, film-makers, and writers from diverse fields with years of research, publication on and experience in Kashmir. The list is meant to serve as an academic resource for college campuses and media outlets.

    In a time that the Indian media, including supposedly-independent news portals, have largely failed to cover events in Kashmir—ranging from grotesque repression and violence, the destruction of homes and property, and the impact of the changes in the domicile laws—it is particularly unfortunate that ThePrint accepted an article that demonizes a group of people who raise awareness of the core issues that bedevil Kashmiri lives. In publishing it, ThePrint joins the ranks of newspapers that serve, rather than interrogate, the policies and vindictive practices of the Indian state.

    • MArtha lee has done agreat Job exposing the terror supporters !!! Stand with kashmir is ISI porkistani supported org and since you promote violence n murders of innocents you will also receive the same sooner or later ….. INDIA will NOT tolerate religious fascism at any cost and you shall pay the price sooner or alter ….. that jihadi HOs like Ihlan omar n others need to mind their own business rather …Thanks Martha LEE for exposing this anti india HINDUPHOBIC group ….

    • This shows how much is india afraid of you and intellectuals like you . They can not stop you by calling you pakistan sponsored terrorists (like they kill our rebels and call them pakistan sponsored terrorists) but they will surely try to create a different image about you among the dumb Indians….. but who gives a fuck to them . They will remain screaming ‘Kashmir is an integral part of india’ like a road side romeo screaming ‘she is mine’ while every one knows she isn’t .
      I am a kashmiri and trust me every one supports you.
      Just continue raising voice and let the Indians burn

      We will meet one day but that will be a different time and a different country
      Love from indian occupied kashmir!

  5. This article spits hate. Words so cunningly used to propagate against Muslims. You can call every Kashmiri a ‘terrorist’ – shout it out all day long, what matters is you’re not stepping foot on this land. You’re not winning for next 10,000 years. Kashmir is a graveyard for Anti-Islamic and Anti-Kashmiri people.

    Good luck for the propaganda.

  6. So, the same guys who support right wing Hindutva fanatics in India that rape Muslims, harass Muslims and Christians, attack peaceful protesters, lynch over beef transporting rumours are now accusing the other side of being extremist religious fanatics?
    How about looking at the Hindutva fanatics who want genocide in Kashmir and enforce a rigid Hindutva agenda? Could they be the religious fanatics we should worry about? I think so. Let Kashmir be free and let them decide their agenda. They need to be free from Hindu fanatics in India who wish to exterminate them. Free Kashmir!

  7. Dard hua hai Pakistani aur Indian liberals ko. Didn’t expect such a post at ThePrint. Good thing that publications are starting to say it like it is whether leftist media houses or rightist.

  8. This article must have a hit the bulls eye, because the comment section is filled with Islamists attacking the author’s credibility. Ask them what happened to the Kashmiri Hindus and they all go quiet.

  9. It is an acknowledged fact the so-called Kashmir movement has been a movement of Islamic supremacists. The movement is religiously driven that is why in early 1990s Hindu pandits were driven out of the valley to create an exclusive land for the Muslims. All those who stand with this movement cannot deny the destructive role religion has played in this movement. If one takes out religion from this movement there is nothing left as a driving force. The simple fact what nobody admits in the liberal circles is that the basic motto of the Kashmir movement is “We are Muslims and hence superior to all other religions and we want to be separated and merge with Pakistan another Islamic state. ” Those who talk of the so-called army atrocities forget to mention that who started the violent movement there. When one side turns violent and starts killing the innocent people belonging to other religions the state cannot sit as a mute spectator and allow the violence to continue. So the security forces were sent in there. The article truly reflects the other side of the story.

  10. It’s really surprising to note that in the soil of American Universities, SWK activists are sowing the seeds of religious hatred & jihadism in supports of Islamic fundamentalism that caused a pathetic & brutal attack during 9/11, leaving thousands innocent Americans citizens death, a black day in the history of America. American government actively pursues a dedicated role to eradicate Islamic Terrorism to countries who sponsor such activities as a policy matter. How do such activities of SWK activists being organized within the soil of America dare to act against another country posing a serious risks to their internal security that needs immediate strong measures to stop growing out of check? Islamic mindset genuinely appears a nightmare to whole world fanning towards killing of non-believers of their faith to establish Islamic Rules. They have no other constructive agenda other than fanaticism with destructive approach to breakdown the peace & prosperity of entire political world. Winston Churchill once commented, quote ” when Muslims are in the minority, they are very concerned with minority rights. When they are in the majority, there are no minority rights” unquote.

  11. I wish someone would put a nuclear bomb on Pakistan and decimate that rogue country ince and fir all.
    In that process even if Kashmir vakley & POK is affected; then all the more better for India.
    Indians are fed up to the teeth about the Kashmir issue and Pakistan and want an end to both if them.
    Muslims wherever they are become a problem.
    So much the better that US is bombing the Middle East to smithereens and killing as many vermins there as possible.

  12. For sure, Martha will be labelled a “right wing” analyst whose credentials are B grade. Only Left liberals have enough brains to comment on such contentious issues.
    How dare a right-winger comment on issues which is monopoly of leftists and liberals of this world??? LOL 🤣🤣

  13. Yes we can see the plight of Hindus in Pakistan. How many are there now in your beautiful Muslim nation? You guys occupied Kashmir through violent encroachment, now acting as victims. Nobody trust you. No one in the world. That’s your reputation from your own deeds. These guys should know that the Kashmir belongs to Pandits as well. You guys butchered them and occupied their spaces. Don’t act like innocent now. This is not your land as you guys say. Get that fact first. You guys are Intruders came to create Muslim nation. Shame on these creatures.

  14. Hindus are ironically victimised by hindus than any other religious fanatics. History exhibits that millions of hindus were brutally and mercilessly massacred by so called jehadis in the name of islam since 8th century onwards. Presently there is no taker for helpless kashmiri hindus who were butchered, raped and dragged out of kashmir in the name of islam. No one is found to support these innocent kashmiri hindus for their rehabilitation in the valley. Ironically some hindu academics and noted names are deliberately accusing national leadership only to gain political mikeage. The barbaric acts of forcible conversion of hindus into islam in pakistan is being deliberately ignored by these rutthless hindu intellegencia. Now time has come that all more than ten million hindus unite and destroy the millitancy from our country once for all. If not now then when ?

    • The author is just expressing their views on the matter. If you don’t agree to it then it’s okay. Don’t comment mindlessly.

  15. I am not a Muslim or a supporter of terrorism. But then right from 1970s, I have been viewing Kashmir issue as well as so many other similar issues.

    All these issues were connected to the handing over of British Indian army to two local political groups unilaterally by the British Labour Party government.

    No referendum was conducted in British India as to whether the people wanted to shift to India or Pakistan.

    After this rascality was accomplished, native kingdoms like Travancore, Kashmir c&. were forcefully takenover by Pakistan and India.

    There were continuous revolts in many kingdoms. All were crushed brutally. However Kashmir alone held on.

    Though it is Islam that is uniting the people there, independent Kashmir is not for all Muslims to barge in. The nation is for Kashmiris.

    As to the people who want to crush the Kashmiris, the fact is that even the Indian army officers do not want their children to be in India. They want them to escape to some native English nation.

    If that be so, why not allow the Kashmiris also to escape?

    • Remember Bangladesh, after 3 million Bengalis were raped or tortured and killed by Pakistani army they got their independence.

      People have a short term memory and the fantasy of the Ummah blinds them to reality. Wealthy oil rich state that promote all this radicalism will not help a single Syrian child. This truth will not enter those wearing skull caps.

      Not only Kashmir but the whole of India and Pakistan is made up of 600+ princely states. I am from Tamil nadu where the vast majority of the people do not speak hindi, yet we have no problem with being part of India. The problem in Kashmir is the same as in region Pakistan & Afganistan, radicalization and terrorism.

      If Kashmir did become “independent” it would become the next territory for ISIS.

  16. It’s a thumb rule. You can’t counter one sided narrative by another single sided narrative. This article gives impression that some people are just out there to create trouble in otherwise peaceful situation. There is plenty of yellow journalism in the same vein in indian wtsp scene. It’s the same masala.

  17. Finally, someone who tells it like it is.

    More articles from this author, please.

  18. The handle standwithkashmir is operated by Ather Zia , a college teacher with dubious credentials and whose publications are largely rants about kashmir and against India.
    Ather Zia has deep ties with terror organisations as a “soft front”.
    Asiya andarabi is primarily known for throwing acid upon the faces of young girls in kashmir to disfigure them for not wearing hijab.

  19. Who came be more violent than Nazi inspired Hindu Terrorist Modi . Which religion can be more wild than Hinduism? Hindus are wild animals who are targeting innocent Muslims in Kashmir and Endia

    • Hindus or our Muslims have any difference .they love their country and since freedom struggle they sacrificed their lives. Our Muslims are more safe then from where you come. Only terrorists mind set occupied in people like all those see India in red glass. We love Rama ,Raheem, Yesu equally. Since our child hood we have grown up side by side. Played, enjoyed life as brothers.
      So donot worry Islamophobia terrorist mind set will not come in india.

    • Oh you first learn English then the name India then the history of Kashmir and then see Pakistani Hindus do they kill your people no but you people do terrorist Pakistani 😂😂

    • Yes we can see the plight of Hindus in Pakistan. How many are there now in your beautiful Muslim nation? You guys occupied Kashmir through violent encroachment, now acting as victims. Nobody trust you terrorists. No one in the world. That’s your reputation from your own deeds.

    • Yes we can see the plight of Hindus in Pakistan. How many are there now in your beautiful Muslim nation? You guys occupied Kashmir through violent encroachment, now acting as victims. Nobody trust you. No one in the world. That’s your reputation from your own deeds.

    • Modi is thorn in the muslims back ….. e. World is full of jihadi mentality muslims who want INDIA to turn muslims nation. Thousands of muslims organizations are hell bent to oust Hindus from INDIA. Modi is standing in the way stops them in their tracks. They know while MODI is here they can do anything.

    • Do you have proof that Modi is Terrorist ? No then shut up. You are a Muslim and talking about Terrorism 😂😂😂 lol. First see how many terrorists are there in Pakistan. Imran khan is a Terrorist of a Terrorist nation.
      There are 135 UN designated Terrorists in Pakistan and you are talking about Great Modi who is like a God. Go and make bombs and do Terrorism because that’s the only thing you can do

    • Mind your language mister. Atleast we dont supprt terrorism and terrorist by giving them shelter in our place. Which u ppl so freely. Stop saying nuisance abt hindus. Your religion in itself is a curse for the world. This dream of u ppl to cnquer the world wid islam is not gonna happen. Keep your shit words to yourself.

  20. What makes a human being suppressed to be a militant? That’s fundamental question india has forgotten to ask itself.Its own history legacy of bhagat Singh and many more of the struggle against the british seem to be forgotten.compulsory occupation and killings of innocent kashmiris will definitely bear the future kashmiri to pick up arms against the occupiers.

  21. The article is riddled with instances of bias and interpretation of such a resistance through diabolical half-truths.

  22. Most people don’t go deep to find out the innocent facades like SWK. In reality they are the incubators of ISi like organizations who kill original inhabitants like Kashmiri Pandits and try to establish Islamic theocracies.

    • Islam
      It’s the most intolerant religion bin this world
      Kashmir belongs to India
      And it always will be a part of India
      Imran khan is the terrorists
      Who allowed
      The pakistani army to kill
      Thousands of Balochistani people
      Free Balochistan

  23. The Print is one of the genuine voices of the people of India during this climate of fake news. However, letting conspiracy theorists like this author space on your portal, is an worrisome. Please check the blogs written by this author and you will realise the above mentioned comment. Different views are appreciated, but that needs to be atleast fundamentally sound.

  24. Those u call terrorists r freedom fighters fighting oppression.what about your TERRORISm,destroying public properties,killing innocents nd detaining civilians..bans on internet nd calling..You r occupier ,who wants demographic changes by bringing hindu extremists in KASHMIR..hold referendum if u want it to be peacefully solved..Rss ,abvp,bajrang dal,vhp like hindu terrorist organizations should be banned istly

    • You are the ones who changed the demography of Kashmir by perpetrating the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits in the years since 1989. Hardly a handful Kashmiri Pandit families remain in Kashmir valley now.
      Worse still, under the NC regime in J&K egregious attempts were made to alter the demography of Hindu dominated Jammu. Thousands of illegal squatters, all of them Muslim, were given land rights in a bid to change the demography of the region.

  25. Those u call terrorists r freedom fighters fighting oppression.what about your TERRORISm,destroying public properties,killing innocents nd detaining civilians..bans on internet nd calling..You r occupier ,who wants demographic changes by bringing hindh extremists kn KASHMIR..

  26. Godse was a hindu angel who killed violent, extremist Gandhi that preached terrorism against British Occupiers towards whom Savarkar had pledged servitude that is upheld by his angelic RSS/BJP non-violent lynch mobs.

    • Hindus or our Muslims have any difference .they love their country and since freedom struggle they sacrificed their lives. Our Muslims are more safe then from where you come. Only terrorists mind set occupied in people like all those see India in red glass. We love Rama ,Raheem, Yesu equally. Since our child hood we have grown up side by side. Played, enjoyed life as brothers.
      So donot worry Islamophobia terrorist mind set will not come in india.

  27. Old trick of these islamists, right from Palestine, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, to all the world hot spots.

  28. How much did Hindu American Forum pay you to write this flight of ideas??? If you aren’t blinded by your hate for Muslims go to India and see the plight of Muslims. Ignorant fools of your kind are in abundance and have nothing but bigotry and hatred to offer. Shame on your miserable existence

  29. Martha Lee who is your Paymaster?It must be either Pakistan which is a Failed state or Congress Party of India who has looted the treasury every time it came to power.By law Kashmir in an Integral part of Democratic India and Indian people will stand by it.You and your backers should work to defend if that is the right work people of Hong Kong and forget Kashmir.Stand with Kashmir is paid by Pakistani government which will wither away like occupy wall street brigade which died.We have had protesters for CAA & NPR who agitated for a while but withered in no time.Leftist like you should not waste time on National Indian issue’s.The Leader of this The Print is a certified paid by Congress Party and some leftist ideology so move on.

  30. The middle East forum, a pro Israeli and anti Arab forum what else can be expected other than anti Muslim propaganda. In the above assertion that groups banned by India somehow constitute illegality is a highly dubious and ignorant view, would the writer then suggest that all freedom fighters against colonial rule were terrorists as they all were deemed ‘ terrorist outfits ‘ by the oppressive colonial powets whether it was the FLN of Algeria, or the congress in India. It seems certain western sycophants are willing to overlook atrocities committed by India in Kashmir, some on the basis of their hatred of Muslims, while others see India as some ‘infant’ democracy whose ‘little’ mistakes of killing and rape of 75000 kashmiris ( as reported by Amnesty international) must be overlooked for the greater good of project democracy.
    The print like most Indian media outlets is disingenuous in its reporting, the people of Kashmir have been denied their basic rights that of a plebiscite, and yet at every opportunity will hark on about how India is a democracy, but will not report the real situation on the ground for the Kashmiris under Indian occupation.
    I have on a number of occasions made comments on stories in The Print but have not been published, it seems the Print doesn’t like to print those that do not fit a India centric viewpoint.

    • Anyone who does not subscribe to your views and opinions is conveniently labelled as pro-Israeli and anti-Islam. Your argument is specious at best. Your logic would lead us to believe that all terrorists are actually patriotic freedom fighters. Am pretty sure you consider Osama Bin Laden too a patriot of the highest order.
      When a terrorist organization has been classified as such by the UN itself, what more do you require?
      And what exactly is meant by the “plight of Muslims in India”? Indian Muslims are doing far better than their Pakistani counterparts. They are excelling in all walks of life, much to the chagrin of the Pakistanis.

  31. Would you admit that Lockdown was an foolish idea in the first place. There were better ways to handle things.

    • Would you admit that in the hindsight even a moron like you was having possibility of becoming Einstein ?

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