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In mountains, China’s military prowess has a vertical limit. 1962 is a half truth

What happens when two competing and nearly comparable military powers like China and India deploy their military might against each other in the Himalayas?

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China’s misadventure into the Indian territory is premised on the vast differential in the size of both countries’ economies and the military capability gap that has only grown since the two nations went to war in 1962. However, even as this is true on paper, its implications as they translate into actions are often lost sight of.

Military conflict was and will remain a clash of wills, and not merely weapons in varying numbers and of different generations. A war can be lost despite occupying contested land or even uncontested land over the years.

What happens when competing and nearly comparable military powers deploy their might against each other? What if they do it in an area where the very concept of military operations as applicable to plains and deserts is vastly different? And what if it all plays out in the backdrop of obvious caution forced by the shadow of nuclear weapons on both sides? Some of these questions can be best answered by highlighting the characteristics of fighting a battle in the mountains.

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War in high altitudes

Mountains by their very nature favour a defender. An attacker has to create a situation wherein a defender is outwitted and loses nerve to be defeated decisively. Since there are very few countries that have actually fought in high altitude areas (over 9,000 feet above mean sea level), here are a few examples that relate to experiences within the subcontinent.

During the 1947-48 operations in Jammu and Kashmir, the conflict was inching towards its terminal phase. The Army was finding it difficult to break through the Zojila Pass, which was critical for the defence of the area. It was Major General K.S. Thimayya (later General and Chief of Army Staff) who came up with the audacious plan to lead the attack with tanks in November 1948, despite the challenging terrain and local ground conditions at approximately 11,500 feet.

The 7 Cavalry, led by Lieutenant Colonel Rajinder Singh “Sparrow”, brought forward their tanks, the Stuarts, dismantled without turrets, duly camouflaged, to Srinagar and from there to the battle zone. Thimayya sat on the leading tank, as the attacking forces surprised the Pakistanis and achieved a complete rout of the enemy forces, forcing them to flee the battlefield. It was not the numbers but the manner in which the forces were employed that played a crucial role in the battle.

Almost 17 years later, the battle of Haji Pir was fought in 1965. It witnessed Major R.S. Dayal (later Lieutenant General and Western Army Commander) take a long and arduous march to reach close to enemy positions. He successfully evicted the enemy by virtue of achieving complete surprise at the objective. He did this despite a force ratio of 1:1, which is considered grossly inadequate even in the plains. The tactical victory at Haji Pir pass facilitated the complete rout of the enemy.

More recently, in Kargil in 1999, the Indian armed forces proved that they could achieve what few armies would even dare to attempt, at altitudes ranging from 14,000-16,000 feet. Despite the unparalleled feats of valour, progress was slow and gradual, spread over months. The success at Kargil must be seen in the right context to understand the sheer scale of the achievement, especially when it is compared with Siachen Glacier.

A decade prior to the Kargil conflict, Pakistan, stung by India’s control over the Siachen Glacier area, made multiple attempts at evicting the Indian Army from the Saltoro Ridge, but failed every single time. Their attempt also includes an operation launched by then Brigadier Parvez Musharraf in 1987. That indicates the nature of the challenge fighting in mountains, and especially in high altitude regions, presents.

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What went wrong in 1962   

Past feats notwithstanding, the 1962 war stands out as a clear failure. However, it is relevant to place its reality in perspective. There is little doubt that the senior leadership of the Army fell short of its past credible standards. And this is not limited to the oft-quoted example of Lt Gen B.M. Kaul. The defeat of the Army, especially in the Eastern Sector, took place in the minds of the military and political leaders, much before it did in the battlefield. In fact, even where the Army was defeated, there were bright spots like the Battle of Namka Chu in Arunachal Pradesh or the Battle of Rezang La in Ladakh, which proved that the soldiers and their immediate commanders, given the right leadership, could have stopped the Chinese in their tracks.

Less than five years later in 1967, it was proved by Maj Gen Sagat Singh during the skirmish at Nathu La. It was during this border clash that the Chinese withdrew with far more casualties than the Indian side, despite them firing the first salvo. One wishes that this incident too was more widely known just as those associated with the 1962 are.

Fighting in the mountains, and that too at the kind of altitude that exists along the LAC, is difficult even in the best of times. And when the opposition is determined and well led, there is little chance of achieving outright victory. Unlike the plains and deserts, where mechanised forces can sweep the battlefield, deploying infantry along spurs is an uphill task. The effect of artillery is reduced due to the impact of altitude and issues related to accuracy because of the small target are presented. A minor variation in weather conditions or angle of fire can take shells well beyond the intended target. Air bombing also suffers from similar constraints as operations in Kargil proved in 1999.

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In mountains, strength is relative

So, the size of an army that has not experienced a bullet fired in anger for the last 40 years must be seen in the context of existing realities. Conversely, the impact of a group of highly trained and experienced sub-units, inserted at the point of decision, can be far greater as witnessed in the battle of Haji Pir pass. Similarly, the readiness of an acclimatised force is more important than formations taken in by the miracles that technology can conjure. Mountains have and will continue to prove that when all else fails, it is the foot soldier who can capture and hold ground.

The backdrop of this reality will suggest why the Chinese State-controlled media repeatedly brings up 1962. They realise that certain sections on the Indian side, despite Nathu La in 1967, had created a defensive cocoon around themselves. This section did not lose confidence in their armed forces, which proved their mettle soon thereafter in 1971. Instead, and worse, they doubted their own ability to assert and stand up to a bully.

Conflict is neither desirable nor should the wise invite it. However, it is equally important to understand that military reality in the context of India and China is closer to Nathu La of 1967 rather than Sela of 1962.

Col Vivek Chadha (Retd) is a Research Fellow at the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. Views are personal.

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  1. My experience of Hindus is they know things, but they suffer from false pride, and they do not like anyone pointing out their failures. They over estimate their position in the world. This article and many others from Hindutva Hindus are simply delusional. But they understand a beating, then they back off. Modi, Shah and Bhagwat, are silent as mice. They do not dare say a word against China. Instead, the lower level Hindus like Chadda and others write articles telling us the armies are really equal, because this is mountain warfare. You see other articles in The Print telling us that India has modifed labour laws after corona and now is in a better position than Europe – as if now Indian industry will overtake Europe. Modi told us that India has helped 150 countries out of 140 with corona. Shah told us that India is showing the world how to fight corona because India’s fatalities are low – this maybe because of more youthful population or lying.

    The Hindu corona strategy was banging plates, lighting lamps, advocating gobar and gomutra, a Covid Papad, and a lockdown in 4 hours.

    But when Amit Shah contracted Covid, he did not bang plates, chant Om, light lamps, take gobar and gomutra, or take the Covid papad, or take advantage of Hindu medicine. He went to the hospital for western medicine. The same people will be pushing Hindi and Sanscrit and sending their children to America for education.

    No remedy is possible. Whether it is Modi’s bungling or the army’s., or Covid, the Hindus will daft things, and insist failure is success, and expect others to agree. Privately, they will do something else. This is the innate character.

    • I can’t even begin to imagine just how butthurt you must be to write on astrology and coronavirus on an article on military matters.

  2. Hail the mighty and doughty Rasgolla!
    For displaying, in his arguments convoluted and strange
    What Roger Waters describes as ‘The bravery of being out of range’
    For hiding his bitterness behind a name so sweet
    And living to taunt: no mean feat!
    Just as God created fleas to teach dogs humility
    So too He created Rosgollas…spare him some pity
    Like his chosen name, he must be soft and tender
    A revolutionary sycophant, a lifelong bender…

    • Thanks !

      ‘For displaying, in his arguments convoluted and strange….’

      The convoluted and strange arguments are strangely pinching, so no Hindu can ignore me !

      ‘And living to taunt: no mean feat !’

      Indeed, the Hindutva Hindu is at a loss about how to reply.

    • ‘Just as God created fleas to teach dogs humility’

      That is a very apt line – consider I was created to teach Hindus some humility.

  3. Such a clear analysis! Great respect for Col. Vivek Chadha. People who are associated with ground reality have guts and pride to say the TRUTH without an ounce of hesitation.

    “The defeat of the Army, especially in the Eastern Sector, took place in the minds of the military and political leaders, much before it did in the battlefield.”

    These lines are so true in life as well! When victory takes place in mind, odds will turn into favorable options!

    However, we’ll always see some people bringing up narratives as if they have all the answers to the issue and anyone dare to make a fair point at them, “Their barking gets even worse”.

    Oh yes! Have you noticed the fact, most of them rant behind a nameless identity? Because they know nothing about reality.

    • ‘Because they know nothing about reality.’

      The reality is India got a beating in Galwan, and the Hindu chowkidar showed meek submissiveness.

      • We have statements from Beijing stating their army has withdrawn from Galwan, we have the Indian army’s confirmation of the same, we also have commercial satellite photos showing previous Chinese positions are now empty.

        But Nah! What really tells us what happened there is Modi’s body language. I mean, of course, the fact that the Chinese didn’t reveal the extent of damage they took in the clash means they didn’t take any. It’s not like they have a reputation for lying or something. Am I right, dimwit?

        Your nonstop fixation on political theatrics and that too in an article on military strategies only demonstrates one thing – you’re a silly idealogue who knows nothing of military matters. So, allow me to educate you.

        Wars, skirmishes, and the likes are decided as lost or won by the number of objectives each party achieves. In this case, the Chinese positioned themselves at three positions – Pangsto, Hot Springs, and Galwan. Of the three, Pangsto and Hot Springs offered no strategic advantages to the Chinese. There are no Indian investments in the vicinity that are threatened by their presence. In retrospect, they only positioned themselves in Pangsto and Hot Springs to stretch our forces thin.

        Galwan on the other hand is a different story. Since the Chinese positions overlook the DBO road, the encampment gave them a decisive advantage over us. This is why Galwan was a greater concern than the other two positions, and also why the clash took place there and not Pangsto or Hot Springs.

        Also, while the Chinese and Indian perceived LACs are widely different in Pangsto and Hot Springs, they nearly overlap at Galwan. In other words, even the Chinese knew they had crossed into the Indian side at Galwan. Following the clash and the negotiations, however, the Chinese were evicted from Galwan meaning they lost the only position that offered them an advantage over us. So, the only thing they gained out of their little misadventure was a whole lot of body bags.

        If you’re now going to raise why we didn’t attack them Kargil style, then it’s because there is no international boundary there. That’s why they call it the LAC. Before launching an all-out assault, you first need a boundary to be violated. They did violate Indian territory at Galwan and were thus evicted from there.

        The failure on our part was that of intelligence rather than action. If anything, Modi’s prioritization of border roads construction which enabled better patroling of the LAC is what led to the better presence of Indian forces which in turn alarmed the Chinese into doing what they did.

        Re- this is all Modi’s fault – the Chinese have been focussing almost exclusively on building military capacity for more than half a century. Modi’s been in power for 6 years now. Did you expect him to undo decades of stalling and state inertia in less than half a decade? I’d reckon he’d have to commit the country’s entire GDP and our national debt for the next few years just to achieve parity. But then of course the rasgolas of India will be crying over being forced to *gasp* actually serve in the army!

        But we all know you’re going to ignore literally everything I wrote and go back to your Modi, Hindu commentary. Since you’ve already written at length about Modi’s body language, may I suggest you focus on his attire this time? Just to keep things entertaining.

  4. A well written report. I have a feeling that the Governmtwnand Bureaucracy tend to take it easy when it comes to d thinese personnel in the Galwan Valley area.hat they could see lights in the tents of Chinese . To suit their lethargy, they promote second rate officers into higher positions.How else will you explain the observation by villagers that The Chinese have occuppied their lands being ignore
    The Generals must realize that accountability for negligence or indulgence could be determined by the common man. will use that oft repeated ment that 2020 is not 1962.d

  5. Mr. Rasgolla type of people with single agenda on the day of Voting, vote against BJP.
    People of India is on agenda with BJP. On the day of Voting.
    Similarly BJP ke khilaf Vote dalne me Rasgolla type of people ko jyada gyan ki jarurat nahi hoti hai……..
    Similarly BJP ko vote dene me hame bhi Rasgolla type of people ki
    Itne bade bade gyan ki bato ki jarurat nahi hai.

    • You seem to be saying Hindus will vote for BJP to spite me !

      I say ‘Do keep voting for BJP and continue imagining Hindus are at the forefront, and the world is in awe of Modi. You prove my assertion that most Hindus have gobar-filled minds.’

  6. India’s position is at its weakest since iindpendence, and no effort to defend Modi and his failures can alter the reality.

    The economy is in the doldrums. Modi’s demonetisation, done just to win the UP elections, was at the expense of destroying the Indian economy. Modi supporting Hindus will not ever admit that.

    Covid has finished the economy. Modi’s inept handling and the unplanned lockdown are the causes. Modi boasts India helped 150 countries out of 140 countries with Covid !

    Hindutva grandstanding over Article 370 brought China’s border strike. India lost land, still Modi and Hindus claim it is a victory for India (no other community in India thinks this).

    Now, China is driving India into an arms race which India with its smaller economy (which is shattered) cannot afford. It will drive Indians into further destitution.

    The Hindus are now seeking alliance with US, Quad etc. It is wishful thinking. Exercising in the sea with the US navy is little point when the problem is over a 3800 border with China. China can take land incrementally. The US and Quad are not going to send their troops to the LAC.

    Before this, Hindu army generals were even boasting of winning a two front war – when they cannot win a single front war against China. Pak and China may gang up together to give the Hindus the two front war the Hindus wanted.

    On top of all this, the BJP Hindus have driven all neighbours including Hindu Nepal into China’s hand.

    India can be considered a country which had a promising future which never arrived. Now we can say conclusively the Hindus have destroyed India. They do not seem to have the capability to rule. Mob rule riding on an inferiority complex is not the road to success. No nation has succeeded that way.

    Despite all these failures, the BJP Hindus are delusional about Modi. We have seen this before. Germans supporting Hitler could not admit they got it wrong, some even after their country got smashed. Generally, once you back wickedness, you have to keep defending it.

    Some westerners are annoyed with China and think maybe India will be an effective counter. It will not work because India is under the grip of Hindu Nazism and is a problem for itself, and will become a problem for others.

  7. Don’t want to see a war but the world has to stand up to China and show them who the real world powers are China is inhuman and needs to be put in place. Hope they crash the ship to mars because the will claim planets as there’s just like the south China sea

    • I would agree with you, but you are giving a one dimensional western perspective. India is going the same way as China. India wants to be like China but does not have the power or the wealth. India has been consumed Hindu ultra nationalism like the Germans in the 1930s. For people in the west, China is the threat par excellence as it is in a position to challenge west.

      However, India is no different. The current party that is ruling India is called the BJP-RSS and it has a Hindu Nazi ideology and wants to implement a Final Solution against Muslims and Christians. Are you comfortable with that ? This will create refugees and problems in the west.

      Besides kicking around minorities in India, the Hindu Nazis in India are kicking around all the small neighbouring countries – so they have gravitated to China.

      The RSS-BJP claims Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Malaysia and Indonesia, Thaliand and Cambodia belong to Hindus. They claim parts of China also, that led to the Chinese administering to them a beating recently. The Hindu Nazis in India are no different from the Chinese. 50 years ago, they were the lunatic Hindu fringe, now they are ruling India. They have infiltrated into the west as well but you may not be aware.

      At the moment, India is nobody for the west, so you cannot see the threat India poses to the world and to the west. China is the foremost threat for you. But many countries in the South Asia and ME would see India is a bigger problem for them than China due to Hindu militancy, and they will ally with China.

      You may feel India will be able to act as counterbalance to China for the west. The fact is India is too weak and it has a border with China. The west is not strong enough to block China now, but at least you do not have a border with them.

    • Just one question. You say ‘the world has to stand up to China and show them who the real world powers are’.

      Who are the real world powers according to you ?

      The US is a declining power, it spent 1 trillion on wasteful wars, it is living by printing dollars. Even its soft power declined due to Trump.

      Britain on its own is nothing, it is grappling with Brexit to get trade deals – which only China can give. The EU has no military power.

      Russia is a power, more military than economic – but it is also like China.

      India is a wannabe power, but it does not have the economic or military strength. It has peaked, its economy is in tatters and Hindu extremism has created internal divisions, and the country might unravel.

  8. Has India prepared plan to capture up to Beijing. If so it is wonderful rarther than planning only defence up to the Tibetan boarder.

  9. Any war with China in Ladakh will immediately lead to a two front war for India………..Siachen Glacier would be totally lost in the pincer move of PLA & PA.

    Modi is doing to India what Hitler did to Germany……………leading India into wars which are neither needed & nor India can win !!!1

    • They are not going for war at the LAC, instead they are sending the navy to send China a message – from a safe distance.

  10. Mr rasogolla how many bullets have you ever fired I don’t know but as I have fired some and all of them in uniform I have some idea of that. China first of all will only wage a war if it can gain significant gains with minimal loss. I am not going in with the number but given the experience China has bitten dust even to Vietnam with more than 3 lakh men fighting against 60000 Vietnam soldiers. Morality of the soldiers decides what can happen in the battlefield. If China can’t win against Vietnam in the plains how will fare in the height of Himalayas where India deploys specialised units dedicated for that terrain only. A large section of the population of India still thinks that India cannot fare against China or USA. Fact is that if you are proved true you fell happy thinking that you are not proved wrong. Contrary to the fact if you are proved wrong you fell a lot of pain. Only because you are proved wrong. If you’re proved wrong and you fell pain bear it suffer it for if your suffering benifits india you should be made to suffer. As far Hindu topic is concerned dare to make such a comment against any other religions and you will face the sword of theirs. If you have to live in india either support india and it’s forces when in need or if you cannot please keep your bloody stinky fucky mouth shut yourself or better ways are known by appropriate men to the same job in better ways.

    • You are a pathetic, uneducated Hindu, posing as a soldier.

      Learn to write English.

      ‘Morality of the soldiers decides what can happen in the battlefield. ‘

      Indian soldiers in Galwan got beaten and lost in the battlefield. From your statement, we understand they must have had low morality. Were they rapists and perverts, is that why they lost Galwan ?

      Since you have fired bullets in uniform, Hindus like you should be at the LAC.

    • You boast of your Hindu army bravery thus ‘Mr rasogolla how many bullets have you ever fired I don’t know but as I have fired some and all of them in uniform I have some idea of that.’

      May I ask if you fired at the Chinese or at some unarmed JNU or Jamia students, or at women in Shaheen Bagh ?

      If so, that experience will not help with the PAC.

  11. Many people have overrated the China’s airpower in the northern border. They fail to appreciate that airfields near Indian frontier of China are high altitide airfields and cannot carry lot of fuel or weapons. India’s airfields in the plains are just an hour away from a place like Galwan valley from Ambala or Pathankot. For China, the airfields of plains are too far away to be useful. Secondly, PLA airforce cannot throw all it has at India. More than half of its 3000 plus combat aircrafts are unsuited for high altitude air sorties. So, India’s position as far as airpower is concerned is not weak at all.

  12. 1962 imprint on our country political leadership that ‘s why they choose dialogue not surgical strike to wipe out the enemy. If home minister said Aksai chin is our integral part then go for action. Laton ke boot baton de nahi maante.

    • Why are you trying to tell us the two losses of land show India and China are equals ? Who are you trying to fool ? Are you in the Indian army or are you some shakha trained type trying to pose as an army man ?

  13. The article smacks of typical vain, Hindu bravado.

    ‘What happens when two competing and nearly comparable military powers like China and India deploy their military might against each other in the Himalayas?’

    The premise that you have two nearly comparable military powers is delusion, stemming from false Hindu pride. The Chinese proved that in 1962 and now. All other parameters also indicate that India is not a superpower. America, China and Russia are. India is a bit better than Pakistan, that is all.
    Most of the time, Hindus only compare with Pakistan, and comparing with China and US is just wishful. It is just that Hindus believe that India ought to be recognised as a superpower when the only qualification is its large population.

    Kissinger had dismissed India as the largest non-important country. That is true today also. Hindus have become more delusional due to Modi.

    Yes, sometimes in a war, motivation and bravery can win even with fewer numbers. For that, the Indian army needs to induct more Sikhs, Muslims and Gorkhas. It cannot be done with the current army dominated by RSS Brahmins and banias.

    One cannot become a power with 50-60% literacy, a caste system, superstition and communalism.

    If a nation of 1.3 billion can only find a chai wallah with a forged degree, who gives delusions of grandeur, there is no chance it can compete with China.

    • Hi Team Print,

      How come this foreign troll is allowed to comment onn every piece? Where are your publishing guidelines?

      Kindly look into it.


        • I know that press is not that free in ur country so u come here. And also as the author says 67 is more closer then 62 .

          • Yes, the press is not that free in India.

            ‘And also as the author says 67 is more closer then 62 .’

            Tell your chai wallah to say that. Why did he say nothing happened ?

            No matter which you way you look at it, these Hindu nationalists showed their usual Hindu cowardice. They cannot run the country, but they want to fight the Chinese. Get real !

    • Are you out of your mind?
      All I can see is a the lousy rant of someone who clearly hates India, Indian Military and Hindus. All of these things are more than visible in your comment. You clearly don’t have any idea on how the military operates, and just because you hate Modi,, you even denigrate the Military as well.
      You don’t have to hide your hate behind well constructed sentences, you can just say it out loud. It’s easier that way.

      • I don’t hate anyone. I may have contempt for us some. I may condemn them.

        Well if you prefer ill constructed sentences, you will get them from the Modi Hindus who are the majority. The country has gone down because of them. Am I the first to point this out ?

        Hate me you can, refute me none can !

          • Racist ? Give example and explain how.

            If there is nothing to refute, why are you burning ? Don’t comment on what I write.

        • Tell u what India is now a better place for live cause of this govt. And there r no corruption cases in headlines. And the one who did it in previous regime r paying dearly.

          • No corruption cases ? What was Rafale ? Buying MPs ?

            No cases because govt now writes the headlines. Or the journalist is killed.

    • Only an arm-chair dimwit of a nerd will confuse tactical assessment with vague political amorphism. So, you think you know more about war than a military officer? It actually doesn’t take much to refute your arguments at all.

      Firstly, the idea of comparable militaries is clearly made in reference to force projection and capabilities. These include both will as well as experience aside from equipment. Since your assessment is based on the premise that the Chinese have better equipment, pray tell why they failed so spectacularly against Vietnam?

      Secondly, it was 16 Bihar that stood the ground at Galwan, not Gorkhas, Sikhs or Rajputs. The idea that people have no fight in them solely because of their background is so stupid that it doesn’t even deserve a retort.

      Now go ahead, correct my grammar.

      • ‘So, you think you know more about war than a military officer? ‘

        Military officers are not holy cows, they lost twice to China and they are telling us we are equal. Get real !

        ‘Firstly, the idea of comparable militaries is clearly made in reference to force projection and capabilities. These include both will as well as experience aside from equipment. Since your assessment is based on the premise that the Chinese have better equipment, …’

        My premise is not based on the Chinese have better equipment. It is based on the result of 1962 and Galwan !

        Two football teams play two games, one of the team loses repeatedly in 2 matches. Do you say both sides had nearly similar shoes and shin pads, so there is no difference between the sides ?

        After the second beating, Modi who is normally a belligerent Hindu, kept quiet and said China did not take land. Did you see his defeated body language when he made that announcement ? If the two sides are equal, it will show in the body language.

        Vietnam is a different issue – if one side fights a guerrilla war, the side with the fixed army cannot beat it. It is like Indian army cannot beat the guerrilla war in Kashmir.

        ‘The idea that people have no fight in them solely because of their background is so stupid that it doesn’t even deserve a retort.’

        You are in denial. The best fighting force would have Sikhs, Rajputs, Muslims and Gurkhas, not banias and Brahmins. Banias and Brahmins are India’s bane.

        It is better to overcome your false Hindu pride and become objective. If you are not endowed with courage, at least apply your brains.

        • What about 67 is it convenient for u to just forget or u do it on purpose. I think it suits ur agenda. And these very armymen hv given Pakistan a bloody nose every time they dared. And in 62 we lost cause of Nehru and his NAM type of unpragmatic endeavors .Which kept him from asking from America to help which was quite eager to help us against china.

          • 1967 is irrelevant.

            What is the relevance to Galwan ? You are only as good as your last innings.

            Hindus inflate their achievements to cover their failures. If the Hindus say they closed the gap in 1967, why did they cede land, and withdraw with their tails down in Galwan? And why did your unsophisticated Hindu chowkidar say with drooping shoulders that no land was lost ?

            Pakistan, since they become a nuclear power, has closed the gap. The outside world has discounted India’s version of the Balakot encounter and say IAF struck nothing. All we are certain is Pak shot down a plane, a pilot was captured, but he was returned due to Imran’s magnanimity. Further, India crashed its own helicopters. Add the 59 dead in Pulwama., and the total is a disaster. Hindus of course take their disasters and say it was a victory. They are taking the battles of 500 years ago and claiming victory. It has become a pathetic community and that was why India has declined.

            When you start living in an imaginary world, you have lost it.

        • For all your challenge me if you dare chest-thumping, you yourself have not offered any refute against Col Chadda’s views.

          The article is specifically on mountain warfare, and how mountains favor the defender. And, you have to be a complete moron to compare 1962, a limited war, with Galwan, a skirmish. In fact, what happened this time has more in common with 1967.

          Re – why didn’t we pull a 67 this time? How do you know that we didn’t? The only reason why you’re so confident that we lost here is because the Chinese refuse to release their casualties and you assume they either had none or were less than ours.

          Here’s the sum total of your assertions – because Hindus are proud, Modi is PM, and the Indian literacy rate is low, the Indian army will certainly lose every mountain engagement against China moving forward. In fact, it is your head that’s filled with gobar, as you put it.

          Implying that we lost spectacularly in Galwan is equally ludicrous. The Chinese gained absolutely nothing since of the three places where they set up camp, Galwan is the only point with any strategic interest since it overlooks DBO road and they are no longer there.

          You my friend have also shown your hand. The fact that you keep referring to this whole episode as a “Hindu failure” rather than an “Indian” one shows that you are either a Chinese or a Paki troll or a traitor in our midst.

          • If it was like 1967, then why did Mod’s body language look like that of a beaten dog with its tail down, and why did he lie ?

            Why is Amit Shah keeping very quiet after claiming he will take back Aksai Chin ?

            And what happened to Bhagwat who said he could mobilise his Hindu cadre in 3 days ?

            All the most militant Hindus have gone quiet.

            And if the Chinese gained nothing, why are Hindus making up vain stories about sending message to China with the navy etc. ?

            Who are Hindus trying to fool ? I refer to it as a ‘Hindu failure’ because it was Hindu belligerence that led to this situation, and Hindu cowardice led to a surrender without a fight. Why do you want to hang that on the shoulders of non-Hindus ? The BJP Hindus say India is a Hindu nation, so Hindus have to take responsibility for failure.

          • I don’t know why you continue to think you’re fooling anyone here. I asked you to refute Col Chadda’s assertions on mountain warfare, yet you go on and on about Modi’s body language.

            Led to a surrender? How the hell was Galwan a surrender?? THE CHINESE ARE NO LONGER THERE YOU DIMWIT!!!

            Like I said, you have already shown your hand and it’s apparent you are either a foreign troll or a traitor, so you might as well begone. How do I know this? In your reply to Rahul dated July 30th you said – “You boast of *your” Hindu army bravery thus…”

            See, the pronoun “your” will only be prefixed to “army” by a foreigner when speaking to the citizen of another country. Two people of the same country will certainly not say “your army” when speaking to one another. I won’t walk up to another Indian and say “how’s your army doing?”

            Given your obvious hatred for Hindus, the fact that you called Imran Khan magnanimous, your immediate affinity for the Chinese narrative and absolute unwillingness to believe anything put forward by the Indian side strongly suggests you are actually a paki SOB trying to sow discord here. There’s a lesser probability you might be a Chinese 50 cent troll.

            Now, if you really are an Indian then you clearly don’t see yourself as one of us, in which case you are by definition, a traitor. I’d say theprint team should forward your details to the cybercrime division so that they may keep an eye on you.

      • In what way do you differ with my views ? How many RSS fellows struggled for India’s freedom ? The answer is ‘none’.

        How many Brahmins and banias have distinguished themselves for valour and courage ? Exclude organising and financing communal riots.

        • “How many Brahmins and banias have distinguished themselves for valour and courage ?”
          Answer: Current Chief Of Army Staff General Narvane is brahmin.
          Major Vivek Gupta was martyred in Kargil War.
          “You are in denial. The best fighting force would have Sikhs, Rajputs, Muslims and Gurkhas, not banias and Brahmins. Banias and Brahmins are India’s bane.”
          Interesting you did not mention Kumaon regiment among “best fighters”, which happens to be the most decorated regiment of Indian Army, which also gets most of its recruits from Kshatriya and Brahmin families of Kumaon.
          I don’t understand why you would think of Banias and Brahmins as “bane”? That being said, do you not respect the plurality that this nation has? If you do, do you not think of Brahmins and Baniyas a part of this plural society?
          You talked about “Hindu cowardice”. What exactly are you implying? Give all your comments a good read and you will observe a scatheful bias. That is not the topic of discussion though. It’s your personal problem.
          Your villainous portrayal of a community, particularly two castes suggests you are mere travesty of those you criticise. The current government (BJP-RSS as you call it) shows a clear Hindu bias. BJP’s political vote bank is majorly Hindu, where the Baniya-Brahmin share is amazingly high. Your hate for BJP-RSS has rendered you unable to perceive where your political criticism turns into an acerbic communal item. No matter how much you blame “BJP-RSS” government for poisoning society with communalism, you are no better. You have unfortunately fallen to the temper of the times that this media has been successful in making. May be it would help you if you read something about Hinduism, or may be their texts. It would melt down your biases and help you see things clearly.

          • You tell us Current Chief Of Army Staff General Narvane is brahmin. What has he done that is distinguished ?

            You ask very innocently ‘ That being said, do you not respect the plurality that this nation has? If you do, do you not think of Brahmins and Baniyas a part of this plural society?’

            Do Brahmins respect plurality ? They are the brains of RSS or fascism, Hindu style. The aim of CAA-NRC is to put Muslims in concentration camps, so do they respect plurality ?

            You write ‘The current government (BJP-RSS as you call it) shows a clear Hindu bias. BJP’s political vote bank is majorly Hindu, where the Baniya-Brahmin share is amazingly high. Your hate for BJP-RSS has rendered you unable to perceive where your political criticism turns into an acerbic communal item. No matter how much you blame “BJP-RSS” government for poisoning society with communalism, you are no better.’

            Your first sentence shows you understand the scheming Brahmin and the money worshipping baniya are problems. But your second sentence wants to affix the blame on me. You know the fault but you do not want it pointed out.

            You ask ‘You talked about “Hindu cowardice”. What exactly are you implying? ‘

            After the surrender of the hijacked IA plane in Kandahar, the RSS’s leader, the Brahmin Sudarshan said it was another example of Hindu cowardice. In the same vein, I added ‘surrender Modi’ was another example of Hindu cowardice. Again, you know everything.

            ‘You have unfortunately fallen to the temper of the times that this media has been successful in making.’

            Did I make the temper of the times, or did RSS’s Brahmins make it ?

  14. Author doesn’t seem to understand 1962 or 1967 war can’t be compared with present day nuclear armed nations with more sophisticated missiles.

    The war won’t be restricted to some mountains. It’s unbelievable how irresponsible our medias have become.

    India – China war has only one outcome. Mutual destruction for India – China.
    The end of two Asian giants and their threat on American domination is a win for USA

  15. Rahul should be given unlimited supply of Cocain and a bevy of good looking young girls.
    After that, he will not interfere in Indian politics and Country will be safe.

    • Rahul is not in charge, it is your chowkidar and all the other chowkidars who gifted land to China.

      • What kind of clowns keep typing crap. Just because they can speak and write good English, they think they can blabber any shit that comes to their mind. You bloody anti India convert, JNU product, get out of this forum right away. If you delay then wont get a chance to crib and complain later on. Yes the present India is of, by and for Bhakts, Desh Bhakts and Sri Ram Bhakts.

        Chal bhaag yaha se. Haraami kaa pilla

        • I am a JNU product. Another fellow said I was a madrasa product.

          ‘Yes the present India is of, by and for Bhakts, Desh Bhakts and Sri Ram Bhakts.’

          Indeed, so only Hindus can be held responsible for India’s failures in economics, handling of corona, and China.

          Under Sri Ram Bhakts, India became famous only for lynchings and rape; and cowardice at the LAC. So what are you so proud about ?

  16. India NOT SECURE against China -J20 and Pakisthan F-16, they’ll keep capturing Indian land from time to time as…..NO 5th Generation Fighter Jets with India…..Japan has 147 – 5th Generation Fighter Jets F-35 and Chinese couldn’t capture even One Inch Territory from Japan…..Israel has 50 – F35 and 51 Muslim Countries couldn’t capture even a single inch of land from Israel….

  17. I feel now is the time for Indian PM to make the forward move to retrieve land chaina has occupied since May/June, with this the PLA has to defend, fight it now while India is in stronger position. most important, the PM must not interfere in the army decision of how much to occupy winning position or when to quit a loosing position. That should be left with the generals at the field. There will be friendship with china. So there no diplomacy to save. Go all win the war and smash the enemy. Be ruthless don’t observe Geneva convention rules, if India does, Chinese will come with surprise and defeat India with their ruthlessness.

    • ‘the PM must not interfere in the army decision of how much to occupy winning position or when to quit a loosing position.’

      India will be mostly quitting Indian positions like last time. Amit Shah opened his mouth and China shut his mouth. He does not dare name them,

  18. The bias in this article is ridiculous and laughable…. the authors roots and subsequent bias are exposed when he starts by comparing India and Chinas military as equals.

    We need to wake up to reality that china has surpassed us manyfold both military and economically, and for this we have our political leaders to thank who have reduced the once glorious indian army to an election tool

    • You are right, the premise that India and China are near equals is wrong.

      You will find most Hindus are like this. They are deluded possibly due to false pride. Modi had taught them the world is in awe of the Hindus, and India is the vishwa guru. Even now Amit Shah said the world can learn from India how to fight corona.

      They have gobar filled heads.

  19. Author has rightly brought up the famous example of how our Army used light Stuart tanks in the mountains to scare away the Pakistanis. But this brings us to another issue of today. Today the Army is looking all over thee world for a light tank to use in Ladakh, 73 years after Gen Thimayya’s operation. Can there be a worse example of lack of strategic thinking, forethought and planning than this ?
    We should have been making these tanks long ago, knowing how useful they were in the same theatre in 1947. The Chinese are way ahead of us in strategic planning, and they already have many light tanks facing us in Ladakh.

  20. It’s a really good article. I always believed that the Indian defence forces are much better fighters than the Chinese ones. However the Chinese have created much better infrastructure than the Indians. For example, there is much better road connectivity in the Chinese side whereas India has no all-weather road to reach eastern Ladakh from Leh. Similarly India has to build more permanent settlements near to the LAC. Once these are done, Indian defence will be invincible in the LAC.

      • don’t worry about siachen…no army in this world is capable of taking the position from india….it is the most battle hardened army in the world……if we talk about mountain warfare…your chocolate army is nothing…so you don’t have to worry about us.

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