Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Modi is teaching NEET-JEE aspirants what happens when a government becomes too strong

It is remarkable hubris that the Modi government isn’t even pretending to listen to agitating students.

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Nearly 30 lakh students on the verge of adulthood are learning an important lesson in India today: don’t let a government become too powerful. Their teacher is the Narendra Modi government.

When a government becomes too powerful, it stops listening to the people. It looks the other way.

Aspiring to become doctors and engineers through two of the biggest, toughest entrance exams anywhere in the world — NEET and JEE — these students are astounded today to see that the Modi government doesn’t even want to have a dialogue with them. It’s my way or highway. Whether you take the exam this year or next year, the JEE-NEET 2020 will not be further postponed.

If you can’t travel hundreds of kilometres because the trains are not running, it’s your problem. If the highways are flooded, it is your problem. If you return home with Covid-19 and infect elderly parents, it is your problem. The true meaning of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India) is to not look at the government for solutions to your problems. It means to face those problems — do or die, swim or drown. 

The Modi government’s contention is that a year can’t be wasted. But surely, the exam could be postponed by a few weeks? Let the trains start, let the flood waters clear out? Let Covid peak out in the Hindi heartland? 

It is not as if nothing has been postponed due to Covid. As early as March, Rajya Sabha elections were being postponed. Remember how Uddhav Thackeray had to personally call up the prime minister to have an MLC election conducted in time so he could retain the chief minister’s chair in Maharashtra? BJP ally Nitish Kumar in Bihar postponed even his ‘virtual rally’ due to Covid.  

The Census exercise and Home Minister Amit Shah’s favourite National Population Register (NPR) have been postponed indefinitely. Panchayat elections in a few states have been deferred too. The monsoon session of Parliament is usually held from mid-July to mid-August but will now take place between 14 September and 1 October in a truncated manner.

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Do they know what a pandemic is?

But when it comes to entrance exams, the Modi government isn’t willing to postpone them any more. The Supreme Court heard the case for a few minutes and then dismissed it. Life must go on, ruled Justice Arun Mishra. He did not realise the irony that he himself was hearing cases over video conference and not in a courtroom for fear of Covid. Moreover, he has declined to receive a farewell upon his retirement due to Covid. If 28 lakh students travelling long distances to take exams in crowded centres does not pose a Covid risk, why can’t court hearings be held as usual? 

There are clearly two sets of rules here. One for the public and one for the people in power. The Home Minister goes to a fancy private hospital for his Covid treatment while poor and middle class students wonder how they will arrange a few lakh rupees to get their parents treated for Covid if they catch the disease at the exam centres.

This fear of students is being considered unreasonable. We are being told that India will suddenly have no doctors and no engineers if the exam isn’t held on time, as if the current doctors and engineers will all disappear. 

But is it really unreasonable to think one could get Covid in a closed room in a country that now officially has the largest number of Covid cases per day anywhere in the world? Is it unreasonable to fear for one’s health and life, and of one’s family members?

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely 

The Modi government does not want to find a middle ground here. It has made up its mind and if the students don’t like it, they can be ignored. Narendra Modi, who targets first-time voters with his platitudes on exam stress before every election, didn’t say a word about these aspiring doctors and engineers in his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio programme. Instead, he discussed dogs and toys. Lakhs of students are ‘disliking’ the videos of Mann Ki Baat uploaded on YouTube by the official channels of the BJP as well as the Prime Minister’s Office. The BJP’s famed IT cell is having a hard time pumping up the ‘likes’ in response.

Students have taken to such a novel form of protest because the media, opposition, Parliament, the courts — all those institutions that exercise checks and balances on the executive — today appear to be unable to do so. This is what happens when a government becomes too powerful. This is reminiscent of how the UPA-2 government had become insensitive to public opinion, unable to read the writings on the wall.

UPA-2 was brought down with a public movement, an election, a strong opposition, an activist judiciary, an over-enthusiastic Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) and last but not the least, an independent media. Today, if the voice of lakhs of students is unable to make the BJP government see reason, it is because only one pillar of the government has become all-powerful, the rest subservient.

This is an education for India’s future professionals: don’t let a government become too powerful. Any government, any party, any ideology. Always let them feel insecure. If the Modi government today feared losing the upcoming Bihar assembly election, for instance, it would have postponed NEET-JEE by now. The pain of nearly 30 lakh students is the pain of all those Indians who don’t feel heard by this government. To make sure their voice is heard, we need to fix our democracy.

The author is contributing editor, ThePrint. Views are personal.

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  1. The students have gone insane.
    They just need an excuse to hide the real fact that they have not prepared for the exam. All the hashtags and posts going viral for the postponement are all rubbish and waste of time. And the other thing that’s making me insane is looking how the other parties are taking advantage of the situation and conducting rallies and mass protests for this. I just wanna ask them that when they are doing so then social distancing is not required?
    Aren’t they more exposed to the virus then?
    They wouldn’t even know what exams are about they just need to gain votes and show that dirty politics is what that prevails here.
    Criticising modi gov is what all of them wants to do.I see no harm in going and taking the paper.The first 2 days of JEE have been successfully conducted with proper care,so instead of picking the negative points look this situation the other way round, that srsly of exams would get postponed when the hell would we even go to colleges.
    Are the medical students willing to waste a total year just because of this?
    As they say life must go on.. so let’s get going guys there will be no harm if we would take care of ourselves.
    All the best to all the aspirants!

  2. Prime Minister, are you talking about what happens when the govt. is converted to a dictatorship? Coz i don’t find the right for me to practice my freedom of speech and majority wins. And most of the people down there, commenting on “the article” saying it is stating the fact, why don’t you get your ass off from the chair that you are typing and go the hell out of your comfort home to take a vote on the REAL ASPIRANTS, ask want they want. And to all my fellow candidates, you know what to do right in the next term of elections? Yes, retrieve our voices by not giving our votes to a govt. body who wouldn’t even give a shit about the future pillars of the Nation. Jai hind!

  3. Not seen a single worthwhile alternative proposed. Students who are serious, want to get over with the exam. Anecdotal references will not help. There will always be challenges on the ground in a country such as ours. In fact respective states, instead of fueling fire, should have worked on easing things for students by running more buses, shuttles etc. District magistrates for respective districts, should have coordinated to help students stuck due to transport issue/flood/lack of money etc. But what we see is rampant politicising egged on by pliable journos. They have been trying since 2002, will fail again.

    • To run buses states need money, and where are they supposed to arrange that? By begging to Lord Rama?…. After all, Finance Minister has already shrugged off the responsibility by calling it act of God

  4. As a NEET student the real situation is that we are fed up of this exam we want to write the paper and finish it off once and for all also there are many students who are appearing for 2, 3 , 4 time do people what amt of stress we go through and over that some people want to extend the exam dates and make us more stressful.

  5. Life must go on, with proper precautions, exams must be held.
    It has been postponed twice already.
    The virus is here to stay, you can not postpone indefinitely.

  6. JEE and NEET should be held as scheduled. Of course we need to take proper precautions. That’s the only way out, not just for exams but for every walk of life. The refusal to accept the new normal would only make life more miserable. We need to discuss on how best we can hold the exams, ensuring safety and access to everyone rather than trying to do away with it. My kid is also appearing in the exam and I know how devastating it would be to the aspiring students to keep preparing if the exams get postponed again. What assurance we’ve that the situation would improve in another month or two. We can consider a preliminary online screening for neet if have to reduce the number of students appearing for the main test. But doing way with the test or postponing further will only demoralise the students. We’ve two brilliant examples in Kerala, where Tenth standard and engineering exams were held with almost zero disease transmission. Let’s emulate this valiant model and try to face the challenge.

  7. Hey….many people commenting here are either supporting the post or are against it. But i don’t know either they are neet aspirants or jee aspirants….

    SO HERE IS A COMMENT FROM A NEET ASPIRANT (no one would understand the situation better than us)….PLS GIVE IT A READ…..

    i am a neet aspirant giving a year drop for my neet exam. It’s better to mention that i am not a very meritorious student but still managed to score 490 in my last allen mock test which was held in 1st march….me and my family thought i can increase the marks to 540 within the next 2 months which is enough to get a govt college in westbengal….
    But then suddenly this pandemic broke out…here’s a list of things which me and my family faced during this entire span of 6 months…
    My dad is a business and from march 18 his business is completely packedup resulting in not even being able to earn a single rupee in this span of 6 months….the immense tension which prevails in a family when there is no source of income is i think understandable by all….which affected my studies also as i couldn’t concentrate due to family situations……my dad is an arthritis patient and my mom is a diabetic patient and they are the most vulnerable to this disease….hence we could not afford to allow dad to go out of the house to buy the basic needs of the family….all the shopping from vegetables to medicines from cigarettes for my dad to groceries for my family all were done by me….we couldn’t allow the maids to come….hence i had to help my mom in every household chores other than cooking as her health conditions are not that good…..lost contact with all my sirs for the last 6 months as couldn’t adjust to the online mode hence no follow up of the syllabus could be done….amphan devastated kolkata completely and people suffered for nearly 3 to 4 weeks due to the havoc wrecked by it….
    1st mentally we were prepared for exam in 3rd may and arranged our revision routine accordingly….then it became 26th july and i started revising accordingly(not to forget the circumstantial hurdles)….and then it became 13th sept….it was quite obvious that people would think conducting exam wouldn’t be possible in 13th also cause it was postponed when there were 2000 cases per day and it can’t happen when it’s 80000 cases per day….but we were wrong….

    I want to say that JEE NEET exams are not a joke….it requires months and years of systematic learning….a break in the system can destroy everything….it requires immense mental strength and concentration to study for this exams….and i think the situation was not perfect for me and thousands of others also to study properly for this exams….some may have faced much more problems than me….and now from a preparation of almost cracking the exam i am at a position where i am sure i wouldn’t be even able to go close to the mbbs cutoff..and i am sure this is the case with thousands of other students also…..
    And now as the exam date has arrived let’s just pray that we don’t catch the virus on our way to the exam hall….MIND YOU NTA IS ONLY SANITISING THE EXAM HALL NOT THE ROADS AND BUSES AND THE METROS AND ALSO THE PEOPLE WHO WE WILL COME ACROSS ON THE ROADS…..let’s pray our parents don’t catch the virus because of the paralytic govt’s hypnotised mind….surely extreme power can hypnotise anyone….

  8. This was what I devised few days back. Glad someone else could see it. Well people won’t agree , atleast most of them but this is the sad truth. Modi gormint bik chuki hai, Congress ko koi free mein bhi nahi lega. That’s what I say. I don’t follow parties. Just come out of the box and see the truth for yourself.

  9. ‘But is it really unreasonable to think one could get Covid in a closed room in a country that now officially has the largest number of Covid cases per day anywhere in the world? ‘

    One BJP official when asked when India’s Covid curve will reach a peak said it will never reach a peak (he thought that was a negative thing !).

    Indeed, India’s Covid curve is rising exponentially whereas others have flattened its curve. The govt. has given up. Covid has gone out of their control. They have given up on the economy – the pathetic Brahmin Sitaraman pleaded diminished responsibility as it was an act of God !

    As for Make in India, Modi’s latest pep talk was not to import dogs but to raise Indian brands !! India has no shortage of dogs – stray dogs. During the BJP’s first term, the stray Indian dogs were mauling people in a southern state. The state wanted to cull them but Maneka threw a tantrum.

    Likewise, on China, the BJP could not open their mouth.

    The BJP thinks they can retain indefinite Hindu support with Hindu rage against minorities, liberals and other bogeys they have created, and by selling delusions to them that India is becoming a Hindu superpower due to Modi. It has worked so far. The Hindu psyche allows blind worshipful following of godmen. And having followed wickedness, they would rather cut their noses to spite their faces, than admit that their adulation of Modi and his violence was misplaced.

  10. Hello all, call the author whatever you want. Those who are now taking the exam were in the midst of preparation to appear for the exam in May. The students normally divide preparation in home, study center and library. This rythm came to halt as libraries and study center were locked. Online support alone is not useful for competitive of such magnitude. While announcing the dates ought to have unlocked such support activities at least on limited scale with all precautions so that it would have helped them refresh as quite often it’s difficult for them to avoid distraction. If this was implemented, politics would have avoided. Is It fair to push with such partially prepared students. Even to fight election, 45 days are given to dud Politicians

  11. Who are these students who claim they have no means to travel, let them approach Nta and make a formal list. As for the trending topics on Twitter, why are there tutorials on YouTube on how to make twitter bots to get postpone jee neet trending. Why are many users saying they are unable to write neet but then get exposed that they are grown adults from Pakistan and Turkey. I know 10 year olds who are tweeting coz they think it’s funny. The real situation is being hidden by media and Twitter activism. Annual floods are now the determining factor of a national level exam? Where were these people when Kerala was flooded 2 years in a row and schools were crippled yet nothing was done for the board exams. Meanwhile news agencies and YouTube’s are riding the wave of sensationalism. The clickbaits being released very hour make things very evident

  12. comment section just shows the number of “literate uneducated people” residing in india. Hats off to your general awareness(sarcasm intended)

  13. All the haters here commenting against this article,,,i bet they are from bjp IT cell
    Coz they just speak without thinking…

  14. This in no way indicative of strength of the Govt; it just shows when a megalomaniac heads the country who doesn’t realise that the quality and strength of leader is determined by his knowing his own limitation instead of thinking it is to appropriate to behave as Jack of ‘All and Master of None!’

  15. Very rightly said sir, those who are commenting that exams should be held, don’t they know how much risk is there, yes this is right Students have prepared so much but will these politicians take responsibility of their lives, their family lives. This can also form a new chain , a sudden outbreak.

    • N yet every single word is true,u may see it as hate since u’re a peach that can’t take criticism or see anyone u adore being criticised,stay retarded child,the world needs u😘🖤

  16. I am sorry to say but as per the my knowledge of journalism if this is the kind of articles youbare writing for the prime minister of India then i dont understand what you must be conversing like to your parents or senios first and the formost thing the conduction or no conduction of exam is entirely dependent on student’s will the political leaders with fake degrees dont have a say in this moreover only about 1-1.5 lakh students have began this campaign of postponement of exams on Twitter n for your very kind information about 8 lakh students were to appear and 1-1.5 or these leaders cannot decide the future of the whole student fraternity of batch 2020
    And you the writer should go and learn more about the examination how important it us to a jee aspirant or precisely a future engineer
    And get your facts about journalism checked please
    And stopping spreading hate

  17. So its a political issue? Very sad to see politics being reduced to a game where public interest is not always supreme. How can India afford an year with no doctors and engineers? How can twice the number of students appear for same number of seats next year? The repercussions of not holding JEE NEET are damaging for not only the students involved but the entire society !

  18. “Shoe I am ” you STUPIDO. Good you are against hard working students. Both my 50 years old babies aren’t good in studies and always wished exams be postponed. We are party which support dumbos and ensure brilliant people migrate. To ensure country remain poor. I like your opposition to exams. MAMMAMIA

  19. The comment section is pretty much filled with bjp trolls . Well assholes your modiji has pretty much destroyed the economy . I guess the better option is to sell the country to Ambani and Adani rather than completely destroying it. #PRIVATISEINDIA

    • Seems the eloquent use of your vocabulary seems there has been a burn damage. no use ranting about an alternate viewpoint as that of a troll. The intolerance in your statement is just baffling. It is equally baffling to note that the students who are giving the exams themselves aren’t howling except a few who will always raise such issues. You should go have a read at the first days reactions by different students across the country.

  20. Very well written. The Modi Govt. has been tone deaf on this issue and that is to be expected given that none of them have got any for al education. Even Modi can’t show his degrees !!n

  21. This government is ‘of the BJP, by the BJP, for the BJP’!! We the people don’t matter!!

    We’ve seen it when migrant workers were walking home during Lockdown 1.. we’ve seen it during the Delhi riots.. we’ve seen it when Modi & Co waited for the MP government to fall into their hands before announcing a lockdown which should have been implemented at least a month earlier!!

    The result of this BJP / Modi centric government is there for all to see.. Our COVID cases are shooting up, just as our GDP is hurtling down. Of course, the likes of Amit Shah don’t have to suffer the results of their own bad decisions – they get top treatment for free. I wonder what’s been the effect of the lack of social distancing during thali bajao, & diya jalao on our ‘top of the world’ COVID spikes! The hare-brained and unjust decision to hold entrance exams during this crisis is not only going to add to the spike, but will also ensure that the poorest and most marginalised sections of our society are left out. Modi and BJP’s undemocratic unilateralism is being aided by Arun Mishra and the rest of the comatose Supreme Court whose balls seem to be firmly in Modi’s hands!!!

    This is what the people are doing to help those who can’t afford private transport to exam venues, because the PM-DONTCARE ->

    • Wait, like Delhi riots, there are ‘alternative facts’ on migrant workers and govt’s Covid handling !!!

      Because the Supreme One ordered lockdown within 4h, think of the millions of lives he saved. And on Covid, India being the Vishwa Guru helped 145 countries out of 125 that had Covid.

      It will be published in OpIndia. Freedom of speech.

  22. Even the directors of IIT are in favor of this decision!!!
    Surely they are not fools
    Had the Modi government postponed exams, you would have used the statements of these directors against the government!!

    • IIT charges a high tution fees of 2 lacs p.a for B.Tech degree. This is costlier than NIT or other state government engineering colleges.
      They need the students fee to run their colleges. Delaying students joining academic courses will hit their finances.
      Over the years government s have been trying to get IITs to remove subsidies for engineering students.

  23. This is an education for India’s future professionals: don’t let a government become too powerful. Any government, any party, any ideology. Always let them feel insecure.

    This is precisely the reason why
    a. RG may in all likelihood be a more humane PM than the current one. He will know at all times that he can be replaced. This insecurity will make him much more responsive to public opinion.
    b. Indian voters must not reward any party with absolute majority. 180-200 seats is more than enough – it makes our parliament a de facto proportional representation system wherein the centre is responsive to the needs of the states. State problems like GST would have been fixed by now if BJP were insecure and depended on allies from states.
    c. Shivam Vij (and other media worthies) would do well not to join the govt in mindlessly criticising the opposition and delegitimize them in public eyes. It serves to heighten ruling party hubris by making them feel that they are indispensable and cannot be replaced and robs the Indian people of a legitimate option to check the government’s untrammelled power.

  24. Is Shri Vij is either a doctor or an engineer? Has taken the entrance examination for either of them? Or was he so bad in math and science that the had to settle for a arts degree? Does he know the pressure of the syllabus that has to be covered in engineering or medicine? Otherwise he could not have written the article that he has.

    Firstly the exams are being held in many centers across the country. It is very unlikely that students have to travel for hundreds of kilometers as he alleges. Secondly are all India exams ever cancelled across the country due to floods in certain parts of it? Thirdly how is Shri Vij so sure that in a few weeks the COVID situation will improve in the Hindi heartland? Does he not know that the exams have already been postponed twice? The man does not realise that it is not just the question of loss of one year in the career of a student. If there is any further delay, then the course cannot start in this year. If that happens then two batches will sit for the exams next year. The intake will be equal to only one batch .This may not get adjusted in the next five years also. This would be akin to a young Shivam Vij having to settle for Lucknow University instead of Delhi University. But then when a person is so consumed by hatred and negativity, as is Shri Vij, logical thinking goes out of mind. This rant of his is an example of that. Hope The Print does not have to pay for it.

    • You must be a member of the BJP IT Cell.. because you don’t check your facts before shooting off your mouth!!

      There is only one centre in Arunachal Pradesh – Itanagar. So if you live in Zemithang in the state, you need to travel 500+ km over 16+ hours to make it, crossing a state border twice!!! If you had opted for Tezpur in Assam as your centre instead, it still means a 400+ km, 13+hour journey!!! So before you talk about others’ pay, do proper research so you can justify the money that original-Pappu Modi pays you!!! Also apply the same to the rest of your diatribe, because your arguments, like your career, is completely flat!!

      • Let me tell you one thing then. This happens in the exams every year and inter state travel has long been allowed by the MHA ! The issue of accomodation is a pressing issue for such candidates but what about earlier years too when students used to come one or two days earlier and stayed at hotels? Is this the first time a candidate from Zemithang is not getting a center ? Is it the first time that Arunachal Pradesh doesn’t have a center other than Itanagar? Please argue based on facts ! As for IT cell, you are lucky if people from IT cell speak logic. And not some misspelled copy pasted hashtag !

  25. This an absolute crap… ask any XII pass out science student who are preparing for JEE and NEET and his/ her parents to get correct answers. With two years of hard work behind them, any idea of further deferment is cruel. My son who is to appear for NEET is so exhausted and any further deferment, he would collapse. We have not admitted him in to regular Degree and if further deferment of NEET results in a Zero year, I can’t even imagine what will happen. Writing opinionated article based on opinion of few students who are neither serious about their careers nor a science student for whom JEE/NEET matters is not correct. Government is doing right think by not deferring JEE/NEET further.

    • If I am a landless labourer living in the hinterland, how can I get my daughter to appear for the exams?! I have had very little work for the past few months.. my bank balance is close to zero.. there is no public transport available.. how do I make it to the exam?!

      No one said don’t hold the exam.. either wait for the right moment.. or arrange transport and accommodation for those who can’t afford it. Please don’t let your privilege blind you to the suffering of others!!

  26. Clutching at every straw, the sickulars, these librandus.
    Candidates: study hard and all the best! Don’t get swayed by such bogus thoughts as this presstitute.

  27. Coalition governments are always better. Whether it be Narasimha or Bajpayee or Manmohan. Similarly in most democracies coalition government always perform better for the people. The only problem with a coalition government is with the politicians themselves that you mentioned, “Uncertainity”. Fear to the people among politicians is always good for a democracy.

  28. Does Modi wants to listen to Rahul who is failed ?
    When majority of people are interested for Exams, I don’t why these Rahul supporters wants students to miss one academic year.

  29. Mr. Vij proudly pontificates: ” Surely, the exam could be postponed by a few weeks”, but he conveniently fails to answer how many weeks are we talking exactly? one week, two weeks, a month, few months, or a whole year? In which case it is no different than a zero year because it is literally impossible to cram a year-long syllabus within a time period of a few months even if you add all the summer months. Can he also guarantee that whenever the exam date is set (as per his whims) there won’t be any Covid cases, no floods or environmental hazards in any part of India, and no disruption in public transport? And finally, lets consider the counterfactual: if the students do not get a chance to appear for these tests there will be twice as many students vying for the same number of seats as no institute can accommodate more students than what they are already admitting, leave alone twice as many. For once, Mr Vij should have risen above peddling his partisan agenda and done some honest reporting. It’s the students’ future that is at stake for God’s sake! Alas! guess it’s too much to ask of a person like Mr. Vij!

  30. Does not make sense !!

    If can’t give exam this year what makes aspirant think postponements for a year will be of help !!

    Whether exam postponed or you cannot go to give exam it remains same for those who can’t give exam this year

    Competing with 45,000 next year is better then 60,000 as let those give exam who are able to

    One year is precious don’t waste it !!

  31. Your every story ends with asking the readers for money. Since The Print is co-owned by Kiran Majumdar Shaw, Nandan Nilekani et al, you are effectively asking an average reader to subsidize your wealthy investors’ venture. And since you can’t afford to hurt those millionaires’ money, all you can give us is right-wing journalism with a thin coating of independence. So unethical.

    Don’t give it for free. By all means price your product. But don’t ask for money in the name of independent journalism.

  32. Phew… the writer is made it out as if the aspirants/students have to write their exams in a COVID 19 hospital ward, not at the sanitized secluded place. Even the teachers & other supporting staff is exposed to risk. Already students were under tremendous stress about the postponement of the exams. Further, not sure about the academic year once again it is being postponed.

    Students with academic interest quietly happy and preparing for the exam. But so called politicians especially from the opposition is trying to play a politics in the student’s life. Just see the videos & photographs of the so-called student protesters except a few most of them are not appeared to be the students more like a party worker & goons.
    If the author’s point is true whey the student community over 19 Lakhs will download their entrance ticket to give the exams. It would have been better for the media to ask the help of the general public to provide transportation on their behalf rather simply talking out on all this ideology, this & that etc., nonsensicle.

    • Why is it that the public should do something the government is supposed to do?! PM-DONTCARE – is that why?!

  33. Doctors, nurses, municipality workers, police, employees,farmers, labour, teachers who are allowed, business men, traders ,small time hawkers have been working and will do their job irrespective of the Covid crisis.all taking their own precautions, risk as deemed necessary for them,their families and society. Arm chair critics,home sitting writers ,off the ground journalist s, especially English speaking and writing from cities ,full of self righteous centred theories, not even trying to listen to iit academic directorrs keep writing shit and publish it on miniscule read platform even if respected. Students are asked to write annual exam for three hours with precautions as much as possible.if they don’t want or feel safe they can apply next year.none have a right to ask exam of otgers to be postponed for their sake or their fears.
    No one knows when this will end
    Next year you wush double students write for same seats.
    In five divty,engineers will pass out for an year.then bigger crisis.
    Don’t advise irresponsibly in issues of basic structure,on the ground micromanagement. Which many of us aren not experts
    Leave it to the iit body of directors.neet director. They too are indians, patriotic, sensible,care about youth. Overall the respective parents are the best judges for their children.
    I am not sending my children to school and will not send.
    An year Kate..let it be
    But asking and demanding and vilifying a public policy if regular exams in nation building is criminal.
    Very poor in intellect

    Midi will still have the last laugh because you people don’t matter.he has lots of inadequacies
    But saying that he should decide a exam date is rubbish
    It s like he should decide which muhurat v should nuke pakistan if needed..grow up man
    Btw i am not a bhakt
    I am a swing voter who was a congress man

    You just increased my lack of respect to such stupid one-sided gibberish

    • you, my friend, is the most stupid person i have come across.You just took so much time,to write nothing but gibberish arguments as if u have been paid to do so.The person who wrote the article was just representing those lakhs of students who share similar thoughts,who have to fight not only the govt but dumbasses like u.You are “THE” perfect example of literate uneducated man .Will pray the best for your dim future.

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