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Kashmir Banega Pakistan: A dream sold to brainwash us since childhood now lies in tatters

30 years on, Pakistan’s Kashmir policy has borne no fruits for regular Pakistanis, other than polarising society and instilling hate against India.

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When the Narendra Modi government scrapped the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and announced its decision to turn the state into a Union Territory Monday, it caught the thekedars of Kashmir in Pakistan off guard. The reactions from the Imran Khan government were anything but serious, that too for a piece of land they once called their own.

Honestly, losing cricket matches to India have had better reactions in Pakistan. But the bigger question is: can Imran Khan’s government run without a Kashmir cause, as the saying goes ‘hukoomat petrol se nahin, Kashmir cause se chalti hai’.

Everyone in the ruling elite sold the ‘Kashmir banega Pakistan’ chooran to the best of their benefit – those in the Pakistani military to keep themselves viable, the politicians to use it during elections, the religious cartel to fan anti-Hindu sentiments, and the ordinary Pakistani to just watch all of them make hay.

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Brainwashing since childhood

‘Kashmir banega Pakistan’ is what we were told as kids. ‘But how will it become a part of Pakistan when it is in India?’ We would ask. ‘Kashmir hamari shahrag hai (Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan)’. So how are we managing to survive without this vein? The questions, we were told, had no answers, so they better not be asked either.

Growing up in the 1990s, our daily dose of brainwashing involved a 20-minute programme on Kashmir after the 9pm news on Pakistan Television. With Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Iss duniya k gham jane kab hu gy kam playing in the background, we saw agonising images of Kashmir. It would eulogise Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Yasin Malik, Syed Ali Shah Geelani and other Kashmiri leaders – we were told that these men were the real heroes.

‘Our heart should bleed for Kashmir,’ was the loud and clear message. But how can the heart bleed for something that was only a state-imposed reality? We would think.

The rulers of Pakistan came and went but what remained unchanged was Pakistan’s Kashmir cause. A cause for which daring to be indifferent amounted to blasphemy of sorts.

Once a year, Pakistanis would get a day to free Kashmir. Every 5 February, they show solidarity with their Kashmiri brethren. School tableaux depict innocent Kashmiri girls singing folk songs and out of nowhere come Indian soldiers firing gunshots to arouse pathos in the audience.

The happenings of Kashmir Day always remained unclear – a national holiday which seemed just like any other off day. Kashmir Day would involve everything other than liberating Kashmir. Waking up late, watching Indian films, and hanging out with friends was our contribution to the cause of Kashmir.

And then there were the poster boys of Kashmir freedom movement. Hafiz Saeed, Syed Salahuddin or Ahmed Ludhianvi from banned militant outfits taking out processions, apprising the Pakistanis of the Kashmir issue. But why would you preach to the converted already?

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What Pakistan’s Kashmir policy achieved

Now, nearly three decades later, Pakistan’s Kashmir policy has borne no fruits for regular Pakistanis, other than polarising the society on the basis of jihad and instilling hate against India. The government of Pakistan expects the inflation-battling awaam to reunite for the Kashmir cause. But why?

Whether or not your heart bleeds for your own ethnic (Pashtuns, Baloch, Hazaras, Mohajir) and religious minorities (Shias, Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus), your heart must bleed for the Kashmiris. It doesn’t matter whether the Kashmiris want it or not.

Prime minister Imran Khan, who recently concluded what we were told was a successful visit to the United States, now finds himself answerless in front of the roaring opposition in Parliament. While he had pleaded US President Donald Trump of mediating on Kashmir issue, he now doesn’t know what actually happened with him. Clueless as ever, in his streetfighter style, the premier told what Narendra Modi’s BJP has done wasn’t cool, and like an astrologer, he also told what could happen. But what was missing as usual was what his plan was. Being unable to do anything about India’s constitutional amendment is one thing; giving sermons about the past quite another.

Pushing the international community to raise the issue of Kashmir is a lost cause, as is evident from the last 70 years of UN General Assembly outings. Also, Pakistan’s recent foreign policy debacles don’t help the cause either. Imran Khan, who had called on Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad for help, forgot how Mahathir had categorically said when he had visited Pakistan that he won’t take sides in the Kashmir conflict. Mahathir had also said that the reason for Malayisa’s success was that it isn’t in conflict with any of its neighbours.

During the Indian parliamentary election, Imran Khan had reiterated that Narendra Modi could solve the Kashmir issue. Like an astrologer, Khan got it right. The new measures from New Delhi signal towards etching the Line of Control into a permanent international boundary and like the Punjab and Bengal, Kashmir now too is partitioned.

The author is a freelance journalist from Pakistan. Her Twitter handle is @nailainayat. Views are personal.

This article has been updated to reflect a correction.

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  1. It is well known to the whole world that Pakistan is a state sponsored terrorism. Pakistan is a epicenter for Islamic terrorism. That Pakistan spent millions of rupees on terror outfit Jamat-ud-Dawa (JuD), the country’s Interior Minister admitted on national television. There is a human rights violations in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Kashmir is India’s internal issue & there is no room for Pakistan or any other foreign country to interfere in it. Kashmir is Legitimate part of India. Even POK is also belongs to India. Pakistan is creating turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir for decades by using terrorism as a tool to set its agenda. Pakistan is getting desperate to launch terror attacks in Kashmir. Pakistan is promoting terrorism in the region, including in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Islamabad has reportedly been discriminating against its religious minorities which is manifested in various forms of targeted violence, mass murders, extrajudicial killings, forced conversion to Islam, etc., making the Pakistani Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Ahmadiyyas and Shias one of the most persecuted minorities in the region. Rogue state Pakistan is a breeding ground for terrorism. It’s also a threat for the world because it is a rogue state, there is no law, no justice. Pakistan is committing “systematic genocide” of the minorities. The aid provided to Pakistan by foreign countries and international organisations to combat terrorism in its soil is instead being used to build madrassas for funding illegal activities and train suicide bombers for carrying out terror activities in the region.

  2. Imagine having a gun pointed at your head all the time, imagine having thorns on your foot, do you simply ignore it or take some remedial action? that is Kashmir today, India dedicates over 500 000 troops in Kashmir to keep peace, no other state in India needs so much care and attention, in fact, Kashmir is hampering the progress of India for over seventy years now. Does India simply hand over Kashmir? No, it cannot, because it is a strategic asset and is therefore non-negotiable. India does not meddle in the internal affairs of other countries so India has to do what’s best in it’s own interest. Note well that India is not a child and cannot be bullied any longer.

    All that Kashmiris need to do is to abide by the laws of India like the other 1.3 billion people living in the country and live a happy and peaceful life.
    Did you know that Kashmir has the lowest productivity levels compared to any other state in India because most people prefer not to work, they’ve been enjoying benefits from the central government in India for decades now, in fact, there are hardly any Kashmiri youngsters who pursue higher studies because they simply do not want to do any work after completing high school.

    Two clarifications, don’t compare Palestine to Kashmir, as the people in Kashmir are completely free and certainly not oppressed, also an interesting fact is that Muslims in India enjoy amongst the greatest freedoms and choices compared to any other country in the world and they are totally integrated into society and not treated as a separate group.

  3. VEry well written…. i must say miss naila that “Lifafay ka haq ada kar dia ap nay”… If in future there be given an award for molding facts and spreading misinformation and being true successor of Meer Jaffery and Meer Sadiq , IT SHOULD & IT MUST BE GIVEN TO YOU & Maj. ADNAN SAMI…lol.. Fortunately or unfortunately i am also a 90’s baby so thats why i can look straight through your bullshit. With all due respect.. would the respected writer like to tell me that if “Kashmir banega Pakistan” is such a forgotten dream and such a “LOST CAUSE”… and if our Kashmiri brethern are so happy and eager to join India Officially… then WHY THE HELL THEIR PROTESTERS ARE CHANTING THE SAME SLOGAN IN THEIR PROTESTS..?? Dont believe me or the Pakistani media for that matter…coz “hum tho Pak Army ke muhabbat mai andhay ho chukay hain na…?? we are a brain washed lot by our Army”.. so why dont you go and check out the INTERNATIONAL MEDIA AND SEE ITS NEWS WHICH SHOWS KASHMIRIS CHANTING THE SLOGAN “KASHMIR BANAY GA PAKISTAN” AND ” PAKISTAN SAY RISHTA KIA… LA ILAHA ILLALLAH”… & “HUM KIA CAHTAY HAIN..?AZAADI” & LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST ” LAY KAY RAHAIN GY AZAADI… CHEEHN KAY RAHAIN GY AZAADI”..!!! Would you like to tell me miss writer that WHY ON EARTH DOES THE KASHMIRI PEOPLE WRAP THEIR SHUDHADA IN PAKISTANI FALG…?? ( this is also shown by international media) OR WHY DO THEY HAVE PAKISTANIS FLAGS IN THEIR HANDS WAVING ENTHUSIASTICALLY WHENEVER THEY PROTEST AGAINST THE ATROCITIES OF STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM OF INDIA…?? IF KASHMIR IS REALLY ALL THAT HAPPY AND PEACEFUL THEN WHY DOES MODI SARKAR HAVE TO SEND EXTRA 9 LAKH SOLDIERS TO THE VALLEY AND IMPOSE THE WORST KIND OF CURFEW…??? IF…. well there are alot of such questions miss writer but jin ka qalam bik chuka ho aur mun lifafon nay band kar rakahy hoon… they obviously cant see or deliberately turns a blind eye to whats written clearly on the wall. The whole godamn world has seen the state of affairs in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir recently coz of the intense diplomatic efforts of our govt. if there had been corrupt govts in the past who have been sending sarhis and mangoes to India for the sake of their factories and sugar mills in India , instead of talking on serious matters like Kashmir and the water problem.. that DOES NOT mean that we leave our Kashmiri brethren in such delicate and tough time alone… “agar past mai eik ghalatee hum nay theek nae kee tho ess ka matlab ab bhee theek na karain..??”… we live in 21st century miss writer for goodness sake… how one earth can you support the occupation of fascist and racist Indian Army and Indian govt on Kashmir..?? How can you support making the kashmiris to live with someone they dont want to live with…?? in this age and time even a girl cant be forced to marry someone she doesnt want to marry…. how can you support imposing a decision on a population of 7 lakh people against their will…??? are we not living in 21st century or have we gone back to the 16th century for some God forsaken reason…??
    So far our internal problems are concerned… let they be ethnic or religious minorities that you mentioned so eagerly … let me tell you something.. no matter how much we may be divided internally.. be it religiously.. ethnically or poltically…. when it comes to the Kashmir Cause WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME PAGE.. THE WHOLE PAKISTANI NATION.. AND WE ALWAYS WIlL BE… despite of the fact that there has been and there always will be some GANDAY ANDAY & BLACK SHEEPS like you in our sleeves…. oh and this is coming from A PASHTOON OF KHYBER PAKHTOONKHWA.
    Also if the UNO has failed so badly then whey is the Modi sarkaar soooooo concerned and so much in pressure by international community coz of the meeting of Security Council held just day before yesterday in which they CLEARLY STATED THAT KASHMIR IS NOT AN INTERNAL ISSUE OF INDIA…( thanks to modi jee.. lol..) and they clearly condemned the sate of affairs in the valley coz of the curfew and human rights violation by the occupant army…????
    And so far the response of the Imran Khan goes that you criticize so vehemently.. i think there couldnt have been a better response than this in the face of a fascist racist regime who believes in racial superiority led by AN UNEDUCATED, WAR MONGERING PSYCHO AND A MURDERER and whose mere existence threatens NOT ONLY MUSLIMS but rather each n every minority in India including Christians and Sikhs and even lower cast hindus like dalits and shoodars…!! “NAE AAP KIA CHAHTEE HAIN HUM SEEHDA ATOM BOMB CHALA DETAY…??” .. What other response do you want our govt to have taken..?? Our patient and MATURE response in the face of such provocative & blatant action took by Indian govt showed the whole world how REALLY PEACE LOVING we Pakistanis as a nation are…!! IF you could have the courage to just put the “lifafa” at a side and be honest for a min… tell me something…. IF THE SITUATION WAS REVERSE… AND THIS STEP WAS TAKEN BY PAKSITANI GOVT.. DO YOU REALLY THINK INDIA WOULD HAVE RESPONDED WITH SAME PATIENCE AND MATURITY…?????? I THINK NOT…
    Oh n by the way Just coz you celebrated the Kashmir Day as waking up late.. watching indian movies and hanging out with friends DOESNT MEAN each n every Pakistani celebrated it the same way..!!
    So miss writer … next time before you go around trying you best to be a model desi liberal… trying to be more indian than indian… ( just like our major adnan ).. and trying to “justify your lifafa” ( be it from PMLN or from Modi sarkar…) … just remember the tearful cry for help of that Kashmiri mother who got nothing for her children to eat coz fo curfew… that was just shown 72 hours ago on national and international channels… AGAR WO BHEE AP KAY ZAMEER KO NAE JAGATA ( WHICH SEEM TO BE IN GEHRI NEEND) then just remember the 18000 girls who have raped by Indian Army uptil now in occupied Kashmir( figures given by Amnesty international and Human rights watch organizations.. google it… ).. just remember the 70,000 nameless graves in IOJ&K who have died either fighting for freedom or taking worst kind of torture in the torture cells built by Indian Army in the valley… Next time before you turn such a blind eye to such GRAVE ATROCITIES AND VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS… and before you put a deaf ear to the LOUD AND CLEAR CRIES FOR HELP FROM KASHMIRI BRTEHREN … just have some SHAME miss writer along with some HUMANITY ( if i may). Thank you.

    • Mr Bilal, read carefully – almost all the “international” media stuff that you are reading are written by Pakistani writers.
      Naturally they are all pro-pakistani ! No one outside Pakistan takes these “articles” seriously

  4. Pak citizens and leaders are living in delusion. Entire Kashmir is integral part of India by virtue of Instrument of Accession and PoK is illegally occupied by Pakistan and there is nothing that can stop India from occupying it as it is part of India. The UN resolutions Pakistan cites is violated by Pak as it did not withdraw from PoK which is first condition of UN resolutions. Pakistan has continued to live in delusion regards Kashmir and is now bankrupt due to policies of it’s rouge and barbarian army which is common knowledge to world at large.

  5. Very well written. Kashmir never belonged to Pakistan. It is worth mentioning that the first defenders of Srinagar against Pakistan attack were volunteers of Sheikh Abdullah. The National Conference used to have Hindu members as well. The struggle of JKLF was for independent united Kashmir.. There never was any basis for Pakistan claiming Kashmir. Surprise your Govt tells such great lies to its people.
    It is also worth pointing out that I have seen Pakistanis introducing themselves as Indians in white-lands. There is no glory in trying to align with aggressors and plunders of your lands just because your ancestors were forced into a different religion.

  6. I am shocked to read that the people of Pakistan have been sold a BS dream for so long and they haven’t wisened-up.

    Pakistan is in economic shambles and their biggest export today is global terrorism – which perhaps points to an intellectually bankrupt society.

    Even if by some miracle if Pakistan manages to get all of Kashmir what would it do to rid that country of all its miseries? How would it make the current and future generation of Pakistan any more intellectually evolved and economically prosperous? Didn’t any of the Pakistani politicians, economists, and educated citizen ask that question from the Pakistani presidents and military?

    Mahathir Mohammed told Pakistan about Malaysia – it is prosperous because it’s not in conflict with any of its neighbors. Mahathir was in fact telling Pakistanis to stop quarreling with its neighbors and everyone globally and instead focus on their own intellectual and economic growth.

    Pakistan should instead focus all its energy and resources on uplifting its current citizens through real education and try instead to rival India in intellectual growth and true sustained economic prosperity

  7. Stop comparing your self to India.
    The question you Pakistanis need to ask your LOOSER GENERALS is why is Bangladesh ahead of Pakistan in all barometers… Foreign exchange …GDP …Literacy….Why ??

  8. I am shocked to read that the people of Pakistan have been sold a BS dream for so long and they haven’t wisened up.

    Pakistan is in economic shambles and the biggest export of that country’s today is global terrorism. Goes to point towards perhaps an intellectually bankrupt society.

    Even if by some miracle if Pakistan manages to get all of Kashmir what would it do to rid that coy try of all its ire ailing miseries? How would it make the current and future generation of that country any more intellectually evolved and economically prosperous ? Didn’t any of the Pakistani politicians, economists and educated citizen ask that question?

    Perhaps they should learn from what Mahathir Mohammed told them about Malaysia – it’s prosperous because it’s not conflict with any of its neighbors. Mahathir was telling Pakistanis to stop quarreling and instead focus on their own intellectual and economic growth.

    Perhaps Pakistan should instead focus all its energy and resources on uplifting its citizens through education and try instead to rival India in intellectual growth and economic prosperity.

  9. I request the learned writer don’t incite much the poor Imran Khan as I fear he will airlift all the left over jihadis and will drop them upon the Kashmir.

  10. It’s so cute to see all these Pakistanis calling out the writer. It must really suck to be a Pakistani, especially right now. Get over yourselves and concentrate on POK otherwise that will be taken away too.
    And all these fuckers that are talking about what Indian army is going in kashmir, y’all might want to do a little research and see who’s actually been torturing whom. Blindly believing what your fuckall media is showing you. Too bad cause all you can do now is watch and cry, Kashmir was never Pakistan and it will never be. Look at the situation of people in POK. Ask them if they want to be there.
    Do proper research before yapping your mouths here.
    Finally got to see one Pakistani with a brain.
    Sucks to be Pakistani, my condolences to y’all.

  11. As if only thing matters in this world are Muslims….rest of the folks in J&K doesn’t. You can whine, make hue and cry, suck your whatever….it’s done…decision taken to improve the lives of all those in JK incl Muslims. Pakistan can go f@£k itself.

  12. Kashmir will never be part of Pakistan. Their dream will remain a dream.
    I wonder, if the rulers of Pakistan would have worked towards making every part of Pakistan as beautiful and peaceful once Kashmir they would have achieved a wonderful result. Instead they spread hatred, violence and deaths. Those beasts always thought of adding Kashmir into Pakistan and many of them died with their unfulfilling dream. Pakistanis should learn to live and to let live. Their rulers should concentrate on development of the nation and understanding the feelings of their common people. Pakistanis should join their hands together and work towards making their own surrounding like Kashmir and live happily.

  13. Absolute rubbish article. Anyone can tell you are working on someone else’s agenda. Your article misses such important points. Kashmiris are very much like Pakistanis. Their culture their religion and food. They choose Pakistan as their identity. People like you who do not see the atrocities and persecution indian army is causing on innocent Kashmiris. I doubt that you are too dumb to know better so I have no other option but to believe that you are a fake soldout pathetic human being who is so selfish and shallow. How do you live with yourself is what I will never understand. But rest assure, this is the beginning of demise of India. It has dropped the axe on its own foot. Hope your conscience wakes up and if not then the ‘hai’ of every mother who has lost her son or relative in Kashmir will not let you find peace in your life. You are worst than the pellets fired upon the innocent kashmiris. In the end …… Kashmir banega Pakistan…. Wait and watch …

    • Excuse me mr. hotshot, there are more Muslims living in India than there are in Pakistan so what culture are you talking about. You might want to educate yourself before yapping your mouth. One Pakistani has spoken the truth so why don’t you accept it. Anyway, it’s your loss in either case, accept it or not.
      Besides, how do you know what is happening in kashmir. Were you there? Do you live there? Obviously you’re one of the brainwashed blind eyed idiots who’s going to believe your fuckall media. Guess what? Your comments don’t matter. But i would tell you to educate yourself first before typing shit and making a fool of yourself in front of the world.
      Sucks to be you.

    • I think you’re the one who’s dumb with no brain. Do you even watch the news? Nobody is supporting pakistan, not even America, whom your pm just begged and returned. Open your eyes. Kashmir was never pakistan and will never be. Keep crying like this.
      Also, before you speak about what is happening in kashmir, you might want to educate yourself on the topic since y’all are clearly brainwashed by your idiotic media. If you aren’t kashmiri, you have no right to speak on what’s going on there.
      Continue crying and watch India snatch kashmir from your incompetent govt. Idiots.

    • I am a hundu Kasmeri and my father’s lands were forcefully taken and we were forced out of KASHMERE. With no help from the Indian government. God bless Modi for abolishing article 370, now maybe the government can help reclaim our property where thieving Muslims reside

  14. A woman who doesnt even have the knowledge of kashmir’s status of being a disputed region has written this article. Its not only the statement of Pakistani people but also of Kashmiri ppl like me that: KASHMIR BANEY GA PAKISTAN.

    • You are a typically Pki misogyny with no brain. You nrrd a kick in you back side to wake up

    • Majority of the Kashmiri people support India. I know it better than you people because I have lived in Srinagar for about 2 years. You are clearly a bot from Porkistan.

  15. We growing up in Pakistan were NEVER told that Kashmir was in India. My parents, print media and even google maps have always shown it as a disputed region. This writer’s article clearly shows her shameless bias and have completely ignored the killing of Burhan Wani and many others who want freedom from India and want to end rape and torture of Indian armed forces. I am surprised how this article which is based on someone’s personal opinion is given such importance.

    • Nothing to brag about if you weren’t told the truth. Kashmir was always a part of India and will s always be. Go and educate yourself about it’s history and don’t blindly believe your media and government.
      And how the fuck do you know what’s happening in kashmir. Are you kashmiri? Were you there? No right. So before you go yapping shit about Indian army, do a fucking research. Then it’s your choice if you want to continue making fun of yourself on social media.
      Pakistanis seriously need education.

  16. This writer may write even a longer article on the death of a dog sympathizing on its death but clearly has no sympathy on the rape of more than 10,000 Kashmiri women and brutal torture and killings of over a million kashmiris in general by the hands of Indian armed forces.What a shame!! And such people are allowed to call themselves human beings? Pathetic!

    • A Lie being told a thousand times couldn’t become a TRUTH… Nothing more to say just an opinion for people like you….Discover truth, find Righteousness, go through Internet, books, articles or whatever takes to find the real truth of How the Indian army playing an important role in safeguarding the rights of Kashmiris and protecting them from militants………

      • No surprise there. These Pakistanis educated in Madarsas are not capable of honest and intellectual analysis. That’s what they are taught by the propaganda machinery .

  17. Funny how the article mentions ‘brainwashing’. But at the same time, the editor claims the author is ‘from Pakistan’. This is incorrect. The author is Indian. You don’t need to see further than her twitter handle.

  18. It must be said that just as Kashmir banega Pakistan was fed to the public there, we in India also a have strong memory of how Pak tried to capture J&K from us and how India snatched back most of it except the POK. However, Indian reactions have been of injustice, back stabbing by Pak, and we always wished to take back POK by talks or by peaceful means. Even the RSS dream of Akhanda Bharat was never espoused as a violent cause but a wrong done to be righted in future. This is the stark contrast in Pak and Indian attitudes and hence, Pak has just one national cause- to get back Kashmir from India by force or any other means whereas for India, it was a matter of dialogue and correcting the wrong. By the way, Naila must be one of the few pakis who talk sense and it may be a good idea to exchange a set of people like her from Pak with our lot of secular left liberals intellectuals, media professionals etc. whose heart beats for Kashmir !!

  19. > The new measures from New Delhi signal towards etching the Line of Control into a permanent international boundary

    This has been vehemently denied by Amit Shah in the parliament. How seriously did he mean it, only he knows.

    But yes, it has been India’s policy till very recently is to not fight further on it, and take LoC as the border. Its always Pakistan that has been unhappy with it and tried to move the LoC. Given the attitude of the current Indian govt, Pakistan would be lucky to secure LoC as the border. The next incursion by Pakistan might well see PoK merged back in J&K by India.

  20. I believe removal of Article 370 paves the way for development of Kashmir.
    What Kashmiri needs is health care, jobs, and education.
    Tourism should get better.
    I believe both Pakistan and India should try to develop their portion of Kashmir.
    It will also ensure development of both the nations.
    Let’s compete in developing Kashmir.

    • It paved the way for genocide of kashmiris. You will never be able to subjgate kashmiris by force. A rubbish article by a sold journalist.!

      • I agree with you.
        Its bcuz of the genocide only that the population of Muslims in India increased from 5% in 1947 to 14% in 2019.
        Its bcuz of genocide of Muslims that the Hindu population in Kashmir valley decreased from around a million in 1990 to practically NIL in 2019.
        Its bcuz of genocide, the population of Christians in Nagaland increased from Zero in the beginning of 20th century to 96% now.
        Its bcuz of muslim genocide that the population of Muslim in one-third of the Lok sabha seats in UP has increased to more than 35% now.
        BTW, what did you smoke today? Get a Life, Mr. Liar.

    • How much money did you Get from Indian government to write this article? Shame on you Naila. Just go and meet one of the families from Indian occupied Kashmir ,consider yourself lucky that you were not raped or molested by the Indian army, consider yourself lucky that you have not lost a family member because of the brutality of Indian army. Consider yourself lucky because you were born in Pakistan

  21. Naila inayat you are not a muslim if you dont feel the pain which now Kashmiris are feeling just due to brutal act of un professional stupid genocide loving indian army . They are doing so to make public attention divert from economic crisis in india.

    • China-Uighur Muslims??? Any pain felt or because China is mad-baap, toh usko sab maaf?? OR is it that your ISI is thinking that it will first FIX India and then take care of China!!

  22. The reason Kashmir is not part of Pakistan yet is people like Naila Inayat. If we have traitors like Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari and Naila Inayat in our country. How can we think about Kashmir? Our first problem is not India but these traitors.. We have to clean Pakistan from those first then look forward og give proper response with full force to India.. Kashmir issue is not finished here (Those who think it is). Kashmiri people just do not want to live with India. Nobody can force them to do that either. Indians are celebrating this as victory now but by time you guys will realise what a big mistake Modi did. Mark my words and see what happens to India in the future……

    • Kashmiri want to live with whom?? Who supply them guns to fight? Instead improving their condition!!! Wahabism is barbaric and non inclusive. Muslims will grow in India and live peacefully under democratic rule. Name any Hindu president of pakistan? Muslims whereever are in majority doesn’t mean they should create islamic State. Kashmir is democratic and democracy has to be installed in PoK and Gilgit Baloochistan. Fight is against democracy versus Wahabism and Islamic State. Long live democracy.

    • Dude your government is a traitor. They don’t care for your welfare. Do you even know about anything? If a person is saying the truth you’re calling her a traitor? Go back and read her article again and if you have any brains, you’ll understand what the right thing is. Don’t matter in the internal affairs of India and get a life.
      Sucks to be you.

  23. Rubbish written by some SOLD OR TRAITOR OR CHORAN exactly nothing but debris. You know nothing about history or reality or land affairs. It is very sad you are promoting genocide if not, then why you people fear from helding general elections in Kashmir that whether they want to join with Pakistan or india or become a separate country. You are killing them just for their wish of joining with Pakistan you are Extremists. You are clearly violating UN resolutions , Shimla resolution as well as basic human rights for which you will soon be punished . We will always give respect to
    Respected Imran Khan and our great PAK ARMY which are working to save whole world from nuclear war . Shame on india if you want to destroy peace and great war then soon you will be disappeared from globe because you are endia.
    #Pak Army #IK
    #Kashmir is bleeding
    #save Kashmir save humanity save human rights.
    if you dont then we will compel you to do this.

    • Have you ever heard about the Uighur Muslims in China? Are they even able to offer Namaz in the mosques? Their mosques have been broken and converted into parking lots.
      They are not allowed to fast on Ramazan.
      They are not allowed to display “Halal Food” sign on their shop.

      Any comments on them, Mr. Bukhari?

    • Syed bhai:

      I am sure the Indians are shivering in their dhoti’s by your threats!. Seriously, you talk about UN Resolution – well that requires FIRST Pakistan to vacate areas that it invaded. Read the resolution before posting. Have you done that? PAK Army great? Yes I agree – lost Bangladesh, runs the country etc. (not the politicians). So you are god that you will compel others to do what you desire? How? By the way why don’t you cry for the Muslims being persecuted in Uighar province in China? Don’t have the guts to do?

      I actually like the original article as it lays out the bare truth.

  24. All hail Mr. Modi.
    What he did was a class act, now Kashmir can progress with the rest of India, Pakistan should now concentrate on making itself a country to be liked not hated.

  25. She is so witty, and so right, but I doubt anyone in Pakistan cares for her viewpoint. I hope all the stakeholders learn to make peace with the current situation, what you have is all you’ll ever get. There won’t be any transfer of territories from either side.

  26. I am just speechless at how people can sell their consciousness over their own petty personal benefits ? I wonder how the writer has accepted whatever she is being offered for ignoring the barbaric practices of the Indian Army carried out on the innocent people of Kashmir and for writing such a clueless piece of writing .Can someone be this merciless ????
    All we Pakistanis want is just to give freedom of will to the poor Kashmiris .We don’t even pressurise to make Kashmir a part of Pakistan.Just let them live their lives according to their own standards.Is this too much to demand for a human being ????

    • I’d agree with you if Pakistan’s history (your history) wasn’t wholly different from what you’ve been fed on since childhood. It was Pakistani military personnel in the vanguard of Pushtun Afridi irregulars who invaded the Princely State to annex it for Pakistan in 1947. And the effort had the full blessings of Jinnah and the Pakistani civilian and military establishment and the PML. Then there was the effort prior to that in inflaming communal tensions in Jammu and Kashmir (in separate operations) to butcher Hindus and Buddhists in the Princely state by Punjabi landowning elites and politicians to gather votes for the Pakistan cause – in 1945 and 1946.

      Those among the Punjabi and Sindhi ruling class (all Muslims) who had better sense to not support the Pakistan cause, or the Kashmir cause were brutally vilified, thrashed or even killed by the ML goons in their quest for Pakistan. The mercilessness and bigotry on display by these Islamic imperialists and bigots is but expected from the history of Islam since its dawn – the prophet himself did that to make his Empire in the name of Allah, butchering, raping, plundering and vilifying opponents with lies and treachery.

      Unfortunately those bad karma will come to haunt those who did it (the elites), and those who mindlessly supported them as opportunists (the commoners), and Kashmir’s cause, and the cause of Pakistan itself is doomed to fail – sooner or later. 70-80 years is a moment in the grand narratives of civilizations.

  27. This wud sound a dissent voice for a common Pakistani nd its falttering regime but Naila has shown her asstitute acumen in expressing d true flaw in this pakistani politics which very unfoundedly has centered itself to this pivot called Kashmir eversince its founder chose its bifurcation from united India way back in 1947.
    The consequences of this fake propaganda to mislead it’s own masses for political nd military gains for years has apparaently resulted in its economic failure above all if least to mention. Today India is a superpower nd its neighbour still is shrouded in its self motivated war cry.
    Pakistan must chose nw nd its already too late!

  28. This wud sound a dissent voice for a common Pakistani nd its falttering regime but Naila has shown her asstitute acumen is expressing d true flaw in this pakistani politics which very unfoundedly centered itself to this pivot called Kashmir eversince its founder chose its bifurcation from united India way back in 1947.
    The consequences of this fake propaganda to mislead it’s own masses for political nd military gains for years has apparaently resulted in its economic failure above all other failures if least to mention. Today India is a superpower nd its neighbour still is shrouded in its self motivated war cry.
    Pakistan must chose nw nd its already too late!

  29. Factual article. The author is a true journalist. Its sad Pakistan is going this way. Theleadership is committing a crime against its own people.

  30. It is a good Post by NAILA INAYAT that speaks of truth. What happened in Kashmir is indirect blessings for Pakistan. Now, they can invest fund they used to invest on terrorists that made them banckrupt to the development of Pakistan. Terrorism has completely isolated Pakistan internationally, and there is not a single country that stand with them. The UN have also suggested Pakistan that it is bilateral issue between the two countries. Even China’s comment only speaks of its hegemony designs that Ladak is border dispute between India and China, and India should not change status quo. The Taliban has also asked Pakistan not to drag them in Kashmir issue, or dream of Afghanistan becoming a terror jumping pad. Pakistan has still a chance to forget the past and look inside and settle ethnic Pashtuns, Baloch, Hazaras, Mohajir, ,and religious minorities Shias, Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus issues, and work for the development of the country. One sane advice to Pakistan, relying too much on China and taking heavy loans and financial aid from that country will make Pakistan a shuttle state of China, and Pakistan will loose its independence.

  31. It isn’t The Narendra Modi Govt. For Gods sake! It’s the Govt of India. It has been put in a position of such power by the People of India, on a gamble that they will improve our Pride and Presence, both domestically and abroad.
    It is the strength of the people which allowed the Govt of India to take this decision. It will prove to be their strength which will empower the Govt of India to manage backlash, domestic and international.
    So it’s the Govt of India which achieves now and then. But deceives it’s people regularly and on a daily basis. Narendra Modi happens to be its CEO ….. riding rough shod over the lives and livelihood of the very people who put him in that chair. Unfortunate !

    • Relax, gentleman. What’s in a name? Yes, the strength of the people is with Modi for some reason – it only got better for him in 2019. If he deceives vote him out. Why sound bitter, Monsieur Ashish?

  32. Really amazed and shocked to read the article and see all the comments. it seems to me that you are trying to justify your wrong and unlawful acts throw blaming Pakistan as you usually do . as you are saying that Pakistan is so called shah rag of Pakistan and Pakistan was selling this from the late 90’s then how come India is saying India is his atoot ang. are not they doing the same. as much as i know when we discuss Kashmir we do talk about Kashmir or both side Azad and jammu Kashmir. we and our prime minister have clearly mention that kashmir should be handled according to the wishes of their people. you are so brain washed that you are defeneding illigal and unlawful actions by your govt.maybe you are really so addicted of acting like a pigeon and don’t want to see the implications it will have on the word. hopefully you will open your eyes and think everyone as equal.

  33. Excellent. We should get more of such unbiased views than the blah blah we see on our TV channels.

  34. Well , you wrote a very good article. Neutral in taste but finally your concluding words echoed your Pakistani sentiment against which you tried to present your views in a balanced way. But they say, once a porki always a porki. You are trying to quietly slip in our minds your old rhetoric that pok is legally your’s but let me reiterate , Kashmir is ours and that includes pok as well.
    World knows about the history of Kashmir and how it got split in what circumstances.

  35. First time I see a Pakistani journalist talking something that makes sense. India being a huge nation with significant portion of budget invested in army… How can Pakistanis think they can grab Kashmir? Kashmir is the only real border issue that India currently has. Which got resolved with one shot and without a single drop of blood shed. I advise Pakistani people to get back to reality atleast now and stop believing their politicians when they say things about Kashmir. What’s important for any country end of the day is peace and prosperity. Both countries should forget Kashmir now and move on towards economic development

  36. I am more worried about Khan of Paki Place is kicking out Khans of Bharat as no more Indian movies. This is totally not acceptable. This is unconstitutional of both countries. Saudis will not accept Khan killing Khans. How would Khans of India put food on their tables if Paki People are not allowed to see Indian Movies?
    UN must take over this issue. May Allah tell Paki Khan to help Indi Khans.

  37. Wow , some nations have some traitors just like you , hats off for devotion and loyalty to your motherland because A pakistani can not write it this way so definetley it is an indian propaganda as always , you are imposter !!
    So u should change your name naila to LAXMI DEVI for sure ,totally BS 😝

  38. A quick look at the articles you’ve written shows that you’re clearly a anti-Pakistan journalist, one of the many. Your audience reflects the same reality.

  39. Shripad Krishna if you mock others donot forget others can mock you too.
    Author of this article is name sake Pakistani.
    How you will justidy 750000 troops in Kashmir.
    If you claim Kashmir to be an integral part of India then why some much killings.
    This proves only one thing you cannot trust India.
    Already half of your Atoot Ung is with us rest will soon follow.InshaAllah.

    • Kashmir is our territory and we are free to keep even one million troops in KAshmir.. Why should you worry..
      When you have two autocratic enemy nuclear states as neighbors who are ready grabbed a piece of kashmir in form of PoK and Aksai Chin, its obvious for any sovereign country to deploy its army for safeguarding its territory.

  40. You mean I have like-minded people right here in Pakistan???? Love ove love love your article!!!! Nailed it!

  41. Wow ! What a neutral article and how it reflects a stark reality for Pakistan. No wonder, this article does not appear on Dawn site.

  42. Brilliant piece kind of article Nails. Keep writing. Worth reading. Thanks for the dip stick analysis.

  43. I would say that Pakistan’s policy of wishing to win Kashmir simply by whipping up a religious cause was wrong as you have rightly said there are unhappy sub-sects and people of other faiths within pakistan who feel alieniated. It would have been more prudent for the leaders to accept the LOC as a reality and India as a brother who got separated because of evil designs of a foreign rulers and shortsightedness of the leaders who thought that religion could be the basis of division of a society which has the common ancestors

  44. Excellent view ..I hope that this could open Pakistanies people eyes …They should focus on their own problems …kasmir is always a India’s state and our government is solving its issue very intelligentily….we proud of narendra modi…..pakistan should stop spreading hate.. otherwise no one can help pakistan from being a terrorism factory….

  45. FAKE. This person is not from Pakistan. She claims many things that do not happen in Pakistan but are only depicted in media.

  46. Excellent analysis by one of the few best minds from Pakistan…… Rulers and policymakers must pay heed to such great people if at all they wish the betterment of their people……

  47. Indians should pray for the safety of this brave lady. Zafar Hilaly and Sheikh Rashid would get very angry with her.

  48. One or two people on either side of the border being progressive is not going to help change, but instead all progressive people need to take charge to educate others and take this into mass movement.

    People from India also need to be equally responsible and stay away from provocative thoughts.

    Its high time we , as individuals realize that there is no value in living in past – true value is how can we make our lives better and help create better environment for our next generation..

    Thanks Naila Inayat for having guts to express your thoughts – hope yr thoughts get better thrust than the talks of hate spreaders there!

  49. One or two people on either side of the border being progressive is not going to help change, but instead all progressive people need to take charge to educate others and take this into mass movement.

    People from India also need to be equally responsible and stay away from provocative thoughts.

    Its high time we , as individuals realize that there is no value in living in past – true value is how can we make our lives better and help create better environment for our next generation..

    Thanks Naila Inayat for having guts to express your thoughts – hope yr thoughts get better thrust than the talks of hate spreaders there!

  50. Honest and brave writing. If you are living in Pakistan, I pray to God that he keep you safe and give you long life.

  51. Either today or tomorrow the LoC has to be the international border. The question is just how much blood from both sides will it take to bind the bullets and build that wall. I hope before both the nations get to a hundred we can agree to that obvious resolution.

  52. This slogan “Kashmir Banega Pakistan” started after India split Pakistan into two in 1971. The chorus that time was “East Pakistan Banega Bangladesh” and it did happen. Unfortunately, you cannot chose your neighbor, rather deal with them if they volatile. Isreal learnt the art of living with hostile neighbors. India is learning.

  53. Naila seems like Indian apologist. What she is lacking in understanding is the genocide countries like India, China are committing against Muslim. I’m hoping atleast one of Muslim country leaders wake up. Most of them seem to cowardly sleeping.

    • Does it ring a bell for you? Why is so? No one is ignoring. The fact is they are not watching and reading the propaganda, they are not getting everyday spoon-feeding of “Hate Indians”. Start reading and watching neutral news and reports. The situation is not so bad in Kashmir, there is no genocide. In India Human Rights Commission is strong, Press is strong, Courts are strong, it is never easy to commit a genocide.

    • Yes, Kaffirs all over the world are waking up and it isn’t pretty.
      There is firm commitment against in the global community against Islamic Jihad.

      China and Russia are solidly against Islamic Jihad.

    • Do U know the meaning of word genocide, actually this word is suitable when Kashmiri pandits were murdered, raped n forced to leave motherland in nineties. Pl go through of it n than comments. The genocide carried out in 1947-48 in Kashmir by people/soldiers backed by Pakistan army/govt n again in 1971 in then east Pakistan. Donot forget that it is your behaviour with ur mothers, sisters n with the relatives. Are they were not Muslim. One more advice, in future donot quote the word muslim, u r not actually Muslim not u r human. First u become human than Muslim in true spirit. Advice, read n be the one of the character of the people who suffered in 1947 partition. Feeling the sentiments of that character u pl comments. These politician have devided us since 1894, now pl woke up. First human than religion n no religion teaches bad.

  54. Cool Crisp Article sums up pithily the current state of affairs and also secretly harbours solutions !!
    You have a tight grip on Sub Continent’s ethos, pathos and chaos.

  55. NICE Article Show Not only Pakistani Army and Corrupt politician but also warmonger fake ally also fill their own pocket.

  56. Making the LOC into an International border was always on the cards. Aug 5th does not make it more or less likely. It needs the will of politicians on both sides ( backed by Pak’s Army Chief) to be implemented.

  57. Excellent piece of wriiting, must read and thought provoking. Did not know such resolve and commitment Pakistan had for Kashmir. Pakistan had successfully sold such dreams to its people.

  58. Can’t understand how Kashmir banega Pakistan ? And then what ? Pakistan economically struggling what you’ll give to they know the budget of Kashmir much Indian Gov. Give every year..that’s the 30% of Pakistan total budget.
    Pakistani people can achieve what a nation ever achieved a small nation , big economic nation as Thier neighbours

  59. At one level has anyone thought of how ridiculous it is for the whole country to be riveted on Kashmir ? Just 10 districts (India has 729). Just 10m people India has that well-known figure of 1.2 billion). Do the percentages yourself – they are those of a medium sized city. And this ho-hum ‘city’ occupies the minds, and hearts, and thoughts, of a nation aspiring to greatness ??!! Yeah, yeah, there are busloads of other issues, but spare a thought, instead, for Brihanmumbai, and its inept Corporation, that has led to these rain miseries for 20m+ people (10 x 2 you’ll note). Or the dozens of districts where farmers commit suicide (err… 10??). Or the wobbly economy that is holding 1.2b (Kashmir x 120) by its eye(and other)balls while it gets an attack of the vapours. Or… there a sudden shortage of macro-sized worries in India, I wonder ?

  60. Indian and Pakistani People should realise that the pakistan army and the politicians use Kashmir as a tool for their own survival. How can any person with common sense think that Pakistan will get Kashmir? The only way they can get it is with a war against India and defeating India. That is never going to happen.

    It was Pakistan who first illegally entered India and seized parts of Kashmir. The only unfinished business from India’s view is to get back this land – POK. That also seems impossible as that also requires a war. So, let better sense prevail among the pakistanis and they make sure that they don’t get taken for a ride.

  61. Is she still free, or have the khakis ;disappeared’ her ? If you can still read this – and while you can – ma’am, bote bote salaam, as they used to say in Hyderabad, to you from a miskeen Hindustani kafir.

  62. One should be pragmatic. Let India look after its part of Kashmir. The current situation is a major hindrance for development of Kashmir. Once it starts functioning as any other state in India , it will develop and bring prosperity. Indian Governments decision puts a lot of burden on its shoulder. The Kashmiri politicians should now contribute to this process. They haven,t done much in the last seventy years and now is the time to show. One cannot build Kashmir with IMF loans.

  63. This is definitely a very bold piece indeed. May there be no threats and harm to ur life. Carry on with the flow of your thoughts that makes an interesting read but stay safe and stay blessed.

  64. We had dinner with our Pakistani friends – the wife who’s family is in the military was shocked that Indians generally do not get into politics and can be great friends. It was an eyeopener for her where throughout her life she’s been bought up to look at Indians as evil. Her mindset has now changed.

    Good piece on why there is so much hatred as it is confusing for most Indians (in the central/south of India we rather develop the economy than delve in these petty politics)

  65. You’re a brave person, to write so clearly! People like you, Najam Sethi talk so much sense. Congratulations and wishing you stay safe and well!

  66. Reading this article it is clear that from the reaction by Pakistan nation and government, India has been shaken unexpectedly. The major after shocks are on the way.
    Pakistani people don’t hate India, In fact, spreading this haterism radical natured people like Modi come into power which is shameful. PM Khan offered peaceful dialogue many times but India is not serious. So let’s move now at Indians desires.
    Kashmir banay ga Pakistan, we’ve been reading and will be continued until it’s fulfillment. Allah O Akbar

    • Dr Sahab – what will talks achieve? You fooled America by hiding Osama while taking their billions. How can you be trusted?

    • Ok keep doing your Ola hu Uber chants while the rest of the World progresses including Kashmir. How to convince the Kashmiri people who have strayed is our issue. We have done it successfully in all parts of India where there is a Muslim population. We can do it easily in Kashmir. You keep doing your terror related stuff rest of your worthless life. And while you are at it, just give up your Doctorate. It is a noble designation that you do not have the grace or the decency to represent. Unless you are one of those quacks that UAE recently expelled from its country.

    • I can understand your pain. It is not about Kashmir as such. It is about whole of Pakistan. What need to be done within is some civilian take control and bring military under them. Your military is bleeding your country. Think about your currency which depreciated so badly. Think about your country as a whole. You do not have money to buy for more than 30 days and live on the credits by Saudis. How long this will go on. Self introspection is very important. Just getting Kashmir should not be the objective. You have one portion of Kashmir, we call it POK. What development you did in that area, except creating jihadi elements. Think yourself. Bitter pill to swallow; but all medicines are bitter.

    • It is pretty long so bear with me. When sheikh Abdullah was trying to negotiate with India for article 370 Kashmiris were alleging him for selling kashmir to India. After almost 65 years nothing changed in Kashmir except it went through a demographical change. India is really a democracy and I don’t feel whatever happened was unconstitutional. There is a free media in the country and has right to expressions which is why Kashmir issue is where it is. So it is allright as long as fellow Indians protest against it because it is their right. But when a nation like Pakistan which is having a complete media lock down in its own nation and “voices” are being brutally crushed even for a peaceful protest when raises this issue against India it is unacceptable. Rebellion is going on everywhere in Pakistan in sindh, fata, Ballochistan. Those pakistanis who are crying now that Kashmir is a bilateral issue according to shimla and lahore deceleration I want to ask what happened to it when you were crying at every international forum about it. Did you forget it was a bilateral issue?
      And lastly even if you want to follow un resolution that talked about plebiscite in Kashmir do you even know the first two condition of un resolution of which the first is Pakistan withdrawing its forces from POK which includes GILGIT and BALTISTAN. So stop being such a hippocryt. Why is the problem confined in the valley only where it shares boundary with POK. I think we all know why it is. So Kashmiris who are expressing their demands is completely fine but the intervention from Pakistan is making it worse for kashmir which in turn is making it worse for India and that is the true agenda behind it. Kashmiris must understand that whatever is being done is not to make them suffer its just to bring peace in the valley against a neighbour who does not want you to settle. I truly feel bad for those (Kashmiris) who are in lockdown because I believe you are my fellow countrymen and protest against that is appreciated. A peaceful kashmir is what India want and there is no other way for it to happen. Let us suppose if Kashmir is freed from India which actually means that it will be occupied by Pakistan and China and neither you (Kashmiris) or any other country in this world can prevent you from being occupied by them, then is this the freedom you are fighting for? Do you think insurgency in India would stop after that? I m pretty sure it will increase. In every war we fought against Pakistan we always had the opportunity to cease their lands but we didn’t. We traded it for future peace. Do you think these pakistanis who are sick enough to label Indian migrated Muslims as “Muhajirs” are or will ever do justice to you?
      Only you can do justice to yourself by being rational and peaceful and I believe you will be heard.

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