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Foolish to think Hindus who voted Modi twice will shift due to threat to Muslim citizenship

The base of CAA-NRC-NPR protests remains confined to groups that were already opposed to BJP - Muslims, liberal middle-class, Leftists and dissenting students.

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The protests against the CAA-NRC have had many salutary effects, but one thing that is consistently overstated is its effect on India’s domestic politics. For many who are singing revolutionary songs, it is tantalising to say this is the beginning of the end. But there is no evidence that the Narendra Modi government’s stand on citizenship is unpopular, barring certain states, or that the BJP is indeed losing support over it.

So far, the only successful outcome of the protests is the way Prime Minister Narendra Modi was forced to retreat on the rhetoric of a nationwide NRC. But even here, the government is still zealously holding on to the issue of “illegal immigration”, which looks like the next big ‘core issue’ of the Sangh Parivar, now to be pursued through the route of National Population Register (NPR).

The widespread protests will not be a turning point for the Modi-Amit Shah government until ‘ordinary Hindus’ join it in large numbers. The base of the CAA-NRC-NPR protests remains confined to the groups that were already opposed to the BJP government: the largest number has been provided by Muslims, along with liberal middle-class professionals, Leftists, and dissenting students.

The surprising participation is of a number of ‘apolitical’ (or politically passive) young people, who might have largely been silent over the past few years. Now, they are speaking out on social media, attending protests, and joining the camp of active, politically engaged dissenters. But even among these, only a handful, if that, would have voted for the BJP in 2019.

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BJP stand agreeable to Hindus

Outside metropolitan areas such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and outside of states such as West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, these have overwhelmingly been Muslim protests. In the cities of Uttar Pradesh, for instance, protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) have almost exclusively been led by Muslims. This is not ‘wrong’ given how it is Muslims who will be the most affected by the Islamophobic and discriminatory nature of the CAA. But it is debatable how effective these protests will be in altering the massive popularity that the BJP enjoys.

In the heartland states of the north and the west, which is the base of the BJP, it is likely that the ruling party’s positions on CAA, NRC and now NPR are indeed popular.

The headline of a report by The Indian Express’ Ravish Tiwari succinctly summarised the findings: “On the ground in Uttar Pradesh, protest divide along religion, not politics”. The report found that “across the constituencies of Baghpat, Kairana, Muzaffarnagar, Sambhal and Rampur, many Hindus who voted for Opposition parties during the Lok Sabha elections support the government’s citizenship move”. It stated that the “ruling establishment’s arguments against the protests and for the crackdown find resonance among Hindus in this region” including people from backward caste communities.

It is not hard to understand why. The BJP’s position ticks a lot of boxes that deeply resonate with Indians. First, a bottomless appetite for ‘cleaning up the country’ rhetoric, which was also the reason why demonetisation in 2016 proved so popular. Despite the havoc it wrecked in their daily lives, it was more than made up by resentment towards the “rich and the corrupt”. Second, the rhetoric of cleaning up India of the ‘outsiders’ taps into an equally strong resentment towards “illegal immigrants”, especially because it is invoked in terms of Muslims.

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Constitutionalism doesn’t sell

As the last five years have showed, arguments that PM Modi is violating the Constitution find little traction on the ground. Ordinary Indians don’t seem to particularly care about specific Articles of the Constitution, neither does adherence to constitutional principles makes for an emotionally captivating rhetoric. No matter what legal nit-picking the opposition does with nuanced arguments, Modi controls the narrative.

On the other hand, there are emotionally incendiary visuals, both real and doctored, of ‘rioting Muslims’ from small towns of Uttar Pradesh. These visuals are being, and shall be, incessantly played in the media that the BJP mostly controls, and pinged across millions of WhatsApp groups. The BJP’s propaganda machinery is incredibly powerful, and it won’t stop until those images are indelibly linked with the protests in popular consciousness. It is very likely that Chief Minister Adityanath government’s strongman posturing, from the brutal police action on protesters to seizing people’s properties, is being silently applauded by the Hindu majority, as The Indian Express report attested.

Some NRC-CAA protests have been massive, such as the one at August Kranti Maidan in Mumbai that perhaps drew an excess of one lakh people. But to extrapolate from these protests and conclude that the Modi government is losing support would be exceedingly naive.

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Support of ‘silent majority’

Populist leaders like Narendra Modi rely on the support of the “silent majority”, a term former US President Richard Nixon popularised during a presidential address in 1969. In the backdrop of the growing anti-Vietnam war protests, he invoked those “ordinary” Americans who were opposed to the protests and also did not partake in the counterculture, whose voice was being drowned by the loud protesters. This proved to have a powerful appeal, in spite of the tumult of the late 1960s, with the Black Power movement, the anti-Vietnam War movement, and the Martin Luther King Jr assassination riots.

Nixon highlighted the underlying contrast between the views of the “silent majority” and the views of a vocal minority composed of mediapersons, intellectuals, cosmopolitans, and liberals. This was smart because polls showed that two-thirds of Americans were opposed to the anti-war protests, while also hoping for the Vietnam War to end quickly. The appeal to “patriotic Americans” to not let those opposed to the United States win, was therefore a politically winning strategy, especially among older and working-class voters. In 1972, Nixon won a landslide re-election, winning 49 out of 50 states, vindicating his “silent majority” strategy of stitching a cross-class White coalition.

BJP is on track

It would be strange to expect a country that gave the BJP two consecutive resounding majorities to suddenly change course over secularism or on the constitutional rights of Muslims. It is therefore likely that the ‘silent majority’ of Indians stand with the Modi government on citizenship issues, and that the BJP would win an equally resounding victory if the elections were held today. The BJP might have to make a few tactical retreats for PR purposes, or to assuage the international media, but its political strategy likely remains a winning one.

The author is a research scholar in political science at the University of Delhi. Views are personal.

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  1. The author of this article is encouraging current facist govt to continue doing what it has been doing. Sooner or later the northerners will pay the heavy price for electing a facist party to the power. Unfortunately the whole country has to share the cost.

  2. Just wait and watch. By 2030, we the youth will ensure that no Hindu is ashamed of wearing their amazing culture and heritage with pride. We will ensure that these Arabised Muslim rapists are wiped out from the country. Only the Swadeshi-Muslims will be allowed to live here. Jai Shree Ram!

  3. The print needs to be stopped this is not journalism you are spitting venom, you lot are no different from others who want to divide out nation. Boycott the print!!!
    You propaganda won’t sell here, real Indians will always stand with the truth.

  4. This Hindu-Muslim episode is being run by the leftist. When India,s partition was on religious ground,Muslims got their share in form of Pakistan ,now their claim is fake, & this should they keep in mind.uniform civil code will be accepted soon.there is no question to rule the country through shariat,.Muslims have to follow the laws of land ,if not they are free to go elsewhere they like. During this regime they are not free to commit crime, they are liable to be prosecuted irrespective of their religion. Earlier they were free in the name of secularism,. Any damage to public property will be recovered from those who are responsible for that.

  5. I am a Muslim and i dnt think caa or nrc is bad.
    Its bad for those who are living in our country and utilises our resources without paying back anything.
    And believe me my fellow muslim brothers and sisters, you will never find a single country on planet where you xan have this type of freedom of speech. Before jimping to conclusion, one should read what CAA clause states. There is not a single word of muslim in those clause or entirity of clause.
    So please stop spreading propaganda and dnt be victim to it.
    Baddi siddat k baad aisa hukumanat mila he jo sorf apne desh ko sovh raha he. Na ki hindu muslim sikh isiai ki…

  6. Print the so called seculars we are not idiots, we can see that you are anti – modi do not try to manipulate the facts the whole world is concerned about Islamic terrorism not hindu ideology you moron…hindus are not violent in nature they just respect other cultures unlike these so called secular aggressive Islamic extremist who are running a propaganda…so change your name to the jihad.

  7. Mr.Asim Ali,
    It only reflects the racist colour of your ink when you use the term ‘ordinary hindus’.
    Just because certain section of Hindus support your narrative do they mean extra ordinary to you and the rest seem lesser mortals?? Really??

  8. you are right. Keep up your protests agqainst CAA. Keep up your religious slogans, you are putting more and more hindus against you. The left liberal pseudo intellects, were already in a minority, now they are becomeing even more miniscule minority. So, who is supporting musllims? You are putting more and more people into BJP camp. 2024 BJP is getting 2/3 majority. Thankyou katuas

  9. Muslims are majority in 56 countries and irony is all are having the same issue, Only Islam no other. Why entire world feel Islam and Muslims are the enemy of humanity? Why there are no human rights protection for other minorities in Islamic countries? India offer highest benefits to musl but still Indian Muslims support Islamic countries over india…We all know Fight for NRC, CAA, NPR is to protect Bangladeshi, pakistani, Afghanistani Muslims it’s nothing to do with Indian Muslims. Something superior Islamic leaders should think about it.

  10. Sad fact is that most Hindus regardless of caste are huge supporters of fascism and supremacy. Muslims and other minorities will need to punish Hindus for taking away their rights. Plus Muslim nations may have to punish India and Hindu residents through expulsions and boycotts to punish them. Regardless, Hindus are mostly a fascist people as the world sees.

    • Dear Mr. Ruddin,
      I was wondering about your psychological sanity, Sir. … when you say, “…….Hindus regardless of caste are huge supporters of fascism and supremacy…….”
      Do you even know, when the ENTIRE world is worried about the heinous jihadi attitude AND THE MISOGYNIST attitude of islam and political encroachment strategy — in countries like Australia, New Zealand, USA, entire Europe even the indigenous nationals of those countries are overwhelmingly welcoming and accepting the most peaceful spiritual philosophy of Hinduism, THAT TOO VOLUNTARILY and not through PROSELYTISATION at the point of SWORD!!!!!
      Please look at the islamic history of the WORLD since 622 CE how islamic supremacists are behaving across the world with a CLEAR attitude and intention of encroachment of Geographical boundaries across any country wherever islam steps in.
      Do you even remember the statement of the fanatic libiyan muammar gadhafi, who said in Timbuktu on 10th April 2006, “We have 50 million muslims in Europe? There are signs that allah will grant islam victory in Europe — Without Swords, Without Guns, Without Conquest”
      …. basically he was pointing to the factors of retaining 4 wives legally allowed in islam and numerous unaccountable childbirth (at least 12-15 per family), which is helping muslims to overcast Europe, Bharatbarsha, United States, Canada with massive population burst !!!!

    • Muslims are most democratic people in the entire world. All their issues they try to settle in a democratic way. The do not follow path of terrorism. All Muslim countries in the world are peaceful democracies and respect all religions. There is no blasphemy laws. Everybody is free to practice their religions.
      This was the dream I saw yesterday night and worried now should I see a psychiatrist.

    • muslim nations love hindus cos of their sincerity n hardwork .. muslim nations will in fact punish indian muslims … if anything happens to indian hindus .. wonder what will happen to indian muslims n they cant do anything to INDIA …. traitors will meet their fate …

    • Exactly so… It is EXTREMELY clear that is COMPLETELY anti-Hindu and anti-BJP with its team like Y.P. Rajesh joining Shekhar Gupta to fuel minority appeasement and set rhetoric favouring the oppositions of Mr.Modi, RSS and the majority community of Bharatbarsha, the Sanatan Dharmik Hindus, otherwise HOW can can even dare to publish an article as above by someone like asim ali which is COMPLETELY full of hatred against Hindus and favouring the most radical and jihadi community in this ENTIRE PLANET, muslims — whose 1400 years of history has ONLY exemplified loot, encroachment, supremacism, proselytisation of the Hindus at the POINT of sword, heinous rape of Hindu mothers, sisters and daughters, barbaric persecution and Hindu genocide!!!!!

  11. This is the most demented article i have ever read. CAA target minorities fleeing from Muslim majority countries who have suffered religious persecution at the hands of Muslims, with cmpassion. It gives the fleeing minorities a home and dignity. Clearly this seems so unacceptable to Indian muslims and libtards protesting against CAA simpoly because sadism is the name of Muslim-Libratd-Communist nexus. The fleeing minorities are Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Christians and Bhuddists.
    To say Indian muslims will lose Indian nationality is a lie and if the print author truly thinks that way, he has the brain of the finest idiot and he is from the Delhi University? God save that pathetic university employing such dunce brained and fibbing morons.

    • Very TRUE… this is an absolutely biased and insane article generating hatred against the Sanatan Dharmik Hindu community of Bharatbarsha which unarguably has been accepted to be the MOST peaceful Spiritual Philosophy in this planet for which Hinduism is the fastest growing philosophy in Australia and New Zealand and would have been fastest in other parts of the world too had the minority community not taken the mission of population burst with the help of 4 legal wife and 15 -20 or endless number of children.
      (Sanatan Dharmic Hinduism is not even in alignment to the concept of the rhetoric of the word “religion” par say like the supremacist Hebraic, Zeonic or Abrahamic concept of “religion” which demands complete unquestionable subjugation without any liberty to ask questions and is based on one book, one prophet and one lord)

  12. Yes, baring Muslims, who never vote for BJP, those who are protesting against CCA, like the armchair intellectuals, seldom go for voting. In most of the cases, the protesters are muslims, and hired goons on the street. You will find these vary persons in protests of any party or combination. They are paid for this or are there in violent rallies to gain from the loot by such mobs. The ordinary common voter of BJP and neutral voter finds nothing wrong in CCA. And as far as the violations of constitution by Modi government, ordinary people are too ordinary for such complications. These matters are for courts and TV debates, which no voter listens. The opposition parties are exposing themselves by siding with the rioters.

    • First of all … let us understand that even according to the constitution of the right to live, freedom of expression, speech and equality of religious practice — NOTHING has been violated from the Bharatiya constitution by Modi government, as ALL the above principals of the Bharatiya Constitition ONLY and ONLY applies to the existing Bharatiya citizens ONLY (of any religious belief) and NOT to citizens of any other nations who are seeking refugee shelters as the Hindu, Sikh & Christian women and girl children are encountering rape, force marriage along with proselytisation on the point of sword and murder on non-compliance.
      And Yes, ALL your other POINTS are absolutely correct like baring Muslims, who never vote for BJP all other extreme leftists and naxalite students like kanhaiya kumar, oyasi ghosh, and islamic separatist like umar khalid, sharjil imam protesters are dancing against CCA, NPR, UCC, Birth Control etc. by shouting for ajadi, are all pseudo-intellectuals and pampering pakistans islamic aspiration of gazwa-e-hind, which is basically NOTHING but killing or converting all the Hindus of Bharatbarsha and converting into islamic sharia law-abiding country which will NEVER happen!!!!

  13. The Hindu -Muslim, Hindu -Christian divide needs delving a little more deep into iniquities of India’s caste system. The recognized varnas are four in which shudras number at fourth place ; below shudras are people from the fifth, sixth,seventh & eight varnas . Dalits and tribes belong to the fifth & sixth varnas and have been treated in an inhuman way even now ; in Karnataka even today in the country side separate cups are kept for them and children of the upper caste wont eat food cooked by dalits. Be that it may , the seventh and eighth rung’s people were treated even worse by the case hierarchy , which included dalits & tribes and it is these people who got converted en masse at the first available opportunity available after the arrival of missionaries and mughals . The friction began ever since then between the converted and those remained in the clutches of the Indian caste hierarchy. The divisions were first fueled by the British when they saw all natives getting together against them and the Hindu Mahasabha lit the fire , which has not died down even after partition on religious lines, which was the demand of the Muslim league after the Hindu Mahasabha pressed for it . Even under the British caste Hindus had disproportionate representation in government jobs and the then legislatures . The league’s demand stemmed essentially out of it ; Ambedkar himself pressed for separate legislative seats for dalits to be elected only by Dalits and got the short shrift because of Gandhi’s steadfastness against it and Rajaji’s canniness . The league itself came into existence on account of preponderance of the Hindu upper caste in the Congress party. The Hindus must know & understand reasons why dalits quit Hinduism en masse and embraced Buddhism along with Ambedkar

    • Who remembers the Varnas in the urban scenario? Only politicians so that they can use it during elections? SC and ST have got a good opportunity for upward mobility through reservations. The only requirement is to make it broad-based and let the maximum community should take advantage of it. If the same family takes advantage of reservation across many generations, it does not leave any scope for others. Look at the Meenas in Rajasthan as part of ST reservation. They have captured the entire reservation benefits and deprived others. Now the second most important part is that Dalits and ST must develop their professional competence so that they gain respect in society. Rest of the things will fall into place. Dalits should depend on the constitution and themselves to grow and not blame others for their poor status. Incidentally, Dalits have got nothing to do with anti CAA protests, they are thoroughly nationalists, while the anti CAA protests are supported by people who do not have Indian interest at heart though they try to show their anti-national character covertly ie Sharjeel Imam is one example. Studies in IIT Mumbai, Jamia Milia ….all subsidized education …anti-national agenda. Do you find any Dalit talking on that agenda. Dalits are nationalist and do not have any doubt about it.


    • CAA applies to illegal migrants and also who are persecuted. In us you find skilled professional people who legally come and requires just common sense to understand.

    • South Indians in general lacks common sense. Their agenda is to show they are different from Hindus (North / West) , nothing else. They accepts idiots such as jaya lalita, stalin just because it suits their local interest. They never had national interest in mid and never will

    • Dude have some education first. Read the CAA again it is for *giving* citizenship and not *taking* citizenship. And please don’t show your literacy by calling out NRC or NPR. NRC is not coming as given by government in writing in Parliament. And NPR is a regular 5 yearly exercise started by your dearly Congress in 2010 and is being held ever since.

    • Which country will allow you to take their citizenship if you do not show your documents? Let Modi and Shah handle their agenda but will you allow any foreigner in your country when you are scared about his credentials? Be realistic.

  15. These jokers have guts to write such articles even when their brothers in Pakistan were stoning Sikhs famous temple after kidnapping Granthis daughter from home..I have watched multiple videos on Pak and believe me there is no difference between Muslims in India and Pak except they are careful in India due to less numbers.Modi has just sprayed Baygone spray and cockroches came out in numbers. Media personnel especially older generation having programed into slave mentality are supporting them. When a bus is burned obvious question is to driver who burnt the bus but not even one interview with bus driver but projecting false images as bus burnt by Delhi police.

    • There won’t be acche din for raising economic standards of indians by misleading billion+ people.
      Take a pen and note it down.
      If India becomes a hindu rhastra in next 10 years or so with economy that of argentina and brazil, then u people won’t have any right to blame modi like how u do with gandhis.
      Bcz modi is a bigot and he believes and lives in those dummy facts manufactured by sangh.

      • And if not Hindu Rashtra then India is destined to be a Muslim Majority state in next 50-60 years. Then forget about right to blame modi, you won’t even exist to blame anyone either you will be killed or forced converted to a *peaceful* religion and female members of your family will be raped in streets. Don’t believe me? Then watch what happened during Partition to the Hindus left in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Or watch documentaries on what happened to Pundits in Kashmir valley. Forget the case of India. Learn from Iran atleast, the country with a culture full of Parsis and Zoroastrianism was converted to a Islamic Republic where now women are forced to wear hijab and you are killed if you don’t believe in their religion.
        It is wake-up call. You already can see CAA protesters saying *jis din ham abaadi me zada hojayenge uss din hinduon ko patak patak ke maarenge*

  16. May be it i foolish to think that many Hindus who voted twice for Modi will vote for any one else but let us do the math: he got 37% vote in 78% turnout. that makes 37*78= 28.9% of the vote of the population that was eligible to vote. next time, if a few of the 30% is less enthu about modi (because of economy for example) and stay at home, and if a few of the 22% who stayed at home actually come out to vote against it, the equation is done. also consider that next time a lot of the 19/20 year olds who are out in the streets today will be voting.

    • It is naive to think that economy is going to be in a bad shape in upcoming 4-5 years also.

      It is naive to think that Indians do care about the economy in elections.

      It is naive to think that in the first past the post system, you can have the arguments of voting percentage.

      It is naive to think that BJP is not going to take back the Maharashtra, MP, Chattisgarh and Raj in upcoming 4-5 years.

      It is naive to think that just because some people are watching the video of Kunal Kamara and Dhruv Rathi, they are going to vote against BJP or even going to vote at all.

      Dhruv Rathi was equally famous 6 months back but for the opposition, 2019 was a worse year than 2014 when Dhruv Rathi was not even there… Dhruv Rathi here representing all left youtubers and commedians.

    • Economy will see a turnaround by the end of this year, don’t worry

      Most of these 19-20 yr olds that you are talking about are either Muslims(don’t vote for Modi anyway) or a small minority of woke liberals(urban, hipster baba log crowd), who don’t vote at all.

      Majority of the 19-20 year olds(Hindus) are sitting at their homes and will vote for Modi like they did 7 months ago. I find it funny how some posh woke liberals have become representative of youth of India.

      India is much bigger than what Delhi-Mumbai ‘s english speak crowd can even imagine, stop trying to copy US liberals and try their ideas in India, not that they are successful anyway.

    • Where is the guarantee that the 22% voters who have not voted in 2019 would vote against BJP. They may vote to BJP.

  17. When the silent majority among Muslims all over the world start opposing Jihad, start having smaller families like the rest, and discard regressive practices — then, and only then, the so called infidels (kafirs) will get some peace of mind.

  18. Dear sir whoever you are don’t spread hatred among Indians (hindus, muslims, sikhs, Christians and all other minorities). May be our religions are different but in one thing we are one and that’s ‘we all are born Indians’. This fight is against CAA, NRC, NPR, which is unconstitutional. We are not bothered about which government is implementing it, so please don’t politicise the democratic issue of the nation..

    • It is not unconstitutional. Supreme court will uphold the Act.

      Even opposition knows this that is why they are desperately provoking riots on streets to put pressure on Modi and Shah.

  19. Have you ever know the meaning of jihadi if u come to know jihadi meaning u love to become jihadi pls know everything and comment on. The meaning of jihadi is who fight against evil no matter what it is whether if it is corruption ,dowry ,superstitious social evil ,superstitious believe fight against adultery fight against alcohol etc etc. I really want to become jihadi first fight against bad.

    • Wow…if you are at it please also fight against evil practices like Triple Talaq, Halala and polygamy. Thanks

    • Muslims commit more crimes than any other immigrant community in every western countries. Is that a part of your ‘jihadi’ culture?

    • Why didnt you include that jihad fi sabilillah, also means holy war against us polytheists, idolators, and imposing eh one and only true religion down our unwilling throats.

  20. Whatever steps government is taking on CAA, NRC or NPR, it is good for the whole nation. I support these steps not because those are taken by BJP government, but for bright future of the nation building. I’ll still support if government is of any other party. People, rather opposition parties, are unnecessarily provoking the common people and setting India on fire, without reading/understanding the bills.

    • Bills? NRC is not a bill yet – no one knows what form it will take. it will be shock and awe again! please inform yourself instead of accusing others of being misinformed.

    • The article has been written with assumption that CAA, NPR are anti muslim. I still do not understand, how CAA is anti muslim. I have read 2 page , I have not found any thing objectionable for Muslim. It has set up cut off 31st De 2014 as cutoff for granting citizenship to certain community, hence it is one off. If it violets constitution , then one should approach supreme court. Only giving argument that it violets constitution by certain people, does not make common man to believe, until it is ruled by supreme court. Hence, the person who have anti CAA view should approach to supreme court that to protest and creating havoc to day to day life of common.people

    • How such comments are admitted by the ThePrint beats understanding . Gandhi is a surname used mostly -the Punjabis also have Gandhi as surname- by Gujaratis and since most Parsis in India hail from Gujarat they have Gandhi as surname besides many other Gujarati surnames including Modi& Shah

  21. The agitations are all unnecessary. In the long run people will understand how they were carried away at present and past seven decades. Development of the nation nation is important. Whoever delivers it people will vote for them. cast constitution etc etc are all secondary and will not feed your needs. Put the nation first.

  22. This is not a Hindu/Muslim question. Shah-Modi are diverting attention from lack of jobs and crashing economy by gutting the constitution.

  23. The capacity of the August Kra to Maidan is not more than 15000 people. It is amusing how media is packing more than one lac persons in it. Ha ha

    • may be, but think of the kranti that was launched from that Maidan one day in august almost a century ago – and see how THAT panned out. THAT is the kranti that we have to defend again.

  24. Congress along with the left and communal parties are stoking anti-india fire in their quest for vote bank politics. This is purely an anti national exercise intended to weaken the strong secular and cosmopolitan character of the Indian community.
    In doing so, these parties are giving a bad name to the minority community whereby the ordinary indians perceive their conduct as anti-national and anti-Indian. But the fact is that the minority community is being misled into conducting themselves in the way they are doing.
    I do not wish to blame the minority community for their thinking except hold them responsible for the violence and damage caused by them to public property.
    Finally and most importantly, it is the responsibility of the opposition parties to conduct themselves in a responsible manner keeping their role in nation building. The opposition parties have miserably failed in this exercise
    I personally think that the parliament must pass a “no confidence motion” against the opposition parties which have conducted themselves in the manner described above.
    I hope and pray that members of the parliament will read and consider my observations and do the needful. I hope. I pray.

    • no confidence motion against the opposition parties – this is the funniest I have heard. Open your eyes, bhakt! It is the government that has power, not the opposition. the opposition is doing its duty at last in trying to curb the excesses of the government.

  25. Ordinary Hindus will do extra ordinary by bringing back our leaders who have saved Bharat from the hands of invaders.

    Bharat mata ki Jai!!!


  26. Ordinary Hindus will do extra ordinary by bringing back our leaders who have saved Bharat from the hands of invaders.

    Bharat mata ki Jai!!!

  27. It’s wrong to say that CAA-NRC is against Muslims. It has nothing to do with the existing citizens of India. It only simplifies the process of getting Indian citizenship to those minorities who are being ill-treated by the majority populism at their home state and have illegally entered India.

    I am sure most of the people who are on the streets protesting against CAA will not know what CAA is for.

  28. Its unnecessary to protest on CAA, when this is only on infiltrators. Why people born here and living for decades are worried on sharing their data. When those people who want all the benefits of Govt , must share their data.
    In fact its time to know the definition and metrix to measure Who is minority and how it is decided in our constitution. Its time to give a level at which they can loose the minority status and its important for the country. As the funds expenditure on minority benefits can not go forever irrespective of their increase . Its applicable to all minorities irrespective of their religion, caste , creed and language.

  29. Nicely written article. But Muslims in India are not in any real danger. They may be in real danger tomorrow if they continue their violent protest and expose their anti India behaviour. Don’t doubt Modi, he can then do anything and Hindus will support it. Be tolerant towards Hindu refugees and Hindus will be tolerant towards Muslims.

  30. I strongly support NRC, CAA n NPP. I wish to support Modiji….if he has love for our country like Bhagat Singh, Sardar Vallavbhai Patel, Subhash Chandra Bose n Lal Bahadur Shastri.

    1st n important point….Through NRC Modiji has to send back all illegal immigrants from our country. There is no compromise at this specific issue. And try to bring back Hindus who r tortured badly in Pakistan, Bangladesh n Afghanistan. Where will Hindus go……??? Modiji wants to give them citizenship…..what’s wrong in it ??

    There r 57 Muslim countries in the world….if Modiji wants to make Hindustan as Hindu Nation…..what’s wrong in it ????

    I wish, if some true leader can remove the word Secularism from our Constitution then in future we won’t face any problem.

    Other religion people take advantage of Hindus bcoz Hindus r most liberal, considerate n forgiving nature.

    I love my country…..hope BJP will really reform India from its root n focus on developing our country like America n make economically easy to survive poor n middle class people.

    Jai Hind……. Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

  31. The premise is wrong. Personally know people who are not Muslims, liberal middle-class, Leftists and dissenting students but are against CAA.

  32. No body including the Author has ever written about silent support of Majority of Muslims to Terrorists, Gazwa-i-hind, Tripple Talak, Producing future and current anti national elements, resistance to reforms in Muslim society and lot more. They want everything free and subsidized. Nobody writes about the reforms needed in Muslim society, which is need of the hour.

  33. I wish the pple start voting on matters like education, health, jobs , science , researches. Sad to see new crop generation wasting life n mind on usless issues .

    • careful what you wish for – bjp will be wiped out if pple start voting on matters like education, health, jobs , science , researches and if the govt deals with these issues, it will not need to tamper with the constitution in order to get votes.

      • Lol…. so whom to vote, Congress who had really worked on genuine issues for all these 7o years. If they really done bjp wouldn’t have been existed today. Stop ur blind hatred and stop calling names like bhakts etc, it will only expose you.

  34. I extremely oppose to the CAA,NRC and NPR because at first all the cabinet show their degree .

  35. It’s a practical view of situation.
    I have one objection though.
    Author mentioned doctored images by BJP .He should have been neutral and unbiased.
    As doctored images by protestors are also being circulated.
    We expect unbiased opinion.

  36. The author is frightened by Modi awe .But the protests have made the plan open to disenfranchise the minorities,s.c,s.t.and is not less a chievement.If the silent majority does not realise now will know later after spending their life in collecting the papers for n.r.c.still don’t realised die stray dogs death.As far the implementation of constitution is concerned Dr Ambedkar knew it..He said however the constitution is good it depends on the goodness of the people who implement it.How can you expect a person who does not know to make halwa of carrot will not make pungi. of it.BJPis doing what it learnt in r.s.s shakhas And your analogy of American public is rediculous .You are comparing first standard student with vishvaguru.

    • I think Muslims have damaged themselves by further increasing the gulf between them and the Indian majority.

  37. It is FOOLISH to think on the Communal lines.
    Congress & other Opposition Parties are Protectors of the PREAMBLE & Constitution. They all are
    Protectors and not Protestors as made out to be.
    It is Foolish & shere lack of logical vision, ideas to club Congress activities whenever it raises the issues and voice that covers all sections of society.
    Govt. just passes the problems as if focussed only on
    faith based term. We are not playing the game of KHO KHO.
    It is their Trade Mark Defence when their Offence & Amunition gets exhausted.

  38. I fully agree with this report, because we the silent majority are disciplined and responsible citizens. The unruly mobs of protesters may have field days for the gullible media and the band of onlookers, but it will never be successful to reverse the mandate received by the Modi led BJP.

  39. The author is a muslim. He never talks of the decimation of Hindu populace in Pakistan and Bangladesh by the silent majority population in those countries. This has adverse effect in India bound to be exploited by the politicians.

    • India , famously known as rape and vikhari capital of the world, where 65% population can’t get food and a third world craphole country is thinking about minorities of neighboring countries with it’s fatal useless population. Irony

      • Oh please Mr Das, don’t be a trash. CAA was never going to be a matter of debate or riot or protest had you all got it straight what’s happening to Hindus in Pakistan Bangladesh and Afghanistan. You people created unrest, you people instilled fear and insecurity among the minority. Don’t talk as if you care for the country okay? You are just pretending to raise this Rape Capital and Bikhari shit just because you stand on the opposite. Had you really cared for the country, you, people like you would have focused on protesting for strict laws against rape and also for economy. Ironical and hypocritical is you. NRC, CAA and UCC are all important for the country if the country doesn’t wish to see another British Raj or Mughal Raj again. Trust me because of your call for secularism which is always biased, we Hindus have been victims.

  40. #NRC is coming its must #CAA was must #NPR is nothing but census so routine 11yrs affair, we support on all 3 issues bcoz we know Muslims who r opposing it not bcoz of its effects on them its effect on their gazwa e hind fantasy.. Hindus who r silent they will reply on 2024 with a click on evms again… Lets Muslims enjoy their violent protests & show to the whole world how peaceful their islam teachings them to protests, all liberandos too r exposed 😠😠

    • Actually Muslims have problem with BJP they just protested for everything may be GST, Demonization,370,35A, and if govt.of India will bring population bill they will protest

    • Hindu minds like you take lesson from history; large masses holding rocks of falsehood will fly away in air like bales of cotton; you can not stop a tsunami of blood with whatever means you got; mobocracy rule has to perish to save innocent humanity..

    • absolutely right, we hindu will show our support when the general election would be held.😒😒🤙

    • People are not dumb to see Images of old muslim women who don’t remember where they kept teeth set worrying about CAA and joining anti CAA protests..these images coming out before Friday prayer is also funny..You bring religion to politics then expect not to be beaten by same stick is time keep your religion at home because…… THIS IS INDIA (Sparta kick)

  41. We voted him because of congress minority politics. Since my childhood, my grandfather said either vote for congress or do not vote. But after looking at the way congress played vote Bank politics, whole family fell like its not the congress our elders dreamed of. So first time we all voted bjp in last elections. I don’t think any of us regretted our choice after looking at the dramas going around CAA. It’s sad to see congress’s failed foot mark during last elections but they are digging their own graveyard.

  42. The long term outcome of these protests can only be detrimental to the interests of Indian Muslims who’ve been used as pawns by groups inimical to the Modi govt, for common non-muslims who were really not too concerned with the topic have been woken up by the protests which many feel have no real basis. The NRC/NPR doesn’t say that it is an exercise meant solely for muslims because it includes every citizen. Why is it that it is assumed that Muslims who lack documents shall be evicted from the country? Will those non-muslims who lack documents be thrown into the Indian Ocean too?!! Where does this peculiar insecurity stem from in our Muslim community, one wonders? The sudden new-found love for Rohingiya Muslims is also mysterious….assuming that it is somehow India’s business to welcome suffering muslims from all over the world to prove its “secular” credentials is the “in” thing, is both legally untenable and ridiculously puerile!
    Questioning or petitioning the incumbent govt is one matter, being a chronic “againster” is quite another… will lead to nothing more than needless alienation of a community amongst common folk!

    • Because the BJP is fascist. It is inevitable that an ethnic cleansing will happen. It is not an assumption, they themselves have been saying this for years. No amount of gaslighting or deflection would assuage the dread that these people feel. No Muslim is safe, and Hindus who support the BJP are in fact Nazis.

    • Because the BJP is fascist. It is inevitable that an ethnic cleansing will happen. It is not an assumption, they themselves have been saying this for years. No amount of gaslighting or deflection would assuage the dread that these people feel. No Muslim is safe, and Hindus who support the BJP are in fact Nazis.

    • Excellent comment. Fully agree with you. The reason muslims in India are agitating is because a lot of illegal Rohingyas and others have been given Aadhar cards to vote for Congress .
      Hence with CAA they will be found out in WB, Hyd,Kerala,TN and other states.
      Hence this humgama to cover it up.
      Let the muslim refugees go to other Muslim nations. India’s majority are Hindus. For any muslim their faith is very important more than the country they live in.
      So they will never be happy in India till they make it into an Islamic country.
      Let the foolish Hindu people understand this very well. That is why BJP is hell bent on wanting to know the facts correctly.
      I will not be surprised that India already has 40% Muslim population.


  43. Also this bill talks of minorities in those countries whereas basically the three countries in question have Muslims as majority. Why they should leave their country and come here? Is this a rehabilitation center? As such our population is increasing rapidly

  44. Why you people are not coming out impartially about the act? Why anti BJP stance is overpowering this issue? Is it that you want to create anti modi wave instead of supporting Muslims?

    • Hindu minds like you take lesson from history; large masses holding rocks of falsehood will fly away in air like bales of cotton; you can not stop a tsunami of blood with whatever means you got; mobocracy rule has to perish to save innocent humanity..

  45. We are with mody with our country. Why are you not protesting in China? We passed teen atlas after giving you a lot of time and transparency. Jahadis where are you now dare read Quran in China they have changed it?

  46. Majority Hindu voters are gravitating more towards BJP, many of them not supported it electorally in the last election. Narinder Modi’s courage and resolve to undo or modify the glut in goverance, social fabric and nation’s defence suffered during long Congress regime, has made him a formidable leader. More the opposition, liberals and muslims resent on these issues, stronger Modi will emerge. They have to find a better narrative to lower his image, which remained un-dented despite personal attacks on his persona. Unfortunately, and to its advantage, opposition and others are fighting against Modi and now Shah included in person and not BJP as rival party.

  47. Muslims lead protests against Modi government are part of a conspiracy by jihadists, communists and sonia congress. The majority is watching the Muslims fanatic on rampage. Modi’s support base is bound to be strengthened as never before.

  48. I think writer of this article is seen the results of Zee TV Miss call camping and when found that within 7 day they got more than 10000000 miss call, it means general silent public are with Mr.Mody. yes, you are correct, most of the people even in West Bengal, supporting CAA and NRC and NPR but silently. We don’t like to show us in the street but we support Mr. Mody in this issue and also we will support for UCC and massive family planning for Muslim as they are purposely increasing their population at more than 24% growth rate. It is very much needed to control Muslim population in India very urgently.

    • It was much less than expected thanks to the poorly managed drive by the zee tv. In my region it always gave the line busy signals frustrating the missed caller’s.


  49. More anti CAA protests more cementing the bond between modi and Hindu’s ,all can see through that all those vocal and silent minority who upposed modi have become bold thinking it’s right time to strike…but far too early and premature.

  50. Absolutely rubbish. It’s an attempt to gain some brownies for self and print. in. If you are a researcher pl dont forget that students are participating in such large-scale protests for the first time after nearly 45 years. Now is that young group will bring about the change. Then Jan Sangh moved away from hardline Hindutva, now they will ultra rightist way. Yes, they have control over government, media including social media, police, judiciary. So sitting in Delhi University it may be difficult to understand the ground reality.

    • “students are participating in such large-scale protests…”

      Few students aligned with left-wing politics do not represent the crores of Indian students. There are 1000’s of colleges in India. What percentage of people have you seen on road protesting against CAA? JNU, Jamia, AMU, Jadavpur types have always been against Modi, nothing new in the way they reacted, remember Rohith Vemula episode?

      Liberals have turned CAA/ NRC issue into an issue about Muslims. Hindu majority will never aligned themselves with an Islamic cause. No Hindu has any problem with few thousand minority Hindu refugees from Pakistan and Bangladesh, coming and taking Indian citizenship.

      Liberals have given Modi another “achievement” to show to his supporters and prospective voters.

      • No ! In Assam issue is not Religion ! Surprized? Our issue is Language and culture. Do not want any Hindiwala or Bengalee here any more.

    • Is any country fight for a citizenship for foreigners by burning buses and car on behalf of foreigners?? Our is a strange country fight like this. It is strange that no Indian fight for killing 1.5 lakh innocent TAMIL people at Sri Lanka by with the active participation of Indian Government. Even so called Dravdians shut their mouth and back for power and money. Now these people and educated masses fighting on behalf of foreigners, Long live India and democracy.

  51. It is foolish to think that Hindus voted Modi because of nationalism or communalism. I have voted for Modi twice.

    In 2014, I wasn’t a fan of Modi because of left oriented propoganda running mainstream medias, the only reason I voted for Modi back then was because of corruption charges against Congress (most of those charges were proved to be true).

    In 2019, I voted for him because I wasn’t the same guy I was in 2014. I didn’t believed everything that media said, I cross checked every details, I stopped reading just the headlines, I experienced what really was happening in the real world, realised that ‘secularism’ is bogus, read the real history of India, came to know how Islam and Christianity grew with such rapidness.

    The most important thing that I learned is that the if an adult whose age is >30 and is supporting Congress then s/he is part of Congress family or getting money from Congress or a Muslim or a Christian or foolish.

  52. If all the protesters are able to read in between the lines of CAA & NRC, they would foresee the future vividly the BJP is still in command and will be. Muslims will come under accountability no matter what, It is not the Islamophobia that Modi is creating, it is THE CITIZENS OF INDIA. who will vote for him in the coming of next elections as well. Jai HInd.

    • Exactly. These laws are made to boost BJP, not for the good of the land. That is way we oppose them. If you realize that and you love a democratic India, you must also protests.

  53. Bro, not lengthy replies since you have SPOKEN THE TRUTH.
    If we would have seen these guys when Hindus were driven from Kashmir
    I would have been the first one to stand with you.

    Jai Hind.

    • Did you forget that Jawaharlal Nehru was a Kashmiri Pandit? Badri Raina, clearly a Kashmiri Hindu is writing powerfully in support of anti-CAA protests. So will you now stand with us and read out the constitution at the next protest?

      • Pick a random Kashmiri Pandit and quote them endlessly. To this day, none of the Muslims have any concern about kashmiri pandits. For them, the KPs are just a footnote. To this day, Muslims won’t fight for the rights of KPs. I wonder why ?

  54. Aurangzeb may have lived 300 years ago but his mentality to torment people of other faith thrives among Muslims even today. PFI severing the arms of a Professor for ‘insulting’ Islam or indulging in terrorism to avenge ‘grievances’ are manifestations of this violent past of theirs. 200k Muslims weren’t killed by found missing and many had moved to Pakistan and settled in PoK. This typical Muslim exaggeration to project their victimhood while denying the genocides that they were involved in despite the rulers who commissioned it openly confessing to the same in their official autobiographies. Muslims who have imported Salafism into India, fostered the terrorism of Ahl-e-Hadees & Deobandism in India will not escape the consequences for their actions.

  55. The protest against CAA has very good equivalent . It has same potential to harm political standing of mr. Modi and BJP which –” CHOWKIDAR CHOR HAI ” campaign of Congress party and its highly placed leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi unleashed against Modi Ji. Fake narratives based on “Hate Modi ” will bring same results. How long Congress and left liberals will continue to use Muslim masses for their own selfish goals.? They too will realise some day that they are being used to fight their battles . They too will realise that they too have equal rights and duty towards this nation.

  56. I think the author has got it all wrong. The CAA by itself will not create much unrest unless it is accompanied with NRC. It is better that the government should halt at this point and do nothing further in this regard. The fundamental issue is not about the divisive consequences of the CAA but the timing of such measures. The government has unnecessarily raked up the issue, when the country is facing tough economic challenges. “The silent Hindu Majority” as referred to by the author doesn’t either oppose or support the move. The major objection is that this is totally unwarranted. Economic development, Agrarian Crisis, employment and the looming threat of stagflation are the real issue. The ‘silent majority’ whether of Hindu or non-Hindu segments cares about these issues of livelihood. Futile controversies raked up to catch votes mean nothing to them.

  57. I think this is an honest view of what is happening. It does not take sides, says what is actually happening and does not hide behind “my perspective”. I believe unless opposition does an honest analysis they will just keep harking on issues which does not help “India” or “constitution”.

    They need to think what is their product, it’s services and whether both of these align with what end customer (customer which is diverse but still homogeneous in terms of their expectations on growth and jobs) needs and is asking for.

  58. Dear Author, you are wrong here on multiple counts. First, no one believes that this is the beginning of the end – we all know that it is the beginning of a long long resistance. Second, the most hopeful aspect is that young adults are ready to dissent – the generation now in their 30s and 40s turned rightwing in a big way. but their younger siblings and children seem to be ready to think for themselves. Finally, you forget that Dalits are joining the fight in droves – in the name of babasahib. you forget that Tribals of Jharkhand have been worshipping the constitution (and were booked by the bjp govt for their pain and now have been pardoned by the new cong govt). So all in all, we are many, and they are increasingly few.

  59. Every nation must have a population register of its citizens and so does India have one and will be updating it in its census. Difference is that the register does not know whether the people included are Bonafide citizens or illegal migrants. The CAA will be implemented by the centre which will confer citizenship to illegal immigrants upon application for citizenship barring one community. The problem will arise when Bonafide Indians will not be able to provide documents ancestors or birth certificate and will be kept out of the register. We will have to wait for the rules to be notified. Modi – Shah have played political masterstroke despite their failures on economic issues which are hurting common people and have diverted the narrative towards nationalism.

  60. I am surprised how the author gets away by making a statement like ”Muslims …will be the most affected by the Islamophobic and discriminatory nature of the CAA”. He does not give an iota of proof why this is so. Are articles in The Print not subjected to any editorial scrutiny or is it that any rant can pass off as an opinion piece?

    • i guess the autor has enough proof that this will not effect any indian citizen..only those who are persucted will be given citizenship…no one is caming to bang your door and ask to fill up a caa form if u r citizen…so stop spreading lies..

    • Intersting to suddenly see so many Bong names mushrooming in the comments section, especially in the view of Shahensha’s reported interest in learning bengali. why is bjp obsessed with bengal and bengalis at the moment?

      • Have the bengalees forgotten borgey’s? 400000 Biharis and Bengali’s were massacred by them. They weren’t Muslims. Research about this.

        • no, bargis are in our lullabies, no bengali can forgot them. but they were mrathi-hindus, invited by a muslim would-be-nawab. so much for hindu-muslim schism! we definitely do not need another invasion from nagpur.

    • The author wants all Bangladeshi Muslims to have Indian citizenship. Then he will be on the street to cry for sharia law.

  61. Good to see the liberals finally realising that they took a flying arrow here.

    CAA never targeted the Indian citizens. It’s a law meant to help the minorities of the three notorious countries. Overzealous liberals and their Islamist friends have pushed more Hindus towards RSS-BJP.

    Liberals cried wolf, their pals in English media(including foreign) made loud noises, B-grade Bollywood celebs tweeted in their favour and the perennial Modi critics did their item…all in vain. Protests have been reduced to Shaheen Bagh in South Delhi, which are irritating the common Delhites.

  62. What the writer does not see here is that is not against the BJP that people are voicing, its more about existential crisis.. When pushed to the wall people will speak.. today its Muslims mostly but this facism will engulf everything on its way eventually no matter how mcy elections they win

  63. CAA has lit a spark. One is not sure the issue on its own, or even in conjunction with the national NRC, could have led to such widespread protests in the absence of general angst. A huge turnout in Cochin, including many, many non Muslims. It would be wise for the government and the ruling party to make good use of the feedback these countrywide protests are providing. Within a few months of the general election.

    • “A huge turnout in Cochin”

      Yes, we know what a saffron bastion Kerala has been till now. Good to see it cracking…not.

    • When did non-Ms of Kerala voted for BJP, all are usual suspects. It is M only protest, and will be counter productive to opposition.

  64. This is the reality. Author is accurate in his analysis. I am from UP and there is indeed some opposition to CAA-NRC among BJP supporters but not enough to tilt the scale. Fight CAA-NRC in SC and through peaceful protests on the streets but focus on unemployment, economy etc if you want to defeat BJP.

  65. Like expected, this article reeks of communalism. Everything is seen through a communal lens even when something is taken up in the nation’s interest. But a person has to be totally objective sans his or her own religion and faith to understand a policy or step. And don’t label those protesting in metropolitan as Liberals, they think they are Liberals or Secularists but actually they are Pseudos . I am a total liberal at heart following all liberal principles but i see the merit and the logic in the act which is in best interest of the Nation and Nationalism is the only ” Ism ” one should follow.
    Those who are opposing NRC, a question to them. Do you want India, second most populous country in the word soon to be first, a country which doesn’t have a register of its citizens ? Are you so blinded by hate of a single person that you don’t see the merit in this. If you are saying that NRC is not needed, you are effectively denying that there has been infiltration in huge numbers to India in the past 40 years and you are saying that Infiltration is legal. Just think deeply before you take a stand. Regarding CAA , its India’s tragedy that we share borders with Theocratic Islamic nations. If assuming the nations mentioned in the Act were Secular Nations, this Act wouldn’t have come to being. Then opposing the Act will make total sense or if we were granting Nepali Hindu citizenship that would have been unconstitutional and discriminatory coz Hinduism is the state religion of Nepal but Nepal has been excluded. THINK , THINK , THINK !! is my appeal before you spread fear among a community and disturb this nations brotherhood.

  66. The article indeed mirrors ground reality but there is definitely one positive take. Muslims, who have been at the receiving end since the rise of the BJP to power in 2014, they were left to fend for themselves. No voice from any quarter was raised in their favor. In fact they were ignored by political parties as well even during elections. Muslims were deeply feeling isolated from the mainstream. They did not find even a modicum of support from any quarter on Tripple Talaq, removal of Article 370 or for that matter Babri Masjid issue. It is for the first time some reasonable voice, though in minority, have come public and hit streets in favor of the Muslims. In fact it is because of these vocal voices (liberal Hindus, social activists, students) that gave courage and determination to speak out. The BJP would not stop just at CAA, NRC or NPR. It has a bigger agenda. At least, there would come pause in it.

    • “pause in it”?

      Didn’t you read what he has written. BJP is having a time of its life yet again. Hijab donning and skull cap wearing youth chanting religious slogans, might give goosebumps to woke liberals and old-school leftists but the majority (irrespective of their class and background) aren’t a big fan of this.

      Modi-Shah will now further press the accelerator on their path towards a Hindu nation.

      CAA never targeted Indian citizens but leftists and Islamists took a flying arrow and divided the country between the Hindus and Muslims, only to benefit Modi. This ain’t 1947 and Modi certainly ain’t Gandhi.

  67. Do these research scholars, who worry about the Constitution of India, know about what Indira Gandhi did to the Constitution? They should read both 39th and 42nd amendments to the Constitution, keeping the original text of Constitution before them. What Indira Gandhi did was ****, the four letter word which I do not want to use. I am quite certain that Modi cannot do what Indira Gandhi did. Now there are many safeguards in the Constitution itself against declaration of Emergency, or tampering with the Constitution. Tell us is there any country in the world which does not have some semblance of Citizens’ Register? Perhaps, India is the only country which admits as citizens, people who enter by doing the equivalent of house-breaking. You throw out a tresspasser. You don’t give ration card and voter ID to a tresspasser. They take away what rightly belongs to Indians, be they Hindus, or Muslims, or Christians et al.

    • “Tell us is there any country in the world which does not have some semblance of Citizens’ Register?” – NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, NOT ONE, HAS ANYTHING LIKE A CITIZENS’ REGISTER, OR A DATABASE!

  68. I am confident that NRC will never succeed – not because of protests, but because it is just impractical. The main reason is that the lower level officials who will collect evidence and decide on the matter would be enormously greedy to take monitary advantage. They will extract money even from Hindus. I foresee a situation where Muslims who have no documents to prove their residency would assume Hindu names without converting. Now it will be the burden of the official machinery to prove that the person is not a Hindu. On the other hand real Hindus may be falsely targeted with the allegation that they are Muslims. This will open up a fertile ground for officials to make money. Modi – Shah are incapable of thinking this far.

    • Rest assured no one is going to pursue nation wide NRC. Even Hindus are apprehensive about it. But the communal purpose is served when you debate or take positions on this. Advantage you know who.

      • LOL! so who is you-know-who aka Voldemort? Modi or Shah? A tough choice! I know who the chosen one is : the one they love to torment.

  69. I think you have hit the nail on its head. These protests are still confined to a small minority which was already opposed to BJP. So no new gains for the opposition.

  70. The article is based on wrong premises. CAA and NRC has nothing at all against Indian minorities who are citizens. No one worry about co religionist who are affected by NRC but are illegal migrants. In fact, they should cone forward to identify such illegal migrants. This is not a question of collecting more by taking help of majority!
    BJP may or may not win in 2024. That is hardly the issue when we are discussing illegal migrants.

    • Sir the article of your’s is at par with political situation in Hindi heartland as well as with the religious divide so brazenly visible to the naked eyes…… If party in question can consolidate the majority votes in the heartland than no opposition can unseat it. And that is what their strategy is by stirring there sentiments and paranoia in majority.

  71. Before protesting for NRC

    Aurangzeb’s India should try to think about certain issue ( Aurangzeb since he reputed ruler whose name was given to road & everybody opposed renaming it )

    1. When Aurangzeb’s India will discuss & start reconciliation of Kashmiri pandit.

    2. Aurangzeb’s India tell the truth that Dr. Ambedkar’s constitution never had secular word in the constitution & also not in preamble.
    3. Aurangzeb’s India should answer that PM Indiraji never made election issue for changing preamble in Democratic & constitution al way, but during emergency inserted that words. Against Dr. Ambedkar’s constitution.
    4. Aurangzeb’s India should also answer that when door lock of Ram idol in babri masjid was opened in Ayodhya, how many temple were attacked & destroyed in Kashmir.

    Like Gandhiji, who was one of Incident not pathbreaking ( as per Dr. Ambedkar ) event, Mr Modi is also one of ruler

    • Hey do you have a screw loose?
      That guy Aurangzeb lived three hundred years ago, you are absurd to get upset about it
      Pundits , what about the 200,000 Muslims killed in Jummu during partition google “partition Jummu communal riots”
      Make India great again, get a job instead of dividing Indians.
      You are an anti national, be patriotic of get out of my country
      Stop spreading hate and poison between our Hindu and Muslim brothers
      Are you from RSS the thugs who preach poison and divide people ?

    • forgot the Shahenshah from 3 centuries ago – let us talk of the present Shah. The India of Shah-Modi-Bhisht is not so different from the Pakistan of Zia. And that is not acceptable to us, Indians. Hum asmvedhan bachayenge aur kagaz nahin dilkhyenge

      • Oh hooo new Bhaskar on the block? Madam may I ask Why don’t you raise the same Slogan when your so called Gurus aka Liberals ask for the VALID DOCUMENT to bring in for attending their so called concert or function?

        Hypocricy ki Bhi Hadh hoti hai!


  72. Communalism and hate politics works everywhere. Only this time it is being tried on a gigantic scale in India. But economy is an irritant in the design.

  73. I think we are all barking up the wrong tree. It’s not CAA that you should oppose. It’s NRC. The idea that some sarkari babu can decide anyone’s citizenship is problematic as proven in Assam’s case. When this “silent majority” sees protests against CAA, they only agree with the Right’s view. “vaha ke hindu/sikh/buddhist/jain/christians ko diya tho kyu rorahe hain, yaha ke musalmano ka thodi na kuch bigdega”. Fight NRC. Not CAA. And CAA alone doesn’t really discriminate. Muslims of other countries still have the same recourse to getting indian citizenship. It has only made it easy for non muslims of those 3 countries to get it easier. So it doesn’t really bar muslims. Protest NRC. Not CAA.

    • We need to protest both. CAA ushers in the use of religion to determine citizenship – that is not acceptable. what prevents bjp from deleting the long list of religions in CAA and simply saying that as per international convention, all persecuted people may ask for asylum?

      • I am a mualim and i dmt find it problematic.
        Why should any person not from my country should use my resources.

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