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Eid 2020 comes after a Ramzan that tested not just Indian Muslims’ faith, but also patience

India’s Muslims are helping the poor with food and supplies, ignoring the vilification, hate and slander that targeted the community during Ramzan and months leading up to it.

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As the world tried to come to terms with the coronavirus pandemic’s death and doom, Muslims around the world observed Ramzan – the ninth and most sacred month in the Islamic calendar, in which it is believed the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad.

Ramzan is one of the five pillars of Islam, where Muslims fast and do charity. It was a test of faith for the community as Muslims went about their normal activities while not eating or even drinking water for sometimes as long as 15 hours a day. This year has been extremely trying for the community given the lockdown and its economic fallout.

But instead of being cowed down, the Muslim community went all out to help those in need.

Journalists such as Rana Ayyub raised funds, distributed essential supplies to 25,000 families, and arranged safe transport for thousands of labourers. Organisations like the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind set up a 24-hour helpdesk to ensure workers traveling on the roads got food, medicines and sanitary napkins.

Common citizens have been trending #EidAtHome and #EidForMigrants on Twitter, making pledges and exhorting others to say no to Eid shopping this time, and instead use the money to help others.

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CAA, NRC, Delhi riots and corona jihadists

But all this followed a very taxing period for the Muslim community. Ramzan and the months leading up to it have been more than a test of faith for Muslims in India. It required extreme patience and resolve as the community was singled out at each instance even as fears of losing citizenship under the CAA-NRC increased by the day.

The democratic and peaceful protests against the law were either brutally crushed or labeled ‘anti-national’.

The Delhi riots that followed and the arrest of young Muslim activists, while BJP leaders such as Kapil Mishra and Anurag Thakur went scot free despite making hate speeches and publicly chanting incendiary slogans, further left the community insecure.

These arrests are still taking place with several students from Jamia Millia Islamia, including a pregnant Safoora Zargar, languishing in jail at a time when authorities are releasing even murder convicts due to Covid-19.

Then came the Tablighi Jamaat gathering in March and the Indians’ slide into a collective race to outperform each other in bigotry. Even a health emergency brought on by the coronavirus pandemic became a tool to target the whole Muslim community — the pro-BJP media leading from the front and the Narendra Modi government maintaining a stoic silence as the hate spread far and wide.

Suresh Tiwari, a BJP MLA from UP’s Deoria, asked people not to buy vegetables from Muslim vendors. Remarks like these ensured that many Muslims not only lost their livelihood in such dire times but also led to them being physically assaulted at several places.

Delhi BJP MP Parvesh Verma posted a two-month-old video of Muslims offering namaz in large numbers to claim lockdown violation. He was soon called out by Delhi Police and was forced to delete the tweet.

Despite the continuous provocations and the violence that followed these false accusations, India’s Muslim community did not take the bait and people stayed true to their faith and belief. Muslims not only abided by the direction of the government but also went on to donate plasma for other Covid-19 patients.

As Ramzan arrived, everyone from public intellectuals, religious leaders to common people came together to follow their religious practices within the enforced Covid-19 guidelines.

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Ramzan – prayers, fasting, charity and bonding over iftar

Some of my most precious memories from childhood are from Eid. The Ramzan leading up to it. Staying up late with elders for sehri, the evening time iftar with friends and family, the roza khushai – when someone keeps a fast for the first time – the mandatory shopping on chaand raat , the night before Eid and finally, the most cherished one of all, going for Eid prayers with my father and the eidi that follows.

The lockdown meant this Eid was not going to be spent with parents, siblings, family and friends. While the reasons are practical, you can’t help longing for your loved ones. The Rs 500 eidi that my father usually gives is still priceless to me.

Unfortunately, countless children this year will miss out on this gift as either they are away from home or resources are so stretched their parents can hardly afford it.

This was also the first Ramzan when Muslims couldn’t offer the mandatory tarabi – additional prayers after isha where the whole Quran is recited — in the mosques that remained shut due to the lockdown.

But religious scholars stepped in and ensured that people knew it was fine to offer the tarabi in their homes. Fatwa was also issued in advance to let people know that Eid prayers could be offered at home.

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Eid on the road, zakat and charity

With hardly any respite from the sweltering heat as people walk barefoot or in tattered footwear, scores of people are finding it difficult to get anything to eat for their survival, let alone having a sumptuous sehri and a carbohydrate-rich iftar. Those who are fasting are depending on the goodwill of Samaritans who are providing them food and the much needed water.

Imagine the plight of these people, who would throng the festival bazaars in large numbers to buy new clothes, gifts and food items. The yearly saving for the occasion is now being spent on trying to reach their homes and on food just to stay alive.

But the Muslim community, itself under severe financial strain due to loss of jobs and shutting down of businesses, organised and distributed relief to migrants on the road.

Several within the community decided to use zakat – it is mandatory for all Muslims to give 2.5 per cent of their total savings above a minimum amount to the needy – to help those in need of food and other essentials.

The Muslim community is trying to do all this while being vilified, slandered and constantly targeted.

But, what is faith if it is not tested, and what better way to test it than to not lose patience and get on with your beliefs.

Views are personal.

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  1. The author dails to mention that Muslims give charity only to other Muslims.
    They have no concern whatsoever for anyone who is not Muslim.
    Why does the Print publish pro-Muslim propaganda?

  2. They Openly give Hate Speech no one dare too say single word against them
    But when Muslim do good thing they
    Couldn’t digest.when Author present true picture they called jihadi islamist

  3. They Openly give Hate Speech no one dare too say single word against them
    But when Muslim do good thing they
    Couldn’t digest

  4. A brilliant article. The only thing we need to come out of the circle we had drawn around us. Let’s praise everyone who serve the humanity

  5. This is why the term #Pressitudes came into use. Even if you don’t do any good, please don’t up the ante with such article. the print is not what we expected it is overly biased and over report one side of the story. To hell with your self pity. Get peace

  6. I am a devout Hindu.I strongly support Hinduism.I go to temples whenever possible but I don’t hate other religions such as Muslims or christians.
    Everybody have their own culture, beliefs and upbringing in their life.
    God knows who is good or bad.
    Hatred towards others until one dies is not going to benefit anybody.
    There is a national crisis due to covid 19.
    Simply blaming one community is not going to help.

  7. Don’t give up following such hypocrites, read them and know to what extend they lie.
    Mentioned Kapil Mishra but forgot to mention the murderer Tahir Hussain. His Death factory,
    Kapil Mishra’ telling ppl not to allow the these idiots to block roads WRONG?? And Ankit Sharma brutal death ..shows the very compassionate Muslim Mentality. how much love for Other religion in an act when Dilbar Negi was burnt Alive with limbs chopped.
    Who taught MuslimS to do butchering Your Qarab??
    Which books/mullas incited Muslims to select n burn other Vehicle, throw acid bombs..ur Qarab or Mullas?
    Who were the ppl who spit, did demeaning insulting gesture..why it was ur community

  8. They are deaf and blind whatever said good they can not hear and done they can not see. These are all good things done not to show you or to get rewards from you. You are all irrational human animals. You will never become good. Get lost go to hell

  9. Oh… hooo… why suddenly the patriotism in their community. Suddenly how come they are so patriotic. Its 100 percent biased article. Why everywhere these people are coming under the criticism… because their intentions are always wrong. If u do any good thing with good intention … it will definitely fetch good result. But these will not anything with good intention. Dont mention about plasma donation
    Plasma donation drama was done in Delhi only to show muslims in good books. Plasma is.not a solution for corona. Nothing is confirmed yet. So much advertisements for plasma donation. If u do good things. U dont need any advertisements for that. Automatically people will recognize and realize. Drama bazi bundh karo.

    • Very Truly Said… The author of this fake article himself is from the fake community, who cares such drama, they might be trying to steal from the migrants who knows.. In the name of help, these would misuse the migrants.. Whole world know what kind people u are, so…

      • Hey both of you when you bring naduram in front and to cover up mahatma ji is real patriotism. What else you can think about true and false.

  10. Such a holy community!!!.such an unbiased piece of writing!!! Truly,they are really peaceful community spreading peace and brotherhood all over the world!!!giving love to Kashmiri pandits,spreading peace in Malda and Kaliachak and telenipara in West Bengal,lending healing touch to Hindus in pakistan and Bangladesh!!!!

  11. Why spread the message of hate when we are human irrespective our religion. People are suffering of our actions, it’s time to unite, and live in peace and harmony.

  12. selective journalism. writing a eulogy for terror acts of jamat. just wow. so blissfully ignorant of facts. reeks of shit just like the religion there trying to portray romanticizing the heinous acts. india will never be the land of these rotten scumbags. hindu rashtra!

    • Humble Request at least once in your lifetime think good about Muslims swear to god you will feel like a happy human being

      • You people do the same.. First you feel good and then tell us bro.. Always you have hatred on Hindus and the nation, what else can we do. End of the day you want to take control of this nation and convert everyone to Muslims, never ever dream of it and people hate becos you have this filthy habit of converting… Once in life time you all stop doing that, u will feel very good…

        • Convert you to muslims? Why would we want to invite filth like you into our midst?
          Acting like we owe you a living.

  13. Nice article. I am Muslim and I can vouch for the facts presented.
    Yes we are Indians first and despite a lot of No’s had voted for Nagendra Modi Govt in 2014 not only that had promoted his govt among community & peers thinking it will help us “The Middle Class People of India” “The Mango People” but over a period of 6yrs I have seen a lot of Religious In harmony, Religious Inequality be it Hindu or Muslims or for that matter any community.
    Rich are getting Richer & Poor are getting poorer unfortunately the truth is lost due to the Partial Media of our Country.
    Sadly, BJP has lost a loyalist like me who had seen many dreams with the govt coming in power with full majority which was thought to help & build the lives of Indians unfortunately this Dream is sad to be done true.
    Let’s not fight among each other’s & maintain religious harmony like others a Muslim is also the Farmer, Scientist, Soldier & Sonof this Great Nation.
    Let’s 1st Master the Humanity as a Religion followed by our own.

  14. The Print seems to run business totally depending on appeasement techniques… No other ways to make money! Trust me, for years i followed Shekar gupta and other without knowing their biased thoughts… Anyways giving up following you here as well as on your youtube channel… Totally fed up with your back to back videos creating disharmony between the communities… Anyways with the same attitude, you guys won’t be able to stick on for long…

    • Don’t give up following such hypocrites, read them and know to what extend they lie.
      Mentioned Kapil Mishra but forgot to mention the murderer Tahir Hussain. His Death factory,
      Kapil Mishra’ telling ppl not to allow the these idiots to block roads WRONG?? And Ankit Sharma brutal death ..shows the very compassionate Muslim Mentality how much live for Other religion in an act when Dilbar Negi was burnt Alive with limbs chopped.
      Who taught MuslimS to do butchering Your Qarab??
      Which books/mullas incited Muslims to select n burn other Vehicle, throw acid bombs..ur Qarab or Mullas?
      Who were the ppl who spit, did demeaning insulting gesture..why it was ur community

  15. Common Hindus lived under Muslim ruler, peacefully and no hatred. Your modi faces govt spewing hate towards Muslim. Admit iy.

    • Muslims are having equal freedom in our country like any other community . The fact is the majority community is more tolerant, large hearted and accommodative compared to Muslim minority community . For Muslims their religious interest takes precedence over National Interest. This is the sour point in the minds of other communities in our Nation.

  16. Very well documented clear description of events occurred, many sad people are hating it i can understand why.

  17. Don’t take this article seriously. Very misleading and filled with appeasement of one community at the cost of others.
    The print has always been the den of traitors, Anti-national, always pampering one religious , covering up their wrong doings and blamig it on Hindus and government.

  18. I’m guilty of not reading the article- firstly for the way it began & keeping in mind a fifth columnist like Shekhar Gupta helming The Print,i knew it could only get one into a bad mood. TY for the summary 🙏

  19. So what’s the big applies to both Hindus and muslims paining muslims as the one who is patient is bigotry…Hindus also celebrated Ramnavami in their homes then no one bats an eye….fake writer

  20. By writing a biased post every single day, I don’t know what ‘The Print’ wants to achieve. This type of article fuels more hatred among people. It compelling us to believe that we are divided by religion, region, caste and what not! You must be banned in India because we don’t want Westerners to create division among us any more. Whatever disparencies you are seeing in our country is because of you westerners only because creating divison is in your blood stream!

  21. Great!!! Good for the muslims. But I don’t think the writer is a good representative of the muslims. Perhaps he too should be called a bigot because I quote him the INDIANS SLIDE INTO A COLLECTIVE RACE TO OUTPERFORM EACH OTHER IN BIGOTRY
    I thought we were all indians.
    BTW ….if you had raised through print a charity we INDIANS would be happy to contribute to help. After all our muslim brothers are also Indians.

  22. Demonizing a whole community is always wrong but that doesn’t mean Tabligi Jamat won’t be criticized. They have become Cov idiots

    • Only TJ, then what about others who also attended large gathering in other places of worship until they were closed on 19/20 March.

  23. Good on them.
    Time they gave to the community what many of their followers took through suicide bombings, rape and murder under banners of various islamism gangs.

      • Wow!! What glorification!! Praising rana ayyub who is the front runner in spreading hate!! And what about Navraatra? Even it wasn’t celebrated this year!! This is a collective responsibility of every citizen irrespective of religion you bloody scoundrels!! And why there has been a need of deploying so much of paramilitary forces, CRPF, QRTs across India during eid?? Tell me? Appeasement now will take you nowhere leftists…you need to understand that!

  24. This author is a Jihadi Islamist fanatic – look at the other 2 articles he has published on The Print.

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