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CDS Bipin Rawat told Gorakhpur students to rediscover culture but forgot military tradition

If institutions under Gorakhnath Math are not part of the military’s restricted list, then I am sure neither would be institutions run by Darul Uloom Deoband.

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On 4 December, Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat was in Gorakhpur as the chief guest for the inaugural programme of the week-long 88th Foundation Day celebrations of Maharana Pratap Siksha Parishad at Maharana Pratap Inter College. The event was presided over by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, who is also the chief priest or mahant of the Gorakhnath Math that manages the Gorakhnath temple and the parishad.

General Rawat gave an inspiring speech to the students wherein he urged them to rediscover Indian culture diluted by centuries of foreign rule. He also unveiled life-size statues of ‘Hindu Surya’ Maharana Pratap, and the previous two mahants of the math — Brahammleen Mahant Digvijay Nath and Brahammleen Mahant Avaidyanath. Earlier, on 3 December after landing at the Gorakhpur airfield in his official aircraft, General Rawat had paid obeisance at the Gorakhnath Temple in company of its mahant, Yogi Adityanath.

But 4 December is also celebrated as the Indian Navy Day, commemorating its attack on Karachi harbour in India-Pakistan War of 1971. It is traditional for the Service chiefs to together lay wreaths at the National War Memorial (earlier done at Amar Jawan Jyoti) on ‘Service days’. Since 1 January, the CDS as numero ono of the armed forces and responsible for tri-Service integration leads the ceremony. However, such was the importance given to the Gorakhnath Math event that the CDS gave the Indian Navy Day a miss.

What does the conduct of the CDS — due to ignorance or indiscretion — tell us about the state of affairs of our armed forces? First, well-established traditions, particularly with respect to tri-service integration are being given short shrift. Second, it is a violation of rules, regulations and law of the armed forces. And third, it compromises the secular and apolitical status of the armed forces.


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Protocol and traditions: tri-Service integration

Lack of tri-Service integration has been the bane of our armed forces and a major impediment in developing their full potential. In absence of a CDS and theatre commands, tradition and protocol were the main instruments to promote tri-Service cooperation. One such tradition was for the Service chiefs to symbolically stand with each other on respective ‘Service Days’ to lay wreaths at the National War Memorial. General Rawat has himself done this on nine occasions as the Chief of Army Staff.

Now that he is the first CDS of India with the primary charter of integrating the three Services, it was all the more important that he should have been present for the wreath laying at the National War Memorial on the occasion of the Indian Navy Day. The 88th Annual Day celebrations at a Gorakhnath Math education institution were spread over one week. Indian Navy Day is an annual event. Thus, it is inexplicable how it could not have been coordinated for him to be present. If he had the will and inclination, he could have been with his Chiefs at the National War Museum, and then flown to Gorakhpur in his official aircraft to be present there by mid-day. If that was not enough, his symbolic greetings to the Indian Navy were conveyed at 2134 hours via ANI on Twitter, almost as an afterthought after the adverse comments over his absence on social media.

One wonders whether the reason for his absence were his ongoing differences with the Chief of Naval Staff over the need of a third aircraft carrier, which the former considers as unaffordable and advocates priority for more submarines. It is a matter of naval strategy fleet composition, best left to the Chief of Naval Staff who is of the view that India needs both, the third aircraft carrier and more submarines. Did the CDS consider the Gorakhnath Math event more important? Whatever the reason, his absence from Indian Navy Day — the first after he was appointed the CDS — formal event does not augur well for tri-Services integration. Three photographs in The Telegraph e-paper with the caption — “Guess where Chief of Defence Staff was on Navy Day?”— say it all.

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Violation of rules, regulations and law

On the face of it, there seems to be nothing wrong with the CDS’ visit to Maharana Pratap Inter College on its annual day as the chief guest and address to the students. But the college is run by the Maharana Pratap Siksha Parishad, which in turn, is run by the Gorakhnath Math and which happens to be a quasi-political and religious organisation.  Mahant Digvijay Nath had headed the Hindu Mahasabha in erstwhile United Provinces and was jailed for nine months for inflaming passions against Mahatma Gandhi that led to his assassination. For the last three decades, the math is actively associated with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).  Mahant  Yogi Adityanath, with whom the CDS shared the stage, is also the founder of the Hindu Yuva Vahini — the organisation faces allegations and police cases for its involvement in communal riots.

Military Intelligence regularly issues directions forbidding all ranks not to associate with or visit quasi political/religious organisations. This is distinct from the visit to a religious place purely for worship. One is not privy of the latest list of such organisations but the Gorakhnath Math and its affiliate organisations as distinct from the Gorakhnath Temple, which can be visited to pay obeisance, would qualify for such a ban.

Under Article 33 of the constitution, Army Act Section 21 and Army Rules 19 and 20  make a person liable to be charged under Army Act Section 63 for violations of rules/regulations made from time to time with respect to association or participation in activities of banned organisations. I have no doubt that the CDS must have carried out necessary checks before his visit. If organisations/institutions functioning under Gorakhnath Math are not part of the military’s restricted list, then I am sure neither would be institutions run by Darul Uloom Deoband or Damdami Taksal, Mehta Chowk in Amritsar. In tune with secular traditions of the armed forces, the CDS may like to consider visiting them if invited.

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A giant leap towards politicisation of the military?

Very often I have been asked the question about whether the Indian military is politicised. I have maintained, and still do, that the armed forces, by and large, remain apolitical and secular, but are being exploited by the political class. And the hierarchy for vested interests related to promotions and post-retirement benefits was facilitating this exploitation. One hoped that the hierarchy would course correct and set an example for the rank and file, which is being seduced by neo-nationalism through social media.

General Rawat is the senior-most military officer of India. His presence at an institution run by a religious/political organisation and paying obeisance at a religious place in company of the mahant who is also a controversial political leader, does not augur well for the military and the nation. In similar circumstance, the Chairman of the United States’ Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley in June 2020, after being present with President Donald Trump for a photo op outside a church had publicly regretted, “I should not have been there. My presence in that moment, and in that environment, created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics.” The CDS may also consider a course correction.

Be that as it may, I would still consider it as an error of judgement, and not crossing of the Rubicon on way to politicisation. I keep my fingers crossed.

Lt Gen H S Panag PVSM, AVSM (R) served in the Indian Army for 40 years. He was GOC in C Northern Command and Central Command. Post retirement, he was Member of Armed Forces Tribunal. Views are personal.

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  1. Gen Panag is right. CDS heads Indian Armed Forces. He is bound by constitution of India and Indian Army Ruled. His personal choices he can stuff for a while. A leader works for his team and can’t set bad example. Unfortunately this gentleman gets smirks at most polite level from his men. Worst would be unprintable.

  2. Apart from the impropriety of skipping a navy occasion to attend a communal Hindu occasion, I draw attention of readers to what is being celebrated : Rana Pratap. I do not have objection remembering him, but in Rajasthan, history books are teaching children lies that Rana Pratap won the battle of Haldighati against Akbar’s army commanded by Raja Mansingh.

    Can one make a Hindu hero by just fabrication ? After that, the CDS and Yogi can fabricate that India beat the Chinese in Galwan, PoK is with India, Aksai Chin is in India, there is Akhand Bharat, India (and not Pakistan shot) down a plane in Balakot,.

    Are delusions part of the Hindu culture that the CDS is promoting ? How does it help Hindus ?

    I have a simple suggestion for Hindus like Rawat and Yogi who want to ‘rediscover culture’, that is, find valourous Hindus. Re-write all history books and teach children that Hindus won all their battles against the Muslims and British, and in fact the Mughals and British never ruled.

    Will that cure the Hindu inferiority complex ? Probably not, but it is worth a try.

    • However they jump up and down can the history be erased. May be they can erase in India what about abroad. In that case they will have to bring down all monuments built by Moghuls and the English.

  3. The Sanghis need to find better heroes.

    No point venerating Prithvi Raj Chauhan and Rana Pratap as ‘Hindu Surya’. Both were losers.

    No point claiming Bose and Bhagat Singh. Both were leftists or communists. Singh was Sikh.

    So what is left ? Hang a portrait of Savarkar and worship him. Well, Savarkar wrote The Two Nation Theory, and admired Hitler, and wrote an apology to the British. So in their heart, the Sanghis know Savarkar had the very cowardice they are trying to overcome !

    Build a temple for Godse. But the world admires Gandhi, not his assasin.

    Then claim Patel – he was a Hindu communalist alright, but he was in Congress and he banned the RSS.

    Claim Shanta Prasad Mukherjee was a heroic Hindu, but no one can say what he did of value, so invent a conspiracy theory.

    At the end of the day, the Sanghis have no one – they invent people, but still in their heart they don’t believe in them !

    The only way Hindus can show they are worthy is to show they can run India properly. It looked like Nehru and Gandhi had the capability. But lately, any observer will start having doubts about whether the Hindus can keep India intact. CAA-NRC, Kashmir, LAC and LOC, farmer agitation and attempt by the BJP to turn it into a Hindu-Sikh issue, and a crumbling economy, all point to a crumbling India. Modi is no Hindu Surya, he proves Hindu ineptitude.

    Instead of claiming Rana Pratap was a Hindu Surya or Modi is one, Hindus need to produce a Hindu Akbar !

  4. This Rawat fellow is a typical Sanghi.

    These pathetic types suffer from an inferiority complex, and are trying to rewrite history because of it.

    The ‘Hindu Surya’ Rana Pratap, was in fact a loser. The Sanghi ‘historians’ are claiming that Rana Pratap won the battle of Haldighati against Akbar whose forces were commanded by no other than Raja Man Singh. They are teaching this in Rajasthan’s schools.

    All it shows is these BJP Hindus have a very deep and incurable inferiority complex. At the end of the day, Akbar was the Emperor of India, not Rana Pratap, and he could rule and build India successfully and stably for 50 years, as he could get all communities to cooperate. That why he is called Akbar the Great.

    Would it cure the Sanghi inferiority complex if they wrote history that Mughals and British did not rule, and Hindus won all their battles. Would that cure the Hindu rage ? Something tells me it will not.

    The Hindus of today have to prove they can manage Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and build India and make it world famous – like Akbar did ! You cannot convince people of your capability by renaming cities and roads built by others, and building statues for losers, while making a mess of the economy, and creating internal divisions. If you cannot show substance, the outside world will say India and Hindus are incapable.

  5. I am a Hindutwavadi and pro-BJP on most things. But Lt Gen Panag is right. This is setting a bad precedence. Our defence forces cannot afford to be religious. If CDS Rawat sahab is so eager to go to this Matha, he could have waited for his retirement. There was no need of this.

  6. Dear General, Do not grind you axe through such publication. The CDS is entitled to attend a function of his choice which he feels is important in the context of nation building.
    A Senior Officer can perform the cermonial function of our Navy. We need not follow the British protocols now.
    But we need to bring the youth on the same nation platform regarding its secular credentials. Did you or this publication ever speak in public against the mullas speaking out in masdhids about jhid to their youth who they by keep, poor,ignorant and engaged in misleading them. You have now the cheek to find fault in the protocols- a small mind! As a valiant soldier you are looked up, awarded and suitably rewarded. You can do better – for now, bury your prejudice.

  7. To all the Hindus who want a Hindu army, declare so. You don’t want Muslims in the army, no problem, they get the message, in coming years, they will not enroll. Don’t count on Sikhs to fight for you because you think they are Hindus. They don’t think they are Hindus. Replace them with Brahmins, Gujaratis, NRIs and cow vigilantes.

    You can fight with Yogi, and Rawat, and RSS and Bajrang Dal. We know what the result will be – it will be like Maharana Pratap !

  8. The CDS has time for attending such functions but doesn’t seem to have any answer to the PLA’s occupation of Indian territory. Capitulate on the battlefield quietly but play up to the communal gallery to hold on to your position, seems to be his mantra. Judging by the majority of comments criticizing Gen. Panag for calling this out, looks like Rawat has a good thing going for himself. Never mind the army’s hard-won ethos.

    • Very pointed but correct observation !

      Rawat was boasting about his capability to handle a two front war, and when incursion came across the LAC, he was quiet as Modi, but he is busy playing to the communal gallery and did not have time for the navy event.

      They have infiltrated every organisation with Sanghi fellows. The problem is that in such situations, it will be invariably at the expense of merit. Then every institution will go down. The best person MAY be a Sikh or Muslim, but if he is chosen on the basis of fit to a temple ceremony, then the institution goes down. That is what we see with all posts now : PM, HM, FM, judges, RBI, ambassadorships…they are all RSS appointees.

  9. Modi has created the post of CDS to control the Army, Navy and Air Force.
    That’s why CDS is attending such religious functions on such a prestigious Navy Day.
    Shame to be a Chief….

    • Nehru prevented such a post from being created. The chiefs of the three forces were not allowed to meet without civilian govt. officials to avoid conspiracy. Such a system with CDS led to army rule in Pak, and the army became the state. Modi is creating the same system – purposefully. If democracy does not work, and people start protesting, army can be trained to take over. But for that you need a Hindu army. Such an army takeover is not possible if the army is secular and has Sikhs, Muslims and Christians. If it is an all Hindu, an army takeover will be less of an issue. They think Hindus will go along.

  10. India is victim of a Flawed Democracy, where any one can Do / Say anything in the name of Right to freedom of expression. General Panag is not exception. We will see more Saheen Bags in coming days as currently mockery is on in the shadows of farmers agitation to re-establish Khalistan. Mamta, Faruq, Mufti & Left liberals all are looking for separate state autonomy by adopting appeasement politics.
    A dangerous situation to be handled strictly by the government if willing to reform the century old British rules copied and pasted in the name of constitution. There must be a limit of Right to freedom of expression…

    • Your message is that people have to accept Hindu fascism – that is your solution. It is not going to happen. At some stage, even Hindus might see that fascism is a dead end.

  11. Gen Pang must control his thoughts …he is no non political person..but a AAP activist …for what’s so ever reasons he left AAP,but his mind is political.
    All three services pay respects on Navy day…and there are N number of occasions when some of the chiefs depute their Vice Chiefs to represent them.

    India is what its cultural ethos are..apart from physical boundary. Gorakhnath temple traditions are far more secular than what the general practiced or to the extent its a unifying force for the native indians…..when you don’t know better know it.

    Gandhi ji was called a Hindu leader all throughout until his death by his opponents …Congress was historically considered as Hindu party…until Nehru came and changed its character. Rana pratap statue’s inaugration and talking to the students is as important for a important functionary such as CDS.

    General…I too served the armed forces….to protect my culture as well as defend the countries boundaries….definately not for fake secularism

    Print must

    • ‘General…I too served the armed forces….to protect my culture as well as defend the countries boundaries….definately not for fake secularism’.

      Don’t believe you, you are a liar. You might have attended a shakha.

      ‘ Rana pratap statue’s inaugration and talking to the students is as important for a important functionary such as CDS.’.

      Rana Pratap was a loser, is that the best you have ?

      • Rana Pratap fought against Akber, so he is winner…slthe so called great Akber never captured Rana Pratap, so he is a hero…Muslims need hindu generals to fight, means Muslims are looser

  12. If CDS has flouted his service rules, concerned disciplinary authority will take action. If not, Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Panag or The Print can initiate legal action. If judiciary doesn’t take any action, these people can remember to exercise their franchise in the next election and try to change the Govt. This is a free country. Evidence is that they are able to express themselves freely in the media, for which I am happy.

  13. Gen. PANNU Sir, with respect… ..As for as as your assertions with regard to secular credentials of Indian army are concerned especially when you have raised eye brows over the visit of Gen Rawat to Gorakh Nath temple I would like to know from you that why there is no Hindu regiment ,Muslim regiment ,Christian regiment etc etc whereas as we have only Sikh regiment in Indian army .Should it be disbanded,should there be no sikh war very anymore in future. Should use of Sikh tuban be not allowed . At least we have secular army so why to allow exclusively privileges to any particular religious entity when it’s not matching with the secular credentials of Indian army.. Jai Hind..

  14. Why was the CDS invited to this quasi religious function ?

    Why did he accept ?

    Did he attend in uniform, as a representative of his office ?

    Did he make an overt or implied statement to indicate any religious predeliction prevalent in the Indian Armed Forces ?

    Will he accept similar invitations from other religious bodies in the future ?

  15. Point 1 is understood that the CDS should have not been absent from wreath laying on Navy Day. Point 3 that he beached Army Rules by visiting the Math is very confusing as the author doesnot know himsrlf whether the Math is a banned place or not, so why is he even raising that point in this article? The Math unlike Deoband or Dum dumi taksaal, doesnot have any terrorist links, so author should not draw parallels just for sake of bringing in a secular point.

    • You have warped views of the situation.
      I wonder if you are the same person who wrote about article 30A of the constitution while none exists? Have a good day.

  16. This Article seems to have been written under the political influence of Lt Gen Pang…we know his brush with AAP….

    The day we start criticism of our indigenous institutions, it’s end of India…..it would be prodent if he reserves his views on military affairs.

    Sikhs want all their traditions and institutions to thrive, but when it comes to Hindu institutions, they become hypersensitive.

  17. Maybe it’s time to look at not allowing retired chiefs to take up an office of profit akin to what is being followed for Supreme Court justices. Thus would uphold the independence of the Armed Forces

  18. Let us don’t fight ourselves on behalf of political parties and religions etc., just speak the truth. To make india great we need strong institutions not individuals, individuals will come and leave but institutions and ultimately our Bharat lives long.

  19. This retired General exposes his lack of perception which seems to be his USP. Even while in service, he was removed from operational command and send to a non operational command because his “superior” found kinks in his personality. And how did Gul Panag the daughter respond?? By openly castigating in public the “superior” who ‘sacked’ her father! It was jarring to those in service then and against all “customs and traditions” of the military about which the retired General is vaxing eloquent now! His lack of perception is always on display… commenting on the movie KESARI, commenting on Chinese intrusions in Galwan and criticising those serving… to name a few. Give us a break retired General; take heed to the two sagely advices: 1.”Better to be taken for a **** than to write and prove it”. 2. ” Time passes and men become irrelevant”… You are irrelevant …

  20. “present government” of dhoorts and dushts who are enemies of Indian people, India’s interests and India”s reputation. Like Gen. Rawat many in India don”t know what those people in the RSS who always stay underground, anonymous and secretive are “actually” up to. They also don’t know Pakistan had done to him in Tek (place 20 Kms from border) of Rajasthan after which he almost hid himself went into hiding.

  21. Gen Panag has brought out a very pertinent point. No officer in uniform should be attending any religious functions. It’s against the military ethos. The CDS ought to Know that.

  22. Pleasing a politician is more important than carring out the protocol of services.Should head to Himalayas along with yogiji.

  23. I agree that CDS ought to be at the navy ceremony. He could have gone on another time to the college to talk and inspire students..

  24. I think Lt.Gen.Panag has by now lost his credentials to write objectively on matters military. By un- necessarily digging up a minor event involving the CDS, he has exposed many skeletons, stacked in national memory that will reveal the sectarian response exhibited unashamedly during and after the Blue star and Black thunder !

  25. Ultimately country need motivated people in army, security establishment. Country is 80% Hindu. Demotivated establishment can undermine security

    Good example is Hemant Karakare of ATS Maharashtra, who was busy framing Hindus, while neglecting his duties regarding terrorism. The result was when terrorists stuck, ATS was unprepared and lower level personnel were not motivated and ran and left him holding bag. He would have been dismissed if he hadn’t died.

    The reason lower level Police ran away was that they feared they might end up with accusation like police officers of Batla house encounter, when Congress leaders like Digvijay Singh accused police of targeting innocents.

    We don’t want this type of situation on border, so Mr. Panag keep your politics at home, we don’t need politicians in uniform. If you want to be politician join political party and express your views as politician.

    • The army should be 100% Hindu. Pass a law saying for national security, only Hindus will be in the army.

      Sikhs and Muslims should leave. I want to see you and your RSS and Bajrang Dal fight at the LAC and LOC. You are known for cowardice.

      Why would Karkare frame Hindus ? He is Hindu himself. Karkare was a righteous officer who was ready to stand for law and order above community. There were Hindu terrorists involved in blasts and he was going to implement the law without bias. So the Sanghis assasinated him – sent him in the direction of Cama hospital.

      Ambedkar had written that a Hindu policeman’s loyalty is to his caste, not his duty.

      That is why India is Third World and will remain so. We have too many sub-standard Hindus like you.

  26. You mean to say that our armed forces should accept colonialism – muslim or christian – for centuries to uphold secularism thrust on the country by Indira gandhi during emergency illegally.

    • The author wrote that religion should be kept out of the Indian army. If not, pass a law and say only Hindus will be taken in the army. The Sikhs say they are not Hindus, so don’t count on them.

      Rely on an army of Hindus, RSS and Bajrang Dal. Fill up the army with Gujaratis and Brahmins. I want to see how far people famed for cowardice get.

  27. If Sam Bahadur would have been here, he would have stuck to the time-honoured military traditions in his jovial, no-nonsense way. Politics and soldiering are best kept separated; leave defence traditions to the forces. Only those who have served for all of their productive years know it.

  28. Excellent artice. We do not want more men like gen. Kaul in the army. But this is what we are getting. This Gen. does not seem to perform his job, only do politics of Hindutva.

  29. This chap Panag is part of aapi gang , he is frustrated .He my be a distinguished Gen once but now it seems he requires medical examination

  30. Do check with the armed forces as to what they think of the first ChamchaDS. His appointment as COAS was done wrongly, superseding competent seniors, and his appointment as CDS is purely due to his “ability to spoon”

  31. Please just keep your mouth shut. Since when did knowing our cultural and following our military tradition become distinctive and at loggerhead with each other.
    Sir, Out of respect for the title you carry only this much else you deserve so much more.

  32. The author is very much true , infact army has been more inclined towards Hindu factor,look at the war cries of certain regiments like jai ma kali,raja ram chandra ki jai,bajrang Bali ki jai….this is not the idea of india …. it’s a secular country…army must change all this!!!

  33. Why blame CDS Gen.Vipin Rawat ffor everything.He is a man of vision.There may be a difference in attitude,approach and action and we always accept CDS iss right.He was thefirst person and stopped mess to officers in peace area.we saved a lot of man powers,and resources but it was revoked by the pressure of some indiciplied senior officers.He was against for third aircraft carrier which will be sitting duck in war and the enormous cost for it to run and maintenance.There are many good proposal he had put forth including ban of batman (sahahi) to officers.We can save more then 43000 jawans to our fighting front.He has more responsibilities than any one in peace and war.Iam sure às a tri Chief of services he will immediately consider to honour our 1971 war hero Flying Officer K.P.Muralidharan MIA who was convinced by IAF bileatedly and repeatedly recommended Maha Vir Chakra posthumously and the gallantry award was refused due to Time Bar For Bravery.What an absurd and insult to a brave courageous war hero. As a rookie pilot of 20 Lightning Sqn based at Srinagar , he destroyed many vital military installations in Peshawar air base in his three pass over it and also saved his flight Comdr Sqn Ldr. K.N.Bajpaye’s life in a long aerial dogfight who later retd as Air Marshal. The Pakistani press and the enemy pilot Wing Comdr Salim Mirza Baig had eloquently praised this
    war hero for his stupendous war heroism.What more a patriotic true war hero need to earn a gallantry award.In India sports ,film and VIP are given rich gifts,awards, monetary benefits,promotions,military senior ranks ,tax concessions etc.This is all in public domain and brave courageous examplory war hero are not given awards and recognisations.Now we have Tri Chief, CDS Gen Vipin Rawat and Vice Chief, Vice Admiral Hari Kumar will re look in to this case and honour this war hero on 26.Jan 2021 as we are celebrating golden jubilee year on account of defeating Pakistan in 1971 war.and Vijay Dewas on Dec 16 every year.The nation want to know, If CDS will act to honour this true war hero who will also motivate our soldiers morale in peace and war..

    • First learn English. Then maybe can be excused for imagining that you are qualified to decide on how many aircraft carriers we need and whether Officers need Messes and Sahayaks.

    • This is not the issue of whether he is a man of vision or not, it’s a matter of where the hell he had been on NAVY DAY

    • You my friend are obviously not a defence expert or you would not be pooring crap on Gen panag’s crisp reasoning.

    • You my friend are obviously not a defence expert or you would not be pooring crap on Gen panag’s crisp reasoning. Understand the points first.

    • You are talking of N isolated case of a belated gallantry award, while the author is talking about the appolitical nature of the armed forces.
      The officer cadre is under strength, with multiple appointments held by one brass light shoulder. So why not look at the options of a batman trade….. your officers are nothing less than your civil counterparts. Walk into a civil services babus residence and you will know what I am referring to.
      Talking of pension. How can the govt pull back on an agreement signed with an individual previously. Makes one feel, why can’t there be likes of Sam Manekshaw anymore.
      Well Mess, Don’t tamper with an institution in such an messy way.

  34. When Lt.Gen Panag writes about strategic and tactical matters, he sounds quite professional and laudable in his ability to call a spade a spade. But, when he writes about topics which touch on politics, he sounds like a malcontent, and seems to harbour some grudge against the present government. I am not saying that everything is hunky dory with the present ruling dispensation. Some tempering of his expressions and choice of words and phrases would be in order.

    • You are alright with communalisation of the Indian army. If the Sikhs, Gorkhas and Muslims did not join the army, due to Hinduisation, it will become a Hindu army. Do you think Hindus will be able to fight China and Pak ? Well look at the record – a loser like Pratap is the Hindu hero !

      Why should Dalits lay down their lives for the caste system ? Do you think the Gujaratis will join the army ? They worship money.

    • Many in India don’t know what Pakistan did (and could have done) to him in Tek (place 20 Kms from border) in Rajasthan after which he almost hid himself went into hiding.

  35. Normally not a fan of Lt.Gen Panag’s views. But he’s absolutely right on this one. The CDS cannot display is political leanings in public.

    • Gen Rawat was amply rewarded by the present Govt. He superceeded two seniors to become COAS. The post of CDS was created with him. May be now eyeing for a Governor post after completion of his present tenure.

  36. The writer is a khalistani sympathizer, he is very conveniently forgetting that during 1947 Muslims in the Indian army refused to follow the orders from Indian Srmy chief and supported Pakistani Supported terrorists and occupied Gilgit& Baltistan , then how Army was a political and Non religious, during 1984 Operation Bluestar , thousands of Sikhs in Indian Army did mutiny and court martialed , donot hide the facts Me Panang

    • All right, make it a Hindu army and let us see the results. We saw it in Galwan. Your greatest hero Pratap was in a fact a loser !

    • So evidently, lots to have be done then and even now towards achieving an apolitical stance, that the armed forces preached and preaches, then and now.

    • We are living in sad times when some idiots are talking about a meritorious Lt Gen with good service record. Calling him a Khalistani speaks poorly of such buffoons. The act of present CDS is not befitting of a soldier. He has done lots of damage to armed forces.

  37. Firstly, it is upto the CDS which function he wants to attend. Next, about attending functions in Deoband and the like, do NOT forget that long ago there was a muslim brigade ( or regiment,was it) which refused to fight against Pakistan. I know that even a fighter pilot refused to fly against Pakistan. Why no one questioned them? This is Hindustan and if anyone feels unsafe here is welcome to get out and stay out. Then about Defence Canteens which the civilians are jealous of. At unit levels and above they enable personnel to buy necessities inside the campus, saving time and money ( to a small extent). Share of profit goes to the Welfare fund and purchases are made as per strength of unit. Canteen staff is rotated between units so that they get some sort of know-how in running them.

    • Typical WhatsApp graduate. Fact check: Indian Army has had no ‘Muslim regiment’ ever. This false propaganda about ‘Muslim regiment’ in Indian Army was initiated by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations. Please do a favor to my country India by not propagating hate against Indian muslims or any fellow citizens or any human, which will only socially, economically and politically destabilizes India. Thank you.

    • Just a rumour. There were no muslim regiment post 1947. Infact some regiment with muslim share fought vigorously and repelled the attack of 65. Abdul hamid was one example who has no comparison. Shame on you for running this false and rogue campaign.

    • ‘that long ago there was a muslim brigade ( or regiment,was it) which refused to fight against Pakistan. I know that even a fighter pilot refused to fly against Pakistan.’

      There has been no Muslim regiment in the Indian army. Don’t lie.

      If you want to make a Hindu army for India, I have no problem. Take RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP etc. with you, I shall be happy.

    • Please do not promote fake history even here. The Army has recently confirmed that there never was a Muslim brigade in the Indian Army.

  38. General Mark Milley is an officer and a gentleman, a soldier of the highest personal integrity and professional competence. We wear the cloth of our country … 2. It was after his expression of regret that Trump for the first time explicitly stated that life would go on if he lost the election. 3. It was his recent statement that the armed forces take an oath of loyalty to the Constitution, not to an individual or even the country, that made Trump realise that the cavalry would not be riding up Pennsylvania Avenue to save his ass. 4. For all the talk of Justice Amy Barrett being a loyalist, the SC has dismissed in one sentence Trump’s effort to overturn the Pennsylvania result. This is how democracies become great, not merely by the number of voters.

    • Dont gaslight and misrepresent facts. It’s the Pennsylvania supreme court and not the US supreme court that ruled in favour of Democrats. The US supreme can overturn this ruling on appeal , being the ultimate authority Amy Coney Barrett was not involved in this local ruling. So stop gas lighting Still a long way to go mate. Big tech did interfere in the US elections. All the swing states had a heavy Trump lead on election night counting and suddenly counting was stopped overnight and wow by morning when recounting started MAGIC Biden suddenly came in to lead.. with 99 % of the mail in ballots dumped in his favour. Granted Trump supporters didnt mail in votes , and it was all Biden supporters who did…then with the same logic all walk in ballots should have gone to Trump. .. Big tech and not Russia or China that interfered in this election for sure..Wait and watch while things unfold.

  39. He is the worst produce of armed forces only trying to please his master’s doesn’t give a penny for welfare of officers and jawans. One thing for sure noone is goign to give a second thought to him.once he retires which he is desperatly trying not to.

  40. The thesis by General Panag follows the cynical lines that he has previously espoused such as ‘Fingers under Chinese Boots’ and ‘Don’t lose the grip on Kailash Range’ etc. So it is not surprising that to earn some pennies he mixes many things together. First absence of CDS from attending the Navy Day on 3rd Dec and attending the ‘Match’ in Gorakpur, second the need for the third aircraft carrier, third the military theological practices, fourth patriotism in Darul Islam, Mehta Chowk and Damdami Takshal. He has been discreet however on not mentioning the roles of that latter two in the present farmer’s agitation.
    My sole response is that once Manekshaw was given an years extension and Gen Arora denied the position of COAS, the Akali Dal remains virulently demanding key positions for Sikhs in the armed forces quite forgetting that Air Marshal Arjan Singh was well commended and appointment of Gen JJ Singh under pressure to be the first Sikh COAS.. Such is their mindset that history of India has to be written forgetting the basic tenets that without Hindu Mahasabha Kolkata would have been denuded of the Sikh and Hindu population by the 1946 riots enough for it to be a part of Pakistan, Punjabi Subah had to come under Congress (being a non-political party) so that Punjab could be partitioned and Amritsar included in India, lastly Muslim clergy and Sikh bigotry submit to inimical forces of India to demand more rights than others.
    It is time that sanity is restored in speech and action and not decided by pennies that can be earned by selling a cocktail of disinformation.

  41. Who is this Panag (retired) to decide where the CDS should go?? Is Panag a dictator?? Does Rawat tell retired Panag where to go??Then how can a retired Panag tell a serving CDS where to go?? This indicates the dictatorial nature of Panag and his biased narrative to become a biased mercenary journalist.

    • You mean to say communalisation of the Indian army is fine for you. Just declare that it will be a Hindu army, so Panang and others will know. I can imagine your type of angry Hindu led by Rawat and Bakshi at the front line.

    • For a doctor, I am completely baffled that the nature, tone and purpose of this article was amissed by you.

  42. The author is an aaptard trying hard to run down a democratically elected CM and calling him controversial.Tommorow by his same stupid logic he can call modi controversial.Being accused of something does not prove anything.Yogi adityanath has never been convicted by any courts of any offenses.

    • CDS has already degraded army culture and tradition…He is not working for the nation but for self…There is nothing wrong wirh Yogi Adityanath presiding a function as that is his job…but CDS fails to do what he should be doing and instead is busy licking boots of his political bosses, hoping to get a piece of meat from them…just hope he had some principles and a spine..May God bless our defence forces..

      • You nailed it. The Bhakts commenting on this article won’t understand. They neither understand the Armed Forces, nor Religion, Democracy or Humanity.

        These guys are the Hindu equivalent of the Taliban Sans the Courage to die for their beliefs. As for BiRa CSD he’s a disgrace to everything the Army ever stood for.

    • You are brazenly disrespecting a decorated and retired Indian Army Soldier with a Lt. Gen. rank, while hypocritically pseudo-worshiping “Indian Army/Soldiers at Siachen”. Of-course modi (a politician) is a controversial figure for anti-muslim policies and besides that adityanath is highly controversial and almost criminal. By your logic even dawood ibrahim is not convicted by Indian courts so it doesn’t mean dawood is not a criminal.

    • ‘The author is an aaptard trying hard to run down a democratically elected CM and calling him controversial.’

      Hitler was also democratically elected. The rest of the world had to intervene.

      Modi is also controversial, that is why he did not have a visa, only Xi allowed him, and Modi was touching his feet. That is why Modi faces demonstrations when he goes to the west.

      Why do Hindus pretend otherwise ? Democracy does allow people to vote for criminals like Modi, Shah, Yogi and Sadhvi. The fact that Hindus voted or such people only means that Hindus have no objection to criminals. That is why India is a Third World country.

  43. Well Modi is on his way towards ruining all the good traditions of this country , he has already subverted most institutions , parliament and some part of judiciary , now he is after the armed forces , God save India

    • General Panag from distinguished army back ground is one of the finest army commander & a no nonsense General. A strict disciplinarian a physically fighting fit general. Hope General Rawat take care, protect protect military traditions,which are getting eroded since few years, in which he is at the helm of affairs.

    • How stupid of you to call a rtd Indian army general a khalistani , cds bye passed seniors to lick BJP ass…that does not appear to you as violation of army rules. If defence is corrupted any further…civil war will be imminent….watch before you comment. Lagta he tumhara bura waqt aagaya he.


    • They themselves cannot define what is Hindu Rashtra. They will be good at destruction, they have no idea what they will replace it with.

      However, we cannot just blame them. Many Hindus went along with it. Just like many Germans went along with Hitler and Nazism – at least while he was winning. By the time they realised the folly, Germany was destroyed.

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