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You can #BoycottTanishq, but here’s really why we are so scared of Hindu-Muslim marriages

Why is India, a country that so proudly wears its diversity like a badge of honour, so fearful of Hindu-Muslim love?

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In just over 24 hours after Tanishq was boycotted and its ad pulled down, which was cheered by some Indians and offended others, the episode exposed Indians’ deep-rooted fear of Hindu-Muslim marriages. The Surf Excel ad in 2018 and the Assamese TV serial Begum Jaan this year have done the same.

But what is it about interfaith marriages that still sends shock waves across our country, even in 2020? Why is India, a country that so proudly wears its diversity like a badge of honour, so fearful of Hindu-Muslim love?

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In most Hindu homes, falling in love with a Muslim is the ultimate ‘sin’, an ‘abomination’ that cannot be tolerated, no matter how ‘liberal’ the family claims to be. The primary reason is their preoccupation with the idea of purity. When it comes to a Hindu woman marrying a Muslim man, the idea of honour also invariably gets tied to this. Most of us have been told that we can marry anyone ‘but a Muslim’.

The fear is not only that the woman might have to give up her own religion — even though the Tanishq ad argues the very opposite by showing the Muslim family being respectful of her customs. What about future children? Will they be Hindu, or Muslim? A mixed lineage just cannot do, especially for Hindus who don’t even want their bloodline to be diluted by different castes — inter-caste marriages still face the horrific dangers of ‘honour killings’. Marrying into another religion, especially one that is of ‘invaders’, is another matter altogether.

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‘Hindu khatre mein hain’

This fundamental emphasis on purity has been politicised culturally by the Hindu Right-wing in such a way that it has built the ‘Hindu khatre mein hain’ narrative — Hindus are in danger. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP)’s national spokesperson, Vinod Bansal, once stressed that the Right-wing body was not against interfaith marriages per se, but was fighting against the conspiracy of ‘trapping’ Hindu women. On 11 October, Assam Health and Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma even proclaimed how his party will ‘fight’ the so-called ‘love jihad’ if voted back to power in the 2021 assembly election.

Within the parameters of ‘love jihad’, women are clearly understood to be naturally ‘incapable’ of taking their own decisions, and Hindu men must ‘protect’ these ‘defenceless’ women from the ‘manipulative’ Muslim men, even if the woman may be an adult. This kind of thinking is reflected in actor Kangana Ranaut’s take on the controversial ad as well. Ranaut complained that the daughter-in-law was apparently shown as “meek and timid in her own house” and reduced to a “set of ovaries”. I don’t know if she saw a different ad than I did.

Hindu women are being forcefully converted, and Hinduism is being destroyed is the argument of many Right-wing Hindus. If in India, Hinduism is threatened, where will it survive, they say.

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The narrative of ‘love jihad’ seems to paint Muslim men as hypersexual, cunning creatures who use their sexual prowess to ‘seduce’ unsuspecting, vulnerable Hindu women and convert them. This trope also throws light on another fear — Muslims are perceived to be ‘breeding’ to ‘take over’ Hindus in the country’s population.

The Tanishq ad depicts a ceremony conducted for first-time mothers to pray for a safe delivery and happy life. The ‘phobia’ then gets magnified on the screen, because the ‘ownership’ of the unborn child is in question here. The child, within the typical system of lineage followed in India, will be traced through the father’s family, who is a Muslim, and that translates into bringing another Muslim in this world. The Hindu-Right has for long been pushing for a population control law because of its fears that Muslims are taking over the population of India — a hoax that has been debunked time and again. And yet, so many times we have heard men tell Hindu women to have more children than Muslims.

And, of course, forced conversions into Hinduism in India does not alarm believers of ‘love jihad’ and ‘reconversion’ projects by organisations like the VHP or ‘ghar wapsi’ are seen as ‘rescue missions’ of sorts for ‘lost souls’.

‘Radicals’ and ‘terrorists’

Interfaith marriages themselves are neither uncommon nor unnatural in India. In fact, BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain’s wife Renu is Hindu. And that is just one of the many inter-faith marriages that stand strong. But there is a strong narrative, solidified by the phrase ‘love jihad’, that marriage is the route for Muslims to push Hindus out of existence. In fact, in the eyes of Hindus in India, Muslims are just reduced to terrorists, members of the ISIS, or jihadists. They are not human beings, they are ‘potential threats’.

This is why even Kerala medical student, Hadiya, had to be ‘rescued’ from the marriage she was obviously ‘brainwashed’ into. Even Hadiya’s father K.M. Asokan, a staunch atheist, gave in to his ‘fear’ of forced conversion and possible deployment of his daughter as an Islamic extremist. The retired army man, too, probably could not shake off his prejudice of Islam being associated with terrorism.

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‘What about arranged marriage’

Finally, there is also the issue of how interfaith marriages are mostly ‘love marriages’ — a direct breach of the fabric of the Hindu family. Even today, urban millennials are forced into arranged marriages, in which there is an elaborate matching of family background, class and caste structures.

An inter-religious love marriage not only ends up ‘destabilising’ the basic unit of the family, but also their religious community. As Ajaz Ashraf points out, the Swadeshi Jagran Manch, an affiliate of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), does not only have an issue with Muslims, but with “unbridled and unbalanced individualism of the West is destructive of community living”. The idea that two adults can choose each other on their own accord, across religious lines, represents this very idea of an unbalanced individualism that threatens the existence of India’s biggest cultural Institution — arranged marriage.

There will be continued debate over whether Tanishq made the wrong move by pulling down its ad, or whether it was wrong to release it in the first place, but I’ll hold on to what Saif Ali Khan once said — “Intermarriage is not jihad, it is India”.

Views are personal.

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  1. I seriously think that media like print among others are paid by Muslim lobby to print only anti Hindu material. Why the hell Tanishq did not show a Hindu boy marrying a Muslim girl instead of the other way ? That is more secular and better for religious harmony. There are no stories, movies showing a Muslim girl loving, marrying a Hindu boy. These rags keep defending their position with things like Tanishq? For a change find out who created, wrote the ad for Tanishq. The gullible Hindus keep swallowing such tripe. The answer will not be surprising. On the same token look at all the Netflix movies coming out. They are all in the same line, Hindu girl falling in love with Muslim boy. They should be shut down and drummed out of India.

  2. Not only Muslims, but Hindu women should be careful of unscrupulous Hindu boys also. There are many unscrupulous Hindu boys who seduce the girls and take their advantage giving false promises to marry. Innocent girls believe them and get cheated.

    There are also unscrupulous Hindu boys who lie about their salary and qualification during marriage. This also amounts to manipulation. Many Hindu boys lie about their jobs or profession. They do NOT earn after marriage and Hindu wives have to slog for household expenses.

    Why don’t people talk about this problem ?

  3. Hindu women have a right to marry the person of their choice irrespective of caste, religion etc.
    Marriage is a woman’s personal matter. Even relatives have no right to stop the Hindu woman from marrying anyone of her choice.

    People even oppose inter-caste marriages within Hindu community.

    • Actually according to Quran a Muslim can not marry a non abrahmic religion it’s means , by marrying non muslim they want to prove that Quran is wrong

  4. Le the Hindu girls themselves decide whom to marry. They have a right to choose the life partner of their choice. There are many marriages between Hindu girls and Muslim men which are successful. Fundamentalist Hindus only cherry pick two or three isolated cases of unsuccessful marriages.
    Are all the Hindu to Hindu marriages successful ? Divorce rates are increasing among Hindu marriages in metro cities.

    Check the number of husbands cheating on their wives in predominantly Hindu India. The number of extra-marital affairs is also very large in predominantly Hindu India.
    There are cunning Hindu males who seduce innocent Hindu girls and get married. Many of them are NOT earning and look upon their wife’s earnings to lead their life. Many useless Hindu boys marry rich Hindu girls only to get money from the girl’s family. They do NOT work and are good-for-nothing.

    • The article is biased and doesn’t explore the other side . If you consider yourself as a true liberal have the spine to talk about the hatred from both side

    • Muslim man loving Hindu girls the only thing that happens is some “tu tu mai mai” between parents from both side and thats it at the end they agree. Hindu man loving Muslim girl cases like Rahul Rajput death happens. But hey we cant give lecture of secularism to Muslims they are torch bearer of secularism only hindus will get lecture.

  5. Dear Tina,
    it’s a scientific fact that Genetic diversity produces the strongest offspring. For now, Let’s keep the “Hindu’s fear of Muslims” argument you mentioned aside and see things from the other perspective, many won’t believe it but there is a certain small section ‘within’ the Muslim community in India, that propagates Radicalism, propagates the idea of trying to convert more and more “Non muslim women”. They exist and that’s a fact. Offcourse not every muslim intends conversion nor does every hindu oppose interfaith marriage. If this issue needs to be solved, there needs to be an equal effort by the Muslim community to weed out people within their community who propagate such ideas. If they do that to ensure that their Hindu brothers/ sisters feel safe, there won’t be an adverse reaction by the Hindus. And no it’s not just a political agenda but it’s a socially ingrained fear that needs efforts from both end. This reaction by VhP and other right wing parties.
    If you hate being generalized by other community you also need to show that you are not what they think you are. I would also urge my muslim brothers who are reading this, to please come out and raise your voices against this. In muslim countries eg-UAE there’s a law where muslim man can marry a non muslim woman but a Non muslim man cannot marry a muslim woman. These are the same countries who call themselves Secular yet have silent laws to protect their community. So miss Tina Das. Why is it ok for muslim community to protect themselves but when Hindus are being protectionist it’s suddenly wrong. ?

  6. Beta sirf hindu women or muslim man pr gyaan mt pelo….
    Jaake muslims ka behaviour dekho ..agar koi hindu ladka muslim ladki se pyaar krta h to ya to usko bhot pitwate h ya to islam apnane ko force krte h….this is the real truth which u fake liberandu people will never understand…saif ali khan will never want her daughter to marry a hindu boy…these muslims 90% have only 1 intention ….to increase their population at the cost of hindus….and love jihad is the best way for them.. stop your fake jouranalism. We dont need bigots like you

  7. We all know the end result of love jihad….hindu women left impregnate, chopped to peices, sell to human trafficking, daily tortures including sex with molvi…..and you ask if it rightists agenda to destroy harmony?
    Are you nut you are the one who assists in such a hinious crimes……why don’t you force your wife and daughter into love jihad and we will se how its end?
    Justice for ankita tomar……
    They are tought to use women as sex tool and its already mention in their shitty holy book.
    And if that not enough let me tell u one more thing a religion whose foundation was layed by saying that you will go to jannat and will be awarded with 72 virgin hoor or girls….then i don’t know about you but thats not a religion its an sexual agenda to demoralize other religion and their peace ….

  8. Leaving the people taking political sides aside, the majority of Hindu people aren’t protesting against the content of the Ad itself. The problem is every-time Ad makers or any type of content seems to highlight only one side of the problem while the other side of the story is purposely ignored all the time.

    There seems to have been no difference lately in how the left or the right media operates. Just when you think a certain media house is unbiased, then you get articles like these, which fuels the problem more rather than solve it.
    It would had been interesting to see what the reaction might have been if the couples in the Ad would had been a Jew and a Muslim. Maybe someone should try it, just for the sake of propagating secularism, would be interesting to see nonetheless.

  9. People say Islamophobia started in India after bjp came to power in 2014.Nope..fear for Muslims was always there bcs of their beastly behaviour before, from ages. Nowadays hindus are being alert. That’s a good thing. when mms said Muslims should have first priority on nation’s resources he made hindus as 2nd class citizens in “HINDU”stan.

  10. “Hindu women marrying a muslim man”
    Please talk about a Muslim women and hindu man too

    “Interfaith marriage is not love jihad”
    Ofcourse not. But this is for muslims perspective. Jihad is for muslims. Talk about how muslims should see it when a hindu man marries a muslim women.

    Talk about how it is not permissible in muslims too.
    And how they see it.

    Always talking about interfaith marriages keeping in mind that a muslim man and hindu women can only fall in love.
    You see most of the people are dumb who were against this ad. But you are also one of them.

    Please. Talk about both sides equally. I support both sides of the story.

    Its just that i am someone who is in love with a muslim women. (And know that i won’t be able to be with her </3)

    And when i see these things i hope someone should talk about my side of the story too.

    Please. It is a humble request. Always talk about both sides of the story. Always. Then only it can be accepted by both sides.

  11. Such an biased article, how many Muslim girls are allowed to marry hindu boys. How come a hindu majority country there are more muslim men marrying hindu girls and very rare hindu boys marrying or luring muslim girls, this shows Hindus are tolerant, I think today in each and every hindu family they would be incident where there relatives daughter or neighbours daughter is married to muslim boy or have eloped, how come vice versa is not seen. Why boys in relationship with muslim girls are killed, liberals are writing as long as hi dus are in majority. Hindus must rise and marry muslim girls than only balance will come..

  12. Very strange that this article says this-
    ‘In most Hindu homes, falling in love with a Muslim is the ultimate ‘sin’, an ‘abomination’ that cannot be tolerated, no matter how ‘liberal’ the family claims to be.’
    ….Instead of this-
    In most homes, falling in love with a person of different religion is the ultimate ‘sin’, an ‘abomination’ that cannot be tolerated, no matter how ‘liberal’ the family claims to be.

    I liked the print, but this is quite one sided & unfair.

  13. You guys haven’t utter a single word, about a muslim women marrying a hindi youth. Totally one sided view , hypocrites!

  14. Just another one sided article lampooning Hindus as if they are biggest bigots on the planet. Pray have you written even one line on how many Muslim girls are married to Hindus? And what a skewed ratio that would be even if its the case.
    Such incorrigible non-sense is what is revitalizing Hindutva, acting as a nourishment because Secularism’s burden has to be borne only by Hindus. For the rest its free for all. I shudder to think can a minority citizen even dare to think about marrying a Muslim girl in a country where Islam is in majority? Nope. But you’ll say India is not Hindu Republic, it is secular. Then I’d say “Exactly! That’s my point” India is secular because Hindus are in majority. Hypothetically by a stroke of imagination if you wake up one morning and find the Muslims making up 80percent of India, the constitution of which they gleefully hide behind to maintain a status quo of priveleges would go down the drain.

  15. I am just copy pasting from your matter only:
    In most Hindu homes, falling in love with a Muslim is the ultimate ‘sin’, an ‘abomination’ that cannot be tolerated, no matter how ‘liberal’ the family claims to be.

    Why you are not mentioning the muslim families side. Do they welcome a hindu who wants to marry their muslim daughter.
    Why your article is showing one sided ness? The same is the matter there and you must have heard so many news headlines of muslim family killing a hindu lover of their daughter.

  16. Don’t mind if my daughter marries a person from any religion, my biggest fear is it should not be a Muslim, point, we don’t want a Muslim in our family.

  17. Why Hindus never object to marriage to a Sikh man or Jain…. Would their be same outrage …the problem here is that Islam is a brutal propaganda of of Arabs… And we dont want our people to fall in this trap…

  18. Imagination and reality are different. While these adds were running we heard the news of a Hindu women burned alive for refusing to convert to Islam. In another incident a girl was beheaded for the same reason.
    A famous athelete was trapped by a jihadi posing as a hindu, and revealing his original name and faith only after consummation and later forcing to convert.
    Only few months back, from the so called progressive state Kerala a Christian girl was drugged rapped and video graphed the act. Later used the video and photos to threaten and force conversation. Kerala police was not even ready to file FIR, instead asked the father of the victim to take compensation and settle the matter. The culprit, who has close links with CMO of Kerala, was arrested only after the launch of an investigation by NIA.
    N number of girls are trapped by hook or crook and forced to convert on daily basis by the Jihadi groups across the world, not just in India.

    • Another propaganda. Give the name and addresses of the people involved the time and place of incidents, so that we can verify the truth of your rants.

  19. It appears that Tina Das, does not understand that most Hindus don’t want to be in Noakhali. If is time she move there.

  20. The hypocrisy of the liberal writers in this is evident. They fail to acknowledge the all too common knowledge that any young hindu man or woman who marries a muslim or a Christian is forced to convert to the other religion. I know of many Hindu girls and boys marrying Muslims and Christians. I do not know of a single instance where the Muslim or Christian spouse became a Hindu. Almost in every instance the Hindu was pressured to convert and in pursuit of marital harmony they did. It is a one way street and liberals do not want to acknowledge that.

  21. “love-jihad” this thing is only for the common people only besides you can see the top BJP leaders have choosen in diffrent religions.

    Subramaniam Swamy’s doughter married to a muslim guys.
    BJP minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and seema Naqvi.
    Another BJP minister syed shehnawas Hussain and Seema Hussain..
    RSS’s Ramlal niece merried to muslim.
    Sachin pilot and sarah Abdullah

    List is long … so use your mind .

  22. Show the ads, I support you
    But I will ask one question
    Why can’t u show other way around muslim girl and Hindu boy
    Can you show that
    Who is biased the ad makers or u them or both of you

  23. True we love Ratan Tata and his parsi community on the verge of extinction
    , only because they could not flight with radical muslims in Iran, they were 95 % in Iran now only.0.6 percent survived from muslim percicution, and,
    some of the refugees sought asylum in india gujarat, obviously it not Ratan tata, s brain behind such nasty ad it must be some rotten brain of some marketing manager

  24. Articles and authors experiment to ‘smell’ public opinion. Current and future generations of Hindu better not taken granted. Great lesson for ‘oversmart’ libraaphiles.

  25. Another liberal getting in her sandbox to air all their grievances based on one ad. What these liberals fail to acknowledge is that there are real differences between Hindus and Muslims everything from food, rituals to reading of history and most importantly fundamental values and political preferences. If two people get together as fully independent individuals, decide to marry and live together, that is well and fine by most people. But if either of the couple want their families and larger society to forget all differences and merge into their happy union, it is asking for too much. If you want to continue relationship with your family, you will have to address their wishes and fears. You cannot brush away real fears of loss of identity and future potential strains in relationship. If you cannot convince, be prepared to make a choice between family and your new partner and walk away from one. And be financially and emotionally independent to make such a choice of walking away. The only patriarchal issue is that more often than not, it is the woman taking this excruciating decision. And hence the sensitivity of each community towards “their” woman going over the other side. Liberals would spend their energy better helping couples successfully navigate with their families to achieve a workable relationship with all. Whining and ranting about the “state of this rotten society” would not be effective at all. We all live in Indian society NOT in a European society.

  26. Obiviously a rhetoric sanctioned by a HINDU PHOBIC team and a consistent bias .


  27. The advertisement came just days after the sad news of a 18 years old boy, Rahul in Delhi, beaten to death for befriending a muslim girl in the neighbourhood.
    Interestingly, the media ouitlets that underplayed or ignored this news are now at the forefront of tom tommng Hindu Muslim unity through love and marriage.
    If Muslims and Hindus graduate to a level where ordinary interfaith marriages become normal, every rational human, including yours truly, will be quite happy but at considering present reality this is a pure pipe dream.
    Another important factor in such marriages is the financial and intellectual standing of the families involved and how traditional or westernized they are.
    The household that gives diamond gifts at minor occasion perhaps would be free of religious bigotry and thus Tanishque ad is not objectionable at that level
    In North America and other western countries, Hindu Muslim interfaith marriages are perhaps a bit more frequent than in the subcontinent but still they are rare. The reason is still the families on both sides and divergent views on almost every social, spiritual and values front. This invariably leads to the next generation getting confused , frustrated and rebellious.

  28. The title implies that a pre-requisite for the diversity badge is an acceptance of Hindu Muslim marriages without any reservations. Why should that be the case? Whether we are ok with it or not, we are diverse. People are hesitant to marry between castes as the Author herself claims (Notwithstanding the Liberal criticism and attribution to causes and reasons for the same). How is it that they will be OK with a Hindu-Muslim or a Hindu-Christian or any other alliance? This attitude has been around and is not new. Opinions that are bereft of understanding the native culture and the history of such attitudes is really of not much value. This opinion piece is just a Rant…. a liberal rant at that.

  29. Hmmmm my response which was expanse is deleted. Wonder who is moderating for an answer with no bigotry but ignoring all the “islamophobic” comments. This article is lazy with no factual basis. NO WE ARE NOT TOLD TO MARRY ANYONE EXCEPT ISLAM . The writer rushes her experiences as whole of hindu community.

  30. Much ado about nothing. It’s an advertisement. People reading about it and people writing about it are not tanishq customers, including me! Their buyers are busy making money and buying jewelry rather than ‘tweeting’ or ‘trolling’! 😀
    Looks like kangana has way too much time on hand, just like me!

  31. Oh boy.. for all of your tooting your horn of impartiality the author seems to have conveniently ignored doing any amount of research regarding attitudes in Muslim households toward marrying out of religion. Also pretty much seems like opinions including one or two statements to support it. No data…. because data can unmask your bias correct?

  32. The writer seems pretty ignorant. I’ve lived in around 4 cities (3 metropolitian). I’ve made acquaintances with almost 500 students during this term. I quite distinctly remember an interfaith couple (Hindu boy and Muslim girl) because of how their puppy love ended. Most hindu households while you say are orthodox etc etc don’t seem to have an effect on the child and this was the case here, 16 year olds in puppy love. No one gave heed and they were the popular couple. But I remember chatter of my muslim female classmates how she shouldn’t do so. Her father got to know about this and it ended. I asked the guy why ? He said her father did not want her mingling with hindu. Its pretty easy to paint about how hindus are intolerant and all but this problem isn’t related to only hindu. One thing which may also cut across our religious lines is bigotry but you paint it on hindus because theyre more in no. Jains, Muslims, Christians etc all prefer someone from their own faith. Your own experience dont paint full hinduism. I never heard of this Marry any other faith than muslim from my mother (devout hindu). My brother will marry a Czech national next year and no one in my family has a problem with it. is it only in my family ? Did Rahul’s family had a problem with muslim ? NO! But writer is busy in exposing one faith rather than focusing on the problem which is faith itself. A lousy job indeed.

    • I’m afraid the model who played the role of the Muslim daughter in law married into a Hindu family, would be beheaded by fundamentalists, after all non muslims are all ‘kaafirs’.

    • Interesting that she should quote Saif Ali Khan. As a follow up please check out the names given by him to his kids . Doodh Ka doodh aur water Ka water hi jayega. Baat karta Hain !!!. Double standards and hypocrisy .

  33. “Most of us have been told that we can marry anyone ‘but a Muslim’.”

    Parents say that not because of hatred towards Muslims or supremacy mindset as suggested by the author. They say it because of their life experiences which in most cases isn’t positive when it comes to this kind of marriages. Exceptions are always there but no parents would want to see their dear one suffering for the life.

    • Most hindus do not have any direct life experiences of any kind with muslims. Most hindus do not even know one muslim well. Rhis kind of hatred that exists without any kind of personal experience is called bigotry

      • May be you should move to Pakistan and have direct experience with Muslims and then give us your views. this guy is giving views from the experience of his parents, whom he trust more than some Keralite like you.

  34. The liberal opinion seems to brush everyone that did not like the commercial as a Hindu bigot. To me that is not true or even a fair statement. Imagine the Brahmin’s training Dalit priests for a temple. This would make me squirm and perhaps many liberals as well. I should not have to explain why. The same holds for this commercial. Yes after partition many Muslims stayed back, However the fact that it was done on the basis that they could not live among us, is a scar not so easy to let go. In that context this commercial looks offensive!!!!! Imagine a Kashmir pandit watching this!!!!! This commercial is offensive at many levels. Legitimately offensive to many at many levels…. The LIBERAL should pay heed to the sentiments that they rub the wrong way!!!

    A better message would by on Bakrid, a Mullah preaching to his herd that All religions are the same and we were wrong to have said we cannot live with Hindus. We were wrong to ask for Partitioning India…. Let us see how far that will go!!!

  35. Problem dear friend is not inter religious marriage,but one sided hypocrisy of this .hindu girls marrying Muslim is natural and should be appreciated and clebrated,but Muslim girls marrying hindu boy ,the boy will be murdered and celebrated in one community as jihad.and do tell me how many Muslim girls marry non muslim or have any say in their marriage.if it was such a natural phenomena of falling in love ,then more Muslim girls would have been marrying hindu boy as Hindu’s r in majority
    And thus options for muslim girls falling for hindu boys’ r more but sadly Muslim girls do not have heart and do not fall in love
    Hypocrisy is thy name

  36. I don’t see you talking about the mud;tiple instances of murder that happens when a Hindu boy loves a muslim girl. This is an issue of patriarchy combined with the above mentioned facts. But also bring an intellectual dishonesty from the so called liberals who fail to highlight the insistence of muslims for the hindu to be converted to marry. this has to stop.

  37. Oh, that old secular Vs Communal charade.
    Please, show a muslim girl in a hindu house as well.
    You people have double standards and should be exposed as such .

  38. Ms Das – A simple question – would Tanishq, or, for that matter any brand, dare swap the girl in the ad to a boy? Does anyone have the guts to show that a Muslim girl marrying a Hindu boy is at least hypothetically possible? Imagine the backlash (and the liberal abhorrence) for that concept.

  39. The problem here is why does it always have to be a Hindu woman and a Muslim man? Why not the other way around?
    Why dont Tanishq and others come up with ads depicting a Muslim woman impregnated by her Hindu/Christian/Sikh husband?
    You may cling on to Saif Ali Khan’s idiotic statement and fantasize about the “sexual prowess” of Muslim men but fact remains that liberalism/secularism demands everyone to adjust, accept and accommodate equally.
    It cannot be the case that one community has to yield and give in again and again – or at least portrayed on screen doing so, while the other remains rigid.
    Its a two way street and things must go bothways. Come out of your delusion and see the reality for what it is.

  40. Oh. Of course, this has to be from The Print. I have never seen a sensible article from The Print. Seriously, kalam se zyaada likhte ho. Karke dikhaoge? And of course, these muslims are invaders. School me kabhi history padha tha kya? Are you still try to save the face of Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and all the other Bullywood druggists and ISIS puppets.
    Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram

  41. Not one word…. Not one word…… About the terror of ankit saxena s death, the recent murder of that rajput boy in delhi by muslims….. Not one word. Thats why people hate this kind of fanatic and extremist left wing journalists. She rants… And rants…. Not one word…. Not one word….

  42. The fundamental issue with the article is a flawed premise of equality not grounded in reality.

    Hindu girls married to Muslims end up converted, dead or deserted.

    You pick up any local news paper and your eyes would open to love jihad on the ground.

    These ads try to soften the fundamental Islam which is a threat to a vibrant society and nation.

    Of all the religion the last one you should adopt is fundamental Islam. If you want to know why you should read B R Ambedkar’s view on Islam.

    Clearly author is swayed more by emotions than by facts and reality, which is what is reflected in this article.

  43. We know of the India – Bharat binary. We also have the not much acknowledged the Bharat-Hindustan binary. Saif Ali Khan’s quote hits the nail on the head. If Hindustan is anything – it is inter-marriage; evocative of Firaq Gorakhpuri’s , “Sar zamin-e-Hind par aqwan e aalam ke Firaaq / Karavaan aate gaye, Hindostan banta gaya.”

  44. It will be a long time before an ad agency in India creates a similar offering. The message is actually to India Inc.

  45. Will you please answer this question,
    What if a Hindu boy is shown and muslim girl is shown. And an outrage would have happened from muslim community on the name of jihad, Quran, at that time also would you have written this kind of long page article?

    Will you please do us a favour by writing same kind of article in support of Rahul Rajput!?

  46. why not quote a different view on ur so called secular article. why only one particular community’s statements were written. u should carry other community’s statements. and let see how ur article is readable ?

  47. The sanctimonious garbage shown in ads is so far removed from reality. for those that are shielded from gritty, real world news by left portals that either twist facts or do selective reporting, these ads appeal to their “all you need is love” fantasies

    How tone deaf do you need to be to run this ad on the same day that two different Hindu men, one in Bangalore and one in Delhi, are murdered by the families of their Muslim girlfriends? when people talk about the dangers love jihad people accuse hindus of not being accepting..

    When the muslim families murder hindu men that dare fall in love with their daughters, or carry out honor killings of girls that dare stray the path dictated by isIam, why doesn’t the musIim community get lectured about acceptance and religious harmony and world peace?

    Save your “love is love” garbage. that’s for normal people, not for fanatic communities whose madarsas put a bounty on hindu girls’ wombs

  48. The actions of Tanishq in withdrawing the ad is a bugger embarrassment to Modiji then if the ad hadn’t been withdrawn.

    A bigger embarrassment because this incident will be reported by the world press. Which makes you think, is the BJP troll army, BJP’s friend or enemy?

  49. Muslims and Christians support a democratic, free, tolerant India. Fine, but if a Hindu woman becomes the daughter-in-law of Christians and Muslims, there is no tolerance, but to convert to their religions. If a Hindu boy marries a girl belonging to these communities, he will have to accept their religion. Where is tolerance, rule of the land and freedom? So, for certain things, they rely on India’s secular nature; and for many other things they use their own religion(s). Hee hee; it will work only in India as long as Hindu is the majority.

  50. Such a one sided view, yes Hindus consider it a sin to marry a Muslim, but you should’ve also exposed killings of Hindu boys who were in relationship with Muslim girls, they were literally killed including a recent example.
    And the fear of getting outnumbered should be there coz there’s only one Muslim majority region in India which’s Kashmir and it persecuted it’s Hindu minorities not even including Pakistan and Bangladesh. Whereas, Muslim population is increasing in Hindu majority regions, so these demographic figures clearly shows who’s “tolerant” and who’s not.

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