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How Instagram reels is a mirror to modern casteism in India

Instagram Reels feels like you've entered an expensive restaurant where you can be mocked for your clothes, accent, and pronunciation.

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I sometimes slap myself (or my thumb) in annoyance for opening Instagram’s Reels section. I try my best to not open it, but still end up there. One of the main reasons for my resentment with the new Reels culture is the crude display of privilege and the mono-cultural world of the so-called upper castes or Savarnas. Be it someone playing an out-of-tune ukulele in mood lighting, or showing off their ‘struggles’ of not being able to visit Goa this year with some trending song playing in the background. What all these diverse videos have in common are hyper-perfect Savarna aesthetics.

In 2020, Chinese app TikTok was banned by the Narendra Modi government. This rendered many creators and influencers from marginalised backgrounds digitally homeless. These ‘digital refugees’ have since been trying to find refuge in different apps. During this time, Instagram Reels has emerged as one of the biggest platforms that promise fame and reach.

From celebrities to common people, everyone wants to try their luck on Reels to become successful, or as Andy Warhol apparently said, “get their 15 minutes of fame”. However, after many years social media, the influencer market has become a very important source of employment. For many, social media fame can even earn them their livelihoods. Sadly, this domain, like any other economic domain, is also the stronghold of Savarnas.

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Casteism of Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are designed in such a way that you feel like you’re entering an expensive restaurant where you can be judged and mocked for your clothes, accent, and your pronunciation. There is a very subtle and sophisticated form of casteism that plays out in this digital corner.

Instagram Reels seems to have an algorithm that prefers particular Savarna aesthetics. Most of the trends and trending songs are copies of what’s popular in the West. Be it “Put your head on my shoulders (Silhouette challenge)” or the “My back is aching song” challenge. All one sees are Savarnas expressing the joy and melancholy of living a life full of privileges. Instagram actively promotes the most ‘beautiful’ looking Reels on these trends. Anyone who opens the Reels tab on their app can always see that it’s the Savarna influencers who are trending.

It’s very difficult for non-Savarna users, who lack the same cultural and social capital of looks, clothes, and clean, picture-perfect backgrounds to succeed in this culture of making ‘aesthetic’ Reels. This is why you will only find similar kinds of faces known as ‘content creators ’ or social media ‘influencers’ in this overtly market-driven economy.

Dalit History Month (DHM) banner

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Appropriation of Dalit art forms

The irony is that historically dance and music have been the domain of lower-caste communities in India. Music and dance were frowned upon by upper-caste families and there were many Dalit communities who were humiliated and ostracised for their occupations of singing and dancing.

The dance and music of these communities have now been taken over by socially dominant caste practitioners who ritually cleanse the music and dance of their original style and folk elements and Westernise them into being something that is ‘pure’, ‘urbane’ and ‘cool’. Today, the grandchildren of those who once directly discriminated against lower-castes are now singing and dancing on Insta Reels. They are now doing the same activities that made lower-castes ‘impure’, ‘brash’ and ‘loud’, but in perfect lighting and aesthetic settings.

Often, they end up appropriating the art-forms belonging historically to lower castes, further alienating the Dalits and Bahujans who don’t have similar capital to fit into the same aesthetics and settings. In the Insta Reels ecosystem, creators who dance or create videos outside of these aesthetics and songs are labeled ‘cringe’. As is often said online, ‘modern problems require modern solutions’ thus modern Savarnas, too, have come up with modern casteism. Personally, I would call it ‘castiesm with a good vibe’.

These Savarna mono-cultures persist in more open and crude forms in beauty and lifestyle-centric Reels. Here, Savarna fashion influencers are busy dictating how successful and cool women should dress and look like. It isn’t a coincidence that all these videos are only aimed to cater to the elite and upwardly mobile female Savarna crowd. Parading the idea of ‘girlboss’ and ‘beauty sleep’ is just the tip of the iceberg that hides the behemoth iceberg of labour done by Bahujan women who serve as domestic workers in upper-caste households — these visuals show the girlboss, just not the girls over whom she is supposed to be the boss of.

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Only for Savarnas

There isn’t any Dalit account that features on ‘top- influencer’ lists. This doesn’t mean that Dalits are not creating great content on Instagram. There is a strong underground culture where many Dalit accounts are trying to express themselves by making use of modern digital vocabulary.

Many Dalit accounts face the wrath of angry Savarnas on Instagram who are unhappy that they have explored the question of caste on the social media platform. They try to shun the question itself by the use of choicest abuses that they seem to have inherited. Sometimes gaslighting is done in more subtle and softer forms — “But there ain’t any caste bro. It’s the 21st century for god’s sake,” or “We are all equals. Indian first!”.

The same Savarna social media users then move on to their newfound love for dance and post a feel-good Reel based on Western trends (let’s say, the “Don’t rush” challenge). Here, I would like to take the liberty of rewriting the quote by playwright Bertolt Brecht: “In the dark times there will be singing and dancing… but only by Savarnas.”

The author is a filmmaker and author of the book Love in the time of Pokemon. Views are personal.

[Edited by Fiza Ranalvi Jha]

This article is part of the Dalit History Month 2021 series. Read all the articles here.

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  1. The same is true for most online video platforms. Be it YouTube or Instagram Reels or any other sort of video making applications.

  2. Chinta mat kijya abhi karta hu reservation ka prabandh Instagram reel mai
    Mark apna ladka hai
    Hamari baat nahi tala ga

    Jay bheem jay meme

  3. Mark Zuckerberg sa baat kar raha hu
    Abhi karata hu prabandh reservation ka
    Instagram real mai .
    Jai bheem jai meme

  4. This article lacks substance and most of it makes no sense. It is written by a really either brainwashed or evil mind. I am disappointed with The Print for giving space to such an illogical article. Experts must get the opportunity to write and post articles, not these kind of nonsensical people.

  5. Kuch b likh deta hu nahi to job chali jayegi. Aur Upper caste ko gaali dedeta hu fir to naukri pakki.
    Chamn Chuti*o Kuch acha kro zindgi me

  6. The print media is total shit supported and fu ded by anti India powers who want increase communal riots in india and make difference between our sanatani this is the only motive of print media
    And print media and many of them are using liberty of speech as their weapon against us . Not even a single print media worker know about what sanatani people gave to world and also savarna we respect them we owe to them.
    For further reality of this print media go and visit string reveals on youtube you will see the reality

  7. What the thing u wrote . Now start giving Reservation on Instagram reels also. People don’t follow by watching the caste,they follow by seeing the content which the creators provide . And why u used modi government . whoever form the government, it is known as the government of India

    • What really? You must be in style sort of dilema. You Blake the upper caste for sympathy, fine. Now even the algorithm is uppercaste?

  8. While the observations made on this article may or may not be true, (non-Savarna representation in any media is low which allows for further marginalisation and discrimination) the supposed reasons for discrimination stated in this article are inaccurate.
    The key reason why TikTok had better influencer representation from non-Savarna groups, as opposed to IG reels or other such new platforms, is dependent on how the algorithms works. It is dependent on how the platform algorithm defines user engagement and therefore promotes creators/content accordingly. Some of the points mentioned in this article such as aesthetics etc., also applied to the TikTok algorithm back in the day, what differs here is how the 2 platforms score/rank their content.
    It’s true that the end result of IG reels is more casteist (and racist) than TikTok in some aspects, but both platforms are going to be casteist and racist, until necessary steps are taken to resolve that.

    • What is the difference between algorithmic functions in TikTok and Insta? Without not much knowledge of how this functions, I would assume content is delivered simply acc. the history of the user.

      What, in my mind, seems more plausible is perhaps a difference in *branding* by the two apps- TikTok advertises itself as a product for grassroots content from the heartlands, while Insta caters more to the urbane elites. The differentiator then would be class, instead of class imo.

  9. This article is the perfect example of why modern media is in crisis and why we must not support them

  10. It feels like No matter what you do or what you say there is just no way to correct the harm done by savarnas in the past to those so called lower caste people that people born in savarna caste in this generation are also seen as a CasteDemon who are evil and still continuing that hate. If i said I’m a savarna maybe you won’t even read what i wrote and take it all as savarna-bulls##t.
    The only problem is you aren’t watching the whole picture, your view is Biased too.
    If you would’ve said it’s only the Rich and Middle class people who can afford the setting and all to make those shiny Insta reels I would’ve agreed but instead of watching this picture from the Money lens you took the old Casteism view. It shows that you’re obviously doing the evil you blame others that they do, that is, judging people by thier caste.
    Hardly there would be any comment or hate you would find against any of the flop reels which have any racial negative comments on it.
    I don’t have any way in my mind to end this comment, no hate for you, I’m not gonna write any expletives or anything I’m a student of Psychology and i believe that this opinion of yours can be changed.

  11. New Ravish Kumar, sees caste in instagram too now.
    What next reservation in Instagram Influencers ?
    Reservation in Indian Cricket team?

  12. So our friend who is the author of this article, now wants reservation system in Instagram and other social media apps, by which 27% of recommendations on what’s trending will be for SC/ST, 18% for OBC, and 15% minority reservation and levying a tax of 30% income on general category. For God’s sake, Instagram demands appealing content, something sexy or funny. If you want to upload caste related vengeful videos, Instagram is not the platform. Mandir mai Shakira aur Kothe pe Maulvi ka koi kaam nahi. What a ridiculous article this has been. These days, caste system has been kept alive by those who have faced atrocities in its name. Blaming savarnas for their success and your failure to understand the market trend is not the solution.

  13. Being a Dalit and a research scholar myself, i am afraid but that article is awful. There are no citations no reference to algorithm manipulation. No proper Dalit account is mentioned, no interview or otherwise has been cited either for a cross reference. Also, if you are writing about social media please note that the algorithm shows you what you are already viewing and filtering it through the process. What you have written damages and belittle the Dalit discourse. It’s more of a subjective hitpiece rather than investigative journalism. I pity the Editor of The Print as well for not equipped enough to understand a hit piece.

    Anyone actually interested in Digital Racism should look for Vox video on Black vs White AI bias by Twitter. That’s how you research things with facts and figures unlike this. Shameful.

    • What damages and belittle the Dalit discourse is people like YOU because being a research scholar, you are still playing the victim card of calling yourself Dalit which means oppressed. So, even Scientists, Research scholars and other white collar job holders today are oppressed WTH? people like you who hold higher positions in politics and bureaucracy are showing fake oppressed victim cards and are acting woke just like in the U.S. VOX is another libtard, woke media that leaves no chance to misrepresent India (especially Kashmir issue) and people like you still lick their boots. A Colonial mind at its peak!

    • The ones who damage and belittle Dalit discourse are people like YOU. If being a research scholar is eligible for calling oneself Dalit which means oppressed, and playing the victim card then it means other white collar job holders like Scientists, Research heads and R&D guys can do the same. It is because of people like you who hold higher positions in politics and bureaucracy, poor people are still suffering and leave a no chance to mud sling on others. The hypocrisy of your above statement is shameless!

  14. One of the most biased and silliest article I read in a long time.. Author is seriously just venting his frustration.. Also his whole view point is fixated in identifying people by their”apparent”caste based on his narrow frame of reference. The very use of the word savarna in numerous places show his obsession with caste and doesn’t do any service to better the situation.. Just a silly rant of a confused person.. Print really needs to get their act up.. This is really a very biased article

  15. You must get a life. In your opinion every so called sawarna has born with silver spoon and a billionaire.
    Also content is watched on basis of interest not castes or even religion. If it was so then why the most influencers are muslims. You the so called journalists are castiest not the general public. You inculcate the religion and caste in general public not the public. You are nothing but neo-royals

  16. This article is trash. Let’s start by addressing a few points.
    Attractiveness is what counts to become popular on instagram or any other social media. You need to put a lot of makeup on your face and dance around for the camera, sometimes in a not so decent fashion. Anyone with minimum brain cells can understand this.
    Secondly, all upper castes are not attractive, I have seen really unattractive upper caste people and really attractive lower caste people as you have put it in your own words. Some of my classmates have come through the reservation category and are so beautiful that they can make it in movies. They are just not interested in instagram reels or exposing themselves on social media.
    Music and dance was never only the jurisdiction of the lower communities. Infact, performances for the masses was. Many families historically of the upper classes knew music and dance, but display was looked down on.
    What kind of person are you that you check the caste of a person before liking it? Talent is the only thing that matters and that’s what makes you successful in life.
    People like you are the reason who portray a horrible image of India on the world front, and cry caste discrimination and prejudice over the smallest of things . The lower castes are no longer lower. They have the ability to learn and are given plenty of opportunities through reservation to pull through and make good for themselves and they have.
    Please stop writing bullshit. I cannot believe this was even published and if you were paid, shame on the guy who approved this.

  17. Loved to see the logic of illogical Suwarna denying the existence of caste on the Contrary the mere existence of most(>95%) of these suwarna on this earth is a result of deliberate mating between same caste Male and Female.

  18. Bose DK kuch bhi Kahi b kaise b Insta creator or developer you think is an Indian who is obsessed with your theory that’s why he created. Can’t it be otherway round where they are hiding their identity or masking identity
    Who the hell you are and why you still want to divide the country. It’s your personal propaganda or you have some vested interest

    • Notice how he writes Savarna every time where he could have simply wrote “they”.
      I think he’s still learning the art of writing a biased article which sounds unbiased when read.
      As much as I hate Reels and Instagram in general, there is nothing like what he has mentioned.

      But then isn’t that whole point of The Print’s existence ?
      Shouting “Do away with Brahmanical patriarchy”, “Narendra Modi ****** **** **** *******”
      Bringing any kind of made up story and then saying freedom of speech is curtailed, democracy is in danger and what not.

      To anyone reading this, please be aware of ThePrint, Scroll and similar platforms.

      (P.s: Not a Modi fan but since I’ve criticized these people I’m most likely to be branded as bhakt)

  19. Reels are a part of recreational mass culture. It shouldn’t be compared with caste and religion. Dancing is an emotion every human soul feels and performs for self joy and entertainment. Western culture has been an influence over many but it doesn’t discriminate caste on its adoption. It’s in the hand of the user on the social platform. Popular influencers do take up western trends and perform but that is to keep the challenge going or making it viral. It does not b ing down the cast factor

  20. An advice…if you want people to support you and your journalism..then kindly fire this minus guy

    Thank you 🙂

  21. Why news media is in crisis & How you can fix it
    Please read before publishing any article. I like The Print for its neutral position and it being a voice for people as different as Sheshadri Chari and Yogendra Yadav. But lets not make the portal look stupid by publishing articles by a certain kind of jouralists who do not know how Tech works and then asking for subscription!

  22. The overton window has shifted dangerously towards polarised politics in the past two terms, no one could have predicted the rise of opinion making troll armies to this extent, some are even voluntary.
    You make a good point how respectability politics derived from the aesthetic sense of a few are dictating the reach of content creators, and throughout out sanitized fabricated historybooks it is the same story.
    Ironically, when it comes to brown bodies, we see the same thing with regard to how whites are the preferred aesthetic, colorism plays a good part in the reach and (lack of) restrictions of white content creators. Similar to white privilege deniers, caste privilege deniers will rampantly oppose the reality. Pretty basic.
    Thanks for your insights. 🌸

  23. Anurag minus logic : “Ha mammi ….maine reels me bhi casteism ghused diya …ab log mujhe woke anurag bolne lagenge …huehuehue.” 🤦‍♂️

  24. Since the beginning of this article to its very end, I was deeply reading to find some logic of why did he write this fake & useless article and why did ‘The Print’ gave it a space on their platform.
    No logic nothing……& below are they asking to support their journalism. This kind of journalism is better to die that creates divide in the society.

  25. Hahaha. You’re spewing STUPID articles for popularity and it worked! But the popularity is negative. You’re probably Savarna and wants to offend actual dalits by linking castism to a platform that sees no colour/gender/race/nationality. I’ve now decided NOT TO TRUST ANYTHING FROM The Print.

  26. Ironically it seem the left are the ones who always mock lower caste people you guys have this club of elites that you think only people coming from DU and JNU are intellectuals
    Some of you even use words like zombie to describe this lower standard group because they support BJP

  27. Interesting observation. I hate reels too
    Maybe Instagram is not racist. People who are on Instagram are privileged folks
    If there are enough indians who don’t come from privilege join insta, then these Dalit folks will gett a chance.
    The kind of audience dictates the content which trends! More engagements- more money!

  28. Articles like these make genuine ones treated like garbage too. You can’t cry wolf at every minor inconvenience ay. People actually face discrimination and here we are crying about some insignificant reels?!

  29. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
    illogical, baseless, unnecessary, and over everything Why?!!!

  30. This is the worse thing ever i red.. I use to believe on some of prints article but now .. I dont buy any of those . seriously? This is what you guys write ?

  31. Aap jo bol rahe hai vo aapke kaano tak pohoch raha hai, either this man is highly depressed which has taken over his logic or he wants to just divide people.Upar wala dekh raha hai.

  32. Are you high or what? Matlab kuch bhi?? Dalit se dance karwae us se bhi dikkat hai tumhe aur upper caste khud dance kare us se bhi dikkat hai? You article doesn’t make any sense. What kind of bullshit is this? Lmao And if they are Rich they are not allowed to make reals?? Unki ki kya galti ab unki reals trend ho rehi h to? Looks like liberal article likhne ke fer me ye log pagal ho chuke h

  33. I had just started to follow The Print, now this piece has come at the right time to warn me of the dangers that lie ahead. This is shoddiest piece I have read in a long time. Bye Bye The Print!

  34. The most brain-dead and illogical piece of information I read today. This author himself is one of those who is obsessed with people’s caste that he opens each of the trending videos creator’s profile and check their caste. Yikes!!
    In case someone doesn’t know how to become viral in Tiktok or other social media you can google it. You need three to four things. Good facial features like no acne, nice jaw line, no dark circles etc. Make up is a must. Beutiful hair style. Anyone either Sarvana or no can follow the rules to use the algorithm to become viral. The author can google it himself/herself and see the condition to become viral. The should be a video somewhere explaining it. Even wasterners complain that only certain”kind” of people get viral. Most of them white. Dark skinned people hardly get viral.
    This story is self defeating and counterproductive to fight against discrimination and disrespectful to good content creators and terming their success as caste based.
    Stop being obsessed with people’s caste.

  35. The most brain-dead and illogical piece of information I read today. This author himself is one of those who is obsessed with people’s caste that he opens each of the trending videos creator’s profile and check their caste. Yikes!!
    In case someone doesn’t know how to become viral in Tiktok or other social media you can google it. You need three to four things. Good facial features like no acne, nice jaw line, no dark circles etc. Make up is a must. Beutiful hair style. Anyone either Sarvana or no can follow the rules to use the algorithm to become viral. The author can google it himself/herself and see the condition to become viral. The should be a video somewhere explaining it. Even wasterners complain that only certain”kind” of people get viral. Most of them white. Dark skinned people hardly get viral.

    This story is self defeating and counterproductive to fight against discrimination and disrespectful to good content creators and terming their success as caste based.

    Stop being obsessed with people’s caste.

    • He is just shamelessly imitating the SJW culture of the US, it’s quite evident with all the usual buzzwords like white privilege changed to savarna privilege, culture appropriation changed to dalit appropriation, and the concept of black history month changed to dalit history month, this author has no thoughts of his own , it seems he has just plagiarised the entire article from Vice or Salon and done a Ctrl+ Find +Replace of white to dalit. People of this mindset don’t want discrimination to end rather they want the power dynamics among classes to prevail, but shift in their favour and the enemities to continue so they can always claim victory in the oppression olympics.

  36. So you have to make everything about caste!!! Does anyone really care about the caste and religion of their favourite influencer. I didn’t expect such a stupid article from the Print.And these sort of articles are republished in New York times. Don’t make everything about caste. The fact is you don’t have any idea about casteism. Don’t try to create disharmony. It is all about content, if people like your content they will follow you if they don’t it they just won’t ,irrespective of your caste and creed.Does that mean being an upper caste you can be a popular influencer?

    And I dislike your article because of it’s stupid illogical content, I didn’t even check your name caste etc….

  37. Print as always showing why they are treated as “Garbage” with lots of sophistries. Playing victim card and letting dalits down they are every where they are growing and you need to grow also and see all these .No one is stopping anyone band kro “Ramdi rona ” .i want to know who wrote this BTW

  38. There should be a reservation policy at The Print – 49.5% of the articles published should be from non forward castes and even the comments section should also have reservation.
    Jai Meme

  39. Didn’t expect such a low level content from the print. I have been an avid reader and used the print as a reliable source of information but this is baseless, illogical allegation. Please don’t repeat such stupidity.

  40. There are so many issues for criticizing Reels Instagram and other Social media platforms
    But this is Hilarious
    I never seen any friends or person who Check Caste Before/After Liking or Viewing any Reels or other Videos
    You need a Vacation bro

  41. I thought you offended me only but looking upon to the comments i feel happy that i am not the onky one. How one can be this fool. Please for the sake of this company don’t approve these kinds of articles.

  42. Disclaimer: I reveal myself despite a possibility I may be mocked. That, in any case is not new to me. I am not writing in support of “upper caste” privileges. I am born a brahmin. I was a soldier by profession for 37 years since age 15. At 52 years, I left the Army and became an entrepreneur, establishing a MSME. I drive my car and we have had no help at home for a long time. You decide where you want to caste me!

    Let us assume for a minute that all this the article says is true. Now what? History is not only about the past; it is also about the present and the future. I will also state here that in the boarding school, run by Jesuits, I attended , I was also mocked at, being the only brahmin. – like the derogatory “n” word for blacks in the USA there is a derogatory “p” word for brahmins in Kerala. When I joined training in the Army at 15, I was a faceless “thampi” and a “Kaalu”. So much for mockery. I am none the worse for all those jibes; All those rascals are now my bosom mates; performance is the key.

    I know many upper caste individuals who are employed as house helps including housemaids, drivers, security guards, waiters in restaurants etc., if you imply that as demeaning – I do not. Except in some villages in the hinterland of the country the discrimination, especially in metros, cities and towns is more about having skill sets, performance, and economic status.

    Nobody gives jobs to anybody based on caste any more. Competence and performance are the key. We have to introspect as to how much have reservations worked in this area. An alternative is empowerment by equipping all with education and/or skill sets. Besides affording opportunities to the underprivileged with the conventional education, those who can’t make it should be equipped with job giving skill sets. If each person has a unique identity, he/she can register his/her skill with a localized “central” database and authorization can be given to practice their skills such as electrician, plumber, carpenter or whatever – much like it is given to engineers, lawyers, doctors and the like. Some are already doing this in the private sector. Repeated monologues (believe me, I have been seeing them for decades now; reading this piece gives me a déjà vu) on the underprivileged or increasing reservations bereft of widespread benefits is counterproductive. The economically privileged society at large also has an important role to play.

    Tail piece: Instagram and social media is the least of the problems. EVERYBODY HAS A BOSS. Let us get real.

    • Since your lack understanding of caste and whatever shit your have written is from an casteist perspective rather than an intellectual arguments. Your understanding at best is shallow and must be ignored

      • But we can all admit that this is just another wokke article, which is creating castism out of nothing. Also somehow this article managed to show Indic art as ugly and unappealing. Probably no-one at the instagram offices think that way.
        Also by constantly hating the once privilaged class You are creating a feeling of hatred within them too.

  43. The liberals and conservatives can agree on one thing. This article is complete bs. The print, unless you want to really become a caricature of over the top “woke” media getting offended at a blink, post real news with credible sources. Seriously does no one approve articles before posting here?

  44. You are narrow minded author. No one get to notice such stupid things everywhere. go get some brain man. This article is totally dumb shame on your poor mentality.

  45. You are narrow minded author. No one get to notice such stupid things everywhere. go get some brain man.😂 This article is totally dumb shame on your poor mentality.

  46. Most garbage article read on The Print so far. Common guys you have a standard! That’s why I used to read this website. But given that you have time to crib about a feature of a social media platform and find casteism their, its time to say Ciao!

  47. The article refers to authors brain capabilities and in no way the author understands how complex Instagram is and for it to consider something caste for their development c and prioritize something like that. Real same The Print published this article.

  48. Anurag Minus Brains should be your name.

    This is probably most illogical article I came across. The writer is probably drunk or has permanently lost is ability to think.

    You are pathetic as a writer and also as a human.

  49. Serisuly a waste of time , the writer mind set is regressive, ols and archaic who thinks that dalits are poor and they cannot express thensleves like all other classes.

    Complete waste, pathetic.

  50. I love print only bcs shekhar sir, otherwise it is a cringe media portal. I come from shudra background and a lower caste person.i can tell u 100 names who are shudra and famous in reels.your article talking about privalge but doesn’t define it and also there is not a single data backing by this stupid guy .if that’s your criteria for writing then i am also a lower caste person and can write a beautiful article ,give me a chance and i can assure you my feed back is not gonna that bad

  51. I am not against any caste or religion personally but after reading this I seriously felt that tomorrow there’s going to be an article saying “SAVARNA” Are getting good air and more oxygen then “DALITS”. Please guys if you want to abolish this caste system completely from our country stop making everything about your caste. I am sorry for what happened 200 years ago or still happening with so called ” Dalit” It was very shameful to do those acts . But that doesn’t mean you can make everything about casteism because it will only deepen the gap between those so called communities, and the reason will be writers like you.

  52. Seriously, i could never thought that reels can make you think like this….. I mean i know casteism still exist in india and it’s a bitter truth but not everything is about caste and religion….. And to be honest this whole platform of reels or takatak etc. Etc. Is a cringe….

  53. Matlab kuch bhi…gadho ki kami nhi hai theprint or the wire jaise media houses me.
    Stop bickering about everything under the sun…hutiye

  54. Worst article ever read on the print. How can the writer be so negative. These kind of articles are actually responsible for promoting castism and religious bias in the country. Though any kind of bias behaviour is to be fought for, we need equality and all. But writing something irresponsibly promotes inequality. You are not solving a problem, you are creating a new one.

  55. Liberals are same throughout the world; in America, everything and everyone is racist; in India, it’s casteist. They just need something to blame for their own mediocrity!

  56. Is that some sort of too ‘Dalit’ joke that I am too ‘Savarna’ to understand ; )

  57. Most uninformed and illogical article. Not a single argument is supported by an example, so we’re apparently just supposed to take their word at face value. Plus, where is the casteism in this whole scenario? Videos with maximum reach get greater reach in turn; that’s just how insta algorithm works. What would you like on insta- reservation for certain castes? Wake up.and smell the nonsense, please.

  58. Abey yaar mood kharab kardiya is bhadwe ne. Where do you get this logic dude! I mean Indian liberals are not only dumb they are stupid as a donkey and clearly I can see that the article has not well received by the audience. Get a life man, there are already huge number to fake organisation trying to misuse our SC/ST code, u wouldn’t find a spot. Happy stupidity btw

  59. Matlab kuch bhi.
    I used to laugh when some wokes in usa says maths and physics are racist but now this.
    I guess some people need to really evolve from their stone age mentality.

  60. Matlab kuch bhi, what kind of idiocy nowadays calling as journalism.
    I used to laugh when some wokes in usa says maths and physics are racist but now this.
    I guess some people need to really evolve from their stone age mentality.

  61. And you’d think that it’s a news to the author that he will be bashed for calling you out but I am sure he is not. He knew. He knows. We all know that you don’t want to talk about caste. You just want to silently practice casteism.
    The author sees caste in everything because it is everywhere. And what he’s facing here, is what the dalit content creators are facing on Instagram (and everywhere) for creating content. You comments are the live example of your everyday attitude and a solid proof of the facts that he has mentioned in his article.

    • On one end he claims banning Tiktok led to marginalised creators to lose their livelihoods, and now he claims instagram reels is the home to Savarnas? I have to be the one to ask now, Kuch bhi??

    • Shut up. The only thing needed to be famous on Instagram is a good face, and if people of some caste don’t have it, it’s your personal problem, saying this as an OBC myself. Chalo jao whine karo kahi aur jaake. Kuch bhi 🤣

    • you people will never grow dude keep supporting such rubbish posts jisse valid argument ko vi log ignore krenge ya criticize, if you are not gonna be part of changing society pls don’t stoop to such level of IQ that your whole so-called justice won’t prevail

  62. First I thought it’s a joke. Then I realised print is competing against Zee tv and the wire. Also look at the audacity of print. Even after this article they are asking for donations for fail journalism.

  63. Indian Media and the way they cry for attention has brought a new level of shame. Kudos to Print my @!ick media.

  64. Worst piece of bullshit to ever grace the internet.
    I know the standards of The print are low. But this is a complete no logic article even by The Print’s standards.
    Sadly the author is now jerking off tho all the views that he/she is getting fully aware of the fact that he is just sub-par with his writing ability and and had to use cheap tricks like this to get view. Complete piece of trash.

  65. Calling myself a liberal seems to be idiotic now because of the level we’ve stooped to. How much privileged and simultaneously dumb one has to be to think there’s casteism in Instagram reels. I read it till the end with the hope that it’s a satire, please grow up use your brain a little and stop spewing so much hate in everything. It is just going to devide people more and maybe this is what you want because rozi roti to aise hi chalegi na..logk ko ullu bna kr.
    Stop instilling this victimizing mentality in people for God’s sake !!
    And yeah I am a ‘Sawarna’ so maybe you’ll call my views biased because why not….let us divide everyone by caste and religion and assign groups based on how much ‘oppressed’ everyone is and if our opinion matters or not.

  66. Anurag minus verma spitting facts like nothing, it’s pity on them who thinks he’s unnecessarily bringing caste into this topic, just needs some braincells and humility to accept the truth. MORE POWER TO HIM.

    • Where is that solid proof? And please know a lot of Tiktokers come from Dalit and Muslim families and yet they have made their name. And where is casteism practiced silently? In Reels, whose algorithm is made by foreign company and whose audience is largely from less well to do sections of India. And the math is simple : videos getting lots of views get more views. Why don’t you write a letter to Mark asking for a cringe reservation? I am saying cringe reservation not Dalit reservation because large number of Dalit, Muslim Tiktokers doing well without it.

  67. Lmao. What a fun read. Please write more such articles would love to read more like these. I was smiling throughout the article. I think you’d be a good comedian. Ever thought of trying standup?

  68. Is this even an actual article?
    What the actual fuck are you nitwits even trying to prove here?
    Not Being a Non-savarna is a crime today….. Absolute bullshit…. Please don’t ever publish this kind diarrhea on any platform ever!

  69. Why you always assume that dalit are poor, not good looking , can not have good clothes ??
    It is truth that even today the most of the labour work is done by lower caste . There is still discrimination and casteism . But it does not mean that swarna are not poor, they are not labour and it also does not means lower caste people are not at higher position .
    Do you know tina dabi? She belongs from lower caste and please do check her follower on Instagram and her id is verified too. Her parents were at good position in their respective jobs .I have been friend to many of schedule caste category person and many of them are living a decent life . This article is not realistic. Stop writing shit.

  70. This was the most absurd article I came across for the first time on ‘the print’. They really went on to publish this without a second glance. This author so dillusioned as not to be able to have the slightest bit of objectivity in what they see and say. Nobody is going to buy this crap!

  71. U don’t know how insta or reels work … U don’t know how to be a proper journalist. U R letting Ur personal background and choices affecting Ur professional content and attitude … Now coming to the editor … Is everyone mad in print to publish such nonsense..

  72. WOW! From most of the comments here, one comes away with the notion that caste and casteism has been totally wiped-out, and India is now one huge egalitarian society, free of the nasty effects of caste prejudices…lol

    • And there is not a single logic you can give against them. Yet you got angry because people are thrashing this stupid article which talked about your beloved caste agenda.

  73. Most illogical thing I read recently. Print should not pay for this rather demand money from author for writing such hilarious and embarrassing stuff😂

  74. This is such a stupid article Author I mean really ??? You think instagram reels work like that ?? Listen up dude videos which are appealing to the eyes and are creative provides entertainment are trending the most ……….
    Kaha se isme casteism aa gaya ??? I agree casteism is still prevalent in India but on rural settings mostly instagram is purely for entertainment !!!! Such a shitty article

  75. Even if the constitution brings necessary changes, casteism may not go from journalists’ minds. They always want to be in news and for this, somehow find caste, religion, etc

  76. Complete bullshit. Sense of inferiority. Thats it. Dalit had great leaders and visionaries before Ambedkar too. Maybe more than some so called swarna castes too. Dalit should assert identify on reels if they want to. Its a open platform stupid

  77. The vocabulary use is enough to make the readers of this hateful,casteist, disgusting article realise that these media outlets are using the exact same method you tried to fictionally berate. Ofcourse its absurdity will provoke open minded people to criticize it but in the end it’s a huge waste of time and life of everybody that somehow got to read this article and make some financial benefits to these propaganda businesses. It’s all about self gain isn’t it 🙂

  78. Alag hi level ka Article likha hai bhai.. Hats off to the author and the Print.. My suggestion after reading this.. Why can’t we put reservation in Reels too..

  79. You said right thing, the difference is the capital which directly or indirectly related with this casteism , I also oppose casteism it’s all due to unequal economical distribution which creates large gap between people of india ,those people who are with the narrow mindness they don’t understand the problems of others and when you stand up against it they call you antinationalist they are show called nationalist who never understand ,what to write on social media or not ,they only show their fussiness to others. Like how you say about casteism ?? Bla bla they only bark , even they know this is the big problem in our country ,and lastly they talk about reservation are nikkmo wo to sbko ab mila hai, why the so called svarna ask for reservation as ews apni gk thik karo now everyone in country get reservation ,and now who want to reservation in fb they can demand it if not satisfied with 10%😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Bad English. Where did you learn it? Who are you supporting? its you who are just barking bla bla.

  80. I’ve never looked instagram or any social media platform through your goggles of casteism pls stop, casteism exists no doubt but you can’t just make things up

  81. This is by far the dumbest article ever written in The Print. It does take extraordinary effort to be able to be the dumbest article in The Print. Kudos to the author for achieving this level of literary genius!
    Note to The Print editor: Please read before publishing any random stuff.

  82. See I am a liberal and generally left leaning. However this is way too far fetched. People generally always crave for things they cannot have that is why these reels with beautiful aesthetics, clothes and good music is always trending. Because not everyone can afford that. The author is also conveniently leaving the fact that these reels are made trending by people of all castes. Also classism is not equal to casteism. India has many issues related to caste but I don’t think Instagram reels is an issue in any manner.

  83. This issue isn’t valid enough to be discussed. This sort of disparity can be noticed in all aspects of life. It is up to the general consumer to decide what to feed on and what to ignore. It is no wonder that eye-catching “western” aesthetics garner more attention. Let’s not bring caste into this.

  84. I felt like reading an illuminati story. Like one of the other person in comment mentioned seems like the author wants 50% reservation in insta reels

    • Lol, the print really puts out some stupid shit sometimes, this is not journalism, no one cares about Instagram reels ffs

    • I never thought of reels with such an outlook. Really, it sounds like some conspiracy theory against Instagram. Has anyone prevented anyone from making good content? Seriously!!! When someone has nothing substantial to engage himself/herself in, they write some bullshit like this.

  85. For once in your life atleast try to show people that Indian liberals aren’t actual idiots who are nothing but caricatures of what the world portrays sheltered “woke” kids like.
    Sometimes literacy does not equal intelligence and clearly this article proves it.
    Classism ≠ Casteism, Anurag minus Verma
    Don’t try to think we are stupid, the people do realise your idiocy and intent to incite disharmony.

  86. Arey author motherboard, tumko har cheez main casteism hi dikhtha hai kya. Jo videos ko jaada likes hoga, jisko jyada views hoga woh trending Mein dikhega.
    Pehle insta ka algorithms jaise kaam kartha hai, wo seeklo badh Mein article likhna.
    Saale, tumko har jagah caste hi dikhtha hai. Facebook office ke saamne dharna karo ki Instagram Mein bhi 50 percent reservation chahiye..

  87. This is hilarious now instagram is also casteist I think this article give us some good idea but it also feel that claiming that instagram is casteist is pure absurd.
    I am not claiming that castism is abolished completely but it’s extent is somehow became very less now no one is getting ignored because you are born in some so call caste and I firmly believe that now casteism is on personal level now and it is not going to somehow disappeared from law and thing since both side is getting the profit of caste they didn’t want to abolish it so in my point of view both of the side need some adjustments in their own side no one is good now

  88. What kind of article is this author seriously need to get a check up … like seriously ?? Still believe that the dalits after 50+ year of reservation and injectiing caste in every damm thing?? U believe insta algo works kn the basis of caste?? Well most of the reel are cringe but some of them are really creative and they are popular because of their creativity not because of the caste…get urself check dude !!

  89. Looks like a copy paste style of new York Times or other propaganda machine.
    Just replaced white with savarna and black with dalit.
    Yup you copied good vocabulary.

  90. Even if readers are to believe for a second that it is casteist, this article is jutst far far too hateful to be taken seriously, just complete hate towards Savarnas (elites, the rich, upper class is what you mean) clouds the opinions. The few who do rise from the SC OBC labels do not carry the label with themselves on Insta reels, they fit in the with rest and you ARE be labelling them Savarnas too

    • Lower castes were the ones who were into music and dance….wow…and you appreciate this…look at the truth you lying chuthiyas.
      From Natyashastras,to Rasa Leelas to Carnatic Music, the texts are all written mostly by Brahmins.
      The very folk music or dance repertoire from ancient times were centered around temple culture.
      For anglophile narchists with vested interests who have never in 2000 years why a Christian woman cannot b a parish priest, it is ludicrous that it’s always Bharat traditions or culture which are attacked by hypocritical blind racist pigs like the Print.

  91. What shit have you written?
    Trust me, irrespective of your caste, what you have written is absolutely pathetic.
    And ofcourse it has got featured on an equally pathetic medium.

    Please dont protest saying even content shud have reservation now.

  92. Bringing in casteism in such a frivolous thing like Instagram reels, first of all wow! You have peaked in your life. You have achieved enlightenment. Go sit under a tree(this was just a joke, I don’t intend to offend anyone).
    Secondly, you do realise that the reels you get recommended are based on what YOU like to watch right? That’s how Instagram knows what to show you.
    There’s no code in Instagram to let it know which creator is a dalit which one is not a dalit. Its based on what’s popular and what you like. If a creator is not popular, then maybe they should think about improving their content enough for it to be recommended. This doesn’t always involve money.
    And it’s not like only dalits are poor, most poor people belong to general category.
    So stop writing such nonsense without using any logic.
    Just because The Print lets you write an article, doesn’t mean you write whatever garbage that’s on your mind.
    Thank you for ruining my peace of mind.

  93. I mean this is extremely biased and illogical….why r u coming up with such an stupid article….I have seen so many creative popular dalits making reels….don’t try to mislead…..!! WHAT IT HAS TO DO WITH CAST

  94. So you mean to say the moment a video sprungs up on my reels I immediately Google the caste of the content creator and only after confirming if he/she is a savarna do I watch the reel any further.
    Or do you mean to say that Instagram algorithm is casteist?
    As much as caste system should be frowned upon so should such headless and direction less anger which only fuels propoganda and nothing else.

  95. Articles like this one take away legitimacy of the cause. The author tries too hard to show that he is an expert on the issue but fails miserably. Kindly stop writing on issues you have very limited knowledge on and try to detail the main issue.

  96. Reservation do bhai Instagram pr bhi.. Main toh tahe dil se chahti hun.. Reservation ho film industry aur insta , fauj mein har jagah! Sirf students hi kyo suffer krein inequality😑

  97. If the article is a satire then it is still really bad. If it is not satire then it is worse than garbage.

  98. Honestly this has to be the dumbest article the print has ever published but I don’t expect anything less either. Hari Bol.

  99. Not to be rude, but this article is one of the dumbest pieces that The print has hosted. Listen here, comment readers, black people in America have developed an ecosystem where they try to make everything racist. Racism could be in your movies, news, clothes, musical tastes, cars, occupational choices or maybe even in your toothpaste. Now some armchair liberals are trying to create a similar ecosystem in India, it won’t work! Because Dalits actually know what oppression is like and most Dalits wouldn’t even bother thinking about casteism in Instagram reels! They aren’t like black people in the U.S. who suffer from imaginary oppression.

  100. Author’s assumption or belief that ” … copies of what’s popular in the West is Savarnas expression ..” indicates the rotten mindset of the author whose agenda is to spread hatred for Savarnas.

  101. I understand casteism exists but kindly do not turn everything into the folds of casteism. There’s a difference between casteism and classism. It’s about the class here and in no way about the caste. And yeah I slapped myself for reading this article. Do not twist things in one direction only. There are a lot of other things to highlight for pointing out casteism.

  102. The best part about this piece is the climax – which hits after the piece ends: “Edited by Fiza Ranalvi Jha”

    Irony thy name is Savarna love. 😀

  103. Dude I’m upper caste and I don’t even have an account on Instagram. Also, what’s with this sickening assumption that all “Savarnas” are rich? My NT friend is richer than me and got admission in the same college as me but I pay in lakhs in she pays in thousands. If you want to address casteism, atleast do your research. Is it our fault that we were born in a supposedly higher caste? We don’t want privilege. Treat us equally. This is senselessly bullying a particular class of people whose struggles are overlooked often under the false guise of secularism okay? According to your logic, we should then treat the British like utter trash because their ancestors literally killed Indians. Don’t accuse us of what our ancestors did. And you should really look up Instagram algorithm.

  104. The biggest hypocrisy of this article is that the writer cannot give a single instance where any good content created by lower classes were frowned upon. So we can safely assume that they were called cringe because they were cringe. Algorithm is based on what people are accepting as good, not what savarnas call good. If the taste of majority of users is similar to that of savarnas, that means the dalit creators are indeed cringe. It is clearly before your eyes. Nowadays most people from lower classes have a cellphone. It means they are also accepting Savarna culture, which is good culture.
    If someone cannot make a healthy display of feminism and plead for the unity of people without threatening the existence of Dalits, then it really should not have any separate existence. The dalit identity the writer speaks of exists only in votebank politics and in the mind of India haters. The real dalits are freely expressing their culture and identity. A casual search in platforms like Youtube can confirm this. Popular roasters are making fun of people from all social classes – from Neha Dhupia to Deepak Kalal. No people can be immune to criticism if they make bad content. Being Dalit is no excuse for making cringy videos.

  105. Go and check top tiktoker, they are Riaz/Jannat Jubair/Faisu and more. Are these Savaranas? It’s all about looks, nothing else!


  106. Dear Print, the writer doesn’t deserve to get paid for this sh*t. He is portraying class divide as caste divide lol.
    You should fire him, and what is this hypocrisy if he has removed his surname then don’t write it what is this minus(sorry if it’s his father/mother’s name) BULLSHIT

  107. Preaching appropriation creates rifts between cultures , we can only understand eachother by experience eachother’s culture and not by reading a thesis by a same elite person who’s never spent a day with the community.

  108. I don’t use instagram / reels much, but this article ia the epitome of “cringe”. Author should put down the colored spectacles and see stuff from “normal” people’s point of view.

    Ah, the irony.

  109. I have read many logical articles on Print that too about caste and religion based hatred those articles had some logic but this is the most illogical article I have ever read , reels not getting viral is due to casteism 🥴 Bhai jo bhi maal funk k ye article likha hai wo bahot hi dangerous quality ka hai funkna chhod de nhi toh abhi verma minus hua hai baad me anurag b minus ho jaaega health pe dhyan de , reels ya tiktok ya koi b social media platforms ko caste religion se ghanta farak pdta hai unhen bas matlab isse hai k koi unke platform pe kitna time bita rha hai , ek taraf tik tok ka ban ko bura bol k ki isse poor log ka rojgar chin gaya dusrre taraf reels ko caste based bata rha hai , lgta hai teri reels ko view nhi aae ye wala maal funk k hi dance Krna bahot views aaenge reels pe

  110. Uske tags me hi casteism, Dalits likha hai.. Politics k liye log kitna gir skte h dikh raha hai.. isse samajh ata h usko post kisko aur kis chiz k liye dikhani hai… Reporting this post as well as jaha se aya hu wo bhi not interested kr raha hu.. Get well soon.

  111. Its Class Issue Not Caste Issue . Writer goes too much in left and sees through the radical left lens literally everything. Full whataboutery.

  112. .
    The truth is a vast majority doesnt care if you are a dalit or savarna but you people will make sure we take notice that you are dalit and force your belief on us. You will never get out of that victimised dalit image. and thats your reality.

  113. you can have reservation here too. start a movement and get reservation abroad too. ask for reservations in American parliament too if you like.
    The truth is a vast majority doesnt care if you are a dalit or savarna but you people will make sure we take notice that you are dalit and force your belief on us. You will never get out of that victimised dalit image. and thats your reality.

  114. Does the writer has any sense, you just dragging the caste into everything not a best fit. The Print????

  115. Never expected ,print will show such stupidity, According to you people so callled savarns are rich and so called dalits are poor,I hope some one punch the face or writer of this artics for false narratives

  116. What is the logic of putting casteism in Instagram reels
    Does the clothes, makeup, hairstyle & money tells a person’s cast
    Get yourself a mental checkup.
    Tiktok was famous for its cringe content videos and your content is also not far behind.

  117. Claim reservation from Instagram
    If you need the luxury of reservation, you have to take the social abuse that comes with it.

  118. Devoid of every logic that I can think off . These are the people who follow dan bilzerian and later complaint about his ways of using money , problem is poor people don’t have the time for instagram reels or bilzerian they are busy in making their living , intrestingally you have lot of time to kill and ironically you are calling yourself poor ,hahah

  119. Utter non-sense, seems the writer is living in a state of hysteria. Totaly senseless journalism and article. This is much like a kangaroo journalism. There are so many things to report, please report things that matter and have a cause

  120. Yahn hum log sochte hai ki India me castesim katam ho lekin ye the print wale esi instagram jesi chotti chiss me b caste gussa rahe hai wah yaar bhaut kub….

  121. I am not a savarana and i dont use these SM platforms. Why does the writer feel obligated to comment on every idiotic trend that happens to be picked up by people in general, as regards to “Dalit voices” there is more than enough support for marginalized communities from the state at the expense of everybody else, given their social and economic standing that is somewhat warranted but looking at everything through the eyes of caste looking to feel oppressed or discriminated against is no better than oppressing people based on who they are or what they represent.
    Personally i think every caste should be abolished all together like the french did away with classifications its like assigning qualities at birth withiut giving means and opportunity for improvement, thats useless anyway. Also Dalits are a numerical minority so unless you have a hard time doing math they will have less eyeballs on their content unless their contents have the universal appeal to transcend boundaries. Its a matter of personal preference and economic strength plus India is was and always will be an insane asylum as long as caste is used a metric to measure a person socioeconomic/cultural worthiness. Brahminic hegemony can literally be traced back to their command of knowledge and education the latter of which is the tool that gives any dominant social group a voice, moving onto the economic sphere well that takes individual and collective effort on tbe part of the community to move up the ladder, Parsis, Jains, chinese diaspora, ashkenazi jews all provide adequate examples for minorites that have thrived under less than ideal conditions by leveraging trade , wealth creation and education to their advantage. Perhaps rather than crying about oppression might wann start planning for a solution ? Just a thought.

  122. So everthing in this world is castiesm the worst article I have ever read. Read proper history. In india art was always patronize. I come from a upper caste family(to name) and but my family has been patron of art. Dumb head write a proper article.

  123. I don’t think it’s a caste issue, but more of a class issue. Instagram itself is the cancer that spreads the narrative of what being happy and successful looks like. It’s algorithm and it’s creators push the agenda of consumerism and materialism, brainwashing you to follow these so called “influencers” and be a consumer of capitalism. For most Indians who belong to the middle class family and simply cannot afford these luxuries, cause anxiety and depression among the youth, which may also lead to suicide. I left Instagram two years ago for this very reason. Everyone is too f**king happy, bragging about themselves, flexing their money and lifestyle, it just made me sick. If you live a simple and normal life, who is going to buy their useless extravagant products? That’s why you don’t see normal people, it’s always the glittery rich @****oles trending.

  124. Great article and a different point of view! But I believe you need to read more on how Facebook’s (Insta) recommendation engine works. You have drawn a comparison from TikTok while writing this article, so it looks a bit biased.

    • What are you talking about all lower caste people are not poor , caste was just a sort of class in those old days , a shudra son can become pandit by his deeds while pandit son can become shudra , it was not at all rigid earlier just know this and do you think all upper caste people are rich or all lower caste people are poor , this article is literally so biased which you can’t see with your leftist eyes . He is just making fun of those creators who are rich , it literally doesn’t matter about caste but this guy just put the caste in forcefully . There is no logic in his article.

  125. For once, don’t force fit casteism into anything and everything. I’m pretty sure Instagram’s reel showing algorithm doesn’t care about the caste or riches of the creators. It cares about the time people like you and me spent watching those videos and how we interacted with them i.e. liked them, shared them or saved them. The masses though like this flashy display of wealth which is why those privileged creators are at the top leaving behind many creators who possess abundance of talent but aren’t that flashy. Analogies can certainly be drawn here but this was a really horrible way of presenting the situation at hand.

  126. Fake propaganda article to break hindu unity. The Author should be sent to the prison asap. The Author of this article is a potential terrorist. keep crying you libtard
    Hindus United
    Bjp Forever

  127. Great Articles for the DHM, but I want to ask if the writers for the Dalit History Month articles belong to the Dalit Community or are they also Savarnas? Because shouldn’t (at least) the DHM be about passing the microphone to the Dalit Community??

  128. So u mean 100% Dalits and shudras are all poor! For ur kind info…Many shudra castes in india are richer than Brahmins! What a dumb article! Potraying everything in casteist view🙄 The writer should get himself checked

  129. Complaining about frivolous things like this is also a privilege. isn’t it? Print asking for money for these kind of articles. Are u is just dairy of person who is not getting attention on social media. And then attaching their personal frustration with some serious social evil. Write something nuanced, insightful and detailed. That’s your job. Instead of putting some kind of complaining rant about some stupid thing. Which is not productive or logical. Just postering of some moral superiority.

  130. Aap classism ko casteism bol rhe h. Classism ko call out krna toh direct kro na ye Caste ko frontline kr k kyu kr rhe ho? Aise toh aap hr baat ko caste se link kr skte ho. English bolna aur likhna bhi casteism ko promote krna bhi castiesm ko promote krna h kyuki English jaane wale “Savarna” jyada hai matlab aap bhi abhi casteism kar rahe ho abhi.

    Classism Eliteism different h Casteism se , yaa toh aapko pta nhi h casteism kya hota h yaa fir aap khud Classist Elite ho toh aap apne logo ko attack karne ki jagah isko casteism ka naam de kr woke points gain karna chahte ho.

  131. The author loses the plot where he stretches things to the point that being Savarna is the fault of the (of successful) creators in Instagram. This again is the flip side of the same discrimination that savarnas are accused of in treatment meted to a avarnas.

    Instead, the author should have focused more on any discriminatory practices that Instagram is following that marginalizes the less privileged.
    That way it won’t feel like a prejudiced rant.

  132. Typical leftist, always tries to inject caste where it doesn’t belong. If it weren’t for fools like you, caste would have been eradicated a long time away.

  133. Abe bhadwe tere ko ab bar jagah casteism dikh rha h… Kya hogya h tere ko ganja to ni maar liya h… Ya ye kitne v bike hue media “The Wire”, ” The Print” Lgta h inke pas ab koi aur article ni bacha h.. Har jagah bas ye casteism hi ghusa rhe h.. Instagram pe trend ni ho rhi teri fuddi to yha kyu hag rha h be lodu

  134. On titktok he says marginalized community got effected. Why cant those people join Instagram reels and make similar content and earn ? Tiktok -> marginalized, insta->Savarna. What a logic! Anyone can join insta, create content and earn fame/followers just like tiktok. Chinese have exploited the caste divide in India for decades via helping naxals and making sure Adivasis do not get benefitted from development happening in our country. Now they are funding people to write these kind of articles so that marginalised communities do not join “biggest online platforms” and are stripped of fame they aspire to have.

  135. This article looks to be written by an helpless guy who has lost all pslams with reality and using this as an efflux to vent out his frustrations

  136. Wah bhai boht achi baat hai ,
    Matlab kese bhi kar ke kisi bi cheez mai jatowad dekna, jo ap bol rahe ho ese kuch nahi ho rah bhai ande ho kya mai bhi reels dekta hu par muje to ye nahi dikha aur kabhi kabhi muje ye sakh hota hai ki tum print wale kya anti nationals ho kya jo kisi bi tara se logo mai hinsa dekna chahte ho!! Very bad journalism

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