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French President, shampoo, cosmetics are all haram in Pakistan. Just not French defence toys

From calls to nuke France to beheading an effigy of Macron, Pakistan is in no mood to accept ‘blasphemy’.

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I remember vividly how former US President George W. Bush’s photographs were pasted on the floor tiles of a shopping centre in Lahore as a protest against the attack on Afghanistan in 2001. The same War on Terror in which Pakistan was an ally of the United States. In some shops, even former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s photos were pasted on the ground, and people walked over it as a symbol of insult. Today, French President Emmanuel Macron’s defaced photos are being pasted on the floors of the same bazaars for people to step on. This time, the protest is against the ‘blasphemy’ of the French government and Charlie Hebdo republishing the controversial cartoons.

Calls for protests were inevitable. Taking a lead on the protest front was the National Assembly of Pakistan, which, in its unanimous resolution, urged the Imran Khan government to recall its ambassador from France. Seemed like a strong condemnation at the time, but there was no Pakistani ambassador to be recalled. A curious case of a missing ambassador that no one in the assembly clearly knew about.

Not curious at all was the demand of nuking France. There is always a “let’s do atomic attack” constituency ready in Pakistan — whether against France or India. Sometimes there is a reason, but most of the time, it is as if someone mistakenly rang their doorbell and they have an atom bomb ready for it. An always-triggered Khadim Hussain Rizvi just wants to wipe off France from the face of the earth, no matter if we get killed in the process too.

That’s where Pakistan is at this week.

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Defence toys not up for boycott

While the social media teams trend ‘Shame on you Macro’, there was a ‘Macron-cutting’ ceremony on display at the notorious Jamia Hafsa madrassa (of Lal Masjid fame) in Islamabad. A teacher was recorded beheading an effigy of President Macron as young female students chanted ‘Ghustak-e-Nabi ki aik hi saza, sar tan se juda (Beheading is the only punishment for those who blaspheme the Prophet)’.

The ‘Boycott France’ campaign has kicked in, and it does seem that Pakistan will bankrupt France on its own. Don’t ask how.

What Pakistan is not boycotting are its French defence toys, like those Agosta and Daphné class submarines, the fleet of Mirage fighter jets that it bought from Egypt, or even the French-made Exocet missiles. So, those asking for an atomic attack on France, please sit down. The atom bomb-ETA is not on our side either, France being some 6,000 km away can’t be nuked even with Pakistan’s longest range missile Shaheen 3. Or maybe Pakistan’s French Airbus could carry them. 

The defence toys are not up for boycott, but if France wants to donate the much-talked-about Rafales to Pakistan instead of sending them to India that can be considered too. We have heard India missed having those jets in time for Balakot.

Also, as a protest, Pakistan can say it won’t be returning a penny of the French loan of Rs 19.5 billion to the Imran Khan government for the rapid bus service in Peshawar. Prime Minister Khan can write a letter explaining the French loan situation to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. He recently wrote to him anyway on the growing ‘Islamophobia’ on social media.

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French fries to French kiss

What happens in smaller countries like Pakistan is that when product boycotts are announced, the local industry suffers more. As in the case of the boycott of French petrol station Total. At one Total station in Johar Town, petrol and diesel sales have declined by 60 per cent. Similarly, boycott campaigns are on against products that aren’t even French. The LU Biscuit company is being smeared by its opponents as a French company, when it is a local brand, co-owned by a Pakistani businessman and an American multinational.

Let’s focus on things that ‘should be boycotted’ by Pakistani people. All French things are now haram be it shampoo, dye, cosmetics of Garnier, L’Oréal and others. French fries, which are not French, and the French macaroon, which is French, must be on the list too. The call to boycott French toast will resonate with most as eggs are already selling at Rs 200 per dozen in Pakistan, so a boycott will actually save you money more than it will impact France. On the fashion front, it is time to give up making French braids and adorning those french beards.

Does all this mean that the replica of Eiffel Tower in Lahore will be deserted with no fireworks on this New Year’s Eve? After all, those of us who couldn’t get visas to see the real Eiffel Tower could at least have posed in front of the Lahori replica. Talking about New Year’s Eve, boycott the French kiss too.

The token France boycott will continue for a while, but what will remain constant in Pakistan are the acts of vigilantism in the name of blasphemy. On Wednesday, a bank manager was shot dead by a security guard allegedly over ‘blasphemy’ in Khushab, Punjab. Becoming an instant hero, the guard was seen addressing and waving at his ‘supporters’ from the rooftop of the police station. Is this what Pakistan wants the West to adopt in the name of blasphemy?

The author is a freelance journalist from Pakistan. Her Twitter handle is @nailainayat. Views are personal.

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  1. Just like all religions, Islam is also a religion of peace and love. But unfortunately leave it to the Pakistanis to abuse and insult their own religion. Ask any true Muslim, he will first forgive and be merciful to anyone who disrespect Islam.

  2. Now this is some real fearless journalism
    I think people should not boycott France but the real haram….ISLAM

  3. Absolutely rubbish article and Naila khayal showing her Dirtyness as same Indian minded words and coping to Nawaz & his anti Pakistani stance.we are condemning any islamofobia speeches acts as well anti Pakistani words using Naila inayat in her articles

    • Are you Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia or his family member that your condemnation will be taken seriously????
      Who the hell cares what a Pakistani says!!!!

  4. I am so sorry to read all comments. None of them come from a basic intellect person. God gave us brains to think and we are not sheep. We lead not follow. All religions was invented to control people. When you understand this your life won’t be in turmoil. When you behead someone you are offending god as this person is a creation of god. Everyone and everything is the creation of god. We don’t need to fight on behalf of God. He is powerful enough to dish out his punishment on Judgement Day if there is one. Nobody have been to heaven or hell and come back to tell you the story. Why are humans so gullible to believe in all the fancy stories written in our holy books. Trust me the only peaceful person is the one with Good thoughts, Good deeds and see all creation as creation of the creator. No one has the right to take another person’s life.

  5. You are writing this rubbish because you think that standing on insult of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is an act of terrorism and extremism. Actually you in the name of liberty have changed the islam in our country 🇵🇰 you think that standing on this issue will affect our relationship with the world and this boycotting will result in your brand collection stupid you are saying these things about pakistani people bla bla even these things are true so what a thing what is called in urdu(غیرت) is remaining in us but you can not understand this because you think that the international relationships and wearing brands is more important then this and your international peaceful image should be strong and we should breath like we are tuoght by our so called supper powers but as a muslim i think that this very fancy world is at last temporary so what we have forgotten is the day of judgement where this is not a part of the question sheet that how were the relationship s of yours with the non Muslim, fascists countries on the other hand the Almighty ALLAH will ask me when the world was insulting my beloved MUHAMMAD (SAW) where were you. This is all for the people who says لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
    # boycott french products
    #we stand against disrespect of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

  6. I must Thank India for their constructive criticism of the Pakistanis. Thank you again.

    India has found their next Mahatama in Modi JI. He with help of BJP and RSS Alliance, will be able to teach a lesson to Pakistan with French made Rafael and will take back indian territory from China by using American satellites.

    Pakistan should absolutely not learn anything from India and must go back to Pakistan.

  7. O My!your obsession is real guys. Get some therapy or your love for Pakistan will ruin you.Look into your own State and soothe yourself with the filth you have.I feel sad for you guys…Pakistan is the click-bait in every article!!!!! got nothing else to write!? O I’ve something for your next article:”My neighbors got divorced recently” speaking from Pakistan so you can go with the headline “living in PAKISTAN led to their parting of ways” and add the gutter dramatic exaggeration yourself after-all this is the only thing you guys are good at!!!!!

  8. This whole country is a gone case. I think it’s the only country in the world where the people spent more time on hate speaches and demonstrations/ protests than contributing to their own development.
    This is what happens with a country which does not have a past.
    It is said by a great man ” A country which does not have a history, has no present & no future”.

  9. BRILLIANT article!!! One of the all too few voices of reason and intelligence to be heard today, brilliantly illustrating the sickening hypocrisies of this nation which takes one step forward…..and then 5 steps backwards….its heartbreaking to see how medieval this society is becoming – slipping further and further into the darkness.

    • But the sexual-liberation was very good in middle-ages, why are you revealing yourself as the Late Queen Victoria’s divorce subject?

  10. I like the author’s tragicomedy style of relating events. They are fun to read and very interesting to read.

  11. Tongue in cheek article by a witty person. Never knew Pakistan could boast of an intelligent person. My compliment lady.

  12. That is the truth. Islam is the problem not muslims. Muslims are just brainwashed people with deformed brains.

    • To the one saying Islam is the problem.
      I pray for you to be guided to the straight path.
      Also use the gobbar present inside your brain
      “Gou moutri sar cor present ona theekh hota hai”wale…

  13. Pakistan does not know the difference between the Nuclear Boys and Nuclear Men. How does Pakistan hope to deliver weapon upto Paris?

    Look at the murderous rage shown by these people. What inspires them to behead someone, or behead an effigy, or nuke a country and flatten it? “Islam” is the answer. All Muslims need to be deradicalised, or at least good number of them. Unless Muslims are weaned away from Islam, the world will not know peace. The problem is Islam, not Muslims.

    • The problems are cow pee drinkers, false idols, idiotic thinking, hatred, communal riots by sub creatures like you, go check if it dwells on you, do not tarnish without reading, hate monger

  14. And why are you taking side of France so you can get you toys from France. Like Modi said. If we had Raaapphael, we would have taught them a lesson.

  15. I see Indian Fake news is at doing what it does best.

    Pakistan centric misinformayion gutter trash fake news articles.

  16. all the things you are write in the passage are wrong and fake which dont have any existance ,
    because you are not in tbe country and shown the bad impect of pakistan..
    have you any research ? you are beleiving on talks of some people which have no work and dont have any knowldge.

  17. To be honest why are you guys so fixed on Pakistan, why aren’t you guys pointing out the bad happening in India.
    Increase in rape cases, last year India had biggest riots targeting muslims, the citizenship act passed by Modi goverment which the peole have now forgotten about, your high number of Covid cases and the lack in goverment response, your on sided media held more talks on destroying Pakistan than fixing the issues of your country and lastly your killing in Indian occupied Kashmir.
    There was a time when Indian Journalism showed truth but now it follows the same secular mindset as its Hinduvta Goverment. (NO OFFENSE I RESPECT ALL RELIGIONS UNLIKE YOUR GOVERNMENT)

    • No bro these people will not says that because it will hurt there relationships and tbey want peace these are the peoples actually we are not progressing and these so called libral peoples want to change islam and our own culture

  18. Interesting article, however this is again an act of monkey balancing by The Print. This outlet is fast degenerating into a click-bait wannabe-centrist portal with shoddy writers like Shivam Vij, Ruhi Tiwari, some Ms. Yadav, etc.
    Really saddened to see The Print going down this lane.

    • You forgot Jyoti Malhotra, who should be in the foreign service. She is an expert in every topic in the international politics. She advises Indian government why India should always keep Bangladesh happy. But she is silent on how the illegal Bangladeshis are changing the demographic composition of the country. So what, she would say. After all, the pay cheque from Pakistan and Bangladesh government is so sweet.

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