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Pakistan is stuck with Prime Minister Imran Khan. They can’t walk away like me: Reham Khan

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I am not surprised Imran Khan is going to lead Pakistan. That is why I wrote the book.

In the run-up to the Pakistan elections I was questioned about the motivation behind releasing my autobiography. I meant it when I said that my book wasn’t written to destroy anyone’s dreams nor to further anyone’s politics. The idea was to document all that I had seen and heard in my lifetime.

It was an unedited, unrestrained eye-witness account. The book laid bare many uncomfortable truths but then that is usually the case with truth. It is hard to believe and confront.

Like many others, I too viewed the world through rose-tinted glasses once. I was in denial until I caught my former husband Imran Khan redhanded on more than one occasion. The problem is that we all want a hero and Imran Khan was the only one for 40 years in a country with very little to be proud of. Back in 2013, I had described him as Pakistan’s best export.

By 2018, long before my book hit the market, we saw the tragic fall of this hero. The good looks, which helped him win Indian fans, could not hide the ugliness of his extremist rhetoric. The ball that won him respect was now to be swung against the very India that had loved him so dearly. When the daily count of critical articles increased from the West, Imran declared that the West had an agenda.

The accusations of pandering to the military establishment, appeasing the extremist elements and becoming the ‘PM select’ reached fever pitch by the time the D-day arrived. But the result in what is being called the dirtiest election, still left everyone gobsmacked. The Pakistani electorate and the pundits had also been in denial, just like I was when I married him.

As the results come in I can relate to the general air of disbelief. How could they so blatantly rig the elections, pundits asked. Why him? Could they not see how the Chinese, the Saudis and even the Iranians had a problem with him? I looked at the tweets, the swear words in WhatsApp groups and felt amused at their state of shock.

I am not surprised. Because I knew why this was happening. This is why I wrote the book. I did not write it to impact the election result, I wrote it precisely because no one could have stopped the plan.

There are not many things Imran says that I agree with, but he was right when he said that I was the biggest mistake of his life. We could not have been more different. I follow my heart but Imran is as cold as a reptile in his calculations.

The Imran I lived with for a year was neither dim nor rash.

Imran had thought I would be happy to be a celebrity wife. In reality, I was not cut out to be a politician’s wife who would look the other way and keep her opinions to herself.

And so, what is my reaction to the news of Imran Khan finally getting what he wanted? Relief that I am not with him at this time. He will be remembered as the man who stole the people’s mandate. For me, it is important to be with a man who commands respect because of his intellect or ability. It is impossible to be with someone who compromises his integrity and becomes the butt of jokes. But Pakistan, however, is now stuck with him. They have no option of walking away from their PM-to-be like I did.

We are a nation who get embarrassed when our PM reads from his notes in the White House. We change the subject when we are reminded of dictators like Zia-ul-Haq and Pervez Musharraf.

How will we defend a PM who does not know how to cast a vote, and who breaks laws with impunity? From setting alight his utility bills one minute to endorsing a break-in into the state TV channel the next— the skipper of the rocky boat has less than a glowing report.

A man who has a severe drug habit has been chosen to head the country at a critical juncture in our history. The choice is simple. There is only one right side of history. I am grateful to destiny that I happen to be standing on the right side.

Reham Khan is a journalist, child rights activist, and single parent in Pakistan. She authored ‘Reham Khan‘, an autobiography.

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  1. I wish it was true that you actually “walked away” from Khan. You were kicked out for who you are: a bi-polar borderline. You should consult a good psychiatrist and fully cooperate until you could get the full treatment and fix your chemical imbalance. I empathize with you for being a miserable woman!

  2. She is of course missing the opportunities and time for what she she had been married to him.If she is so intelligent and passionate women then she she is exposing the time passed with him. She should have been told everything during marriage. No what she is expecting is just she should join Bolly wood film industry. This is the only solution of her guilt.she is humaliating herself. But she is stupid .Why she is not handling freedom of women empowerment being a women she should know that she is not right at all.

  3. I hope someday the Indians will learn to get along with the Pakistanis. From his acceptance speech, I thought Imran Khan had a positive message for India. You do need to resolve the problems of Kashmir. The issue is not this lady’s hurt feelings about her ex husband, but bringing peace and stability to the region.

  4. Reham as you have lived im Britain so i would give you a right name for yourself you are a have been dumped by khan like a tissue paper in can write lies try to make impact on people’s opinion but the truth of the matter is ypu are zaleel and ruswa every where and our khan in the hero of nation…there is still time to reconsider and accept your mistakes but you wont cause ypu a filthy slag who disrespects the duppata by having it own..btw i just came to comment and dint read a single line of your filth. Jealous and failed woman

  5. Despite all your claims about Imran Khan he still divorced you, you did not walk away. Therefore if your claims were somehow true (their veracity is HIGHLY questionable) then how bad would your character and morality have been for Imran Khan to tolerate you? You’re a very sad woman who is desperate to retain relevance at the expense of your self respect.

  6. Feel like laughing on your statement. Pakistan is so delighted to be with IK and thank god you are not married to him.

  7. Must be cursing yourself for not being the first lady of Pakistan. Let me tell you two things; we are grateful to Allah for giving us a leader like Mr Imran and we are ecstatic that a hypocrite like you is not standing next to him!!

  8. Reham Khan is a pakistani version of Rakhi sawant.. No one takes you seriously.. and by the way.. Reham is not a journalist she was just a tv presenter nothing more..

  9. I voted for IK because PML-N failed to give us any proper infrastructure in Faisalabad. People of our area voted for PTI for the same reason. We are glad that humne vote ko izat dedi ? Ab Aap bhi hamare vote ko izat dein and kindly accept that people have rejected your book/opinions regarding Imran. Please rona band kardein ab.

  10. Be a jemima in the world of Reham’s.
    Anyhow no body cares why you wrote the book and believe me no body gives a flying chilli bean damn about your stories , views and all the things which you have written. Truth never needs an explanations like you are giving and furthermore no body is curious why you wrote the book unless one is so dumb to comments on others life.

  11. Get life..All that is written…lie……because a man who turned Jamiime father wealth away..who was on a level as trump…today. …..has always gone by the book ….everyone hates the person who walks the path on truth and patience. …. you should try and walk on path truth it may come before you one day. ……

  12. Shame for you indian spy ….you completely burned after elections…. And you would remain burning in hell throughout life… Vulgar lady having no worth….

  13. Learn something from your ex. You will keep whining when he has never uttered one negative word against you. He has pledged to forgive all those who attacked him personally and thus glorified the tradition of our Holy Prophet (Pbuh). Whereas the filth and venom in your mind sees no end. Calling this the ‘dirtiest election’ without any concrete evidence is a byproduct of a polluted prejudiced mind. Shameful

  14. The fact of the matter is that the Great Pakistani Nation does not give a *#$% about whatever you say. You are a disgrace, a loser, burnt out, off, over and out. Pakistani nation is just done with you. Say whatever you want and keep burning!!

  15. an Account of a psychopath. Your all efforts to defame the person will go in vain. Please mind your own business and leave Imran Khan and the Pakistanis to who and where they are. We don’t need your guidance on the issue.

  16. Your reality is – a foreign planted agent who married Imran Khan on a mission of slow poisoning him!!! Can you explain who is behind your evil plans and actions?? Women like you are only desperate and wildly restless for fame and money…they can be anything for that!! You were caught several times going in Imran Khan’s kitchen, his staff warned him a lot of times…did you plan to slow poison him? Anyway, it’s a waste of time even commenting on your shitty article!! Go laugh!!

  17. Reham Khan needs to learn from Jemaima Goldsmith (Imran’s first wife) who showed her class by supporting and praising him.

    Reham Khan is doing to Imran Khan what porn star Stormy Daniels is doing to Donald Trump. Both are backed by their political opponents, both are nothing but whores, and both are doing this for money.

    The international observers have dubbed Pakistan 2018 Elections better than 2013 Elections which were rigged in favour of Nawaz Sharif who is now in Jail along with his daughter and son in law for corruption.

    The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of Pakistanis have voted out the oligarchs to bring in Imran Khan as their next Prime Minister, whereas in a last ditch effort the bitch is trying to rock the boat.

    I have cast my vote yesterday and I have seen it with my own eyes the overwhelming majority supporting PTI.

    Alhamdulillah, it was because of our Army that Elections were held in peaceful environment.

    We love our Imran Khan
    We love our Armed Forces
    We reject the foreign agents who are hell bent to disrupt our dreams to live in peace and prosperity.

    Pakistan won.

  18. Ma’am had you walked away the marriage would have ended through khula and not him divorcing you. Please contribute to society by doing good and then expect recognition or get help from a good doctor, if otherwise..

  19. Grapes are sour.
    She had done better if hadn’t written anything on the occasion. Or had shown some grace by congratulating him. She had joined him when he was totally immersed in politics and therefore perhaps calculated in his moves. He wanted a partner, not a leg puller. But he knows how to overcome hurdles and so moved on….

  20. Reham, the jealousy and sour grapes are evident- so please try harder. Please try and learn something from Jemima – how to speak about an ex with dignity and respect even after you part ways. There has to be a more respectable way to seek the limelight than bashing your ex all the time.

  21. A scorned woman who spends too much time thinking of her ex-husband. Move on make a life for yourself and leave Pakistan and Pakistanis alone. Get help, hire a full time shrink to ease your pain and suffering in your egotistical head. It seems you got bought a while ago and are still loyal to write your vile. Be positive, show Class and Not Crass! Learn a thing or two from Jemima.

  22. She is a damn blatent liar. She could have done lot more better than this but her greed, lust for money and selfishness overpowered her tiny brain compartment.

  23. Notorious woman. You should better keep quiet now. Even though you tried your level best by writing a filthy D grade book to destroy IK but you have destroyed yourself. You are nothing but a shameless joke now. I pity you, you didn’t deserve to have the honour to become the first lady, rightly divorced.

  24. Sorry to burst your bubble reham Khan u dint walk away from imran Khan he kicked u out of his life and banigala… u r a shame to Pakistan better leave Pakistan or stop barking against our prime minister imran Khan we r proud of him no matter what ur book which is not more than a garbage says

  25. Can’t see the difference between you and a gold digger. Couldn’t be a good wife with these stupid analysis. Who are you working for Madam? You’ve all failed cos Pakistan will Succeed in the Committee of Nations. It takes two to tango. You knew him before marrying him, your accusations belongs to the winds. So shut the fuck if you can’t congratulate the Prime Minister Elect.

  26. Reham Nayyar you are a self absorbed psychopath!!! Leave the man alone you nutter!!! Open your beady eyes woman, you are obsessed with Imran Khan! Consult a shrink you are in need of some serious therapy!! There is far more to life then stalking Imran Khan! For now all we see is your desperation to remin in the limelight by making absurd claims against IK. As a Muslim woman you claim to the world in your book that you are a big turn on without make up? Didn’t you have an ounce of haya that your family will read that book? In your hunger to destroy Ik you destroyed yourself. Please consult a shrink 🙂

  27. Jealous cow you are just bitter because he divorced you i agree with Imran you were a big mistake he can do so much better

  28. People like IK are the ideal pawns of the military establishment and bureaucratic mafia of the failing state of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif was the same and played well in their hands. Now those forces have picked IK because he speaks better than Sharif and has been the captain of a world cup that rain/accident won for Pakistan. In five years, he allowed his corrupt team a free hand to rob KP of its treasure. In the next 5 years, he’ll rob federal treasures as well as provincial – just like Nawaz. History is repeating itself. You chose to break loose fro that dark and dirty world of these boot-licking perverts. Happy for you. Stay safe and keep writing.

  29. I did not vote for Imran Khan..
    but I feel pity for the low intellect of Reham Khan.. and I am disgusted by the cheap mudslinging antics of an ex-wife (Reham) whose naked ambitions to gain political power through a short-cut, failed miserably..
    Like all Pakistanis who know the ground realities, I feel pity for Reham Khan and her perverted mentality

  30. Unbelievable. There is not a thing short of murder that she hasn’t accused Imran Khan of. Someone is more than a little bitter methinks… or else desperate for the publicity and fame

  31. Well! We pakistaniz would love to stuck with such a leader like him. We are actually in a dire need of a leader like him. You dont worry about us. Save you, no one wants to go away from him. It was not only his dream to b crownd but has been the dream of millions of pakistaniz. ??

  32. Reham, aren’t you done yet? I mean do you really think people actually care about what you have to say? I can guarantee you that less than 1% of Pakistanis have read your autobiography and I am sure they think of you as nothing more than a jealous opportunist. May be you need to move to India where you’ll get plenty of attention that you clearly crave.

  33. My mother is a good friend of Reham’s ex husband’s sister. I had heard negative things about Reham long before she married Imran. I did not have a good view of this lady. She continues to demonstrate that ‘zuban e khalq ko naqaara e khuda sumjho’.

  34. I am not a fan of IK nor I endorse his stance.but this lady is one off the most pathetic persons ever created on the face of this planet.miss reham if he was so ugly and evil y didnt i leave him and not.leaving him till the very end..?y he hasto kick u out of his life? And u urslf admitted that u didnt knw abt the divorce and no intentn of doing so it was his decision.he must have seen this ugly, charactrless part of ur persnlity which is very visible to us now.ultimately u r a vry big looser today we and u know that..RIP

  35. Struggle for power, even , has been exterminating and killing one’s own relative. So talking of Reham writing above a quotation implies that she felt jealous which appeared here in her article of today obviously. She wanted to be the queen and controller of Imran’s power as he became Prime minister of Pakistan. She devastated herself blaming and throwing slime on someone’s personal life. Reham has also been on the verge of vulgarity in UK.

  36. Miss Reham, save this article you have written and open it in ten years time, you will see how wrong you were about him and how he will change Pakistan. Allah tumko hidayat de. You will regret everything you are saying against him in your last days or in your afterlife. Remember my words.

  37. IK is financially clean and not corrupt, thats better than all the rest combined.
    This is as pathetic an article as Reham’s book. She just wants to cling to IK for cheap fame and easy money. We will possibly hear more of her rubbish since IK is PM now and the opponents will gladly ‘use’ her. She is truly disgusting.

  38. Why is this woman even allowed to stay in Pakistan after all this bullshit she has said who couldn’t keep her marriage for more then a years is giving reviews about others . ??

  39. Wow! A rather thought provoking article. I am quite shocked at the amount of bitterness and hostility Ms Reham feels towards IK. I’m afraid this article confirms that is true that there is a difference in classes – this can be seen from the difference in response to IK from Jemima and Reham. My mother always taught me – if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.

  40. this lady wanted to be imran khans widow and get political power. Her ascent and descent is fully documented as well.

  41. I am surprised that any respectable publication would even consider printing the malicious and vindictive lies of a scorned ex-wife. How can anyone ridicule a whole nation who decided to use their right to vote and choose their leader? Imran Khan is not perfect by any means but then who in this world is? And without a shadow of a doubt, he is the best option right now for the country. Instead of wishing him well, Ms Khan decided to malign him because of her own personal grievances.. What an absolute shame and mockery of her so called status as a ‘journalist’..

  42. Read your book and been following you for a while now…every word you write shows you how much you still love him and cant seem to accept the fact that he was the one who ended your relationship…being a strongheaded woman it must have been critical to accept rejection…that’s all this is!

  43. We can see how much you are “pashtaaaing” reham khan but that’s what you deserves actually

  44. What rubbish! least no one in Pakistan is having a shock..niether r his opponents of the view that he has stolen the mandate. You r just a wicked jealous crooked looser and trying to get famous.

  45. Look at this Reham Khan now seeking attention from Indian readers. You sound like a sore loser when criticizing the man who is about to become Pakistan’s PM. You only wish you had been married to him now that he is in such a powerful position. Stop with your gimmicks.

    Indians respect Imran Khan because he has visited this country so many times during his cricketing years and afterwards as well. We are definitely anxious that he may well be ISI and Pakistan army’s proxy but that’s an allegation he can dispel in future with his constructive actions towards India. Even if he disappoints us Indians in future, you, his ex-wife, will get no sympathy or kind words.

    Please bore the readers of your own country with your attention seeking trollish “books”.

  46. You are ridiculous. your opinions do not matter because they are based on bias, partiality and coming from a woman who is emotionally not stable. This article is a piece of trash because we know it lacks substantial content. You need to get a life and stop living in the past.

  47. Madam: whats the Drug habbit. It’s make user unconscious? Severe is dangerous word, showing can’t live without it. Plz give more details to nation.

    Although we have listened him during first speach after Elections. His views are good. We wait for output for Nation. In my personal views on it, if he do best for Pakistan than others n our next generation is safe. We don’t care who is he, what he is doing. We want him to perform n during his first 3 month time we will all will know where we going.

    We want Next Generation Ready Pakistan, Stronger econmy, energy, health, Education, water reserve and peace and strong Foreign ministry work. Thanks n wish all best of luck.

  48. Reham Khan has not left herself with a shred of dignity. Who chooses to continue giving interviews, writing books about and continuously building on their 15-mins on fame about their 10-month marriage to someone who they supposedly hate? She’s practically infatuated with him. I’m sorry your marriage ended but we’re all bored of hearing about it now. Get a hobby, educate yourself and maybe give something back to society. The last thing Pakistan needs is more scandals.
    If any of your baseless accusations have any truth to them then where are the proofs. We are still waiting for the proofs Reham.
    Imran Khan is a drug addict now too? Seems like you’re the only addict here -addicted to being heard in any way you can be. Regardless of whether you tell outrageous lies or not. Regardless of how this affects your reputation and dignity. Give it up, for you children if nothing else. You’re becoming just another embarrassment for Pakistan.

  49. After reading a few patches of the filth i mean Your Book i am absolutely amazed to see a woman who so obsessed from IK…that even after spilling all the garbage she cant contain it again and Speaks about a person whom the public has elected whole heartedly
    Come on accept the fact….Honour comes from Allah alone!.
    Stop your nasty games…This is not how a pashtun a Pakistani woman behaves.

  50. Reham khan

    Shut the fuck up !

    You’r a disgraceful wommen.

    Amd shouldn’t have right to talk about our next leader like that , he’s different, he will bring the change in Pakistan !

  51. Get it over with you woman. You don’t have to feel pity about our choices; feel pity about yourself and move on.

  52. ‫میرا لیڈر کڑوروں دلوں کی دھڑکن بن چکا ہے اتنے اخلاص اور عاجزی کی مثال پوری اسلامی دنیا میں نہیں ملتی- مراتب علی شاد ⁦‪
    Your autobiography is completely flopped and irrelevant. Reham, you need to learn lot of lessons of success from failure.
    Your livelihood is just great example of living in ego-hood, mediocrity and mental fragmentation.
    How many more failures you would like to observe ? What memories you want to give to your children after you? I do sympathise with you. Thanks

  53. Alhamdulillah we people of Pakistan are so happy to have him as our leader and PM. Well your opinions can not change our point of view . So sorry for you . Please stop your jealousy and cheer up with us !!
    Rang may bhang = reham khan

  54. too bad your book plot failed……i think now that PML(N) is out of power all the parasites they used will come to realise how useless they are.

  55. I think this woman should move on . Her words portray that she is too much sad and living miserable life full of complexities. Well if I get married to rahul gandhi and get divorced right before he become pm I would be too in that miserable conditions. So I am having sympathy for this poor lady

  56. A very biased article. Not a single witness to back Whatever the woman had disclosed in the book. However people who have been associated with her Have not too much of good things to say about her . Making her credulity very low.

  57. Hey Reham!! Surprisingly everyone in Pakistan is pretty relieved that you walked away from him. This is not a game for the light hearted. Behind every successful men they say is a women. Glad you aren’t it and you realized it couldn’t be you! Still yet to know what made a so strong woman like you agree to marriage when you were slightly aware of his lifestyle and aura

  58. This article stinks of bitterness and revenge of a dumped woman.the proof is in your article as you became his wife after he set his utility bill alight and yet when he set you alight by divorcing you he is the devil.I know that no one is going to be able to keep you quiet as this is how you maintain your relevance but please please do consider remaining silent regarding Imran Khan from now onwards if you want to avoid being a laughing stock.

  59. India will have to do business with those whom the good people of Pakistan elect or the generals of GHQ select. While the army has the last word on security and important bilateral relationships, there is a lot of good work a civilian PM can do, especially on improving human development indices. Imran Khan has had his share of glamour and being a celebrity. May he now settle at the crease and, within the autonomy granted to him, do good for ordinary Pakistanis.

  60. There is a difference when in power and without power. Perhaps he may come with a surprise, we never Know

  61. Not a supporter of imran but reham is jealous of IK cuz she could be the queen of Ik but now her crown has taken away from her

  62. Your views are subjective and appear to be a baised response of a self absorbed woman who couldn’t come out of a 10months married life.

    • Reham khan is a lady of heart while imraan khan is a man of brain for whom so many hearts of blossoming females are available that he doesn’t care for them. sita white daughter is living proof. people are awestruck with imran personality but certainly there is a cold brain and hot minded snake beneath it. He will certainly be dangerous to humanity and may force war on Pakistani people and others particularly india over kashmir.. he is also playboy of pakistani isi and army..

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