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Pakistani cleric close to Imran Khan has found what caused coronavirus pandemic

At PM Imran Khan’s live telethon to raise funds for the Covid battle, Maulana Tariq Jameel, an influential leader of Tablighi Jamaat, was the show-stopper.

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With the world still trying to figure out whether the coronavirus was bat-made or man-made, a Pakistani cleric surprised everyone with his discovery — this pandemic is women-made. It was the short clothes of women that has brought on this pandemic, he said about his scientific discovery. The coronavirus is female. Who knew.

At Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Ehsaas telethon to raise funds for the battle against coronavirus, Maulana Tariq Jameel, an influential leader of the Tablighi Jamaat, was the show-stopper, to say the least. Fighting back his tears, Tariq Jameel asked who was making Pakistan’s daughters dance. A question that he’s yet to answer himself.

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Shhh, don’t blame those responsible

Tariq Jameel declared that the coronavirus was Allah’s wrath on the increasing nudity, obscenity and immodesty in society. It was because of growing sins and sinners that this pandemic was upon us. Women, of course, were at the centre of all the mayhem. Maulana Tariq Jameel’s scientific discovery wasn’t worth challenging — not by Prime Minister Imran Khan, not by the journalists and not by any of the women attending the event.

Ironically, over 27 per cent of the coronavirus cases in Pakistan are from the Tablighi Jamaat’s Ijtema (annual religious gathering) in Raiwind city, where 2,50,000 people had gathered in March ignoring government order, yet the cleric blames women for the virus’ spread. Their clothes have to be the super-spreader then. If it were up to Pakistan’s clerics, they’d be tallying the Covid-19 cases based on women’s hemlines.

Women are behaya, the coronavirus is behaya (shameless).

It is not the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last, Pakistani women got blamed for calamities. From earthquakes to floods and tsunamis, and now a pandemic, they have been blamed for all — sometimes it’s their clothing, other times it’s their immodesty that plays havoc on the country. From the time of their birth, they are blamed for every misdeed the society puts them through — and every tragedy that falls upon the masses. In a society where the birth of a girl child is considered a natural calamity, clerics like Tariq Jameel pander to their religious constituency and strengthen these misogynistic notions. They don’t look within, and it’s unimaginable of them to cast any blame on men.

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Clerics have a simple rule

When in doubt in Pakistan, blame the women. Putting female bodies at the centre of pandemic discussion works for the conservatives who don’t have a single scientific bone in their body. But it’s not just the clerics. It’s like a cultural thing. After all, targeting the most vulnerable is the easiest thing to do and Pakistani men excel in that.

There is a surge in the cases of domestic violence across Pakistan, which is under lockdown and women are confined in their homes with their abusers. They cannot file complaints or seek help. In one incident, a 28-year-old mother of four committed suicide because she was unable to take the torture and abuse anymore. In another horrifying incident in Peshawar, a man killed his seven-year-old niece for making too much noise while playing in the house.

Now, what stops the clerics from crying on live television when such crimes are orchestrated against women? What happens to the collective “gunaho ki maafi” syndrome and the god’s wrath when children are raped by clerics in seminaries or dead women are dragged out of graves and raped? Are these acts less azaab-worthy for the maulanas? Maybe it is bad for business to talk about real issues; maybe it is not a priority for an influential leader like Tariq Jameel to use his clout and speak against such evils.

Even PM Imran Khan’s morality thermometer is always tagged to Hollywood and Bollywood, which he blames for spreading child pornography (“fahashi”) in Pakistan. Perhaps both Maulana Jameel and Imran Khan don’t know about the secret database that is used to build such insights. There are no studies, current or previous, that give us clarity on how Western cinema is responsible for such crimes against women and children in Pakistan.

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But who made them celebrities?

Days after being criticised vehemently for his rant, Tariq Jameel walked back on his claims with an apology for “inadvertently hurting any man or woman”. He also apologised for calling Pakistani journalists liars.

Senior journalists present at the event had confronted the Maulana, saying that he has always been an ally of political leaders in power — be it Nawaz Sharif or Asif Zardari — and it’s the same reason he praises Imran Khan today. The problem is not that he praises everyone or gives out character certificates, the problem is the media that made celebrities out of these clerics.

Giving space to clerics on issues they had no business giving their opinions on. From a pandemic to the Aurat March, Valentine’s day, human rights to foreign policy, sexual harassment to child marriages — if you are going to consult a cleric on every matter, then you have to be ready for a time when he will not agree with you and call you a “jhoota (liar)”. This is the byproduct of commercialising religion and turning clerics into celebrities in a schism society.

Pakistan’s celebrity clerics now want a piece of science too. And they are holding forth on Covid-19. Brace for impact — soon, they will also hand out their own brand of cure for the Covid-19.

The author is a freelance journalist from Pakistan. Her Twitter handle is @nailainayat. Views are personal.

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  1. Seriously, I salute all Muslim people of having such a high level of patience to listen and obey to such preachings shown in the video above.

    I completely agree with N khan on the fanatics part in India and Pakistan, and its almost the right example which should not to be followed in India.

    But Indians are smart enough and even in my dreams i can’t imagine our new generation or our future generations whichever cast or creed they belong to, will digest this kind of fairy tail story in the above video, which has had no head or tail only emotional intelligence.


  2. वैसे हमें पाकिस्तान क्या कर रहा है और कह रहा है इस से जायदा अपने समाज को देखना चाहिए। दस हजार अच्छी बाते हमारे हिंदुस्तान में बोली जाती है रोज़ उन पर ध्यान दिया जाए।
    इस तरह के आर्टिकल जिनका कोई खास आधार नहीं होता समाज को बाटने का काम करते हैं।

  3. Naila achieved her target by writing this article – ultra cheap publicity. Shame on her. Shame on her thinking. Shame on her supporters.
    Tariq Jameel is a unifying personality, and people like him are needed to eradicate extremism in Islam.

    • What a bullshit article! Wasted my time reading the writing of an inept and soul less person. Criticism should be done by the equals. In Pakistan every idiot think he/she has the right to criticize.
      Moulana Sb is an epic figure. Think before you talk against him. I am a woman and I don’t think he insulted us in any way.

  4. For all those defending him and bashing the article should watch his video unbiasedly.
    Most of his speech are fictional, adulterous and highly derogatory towards women, African, etc.

  5. Not happening first time to Maulana giving someone a quick ride for cheap publicity, “women card” is a tried and trusted shortcut that surely is going to workout this time as well.
    The article is nothing less than rubbish, a 9 year old could have done better and bit more justice.

  6. After reading this article one thing is for sure.
    Pakistani Journalists are liars. Not everyone.
    This is such a heavily morphed article.
    Personally I have watched many of his(TJs) lectures and he stands out for his stand for social justice, his stand against domestic violence, lie, hatred, women’s right, woman respect. And yeah, he speaks against immodesty. But for both men and woman.
    And on that particular controversial video that I watched it was nowhere seen he blames woman for Covid-19.
    It seems this Pakistani journalist wrote this article without any research on that person.

    • But mulana is right my dear mulana not follow Quran and speak lie on pakistani tv . Not tv news anker

  7. I think this is a mis reported story and those who have read the story without seeing the video are being misled by sensationalist reporting. The man clearly says there are four things that should be adhered to and gods anger that caused the virus will be appeased. The first us to tell the truth. The second that no mudin should cheat another human being. The THIRD was how modesty of women had disappeared from his country. And the fourth was hard work from dawn to dusk. You can choose of course to disagree with the third, but can you argue with the others?

    Really irresponsible reporting, and a pity no ones watching the video before responding.

    • Sorry spelling error. Muslim not mudin. And I’m not saying the man is right, but that the reporting is highly sensationalist and biased.

  8. Your comments speak of your biased approach, you have mocked beliefs which are preached by any set of people. Every one would like to abstain lies, immodesty and bad deeds like that. Maulana stated same during his speech / dua. So what’s wrong in that. Very morally low and biased approach displayed by writer.

    • When print rights against hindus you people say that they don’t understand and now that they have written against your cleric you say the print is wrong

      It’s very clear that you people can never criticize the wrong done by your community people that’s is the biggest reason people are voting for bjp these days

  9. Tariq Jameel is dead right in his theory. His mother brought the greatest virus in this world — Tariq Jameel. I propose that Corona Virus be named after her.

  10. Someone should let the word out to stop wasting resources on vaccine. Solution is simple, turns out reason for covid is the dancing in Pakistan. Major contributors are PTI jalsas and Asif Ghafoors movies, sorry forgot that was ok as the actress was playing the role of an Indian Kafir!

  11. The title of this article is unnecessarily sarcastic. The cleric was saying things, rather quoting from prophet Muhammad, simple and “good” things which all religions teach, to encourage their followers to stay on a righteous path. Like, speak the truth, don’t betray others, etc. These are sweet lessons we even teach our children. Every modern person takes these preachings with a pinch of sugar. No one believes that by following them Corona will spare us, or by not following rhem it will kill us. But there is nothing wrong in seeking God’s mercy every now and then, addressing Him by whichever name that pleases us.

    • It’s not about addressing god, but blaming women for a calamity. It’s pathetic and so is your support.

  12. What is most shocking is that he said all of this in front of the PM on national TV!! With no correction from anyone! This is in a country where, if any reference to the ‘establishment’ in a non-complementary term, is promptly muted. But then again shouldnt be surprised considering the Presidents comments from a few days ago!

  13. I feel this article is a unfair and heavily biased insinuated with misandry and islamaphobia targeted at a single individual expressing his opionon. Maluana Tariq Jameel was providing a supportive, spritual and pastoral view on a growing pandemic that thousands of people are affected by. Instead of providing reassurance and promotion the article tries to raise racial tensions between two countries, cultures and values through propoganda and lies. Inhumane, disgusting and incomprehensible especially during these difficult times. It was very clear that the agenda of Tariq Jameel was to provide a moral outlook on key issues that are pertaining to Pakistans declining morality in regards to the youth . Below is a clear statment where he clarifies this:

    “Recently I made some comments that I wish to clarify
    My aim was to point out that WE are all to blame for our current state. It was meant to be a general remark not targeting any specific men, women, persons or gender, but as a reminder to get closer to what Allah teaches us.”

    • अब द प्रिंट – मीडिया हाउस का भी स्तर इतना गिर गया कि अब ऐसे एक विडियो उठा कर मौलाना का सहारा लेकर फिर तब्लीग़ी जमात का तड़का लगा कर। कुछ भी लिख दिया जाए।
      इस वीडियो के ऊपर बात करते हैं।
      जिन लोगो ने सिर्फ यह आर्टिकल पड़ा है उनके लिए बहुत ग़लत हुआ। क्यूंकि रिपोर्टर ने अपना तजुर्बा लिखा है। वीडियो की सच्चाई नहीं लिखी।
      4 बात कही गई
      1 झूट बोलना
      2 हया का खतम होना आदमी और औरत दोनों की ओर से।
      3 धोखा देना
      4 हराम की दौलत

      यह सब होने से खुदा नाराज़ होता है।
      अगर यह ग़लत है तो बताओ। मौलाना ने तो नहीं कहा की साइंस ना मानो। अब धार्मिक आदमी धर्म के आधार पर ही इलाज बताएगा। उनके हिसाब से यह सब चार बात हे जो किसी को भी बर्बाद कर सकती है।

      झूट मीडिया बोलता है
      पॉलिटीशियन भी बोलते हैं।
      आम नागरिक भी,
      तो मीडिया को झूठा बोला तो क्या ग़लत किया।

      वाह री रिपोर्टर साहिब सही न्यूज बनाई। और कोई सस्ता आपको रास्ता नहीं मिला।

  14. What a hell, you are saying wrong he didn’t say coronavirus is woman made .you people have only work to defame clerics. You are spreading hearsay and that may cause punishment for you in this world. I have watched this video and I guess that you haven’t watched this video.

    • I encourage all to visit “ranting Pakistani” tweeter handle to watch his highness’s other speech where he term the African women ugly, hoor in habar 130ft etc.
      When idiots are defended imbeciles were born.
      Watch YouTube channel
      Harris sultan
      Faceless talk in Hindi and Urdu
      Galib kamal

  15. Typical Islamic brain.Blame everything on women.Treated like dirt in All Islamic countries, very easy to blame your mothers, sisters,daughters,aunts and everything Female?Th’s same group that came to spread Covid19 in India and the Leader being shielded and spreading virus.When will if they the brains, to understand all scientific principles?Their Allah is not going to save them.

  16. Yes he is right women and men too are guilty for sins so we all should do tobba so that ALLAH ALMIGHTY forgive us and remove this pandemic soon ameen but we all muslims should stop doing wrong deeds in whatever form so plz all muslims follow islam fully to ged rid of anger of ALLAH SWT as ALLAH SWT is very r
    ghafoor and raheem.

  17. Maulana is certainly quoted out of context. Women were not the centre point of discussion but entire population was. He referred to 4 major social evils – lies, deception, immorality and earning money by unlawful means. He blamed the entire Pakistani community for indulging in unfair activities including politicians and media houses which ignore facts just for boosting trp and spread propaganda. He is widely known for speaking openly against domestic violence and discrimination against women in Pakistani society.

    • Yes absolutely right 👍. There is no link between the article and the video.
      कुछ भी अपने मन से लिखा और लिंक कर दिया।

  18. Why is this newsworthy? We know quite well that these clerics are both ignorant and unfortunately influential in that country. We also know that Imran is but a tool in their hands. He may not grow that beard but he will pander to the fanatics and their hair brained rants.
    If anything India needs to look at this sorry state of affairs and save ourselves from our own fanatics who are using this crisis to fan the flames of hate.

  19. I think you are seeing the picture from a wrong lens….. Apart from this article, I love guys write.

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