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A compilation of men crying done by @crying_tiktok_users | Instagram

How TikTok’s unorthodox advertising attracted social misfits and weird niche subcultures

In 'Attention Factory', writer and speaker Matthew Brennan documents the complete story of TikTok and its Chinese parent company ByteDance.
Pakistani TikToker Ayesha Akram | Twitter

‘Publicity stunt, Pakistan assault victim didn’t try to flee mob’—new claims emerge

A report in The Pakistan Frontier termed the Minar-e-Pakistan incident a “publicity stunt”, which the Tik Tok influencer had planned.
Aurat Azaadi March in Pakistan on 8 March 2021 | Twitter | @wdf_pk

400 Pakistani men sexually assault a woman in Lahore. Twitter says ‘no less than Taliban’

Lahore Police has filed an FIR against hundreds of unidentified men for sexually assaulting a woman who was filming a TikTok video at Minar-e-Pakistan on the country’s Independence Day.
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Why Pakistan keeps banning and unbanning TikTok

What is particularly embarrassing with Pakistan's fourth ban on TikTok in less than a year is that President Arif Alvi himself had recently joined the app.

Imran Khan’s mobile phone is proving that the world is conspiring against Pakistan

A lot of allegations are flying fast and thick in Pakistan over Pegasus, TikTok, and Afghan envoy’s daughter – yeh mulk halat-e-conspiracy mein hai.

Banned for ‘spreading immorality’, TikTok gets relief in Pakistan after court withdraws order

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had asked the court to revise its decision, which was based on a citizen's complaint that the Chinese app was spreading 'immorality & obscenity'.
The download page for ByteDance Ltd.'s TikTok app | Brent Lewin | Bloomberg

TikTok ‘definitely hopeful’ India ban will be lifted, in talks with govt to resume operations

TikTok is hoping it can open up in India again, giving back creators their platform for content, but experts say New Delhi is unlikely to roll back the ban.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Instagram is dead. Reels killed it

Reels has become a rabbit hole of bad, patchwork, unimaginative content on loop. It will never be what TikTok was.
Palestinians clash with Israeli police officers at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, on 8 May 2021 | Bloomberg

Israel-Palestine tensions aren’t just on the ground, some of it is escalating on TikTok too

Israelis have been angered by a recent spate of videos on TikTok, a video-sharing app run by Chinese firm Byte Dance, showing Palestinians filming assaults on unsuspecting Jews. 
TikTok logo | Shiho Fukada | Bloomberg

‘Put a finger down’ — Teens are speaking about sexual harassment through viral TikTok trend

The ‘Put a finger down': Sexual harassment edition’ video has become the 2021 TikTok version of the #MeToo movement.

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climate change activists

Eco Anxiety is real. Children across the world are struggling with it

More than 45 per cent in a survey of 10 countries said their feelings about climate change "negatively affected their daily life and functioning".

Pushing to have LIC IPO done by March 2022, FM Sitharaman says

Sitharaman said any delay won't be due to a lack of political will. The 65-year old insurer's internal valuation hasn't been done & the process will take time, she added.


The P-8I is equipped for long range anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance | Photo: Boeing

Indian Navy receives 11th P-8I anti-submarine aircraft from Boeing

Navy had received the ninth P-8I in November last year and the 10th P-8I in July this year. This is the third aircraft to be delivered under the contract, the defence ministry said.
Illustration by Soham Sen

Mohan Bhagwat is right, China is the big threat. But his prescription to counter it is flawed

India can fight China, but it needs peace & stability at home. It can't take on Beijing while re-lighting old fires like NRC or polarising Hindus & Muslims to win elections.