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Here’s why Modi gets away with his gaffes, while Rahul Gandhi gets called Pappu

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Are we applying different standards to Modi and Rahul?

There’s a clip of a Narendra Modi speech that made the rounds of social media recently, where the Prime Minister is talking about converting foul gas coming from a sewer into fuel. The statement became such a butt of jokes that the BJP and its supporters on social media were forced to counter it.

Had the same statement been made by Rahul Gandhi, it would have added to the mountain of evidence that Mr Gandhi isn’t a very bright leader, and certainly unfit for prime ministership. Why, then, does the same standard not apply to Modi? Why do Modi’s gaffes not turn his supporters away from him? 

There’s no dearth of gaffes made by Modi. He gets history and geography wrong. He indulges in some ludicrous photo-ops, seemingly talking to statues in China. He walks around his garden and posts a video of it calling it exercise. He once wore a suit with his name monogrammed on it. He constantly refers to himself in the third person. He says the climate hasn’t changed, we the people have changed – whatever that means. Not a week goes by without a Modi gaffe, and these are just some of the most famous things over which Modi has been made fun of. 

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Yet these goof-ups don’t seem to impose any political cost on the Prime Minister. Under his leadership, the party keeps winning one state election after another. The worst estimates for 2019 suggest, as of now, that the BJP is likely to emerge as the single-largest party but will possibly form a coalition government.

Even in the 2014 Lok Sabha campaign, Modi made ridiculously tall claims that earned him the moniker of ‘feku’. But this couldn’t stop him from becoming the first prime minister with a single-party majority in 30 years. 

By contrast, Rahul’s gaffes, his goof-ups and mistakes all add up to the image that he is unfit to lead the country. Not even his supporters are able to say ‘Rahul Gandhi for PM’. The best they are able to say in his favour is that he’d be better than Modi because anyone would!

Voices are growing louder on media being unfair to Rahul. Why does he get called Pappu when Modi gets away with his embarrassing moments?

Modi’s political capital

The truth is that Modi’s gaffes hurt him too. Humour and ridicule are powerful weapons to undermine anyone’s credibility. People have noted that the kind of anti-Modi jokes that circulate today were unthinkable in 2014. Modi knows this. When Modi’s favourite word to address the masses, “Mitron”, (friends) became a butt of jokes, he stopped using it.  

Yet the reason why Modi gets away with his goof-ups and why he’s still standing tall as a national leader is because he’s built himself political capital. Modi’s political capital has been so enormous that he’s even gotten away with a blunder like demonetisation that temporarily slowed down India’s economic growth. A few gaffes are small stuff.

There are three ways to earn political capital. One is agitational politics, which helped an Arvind Kejriwal rise from an NGO-wallah to a chief minister. The second is electoral: when you win elections, people automatically take you seriously. When you win election after election, beating anti-incumbency, you become formidable. The third is administrative. When you are in power, you convince people that your performance as an administrator has been good. You convince at least enough people of this so that they can make you win the next election.

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Modi has built his political capital both administratively and electorally. He convinced enough people that he was doing a good job as a chief minister to lead his party through three successive terms in the state. He then convinced enough people that he had a Gujarat model of development to be made a prime minister with a single-party majority. And then, he convinced enough people that he’s helping India progress, which made his party win several state elections. 

Rahul’s empty CV

By contrast, has Rahul achieved anything in agitational politics, or in the electoral arena, or administratively? 

Like Rahul, his mother Sonia also became the Congress president only because of her surname. But nobody ridicules her because she helped her party form a coalition government at the Centre for two terms. 

Rahul entered politics in 2004 and took it upon himself to revive the Congress party in Uttar Pradesh, but failed in that endeavour. He wanted to revive the youth wing of the party, by launching internal elections, but also failed in this endeavour. He refused to take a ministerial post in the Manmohan cabinet, thus losing a chance to build administrative credential.

After the Congress was reduced to less than a tenth of the Lok Sabha seats in 2014, it was for Rahul to give the party a new lease of life. However, he has failed to defeat the Modi-led BJP in a single election. 

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Modi’s CV says self-made Prime Minister. Rahul’s CV is empty. That’s why the bar for Rahul to prove himself is much higher. That’s why his gaffes have a higher cost than Modi’s.

During a public interaction in London last week, Rahul was asked what his credentials were apart from his surname. Gandhi replied: “I have been working for 14-15 years in the political system. I have taken a beating and have learnt a lot. I am a person who listens, respects other people’s ideas. The most important thing to me is that I see through hate. And I really think, I am proud of that.”

That’s no achievement to cite.

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  1. There is another reason how modi get away his gaffes is – pay to some bhakths and make them shut in support and make it a public support as the seeming majority is influenced by bhakts. Second, bring all the independent government agencies under your finger tip – supreme Court ( remember supreme Court judges openly expressed their disheartening . This never happened in the last 60 years). same case with cbi. Bending rules in Election commission chairman sppointment. Tampering EVM is the best action plan to win electoral votes. Even in corrupt Congress government CAG was independent and it was able to report against then PM in Coal Scam. But in Modi ram rajya, no case and the government is immaculate. This in sarcastic tone, bhakths don’t take it as an advantage and make blunder statements.

  2. Modi Ji is considered coming from humble back ground, sincere and honest and right wing orthodox party, so his gaffes are ignored. Now Raga is coming from very notable family and is well educated, cultured and rich and belong to secular party. He has yet to get big success in elections. So his slips are more criticized. But it also appears that he is not very tactful and try to go into every thing. His image consultants needs to work more on him. Modi Ji does not care for his image. However, Raga may become PM sooner or later as he is still 50 years old.

  3. ये झूठ के बोल बाले का दौर है! नेहरू बदनाम, गांधी केवल तस्वीर, पटेल पेश ऐसे जैसे संघी थे। महिमामंडन उनका जिन सावरकर और श्यामा प्रसाद मुखर्जी ने 1942 में जिन्नाह की मुस्लिम लीग के साथ गठबन्धन सरकार बनाई।

    ऐसे दौर में जब केजरीवाल जैसा ईमानदार नेता भी पार्टी चलाने में तो कमज़ोर साबित हो रहा है, देश के अन्य विपक्षी नेता एक साथ आने का मुश्किल प्रयास कर रहे हैं, उसमें जल्दबाज़ी है राहुल को बस ख़ारिज कर देना।

    राहुल उस अंग्रेज़ी कहानी की दीवार चढ़ रही मकड़ी समान हैं जिसका सार है ट्राइ ट्राई & ट्राई अगेन।

    2019 में देश राहुल मोदी का ऐसा भविष्य दिखायेगा की हमारी अक्ल ठिकाने आ जायेगी

  4. Mr.56’s CV (Of failures):
    1. Demonitization
    2. GST
    3. Rising petrol/diesel prices
    4. The overt divisions caused among people based on religious beliefs
    5. Rafale Deal
    6. Rising number of rapes and murders in the country
    7. Mob lynching by cow lovers
    8. Insecurity among the minority religious groups of India
    9. Falling value of the rupee
    Rahul Gandhi’s CV (Of failures):
    Oh wait, he hasn’t even been in the PM’s chair and you’re already judging the decisions he ‘might’ make?
    Please open your eyes to the failure that is Mr.56.

  5. The author of this article, seems to suggest that public are fools, that they can forget what the government led by Mr.Modi does or not able to do, for the simple reason, that Mr.Modi led the party to win elections after elections, despite his failures and gaffes. If this is the yardstick of the author, why then the congress got elected elections after elections for several decades at centre and at many states and yet miserably defeated in 2014 elections by a party,the BJP, which got 2 MPs at centre and no MLAs in many states? The author trying to say Mr.Modi won elections by projecting himself as good administrator and gave gujarat model. But conveniently forgotten the divisive methods he used to win elections in gujarat for many years (by the way,the “gujarat model” myth,created by Mr.Modi thro’ huge PR exercise, got busted in 2017, during election campaign of assembly elections in that state. The author also conveniently forgotten to mention that how a 2 MPs party came to power twice and with full majority after 30 years. is it because of Mr.Modi and Shah duo alone? No, it is not. It is Mr.Advani’s most divisive and communal agenda in the form of rath yathra, that led to the demolition of babri masjid and thereafter the communal riots, that saw human loss and property loss in the country, which paved the way for bjp to come to the centre stage of indian politics, which helped them to capture power. Off-course, the corruption and the failures of congress rule also helped bjp to come to power.

  6. Stupid writer stupid article and stupid site….i did not even waste time in reading the full article skipped in 2-3 lines…. Directly went to read comments

  7. As you have rightly noted, the problem is Rahul’s empty CV and his inability to convert infinite possibilities that he got as preferred candidate for party president & prime ministerial position of the dominant political party of india since 2004. He simply lacks creativity needed to make use of the possibilities.
    For example, around UP assembly elections 2017 there were rumours that he could be CM candidate, that is something he should have done in UP assembly elections 2007. All he was doing then was pretending to reform congress party.
    He could have become a Minister in UPA2. But all he did was showboarding in Bhatta Parsaul, Niyamgiri and when Manmohan singh was in US.
    He should have taken party president’s post once 2g and coal scam blew up into big scams and congress lost the elections but all he does is vanishes from the scene now and then for vacationing abroad.

  8. Badly written article. Endlessly repetitive. Can do with some tight editing. Conveniently skips the examples of the gaffes.

  9. The owner of The Print, the author has a history of Bootlicking so no surprise that such a article has been written and published in The Print

  10. Shivam ji,
    You have raised a perfect question and here is its answer: “…the same standard not apply to Modi?’ because Modi also has his high points but there is no high point of Rahul Gandhi. If I use the mathematics phrases, Modi’s Highest Common Factor (HCF) is way beyond his Least Common Multiple (LCM) whereas Rahul’s LCM and HCF are roughly the same !

  11. Mr. Modi has spoiled the basic blocks of trust in our society for his petty gains . Economic has suffered badly due to twin blows of demonetization & ill-conceived GST. He is still selling dreams about prosperity in future & can only blame past govt. His achievements are nothing to write about except destroying the fabrics if unity in our society & crippling our economy

  12. This pappu if not born with That farzi gandhi surname then forget about being the president of oldest political party in world biggest democracy , he would not even get the clerk job in India forget about PM.
    Is mandabuddhi ke piche rona chodo kab tak kuch haddiyon ke liye inko desh se uppar rakhte rahoge is farzi gandhi pariwaar se congress ko azadi dilane ki ladi lado sab apne aap thik hone lagega.

  13. Its really a pleasant moment to hear from all of you great analysists living upto the miniscule knowledge that you have got. At least a few people in the country are selecting their representatives after properly analyzing all the options available and there is no biasness in that. My point of view is that neither pro modi nor anti gandhi are going to save us from the demerits of democracy….that too a democracy like ours where most of the voters are illiterate and this gives an awome opportunity to those with little or no knowledge about indian politics to claim that they are right.

  14. Shivani Vij should understand that the comments left by Modi either making pakodas aur using gutter gas as fuel are not duffer statements, ur media proved such statements reasonable later, but what about ur Pappu who talk about aalo Sona machine, and to provide plots on Mars and moon etc. Mr Vij open the eyes and look around there are a big world around u and only d cong

  15. You are simply implying that the most foolish of all is the vast majority of Indian people who not only keep voting for modi elections after elections, but are also really convinced that modi is an effective administrator !!!
    (Because as per you, no person with wise brains will vote for gaffe prone feku like modi? )
    Wow, sir, you really must be the smartest person living on planet who has smart vision to declare several hundreds of millions of Indians as total fools who have kept voting for modi and bjp leading to their repititive big wins and will likely to do so again in 2019…

    All you modi bashers, please try to come up with one bit of better & logical explanation if modi and bjp are really so bad for India, why is it that even with most conservative of opinions, modi is still most likely to again become PM in 2019?

  16. In short, a couple of electoral victory under his belt and Raga would very much be a formidable opponent to Modi.

  17. Your article is self explanatory. Pappu is pappu. Modi is modi. Modi can’t be pappu, Pappu can’t be Modi

  18. Rahul seems to be a much better person than modi. He accepts his mistakes and follies unlike modi who suffers now from superiority complex. The way modi treats now senior leaders of his party shows his true character. He is egoistic and only thinks of himself. Only winning elections is his only agenda and for which he can stoop low to any length.Lies and misleading audience is the area which he has mastered enough.A man of narrow vision and limited apptitude.

    • where are you living? Modi is a man of action for poor people. He got electricity to 15000+ villages. He gave gas cylinders to crores of poor womens. He gave health care insurance to poor. He gave bank accounts to poor. He gave toilets to poor. He gave BIG name to India on international politics. He gave cheap flights to middle class families.. His own family lives in poor to average condition. He kicked out all middlemens & corrupt people from various departments and ministries.. He has a big vision for India i.e. a clean, developed India.

    • Agreed. Arrogance and ignorance combined, with desperation for self-promotion. Presenting himself to be the God.

  19. I think its fair to say that media judges Modi much more harshly than Rahul…when asked why Rahul thought that India failed in Doklam his reply was he does not have much knowledge about the subject…but no mention of it in MSM…moreover comparing Modi & Rahul is itself absurd…Rahul behaves like a teenager even today…the only thing he has is his surname…Modi is one of the tallest statesman the country has seen…in another term he can definitely bring India to top 3 economic powerhouses…

  20. Where has the Gujarat development plan gone.
    Corruption and inaction on the administrative side has increased.
    Education is going south,same with Health,Railways, Infrastructure.
    All projects have been renamed.
    Modi could have gone slow,he was in a great rush to impose on us that he is the only saviour of the public.His administration failed him.
    Half baked steps like GST,Demonetisation,back fired and caused heavy inconvenience to public.

    • IF causing “inconvenience” is your problem then 60 years of Povery, corruption, govt failure and collapse is not “inconvenience” to the public ? Poor families living with electricity or toilets is not “inconvenient” ? Paying tax for first time is “inconvenient” for some people – but those who never paid were CHORS and their inconvenience is not going to bring tears to anybody’s eyes .

      • Bhakts like Mazo will never see the light because they are blind. Or paid to be blind. 5 bucks a comment. Nice job.

  21. Big difference between Rahul Gandhi statement and Modi statement . Rahul Gandhi do not have knowledge and material to speak. He is Robot of his party spokesperson . His politics is acting without emotions which reflect on us working. In today’s era one can not befool public.

  22. Country is divided on religious lines so badly today, even 10% GDP growth rate for 5 continuous years won’t make up for that. And credit for this hatred goes to Modi and his IT cell brigade solely. We will be a better nation where we all love in peace and harmony with modest 6% growth .

    • Well said. Very true.

      All this hype about GDP growth is nonsense ; has a poor man’s life improved by even 1 percent ?

      Ambani’s wealth has increased by billions !

  23. I think the writer has made a futile attempt to draw the comparrision between the two. Mr.Modi was a 3 time sucessful CM with more than a decade of experience in governing and taking the state to the new heights. I really do not know what is he trying to convince. All the best to the writer.


  25. Methane indeed can be harnessed as fuel. As for Rahul he reminds one of the legend of KALIDASA who had a battery of wizards to explain his signals. Until he was married to a queen. And then wisdom dawned upon him. Sonia better find him a queen so Chidambram, Singhvi, Surjewala, Khera, Chaturvedi et al are spared.

    • Really Basharat – m thane can be harm asked by keeping a pot in the drain the way Modi defined. People like you remind of the idiots who made the emperor more and more foolish cause they were too scared or stupid to say he was naked

  26. Did you not know about biogas ? That’s a thing taught to 4rth standard students. You think that’s where Modi is gaffing? What are you idiot ?

    • It is idiots like you to who that silly Modi aims at. You think biogas can be harnessed by putting a pot on the sewer like Modi described – why do you think the whole drain/sewer doesn’t catch fire ?

  27. एकदम बकवास विश्लेषण। वास्तविकता यह है कि आप लोग वोटर्स को बेवकूफ समझते हैं और अपने को काबिल और इसी कारण आप भारतीय राजनीति की दिशा खुद तय करने के आदी हो चुके थे, मोदी ने आपको आपके इस comfort zone से बाहर फेंक दिया है और वोटर को इस बात का विश्वास दिलाया कि देश की राजनीति वोटर ही तय करेगा।

  28. you are a confused journalist. The example about gas from sewer is not a gaffe & media is having that person’s VDO explaining his achievements.

    • Agree. Its not a Gaffe. Check with the person that media cross checked with.
      Air lines is able to fly a plane with bio-fuel. Tech is that advanced, only your intellect needs to be improved.

    • It is 100% pro-Modi, Sir. The author has highlighted that Modi is invincible and nothing will touch him – by quoting that Rahul has not won elections and Modi is a great administrator. Only first part is the fact – Rahul has not indeed won elections. Modi is a great administrator is an opinion not borne by facts.

      • FALSE — This article is not 100% pro-Modi. The idea of converting sewage gasses to cooking gas is a well developed technology that even India Today has proven is in fact correct. However here Vij is making it seem like some far fetched gaffe by Modi. Please google and check yourself.
        As far as Modi’s administration skills are concerned his accomplishments are self evident in today’s MNREGA’s efficiency and general administration itself. The spate of losses and leakages has reduced remarkably. Further the increase in accountability is evident in the renewed vigor of compliance initiatives and the fact that under tight PMO control the opportunity for corrupt collegues to drag down his administration has reduced considerably. Anybody who works for the Central Govt today will tell you how accountability has improved since 2014 and how effeciency has increased. These are not idle boasts – but fact.

        • Talk about non-corrupt Modi and mention liquor smuggling in Gujarat and drug smuggling in Goa and Punjab even during BJP regimes – then talk about Modi and his party being clean. Modi made all the effort to kill MNREGA. Two successive droughts in 2014 and 2015 and the government cut its expenditure to maintain fiscal deficit as advised by the IMFs of this world. Offering next nothing to Kerala when hundreds have died. People dying in ATM lines – great administration?

          • Liquor is smuggled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari – what does Modi have to do with it ?And are you saying there is no liquor smuggling in Karanataka or Punjab today ? No drug smuggling in Punjab anymore? NO Liquor smuggling in Prohibition Bihar ? Nigerians selling drugs in Goa is not because Modi has employed them to sell drugs – please use some common sense. Criminals activity always exists – the difference is if there is political support behind it or not. MNREGA is a leaky Govt scheme under the UPA – thanks to PM Modi it has been cleaned up and Aadhar had been made compulsory and lots of leakage has stopped in this wasteful scheme . Even with Aadhar there are criminals who are trying to change aadhar numbers from the legitimate beneficiaries to their friends and try to steal. Despite two successive droughts the Indian economy grew more than 6% year over year and inflation did not rise above 5% thanks to PM Modi’s administration. If Kerala was “offered next to nothing” then who were the tens of thousands of Army soldiers – Navy helicopters, Air Force planes and NDRF personell who were on the ground saving lives ? Are they not sent by PM Modi ? Even in a flood tragedy do you dirty people only look to count gold coins ? UAE’s $100 million is not worth 1 fisherman’s boat or 1 Navy helicopter in this crisis situation. Salivating at the spare change of some foreign king is pathetic. Abusing people who are trying to help is even more pathetic.

      • So you can win elections after elections as a State CM on development plant without good Administration.
        Wow – how stupid you are.
        Check the facts from people in Gujrat first.

        As far as, Sewage Gas is concerned – its a fact and proven tech. May not be easy to commercialize but so are many such tech that are not easy to commercialize.
        Both the writer and you have to get your facts checked.

        • Gujarat story is over, we know what is going on in India. Let us talk about that. Modi’s bagful of promises and the delivery is what we need to discuss. How does one claim to be a great administrator when 1000+ people are killed under his or her watch. Remember what Mr Vajpayee said at that time!

          • oh please stop your fake crocodile tears!

            1000+ people are dying from road accidents every day – where are your tears for them ? 1000+ people are dying from unhealthy conditions , thousands of children are dying in pathetic govt hospitals, thousands of crimes take place every day – you don’t care about that but some Muslims die and suddenly its some great tragedy ? Why dont you cry about the 69 dead Kar Sevaks who were killed in the train fire ?? Are they not Indians or have their lives no value ? Such dirty hypocrisy is why your attempts at trying to blame PM Modi for Godhra have failed. they failed in 2014 – they will fail in 2019 and they will be forgotten in 2020.

  29. Shri Rahul Gandhi needs to work on not only his personal communication but also his party’s. Everyone has an occasional bad hair day, no one holds a gaffe against a serious, hard working politician. What is becoming increasingly clear is that sections of the media are not playing fair. They are tearing into all that he says, sometimes even what he does not say. To some extent, that happens in all democracies, and seasoned politicians learn to neutralise such negativity. However, the intensity and scale are much greater. There is a need to control the flow of communication, keep it tight and taut, avoid glib one liners. Stay clear of revisiting battles from the past, treading on issues of identity. Focus relentlessly on real issues.

  30. Shivam, I am very amused with you arguments. Mr Modi lies through his teeth and people like you fall for all the lies. Gujarat is not corrupt when liquor smuggling took place under Mr Modi’s watch and continues even today. You will say it was taking place for 70 years. Mr Modi abuses our parents and grand parents and people like you clap – saying the country made no progress for 70 years and during the 4 years he has governed the best. He wastes public money for party purposes – does elections rallies in the name inaugurating projects – he is honest and able administrator. He and his cronies spend thousands of crores on elections and we are to believe that the man is honest. Under his watch, a few thousand were killed and he compared them to dogs coming the wheel of car. Modi is plain lucky that we have people are blinded by self-interest and the opposition is divided. He threaten everyone in public and you call it 56 inches. Is it shameful to fall for all this in the name of nationalism, religion and good governance. He gets away with all the trash that he throws at us because we have people like yourselves who justifies his actions in the name of all what I have said in the previous sentence. Remember no man in invincible and the moment man starts pretending to be a god, the God gets him. Unasked for, free advice, let us think of God, before we start believing and promoting bad behaviour, bad policy choices and the arrogance that Modi and his ministers demonstrate everyday.

    • Your Hatred for Modi and Hindus and indeed Truth and objectivity has corrupted your mind to only hurl abuses and try to denigrate someone who can see clearly even in this day and age.

      • How does what is written by me amount to hatred for Hindus or Modi. May I request you to read a little more carefully before accusing people of what they have not said. have some respect for others, otherwise one day you get what you give to others.

        • I have read every word you wrote. Thus my reply at your comment .

          How do I “respect” you ? By applauding your blinding hatred for Modi and Hindus ? By willfully ignoring your slander and corruption of truth and facts ? By “celebrating” your venom against Modi ? By blinding myself to your naked bias against Modi ?

          If that is the “Respect” you want – here “RESPECT” “RESPECT” “RESPECT” . Happy ?

          • I have also read your comments to my post above and to other posts. Thank you very much for showing us your true colours. I was not begging of respect from you – definitely not from some one who attributes motives without even reading what other have said. Be my guest- you can believe what you want to believe about Mr Modi or anyone else. You would not decide about what happens in 2019. It is 125 crore people who will decide. You want to do propaganda for Mr Modi and his cronies, please go ahead and do. I have only asked all of us to look at what the reality is rather than believe lies and half-truth – Modi’s or anyone else’s. I am hoping that you would not succeeding in provoking me to become you. May God be with you!

    • This so called news paper’s columnist should stay updated, and should report to ground and see what is the reality.For your kind information Mr. Chamcha, what PM Modi said was true and is true….and i am not claiming this NDTV itself inspected this myth and showed the truth of PM’s speech.By the way NDTV is also communist channel.

    • The fact that u acknowledge Modi pretends to be GOD says it all. All was not lost in the 70 years but where were we heading – scan after scam. I truly feel India should be a 2 party system like most democracies. We will then have very constructive politics. The innumerable fragments and their opinions, choices and greed is eating into the great nation India should be. Our history is full of insider deceit let’s not carry this into our future. Modi is just a phase – he is good – but we should be putting an end to this bickering based on caste or religion or any other ulterior greedy motive. We are all one. The lesson of a bunch of twigs difficult to break should be carefully applied. Let us not be biased, not support or reject one person, judge by the merits – because our judgment will change the course for our kids and theirs. Look at bigger picture for our future where all the resources will be depleted. Vote and support anyone who is interested in bringing about policy changes not the ones who want to protect identities. No man or idea is perfect – today the choice is over the lesser evils. Make it work for India and not any individual. All of us have enough knowledge to call a spade.

  31. With no achievements or credentials you are allowed to write a article daily for which no research is required and which do not make any sense. When you are called a journalist Rahul and Modi are good enough to be called politicians. As far as you are concerned people who are voting for Modi are fools who are getting convinced easily.

    • Clearly, a number of media houses in India and some abroad respect the viewpoint of the author. Face it – he will continue writing columns and you will continue reading them and cribbing in the comment section.

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