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Imran Khan has a new job — to teach Pakistan history and science. Except he gets it all wrong

From claiming Africa is a country to talking about Chinese trains that run in ‘speed ki light’, Imran Khan is re-educating Pakistan.

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Historians want to know from where Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan gets his history lessons. Obviously, the WhatsApp-forward uncles are in a tizzy because their jobs are at risk.

What is it that makes Imran Khan the invincible founder of Pakistan’s own WhatsApp University? It is the knowledge of the non-existent or the ability to talk without a parchi? His tales rival The Chronicles of Narnia.

Earlier this week, while giving a speech at the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, he said that the Soviet Union failed because the system of punishment and reward ended there. China, on the other hand, is leaving the rest of the world behind because the meritocracy there is zabardast.

Now, many would ask, why did the medical professionals need this nugget from WhatsApp history? That is not important.

If we buy our PM’s version then the Gulag, a system of forced labour camps established during Joseph Stalin’s dictatorship, didn’t exist in the USSR. The 18 million people incarcerated in these camps lived like modern-day Maharajas with no punishments and only rewards. Imran Khan should know that many factors led to the fall of the Soviet Union — including its economy, ethnic strife, and the suppressive Communist regime.

And on the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government’s meritocracy, the less said the better.

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Germany to Africa to Europe

Our re-education from parallel history continues in Naya Pakistan.

Last year, Imran Khan said Germany and Japan shared borders, on which both the countries set up joint industries post-World War II. Yes, the war in which both attacked each other.

Staying on Japan and WWII, which seems to be our PM’s favourite subject, he argued that when the Japanese launched kamikaze attacks, blowing themselves up on American ships, no one blamed ‘Japanese religion’ for it. Now, you could question what is ‘Japanese religion’ — but Imran Khan clearly didn’t.

Moving on, if you believe our PM’s version, then Jesus Christ has ‘no mention in history’.

Closer to home, during Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s February visit, Khan gleefully said the Turks had ruled the Indian subcontinent for about 600 years. Now some didn’t agree with the veracity of the claim, while others said he got it right. Don’t know about other leaders, but our PM jumps with joy on the mention of occupying forces.

Moving continents, Africa is a country for PM Imran Khan. And back in 2012, he shared with us how Europe had ‘never heard of a welfare state and they had taken the concept from the Muslim world’. “They formed all the Scandinavian states based on this concept. They call it Omar’s law there. We need to bring our culture back to our own land,” Khan said. When a Swedish historian Dr Håkan Blomqvist was asked about Omar’s law he was as shocked as most Pakistanis with Khan revelations. He said: “This is all news to me.” It turned out that Omar’s law was unknown in Scandinavia.

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Tagore’s poetry to Pakistan’s 12 seasons

Not just history, even citing non-existent books, tweets and poetry is Imran Khan’s forte. Sharing his 1960s nostalgia for Ayub Khan’s Pakistan, Khan cited Nobel Prize-winning economist Gunnar Myrdal’s book The Asian Miracle, in which Imran claimed that “Myrdal likened Pakistan’s development to California’s”. Must have been a touching ode, but Myrdal never wrote that book or made that claim.

In his tweets, Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry becomes that of Kahlil Gibran’s, while Pakistani national poet Allama Iqbal is attributed another poet’s shairi. Not even Iqbal can escape this.

History and literature are not the only subjects the PM has mastered, even geography, science, physics, weather and research of the unknown make Khan an ideal contender for the Nobel prizes.

His revelation that China is about to make trains that will run faster than “speed ki light” or ‘light of speed’ stumped even scientists. This is a concept no one has cracked yet. He also came up with the unique idea to convert rohaniyat or spirituality into a ‘super science’. Now how do you do that? We don’t know. Is it like a ‘super over’ in one-day cricket?

But we in Pakistan are truly blessed. PM Khan told us that there are 12 seasons in Pakistan — no other country can say that.

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Truth can wait

Imran Khan, like a true nationalist leader, carries the message forward with conviction, doesn’t matter if it is a lie or far from reality. It is the illusion of truth that matters.

Since 2011, when he gained his ground as a third viable option in Pakistan politics, Khan’s public speeches, on and off the container trucks, have revolved around corruption and figures that don’t exist. The oft-quoted figures of Rs300 billion that was ‘looted’ by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, $200 billion that was stashed in Swiss banks and the $10 billion being laundered out of Pakistan are all exactly that — illusions. Just like much of Imran Khan’s promises in Naya Pakistan.

The author is a freelance journalist from Pakistan. Her Twitter handle is @nailainayat. Views are personal.

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  1. This is why we Indians need Pakistan.
    Everytime one of our politicians make an idiotic comment a Pakistani politician is there to outdo him.

  2. Indians are very obsessed about Pakistan. Any Pakistani leader who places Pakistan’s interests first is not good to Indians, any corrupt leader like Nawaz Sharif who loots Pakistan’s wealth and destroys Pakistan’s economy is seen as good to India.

    • Your comments about Nawaz Sharif are not true. Sharif family was super rich family even before Bhutto time. We remember their factories and steel mills were nationalized when Bhutto came to power. It’s just a propaganda because he wanted to punish Parvez Musharraf who toppled his government. If elections were not rigged his party was still in power

  3. Smell like lefafa journalist……. For your pathetic knowledge slave n mughal dynasties were turks in origin…….

  4. What a silly and biased article… has nothing but negativity… she is one of those many journalists whose lifafa has stopped coming and of course she isn’t happy about it.

  5. The Auther has 71 posts, and every post is against IK or Pakistan because she could not get a space to post her worthless articles, and she knew that Indian papers will be very happy to give her a space in their papers because she speaks from their mouth.
    She forgot that Imran Khan went to Oxford and Modi dropped out at 8th grades and worked as a tea seller at one of the Gujrat stations.

  6. Definitely a one sided opinion but as some country’s PM he should do well research and avoid goof ups. Wasting everyone’s time by commiting such blunders !!!

  7. What the writer wants to say look like hatred towards IK, I also.not admirer of imran khan, but the world who cant commit mistake when it comes to.knowledge especially, everyone draw his own views, usually when ik talks he uses to take in special dimension what he prefers to highlight,, history always has a mess, not clear always,,, at the end an author should be unbiase when he took any person a topic to criticise. Hazrat Esa A.S is not mention in history the way Mosa pbUH and our beloved Mohammad SAW, because hazrat esa didnt comes with new law and order and not have political backgoround, bc he came to jews with same law and order mentioned in torah. I am not well aware what khan said in speeches but he trying to motivate the people and that single point is enough to figure out caiber of writer as well.and if writer is indian then what and why he should concern about pakistan pm

  8. Most Pakistanis don’t like what you write. I can see from the comments. They are too delusional about IK who is nothing more than a puppet of Pak army. One thing IK knows best is how to keep people engaged in worthless matters so they don’t talk about real issues. Few brave people like Naila have the courage to criticize the government but as it happened in many cases they risk their lives and their families.

  9. I sometimes feel pitty for Pakistanis.. they don’t have money, not a single powerful leader and worthless people.

    Sare k sare gavsr hai…aapka ek prime minister bata do jisne pure 5 saal kaam kiya ho..

    Koi bhi war bata do jo aapne jita ho…

  10. That is nothing.We have in India who is teaching almost everything under the sun. Gas, radar, history , maths,politics, lies in physics, medicines like thaali, Tali, clapping to gaumutra, torch light candle light … However his speciality of lies. No prizes for guessing.

  11. It’s not correct make joke of anyone unless and until it’s required make some obligatoury laws on Google to correct this situations and ya he is prime minister have some respect #peace

  12. What Imran meant by 600 Turkish rule on the Subcontinent was the following:

    The Muslim Turks invaded Ploytheist Hindu India starting 1072 AD. It was under their rule that Sufi saints from Muslim areas moved to India and islamized a huge part of Indian population. It was this Muslim population that created Pakistan later in 1947. Pakistan would not have been possible had the Turks not ruled India as Delhi Sultanate and later as the Turko-Mongol Mughal Empirre from 1072 to 1857 AD )with strong control from 1192 to 1707 AD)

  13. I did not know Pakistani’s read The Print. They are dependent on Indian magzine for reading english . Hahaha now do not tell me you all are eating Grass as promised by that creature

  14. With such a joker around Pakistan doesn’t need comedy shows to entertain itself. I think Rahul Gandhi and Imran Khan are vying for the Oscars. Let the show go on!!!

  15. You and the rest of the fools in Pakistan don’t deserve the educated leadership of Imran Khan.
    You all deserve the chors and mirasis and beggars that came before him!
    Leave him alone so he can live his life in peace.. and enjoy his family. People like you are a blight not just in your ‘profession’ (If you can call this journalism) but also on society! Do what you do best and see who will pay you a good price in India for your traitorous views. Or maybe ask Nawaz Shareef. He knows it best..

  16. Ye aap ko khujli kyoun ho rahi hai, ye gyani banda hai, aap ki tarah anpadh gavaar nahin. He speeks in unsc like tiger

  17. Jesus actually has no mention in history and while he is the holy books(quran,bible) historians havent given proof of his existence.The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is extensively known by historians.

  18. Germany and Japan were part of the axis powers,They were allies and they never “attacked each other “.plus there are no sources to these claims.😑

  19. This poor Pakistani author can not get published any where unless she abuses Pakistan…………..PRINT has become last refuge for such unemployed foreign land based Pakistani writers !!!

  20. Imran khan zinda baad we love our prime minister who ever wants to say what ever about him its there own opinion we don’t care who thinks what about our leader may Allah swt gives him long life we love him

  21. You are a patwari ,aren’t you ? With such low IQ and very less reaserch you wrote such an article ? Atleast should have googled about omers law , or the 12 seasons reference , and many other u mentioned. I could have address each one but I rather make you research or if not for roti jo marzi bongi marni ha mar lo., in Pakistan who cares

  22. Pakistan as a whole had entered la la land status 10-20 years back. There are Pakistani families in the Gulf area working there for decades who have not visited Pakistan for years. Now perhaps th right man has appeared a PM totally living in a la la land of his own, at the right time to get Pakistan over the hill into its actual reality – A Punjabi Army cantonment state, surrounded by independant free States.

  23. I am afraid, you are very much worried about the popularity and dabang statements of imran khan.
    IK is a status of truth, honesty and a genuine leader at present scenario in this global world and so often he is being recognized as world leader of 3rd world countries.
    You just focus on your own internal problems and just raise your voice against your compromised judiciary, investigation agencies, police, politicians etc.. Already India has lost its credibility in the world forums.
    So better you need to take raise issues regarding this, instead of poking nose in others problems..

  24. All politicians are just jugglers of words.this is what they are best can a person be master of all why we humans specialise in a perticular subject .check Donald Trump Mr Modi etc they all make same dont judge them. We need to understand what they are doing for their nation an foremost important for humanity ,world peace and to protect our mother earth.

  25. Very interesting view on things. I am sure the writer was baked as a kite when picking this one point and smeared it all over. Kudos polarization!

  26. The whole article represent very biased view and infact contradicts with a lot of facts and poor research is very imminent .
    Wish ,the author had used less fantasy & a bit of professionalism .
    FYI Khan is a graduate of Oxford university
    PS can some one teach the author about idioms ! Fast as light is an idiom used by Khan .

    • We indian don’t give shitt to any degree now adays 😂😂😎😎😎 we matter knowledge …….. Degree me aachar dallo 😂🤣

  27. *_Copied from another Source_*

    *Why Nawaz Sharif has full support of British Legal System – to stay in London as long as he wants?*

    Nawaz is being protected by London Metropolitan Police, the Home Office and the British legal system.
    Nawaz is a HVA (high value asset) to Britain—
    1) He is the *most ‘competent’ political party head* who can ensure Brits, Americans and Indians that he would *NEVER let Pakistan prosper, will share all state secrets with enemies of the state, will maximise corruption to keep nation poor, and will always be ready to pick up fight with country’s security forces.*

    2) Nawaz & family have *properties in UK, US, EU, UAE and KSA—worth $3 billion*. All are managed by their offices in London.

    3) Nawaz and family have *multiple businesses in above countries—controlled and managed from London.*

    4) Nawaz and family *pay high annual taxes* to British Inland Revenue—in excess of £30 million ($40 million).

    5) Nawaz is being looked after by *British Home Secretary—Priti Patel, who is under direct influence of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.*

    6) Nawaz has *legal protective shield offered by the British Attorney General*, Suella Braverman—another top cabinet member with Hindustani background.

    7) Nawaz is *spending £10,000 per day on his (phoney) medical treatment* at a private hospital—they will NEVER give him a health certificate to travel back to Pakistan, he is their 💰🐄.

    In my recondite knowledge—Nawaz has *already applied for a political asylum*—and Home Secretary will most certainly grant him.

    *Hence, please do NOT waste state funds on high-maintenance lawyers like Babar Awan, Ahmar Bilal Sufi, Ali Zafar and Farogh Naseem etc—they can NEVER get Nawaz back.
    Nawaz will return to Pakistan, only POSTHUMOUSLY.

  28. A article based on lies and propaganda…the irony is the BJP is creating lies and changing it own history …so India is showing four standards

  29. He Is Neither Historian or Scientist, He Is PM of Pakistan, Thus I Can Forgive His Typos or Goofs Up…Hell If Americans Can Elect Trump; So Pak Can Elect Imran Khan!! Give This Nagging Witch Some Burnol…

  30. Its clearly a biased post full of personal spite..this journalist has so much negativity against a good human being..good for her and people on her agenda who will never have any say in any form of history.
    These negative souls should reflect into there own being.

  31. Yeah? Have you looked at trump? He pulls facts out of his rear end. At least imran khan built a cancer hospital and a university. Above all, hes NOT corrupt. Every person makes mistakes with statistics and standing on a podium there can be slip of toung.

    • How much $ r u getting for doing all this pls honestly tell me cuz i have lot of jobless people like u who need money who can do ur type of job. Study his religion n speak

    • Your comment represent a lot of hate resulting in you falling into illusions ,no surprise .
      Khan was Oxford University graduate , where did you study from ????? RSS uni ?

    • Well, Mr Harish, you are comment’s on an “Oxford graduate”, are text Book example of hate and bigotry! Look at your own extremist intolerant, bigot and illiterate PM Modi, but off course You can’t smell your own shit!!!

  32. You Indian shouldnt concern what our PM is doing and saying but concern what your PM is doing and saying who turned Hindustan in to Rapistan & Lynchistan.

    • Look at most democracies they are electing evil and idiotic leasders whether America turkey Indian Phillipines the story is the same.

    • Modi has pushed the largest bamboo in the backside of all pakis, the most crooked and filthy people on earth.

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