Congress MP Rahul Gandhi at Parliament | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
File photo | Congress MP Rahul Gandhi at Parliament | Praveen Jain | ThePrint
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Any government needs a good opposition — to act as a check by presenting the threat of an alternative. For the last six years, India has not had one. The regional parties have been marginalised, coerced into silence or bought over, and the Congress has had poor leadership from Rahul Gandhi. His mother, also his predecessor and successor as party president, appears to be preparing the ground for his return by side-stepping one set of aging, unelectable advisors to appoint another, younger set of the same. And so Gandhi, like Robert Bruce’s spider, may try yet again to project himself as a serious, thinking politician. But, as in the 2019 and 2014 election campaigns, are he and his party misfiring again?

As a backdrop, the prime minister’s ratings in a couple of opinion polls (assumed to be reliable) have soared to unimagined levels. Many country leaders elsewhere have also seen a bump in their ratings in recent weeks, as did Donald Trump too until very recently, but none of them on the scale seen for Narendra Modi. Only George W. Bush enjoyed something similar, immediately after 9/11. People tend to rally round the flag during crises, but the imbalance between Modi and the rest is extraordinary. That is not entirely Gandhi’s fault; Modi’s skills as a politician devoted to image-building and to presenting failures as successes are formidable. Nevertheless, as Modi approaches the first anniversary of his second government, what price a good opposition in the foreseeable future?

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Take a look at Gandhi’s two video performances recently. His press conference, conducted remotely, has been trolled for repeated use of the word “strategic” (and its variants), but his reasoned attack on the government’s “strategy” for tackling Covid-19 was easily countered: Increased testing has not raised the percentage of positive results, the government has already become “strategically” selective by demarcating red, orange and green zones, and the recovery rate has improved while the death rate remains low. There could be a second wave of infections after the “pause” of the lockdown, as Gandhi has warned, but we have to wait for that to happen.

Gandhi’s second video outing saw him in conversation with Raghuram Rajan, with Gandhi asking most of the questions and Rajan responding. This was an odd position in which to place the putative leader of the largest opposition party, as someone seeking wisdom rather than providing answers or solutions. Rajan has been an informal advisor to Gandhi for some time, but a leader does not present himself publicly in a shishyaguru relationship. It is hard to imagine the leader of the opposition in any other large democracy choosing such optics.

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As for the Congress, it scored an own goal by criticising the government’s decision to temporarily freeze dearness allowance payments to government employees. The party runs the government in Rajasthan, and is a coalition partner in Maharashtra; both state governments have announced pay cuts. And Manmohan Singh (who voiced the party’s criticism on the DA freeze) forgot that he was chief economic advisor back in 1974, when Indira Gandhi froze half of DA increases and placed them in compulsory savings that would be fully reimbursed only over six years.

The real problem, though, is that the Congress leadership shows its privileged bias by voicing its opposition in English, to a relatively minuscule audience, while Modi speaks in a mass idiom in Hindi. Jairam Ramesh, Shashi Tharoor, and others like them (including a senior leader like P. Chidambaram) may come up with sharp arguments and valid criticisms, but on the political battleground, they are snipers, not the cavalry or artillery. And Mohua Moitra shows Priyanka Gandhi what she decidedly is not.

If the Congress is to score even with the English-speaking, middle-class audience, it has to come up with answers that make sense when everyone can see that government revenue has sharply eroded. If businesses are to survive in a dramatic recession, they have to lower fixed costs, like wages. Is it asking too much of the Congress to offer criticisms and realistic solutions that recognise such realities?

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  1. A person who shoots from anther’s shoulder is only proving what everyone is already fully aware of: He is incapable of shooting and openly challenging. All Rahul can do is nitpicking and pettifogging. He got Rajan, and today, Abhijit. Why try to shine in borrowed feathers, if he has pretensions of being the country’s PM ?

  2. Today’s problems of Congress are not because of recent developments. It all started during Indira Gandhi’s regime. She was an intelligent lady but never encouraged other intelligent persons in the party resulted in creating sycophants. There’s very big vacuum of dynamic leadership in the party. There are a few leaders who prefer to keep quiet. Even without a strong party organization some state leaders are dreaming like the next prime minister. Where will you get a strong opposition?

  3. Referring to this article, It seems like Prime minister Narendra Modi has always had his own ideas to be implemented as policies. A man, who always hesitate to show the certificates of his educational qualification, and his team of illiterate politicians ( except some) achieved mandate polarising people and playing foul politics is set to destroy our beautiful country in all aspects and gradually India is losing its sheen socially, culturally, politically and economically as as result of implementation of their own made Hindutva ideas to govern this country. Rahul Gandhi is not an economist so he was talking to Mr Raghuram Rajan asking for his suggestion regarding the resumption of economics activities post corona and how to mitigate the impact of this crisis economically. What is wrong in that??

    • It is wrong with you. Why people like you stay in India ? Producing like hell…all of you are parasites for country.

  4. Ur entire article is biased blaming n doing the same godi media did to RaGa .Yes Congress must see beyond RaGa but I have gone through comment section of tht video only paid BJP it cell have trolled him not genuine well read ppl .U never wrote an article about the 20000 crore project n vanity on tht .Lastly u dont want leaders to take points from economists n behave like the current one destroying the economy tht had already slumped to 4% last year .

  5. Is this true that RG did say this?…find out the truth andhbhakt….and I think you better know the truth and how to misguid people

  6. If one goes by the argument that discussions with Raghuram Rajan indicates that Congress does not have a solution, then the government at the centre as well does not have a solution. It has chief of NITI Ayog to advise it on policy issues and an Economic Advisor to advise the govt on important fiscal issues on a daily basis and paid by the govt. The author of this post should not make himself a laughing stock

  7. If one goes by this argument (congress does not have solution and hence talks with R.Rajan), then the present Government at the centre as well does not have a solution of its own as there is a full time Economic Advisor who advises the govt on imporatnt economic matters and issues on a daily basis.
    Why the author of this post on Rahul discussing with Rajan does not see reason?
    Do not make yourself a laughing stock!!!!

  8. It will be very helpful if The Print can have a single, critical article about Modi and Shaw. What they did in the last 6 years for India and where India is now economically, socially and internationally. You must do that before you open your f… mouth against a talented, honest politician like Rahul Gandhi. I am sure you will not, as you and media similar to you are run by BJP from India’s biggest robbery of man time; currency demonitization.

  9. Its good to have a leaser who consults renowned experts on subjects thathe and his party dont pretend to know all the answers…
    Atleast he is not a lying mr knowall

  10. Aren’t you people responsible for making India what it is today ? If you feel that you are qualified enough why don’t you take on Raghuram Rajan one on one n become the CEA – thats an achievement. You guys feel that you can debate on everything but you forget true journalism. Modi’s popularity chart….. It is better he resigns n appoints someone like Nitin Gadkari in his place. Have trust in yourself – do not sell your soul for money to anyone

  11. Language is definitely not the obstacle, the real problem is the manner in which the Congress puts forward it’s views. It certainly does need to be more spell bounding to the people by fighting for issues that are real and with a basis.

  12. It’s very obvious that you, the print are also one of Modis pets. RaGa and his conversation with with Rajan was brilliant and he has shown how adept he is when it comes to governance and politics as opposed to the PR show that modi puts up instead of providing solid solutions to the existing crisis. Why don’t you write about how pathetic a government has to be to turn a global pandemic into a humanitarian crisis? The same poor that vote for this showman modi are the ones who are dying trying to get home to their families.
    Don’t stoop so low. You sound desperate.

  13. One person army cannot be smartest ! At least when advising is required Congress even Hon Dr Manmohan Singh ji never shied away taking in the suggestions of opposition!!
    There is no harm seeking advises from people and teams expert in their core competancy! Rather than acting like raw minded people!
    It is bad luck that we have a person at helm not on basis of achievements but just because he has art of public speaking…

  14. Mr. Ninan people like you forget that when you praise an incompetent pm like Modi, it’s actually harming the country and its future… I m ok with your opinion that Congress has been unable to gain the faith of the country as a better option than Modi and BJP. But it doesn’t mean that you are correct with your bullshit what you have written here….
    There is a limit to lick the back of your boss. If it was concern only to you and your tounge then I would not have anything to say but when you write something like this on any media then it worries me…
    Criticize the opposition n it’s ok to do so but your language is like a chamcha of Modi nothing else…..
    Next time when you praise Mr. Bechara unconditionally, just think about where he took the country in last six years or so……

  15. One person army cannot be smartest ! At least when advising is required Congress even Hon Dr Manmohan Singh ji never shied away taking in the suggestions of opposition!!
    There is no harm seeking advises from people and teams expert in their core competancy! Rather than acting like raw minded people!

  16. Its your opinion as news media and injecting in people mind. There is nothing wrong in asking to Raguram than acting like i know everything even though i m a tea seller and politician without financial ideas.Media expect people to believe whatever they say just like you.May be you got your share from current government.

  17. Better one question the government then to question the opposition. I feel Government didn’t had or have any strategy at any point of time. It would have been better to quarantine people coming from outside India in February rather then to quarantine the Indian economy with 130 crore people.

  18. Raul’s discussing the economic issues with a learned economist like Raghuram Rajan indicates that the Congress leader believe in collective decision making or suggesting. Those who are used to follow the authoritative decision making by a single person will obviously find some fault in any opposition leader’s collective approach.

  19. This is completely an UN-enlightened analysis. Firstly, in a democracy like India, the PM is first among equals. He needs to be a leader who listens and has the capability to get the best minds into work. Secondly, India is just too big and diverse to be run by one man. We are clearly seeing the effect of being ruled by one man. Thirdly, RG was proactive in warning the Govt back in February and the writer missed that. He spoke about tests and still we are nowhere in the tests per million trends. A marginal Increase in testing resulted in Per day active cases are averaging at 1800 which was below 1000.
    If you cannot appreciate the listening skills, you cannot be a good writer.

  20. I believe we should look for solutions from the government. I believe better word would be alternative not solution.

  21. If the government is good then you need a good opposition.
    Mr. Rahul Gandhi don’t want to waste his precious time on a bad government.
    Mr. Rahul Gandhi can make a good leader.
    Mr. Uddhav Thackeray, CM of Maharashtra is a good leader. No one expected him to be a good leader. Media heckled because of its godi media mentality.

    • You are right it some people can’t be good conversationalists but When they get an opportunity they show their mettle.

  22. Sadly and truly and in Rahul Gandhi’s own words, India indeed is missing a dynamic opposition strategically!!!

    He is critical of Modi unnecessarily and it reflects how bad his coterie is in quality!! The government has done fairly well and instead of criticizing Modi just for the sake of it, Rahul would be well advised to appreciate and support the government with an open heart. Even if it would not give him rich dividends, it will atleast not dent the already damaged image.

    People would appreciate him for his positivity and not troll or ridicule him of oozing negative vibes.

    It’s a good way to turn a new leaf!!

  23. The Print always support BJP, as they are helpless. It is tradition of media to be with ruling party. Rahul is 100 times better politician than Modi. But BJP is master in media management. I was under impression that The Print is impartial but it shows it is not. Instead of appreciating efforts of Rahul Gandhi to consult with expert to overcome the situation of covid19, The Print criticise Rahul. Better you give claim that you are impartial and admit that you are also Godi medea.

    • If pappu is considered even in dreams as any where near some of the cabinet ministers in the present dispensation is day dreaming and living in fool’ s paradise , coming to the point forget about any where 1000 miles near Mr Modi

    • It was rahul Gandhi Alerted Administration long before this mess could happened….why they are systematically ridicule gandhi intellectual ability we know the reason behind….and the problem with any majority governece is they never take serious the humble opinions …people say Rahul should support government ….then what the fuck he was doing when he was alerting and alarming the government then about the outbreak of covid19…..really what is the problem with media don’t I understand bro….

  24. Wait, listening to an economist is poor optics? Oh yeah. We have a central government that doesn’t listen to anyone except bhakts/hate groups. Not sure who is the writer appealing to. Definitely not to people who can think.

  25. Heading is just for the hit, different content and no relation with the title. Didn’t understand the argument. Whenever opposition come up with any argument Print come up with this kind of articles and say that government had countered the allegations. But I never seen any authors are checking and talking about the validity or factuality of the counter. Always keen to look at the intelligence of opposition members. But for BJP, a troll or fake news is enough to say that ‘ smart move’. In this article, author argument was, discussion about an issue or asking questions to the government is stupid but trolling is a great parlimentery activity. The Same article can be written in the angle ” Does the government has no clue how to answer to opposition or Why can’t government get into factual debate?

  26. A good leader is one who lives in the company of the wise. He realises that he is not the know-all and relies on decisions of those are experts in their own fields. Akbar relied on the likes of Birbal. For any leader to proclaim that he/she has the quick fix to all issues that confront the nation and then have nothing at all is suicide. Modi has oratorial skills and nothing else. He wants others to listen, but never really listens to others. Rahul Gandhi is a patient listener and seeks the answers to the problems.
    Modi ordered a temporary 1 day lockdown and without weighing the pros and cons of extending it on the lower strata of the economy he extended it. The whole migrant labourer fiasco could have been avoided if he had his ears to the ground. When he realised his folly and came on television he presented the picture of a lost joker. What a pity to see a PM dragged through the slush only because there was no sound advice. Better LISTEN and need advice than be a charlatan and be mocked at as a failed leader.
    Not that Modi is a failure. He is there to carry out a certain agenda and that is now on display for all who care.

  27. What is good and or strong opposition, who can give ratings of grade, BJP, Govt Media or Social media.

  28. Pappu has brilliant idea to revive economy i.e. to construct a manufacturing plant which take potatoes(Aloo)as raw material and provide Gold(Au) as finished product.

  29. Apparently the solution is to dissolve itself in the solution which is the tears of migrants and rise like the Phoenix from the fire, clean and chastened

  30. I seem to be getting a clearer understanding of why my country is in such a pitiful condition as a nation.

    I would actually think that Gandhi or any politician should be at least respected for referring to a specialist in times of need, rather than going on his own whims and wishes. Which politician on earth do you think has enough knowledge to offer a solution for a problem that has never been faced before.

    You can call him pappu all you want and dismiss his opinions as the obvious. If it was so obvious why didn’t the all knowing govt lock down the country in February, why didn’t they increase the testing earlier. And btw, the logic used to diss Rahul on the increased testing resulting in the same percentage of positives is absolutely faulty. If the govt was correct, then on increased testing the percentage should have gone down. The fact that it stayed the same proves the point made by Gandhi that there are more cases than officially announced.

    I can understand how your modi goggles is clouding how you see everything. I’m no fan of Gandhi, but I think I can spot a fanboy when I see one.

  31. Antonio Sonia Maino wanted her son Pappu to be an intelligent wizard by having conversation with ex Reserve Bank Governor, Raghuram Rajan on economics of our nation, in the bargain Raghuram Rajan proved to be another Pappu. What a tragedy.?

  32. What kind of nonsensical argument is this? The government need provide no solution and will definitely not listen to experts. The opposition is not only supposed to have all the answers that the government clearly does not have, but must not be seen paying attention to experts!! Andh bhakti ki bhi seema hoti hai!

  33. This lament from Ninan, no well wisher of Modi, at the rank amateurism of Rahul Gandhi’s reaction to Modi’s approach in dealing with the Covid19 pandemic, is unusual. His is a cry in despair at the stubborn refusal of the Congress party to look for a leader outside the Nehru dynasty despite repeated electoral defeats in the past decade under this cabal. Rahul refuses to grow even after his 15 year long apprenticeship in politics. He deliberately shunned responsibility by staying out of both the UPA 1 and UPA 2 Governments where he could have had any post (including that of Prime Minister) for his asking. This refusal only reinforced his image as a work shirking, comfort seeking dilettante who merely had glory thrust upon him, thanks to his pedigree. Modi is strong in his own right and growing stronger by the day. It would take someone extremely competent, popular and charismatic to take him on. If Pappu is all that the Congress can field against Modi, the days of the Congress party are numbered.

  34. Congress will have to become an alternative solution ………. even if it has to be the third or the fourth pillar of the building!! Question is who’s the alternative to RG if at all!!

  35. It’s really very difficult to digest without bothering of the future of nation and the next generation how this paid media supports the illiterate communal government.

  36. If you don’t have answers , the shouldn’t it be obvious that you get help or answers from those who do , I not a Congression , but I think Rahul Gandhi is going on the right path ,which path our PM should have chosen 5 years back on economic issues , then we would not have been rapidly moving towards economic disasters , but our PM kept on insisting taking advice from inexperienced and incompetent FM and secretaries , poor India.

  37. So who else is ready to offer himself as opposition candidate to take on the might of the ruling party – Mr Kejriwal, (who stood by when riots happened right under his nose) Ms Mamata Banerjee (who relies heavily on fudged data like Mr Modi himself) or Mr Nitish Kumar (who appears helpless to even transport his own state citizens back home) or the author (who seems more awed by Mr Modi’s image building abilities than any true governance ability) Anybody who is willing to offer himself/herself as sacrificial pawn so that writers like the author of this piece can eviscerate them is welcome to step up.
    Truth is the quality of government, opposition and journalists all are sorely lacking in India. Hence the sorry mess we find ourselves in.
    Personally I think it is better RG takes advice of some wise counsel like Raghuraman Rajan and learns from him than the PM’s model of hare-brained schemes like demonetization. The electorate has to recognize that in a scenario where everybody is found wanting it is better to elect the one who atleast listens to advice – mistakes will be smaller and easily rectifiable. People with megalomania are liable to cause immense damage.

  38. Reporters are unnecessarily writing on opposition not having solutions when it is so clear that modi doesn’t have solutions. In spite of so apparent problems in current government along with attempts to throttle everything, reporters are creating division and confusion in people’s mind which gives modi advantage. This is going to harm reporters only as evident by so many instances. If reporters continue to do so people will not believe them. In the times of war like this which is being ridiculously used for self gain and money frauds, reporters should try and unite people against authoritarian regime. But still they want to preserve their so called balanced view image which is going to bounce on them later. And then they won’t get any help from good leaders of opposition

  39. This article by Ninan when compared with the article by Shivam yesterday shows the difference between the best and the worst ! And the Print carries both of them! Ninan has correctly read the nuances of the issue and commented maturely compared to childish comments by Shivam in his article yesterday.

    RRR will lose his credibility by routinely ( and not strategically) offering his interviews and advises from Prannoy Roy to Rahul. Prannoy conned RRR to say that he is very much interested in returning to India and he is just waiting for an invite! His talks with Rahul exposed RRR further as someone having nothing out of box to offer on the economy.

    But RRR is a clean person much like MMS and should be welcomed in politics. Congress will surely benefit by his presence. In any case, Rahul will do a Sonia if Congress comes to power and will need a team of professional turned politicians like RRR in the cabinet. Shivam jumped at this thought and we had the full article yesterday!!

  40. Folk, please cut Mr Rahul Gandhi some slack. He is just a well meaning fool learning the ropes of his family business & jagirdari.
    It would be indulgent & laudable……….. if the implications weren’t so serious for the future of India.
    Mr. Gandhi you don’t realize it, but you are BJP’s greatest asset. Carry on Mr. Gandhi!!!

  41. As per an article in Hindustan Times Pakistani ISI has opened up many fake profiles of Hindu Sounding names. Just check out a few comments posted here on this thread on those saying Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar are great Patriots fighting the Kashmiri cause. Why is that pro Modi articles and comments elicit a response that is always Anti India. This isnt just here it’s in YouTube and Twitter as well.

  42. It does not say much for Shri Rahul Gandhi’s personal achievements and stature that he needs to bask in limelight borrowed from Dr Rajan. A Prime Minister – or someone aspiring to that post – can seek advice from the smartest people in any domain. As President Trump is doing with Dr Fauci. The only subliminal point that comes through from such interactions is implied criticism that the government does not make good use of experts.

  43. Not sure if The Print would rather have a guy that admits ignorance and asks off experts or another that behaves as he “knows it all”, even over the experts; defense – hiding behind clouds to evade the radar, finance – demonetization.

    As to the second wave, while it can already be seen happening, is The Print upset that it did not happen immediately after he warned of it.

  44. Sir I Am from Kerala. I don’t understand Hindi. And how it become “Privileged Bias” when someone speak in English in a country which roughly use 22 languages and so many sub-languages. Is only hindi speaking people Indian’s according to Mr.Ninan. Or is India reduced to the third rated journalist’s circled around the power corridors of Delhi?

  45. This is insane.

    Congress gave suggestions before this interview. The authour conveniently. They could be very bad but they were addressing addressing right issues. Unlike current govt who have MLA in private upset about unscientific responses to such emergency.

    Now is this opinion is in English which is miniscule of populations. Such anecdotes don’t make sense.

    PMs rating are pushed by relentless propaganda with not paid but hired media or owned media.

    The author still in 21st century expects leaders to smarter than experts. In 21 century such leaders have sank the ships and killed the progress.

    If it was direction that is expected from a leader them Raga put a tweet warning the nation. But leaders who rely on thier raw intellect ridiculed it to see the kind of day today.

  46. If Congress had solutions, it could have provided those solutions long back when Congress was in power. After Nehru and from Indira Gandhi onwards Congress had ample opportunities to solve India’s problems but it didn’t as it had no viable solutions. Rahul Gandhi is just the manifestation of Congress bankruptcy of Ideas except for indulging in corruption.

    • Sure enough they have no solution and is that how they brought the country so far? Do you think that Modi magically made India a top economy overnight?

      The Congress has allowed the country to progress this far with a decent GDP, low levels of unemployment, religious harmony with minor problems {more so in the uneducated North).

  47. Theprint seems like become copy of godi media.
    It is never critical to government and Modi and always again congress.
    Money can do anything

  48. COMMITMENT TO THE NATION and PERSONAL HONESTY are the two qualities respected in this nation. A leader even with one of them is acceptable, if one has both he will remain unbeatable.
    A common voter is willing to pardon all genuine mistakes and more , possibly because he does not understand the economic theories, BUT he surly knows when someone steals the money and he cannot fooled by calling someone CHOR for months on end, as we saw during 2019 elections.
    The non-Hindi speaking intellectuals in politics can only be advisors at best but the media calls them senior leaders.
    Rahul Gandhi’s chat with Raghuram Rajan only confirms that Congress is trying to find a solution in the PROBLEM itself.
    The man to watch for future is K. Subramanium a Hindi speaking ECONOMIST.

    • Subramaniam Swamy is hollow … all noise and little content. Tries to bring in as much hindutva into every talk of his, even when it has no connection. He, a shelf proclaimed economist is not recognised or given value within his own party and is happy questioning and even mocking recognised economists such as Raghuram Rajan. This guy’s one and only agenda is to bring down the Gandhis… nothing more, nothing less!

  49. Sir atleast start this article with Right concept,Good apposition is not a need of any Government. It is the need of a dying democracy.

  50. why need a niti aayog. or a planning commission if a political leader knows all the answers. hahaha . Write on more substantive issues Sir as a well known economics analyst instead getting mired into political slugfest. all said i respect your right to say anything on any subject. and will defend it. but least expected from a man of your calibre.

  51. 1 percent of indian vulgar rich hold 63 percent of national wealth. come on Sir. why then Modi has to form 11 panels. why was MMS brought to Delhi to initiate neo liberal reforms. why govts appoint CEAs. No one knows everything. whatever is being done structurally, RG did it openly. State . The omnipotent. bureaucracy runs the establishment. what is the original idea of Modi for that matter. your attempt at covering up your hatred for someone couched in sophisticated motivated analysis is pathetic.

  52. Weird that the author still expects something useful from the Congress. There is none so blind as one who refuses to see. The author is one such who refuses to see that the sole raison de etre of the Congress is eulogising the Gandhi parivar. Offering constructive solutions, sensible opposition or even trying to connect with voters is not in it’s DNA. As the entitled prince once said the Congress is the default operating system of the country. With such entitled views one only needs to wait till the hoi polloi sees the light that is Congress. But it’s strange that the author who should know better expects rationality from the Congress. India has moved on, time it’s journalists and opinion writers also did so.

  53. Author as usual like other paid presstitutes writing for opposition and asking opposition but has no guts as others to ask government questions!! We recently government again showed commitment to spend 25000 crore on new parliament bit no print or TV journalist dared to question it! I am sorry but a common indian has lost trust on presstitutes. When in future, questions will be asked about ur role as 4th pillar, your family and kids would embarrassed to say that you belong to their family or you are their father, mother.

  54. As per above print publication , it is mirror clear that Print is only fit for either ecentric printing without thinking and or learning or mouth piece paper printing which is divert course of journalism .

  55. In The Dynastic Corporate World Of Congress People Came Conquered Made Their Killings Except The Likes Of MMS.This Guy Has Decided To Remain An Apprentice.

  56. I think many of the print columnists including this gentleman are decidedly anti-congress and always look for reason to deride the grand old party and in particular Rahul Gandhi while presenting the ruling central government in tones of unabashed admiration.
    Sad to see that in digital newsroom run by very respected Shekhar Gupta

  57. TN Ninam has written an article expected of a proper journalist. I am a vocal Modi supporter, but I staunchly agree with the author that we as a nation need a strong and credible alternative. It is a pity for a nation to elect a person because there is no alternative rather than on merit.
    The party in power must never be able to rest on past laurels, and should constantly be challenged CREDIBLY and constructively. There doesn’t seem to be such a scenario, and Rahul Gandhi cannot seem to measure up. 18 years have not seen him able to fill the shoes. A country as vast and talented, a party as old as the Congress will most surely have rising stars who are worthy of taking on PM Modi in time for the next elections. Nurture them instead of trying to prop up an unskilled and reluctant non-leader.

  58. Instead of looking at someone who doesn’t have answers,the author can think and write something more useful in these times.
    Optics of portraying others in badlight serves no purpose.
    I expect the author to engage himself and the readers in solving more critical issues.

  59. Congress or any other party has no role in national policies.
    Reginal leve all parties or doing their best in this grave situation .
    Thank God people (bjp) cader not comparing their chef ministers with other party CM’s evnthough an attemp was made earlier days for such narratives better sense prevailed .u press only making ratings imp. Next to handling of carona.
    Wait everything will come ou in due course
    Let us hope and think peopl are responsible and needs protection from rulers

  60. You are a mouth piece of Modi like most of others you don’t see any hope other than Modi just wait and see where to go India keep it up

  61. The actual problem with Congress party since the days of Nehru Ji ,it was/ is always dependant on few chosen pliable journalists to shine the face of the top leader only and to install its own dynasty as “Bharat Bhagaya Vidhaatra “–“Dispenser of destiny of India ” as only message worth propagating. The pseudo journalists perfected this art and science and benefit personally enormously also . The natural fall out of this policy was/is birth of sycophants subordinate leaders and subordinate journalists class. The dynastic journey kept on moving from Indira G to Rajive to RG via Sonia . But it had negative outcomes also . Persons with Merit in all the fields found no scope and career in the party and strayed and found acceptance in other parties–specially in BJP ,except the leftist output churned out by Universities like JNU and JU,AMU etc who still worshiping dogmas and ideology of pre-World war -I & II vintage. Since 2014 after the “For ever-lasting final defeat ” in the parliamentary elections when it failed to corner even 10 % of seats , the party has degenerated into a club of “OLD TIMERS or of second/third generation decedents of pre-1970 s leaders like Surjewalas, and its kind and can be called a grouping of mercenary of New RG brigade . Media is also full of old faithfuls . RG brigade and media faithfuls are either failed to see and grasp the great transformation the India , Indian- specially young Indian have undergone during last two and half decades , or they do not possess ability to see wring on the wall. The another reason may be they are deprived of faculty to read “between the lines ” because “DESTINY’ wants to lead Congress Party its final resting place — the GRAVE YARD OF HISTORY BOOKS. After 1984 , its more than three decades Congress party could not muster individual majority in any Parliamentary Election. The dwindling number of seats it got in 2014/2019 is not one off episodic event. It is secular trend. It is job of historians to go and search for reasons , as most of the present day journalists lack ability to go deep into with searching minds as they have perfected the art of senslising news and views in this age of “INSTANT NEWS ‘only till new tweet become talkable.

    But every drowning person tries to catch the available floating log in river in the hope of making to shores. The todays Video talk show with Raghuraman Ji should be taken in that spirit. There is no need to comment on the leadership qualities or mental facualities of RG . The country is well aware of his contribution to political discourse and its verbal diarrhea in shape of ” CHOWKIDAAR …… “

  62. Both Shekar Gupta and T N Ninan have become BJP spokesmen. For them anything that Rahul Gandhi does is bad. Anything. Whats wrong with asking questions to RRR and listening. Whats wrong with repeating a word. As a minimum Rahul is not a Feku.


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