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Modi-Shah’s BJP govt has failed India’s youth and is now stuck fighting them

Six months after returning to power with a huge mandate, Modi govt is losing the youth — its most ardent voters who are now pessimistic, hopeless and even angry.

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Competitive sport follows the system of leagues — upper, middle, lower, senior and junior, and so on. A contestant’s stature determines the league in which she plays. One who stoops down to play at a much lower level, or fight with the ‘bachchas’ (juniors), diminishes her own stature.

We are applying this test to our politics, specifically to the way the BJP government is handling student protests.

A simpler way of understanding this is how our great old wrestler-actor Dara Singh handled any new challenger. He asked him to fight his brother Randhawa first, beat him and earn the right to fight the champ. I asked him why, and he said, every “Lallu Panju” (Tom, Dick and Harry) wants to be able to boast he wrestled with Dara Singh. Why should I lower my own standing to please them?

Back to the game of hard politics. For a month now, that is precisely what this almighty BJP government is doing: Senior, powerful men and women fighting with children. They’ve seen fires lit in campuses across the country in response to their policies. Their response —especially where the BJP has been in power — has been consistent. Bring down the full force of state power, internet and telecom restrictions, and at least in one case, Uttar Pradesh, collective fines.

If a government elected with such an enormous popular vote finds it worth its while to fight its students rather than reason with or listen to them, three things follow:

First, a tyrant-versus-the-underdog story builds up.

Second, it generates pictures that gravely damage Brand India globally. And you can’t stop any of this from “getting out”.

Third, and the most significant, it inevitably creates a children-versus-uncle/aunty mood among the youth. Let me elaborate.

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Every exit and opinion poll in 2014 and 2019 showed us that the young of India, all of the millennials but especially the first-time voters, backed Narendra Modi with passion. I have in my archives a string of short conversations with young people while travelling through the 2019 campaign across the country that name only one leader: Modi. You can see a couple here.

I wrote and spoke at a Centre for Policy Research debate in New Delhi on the factors I found propelled Modi to a big victory. Especially on how the young were walking out of the identity trenches — of caste, language, ethnicity, in many cases even religion — to embrace Modi.

The sentiment you saw in their eyes was optimism, joy, an anticipation of a better life, the storied ‘achche din’. They were not breaking their families’ old political loyalties because they hated someone, or were afraid of them. If 2014 was an election of hope of a better life, 2019 was the renewal of that promise in the expectation that it will take that long to redeem it fully.

Within six months, however, they find they are being delivered something entirely different. The economy is in a free fall. And it’s been declining for so long, so consistently, that the promise of growth and better days now looks a fantasy.

A mid-1970s kind of pessimism, even hopelessness, is growing among the young. New jobs aren’t available. And while all jobs are important and dignified, let’s face it: Not every young person studying in a college is looking forward to delivering for Swiggy or Zomato or driving an Ola or Uber.

That isn’t what Modi had promised them. Their aspirations and needs are clear and present, and not being fulfilled. And certainly they won’t be compensated for the let-down either by ‘firmness’ with which you control and ‘integrate’ Kashmir, or how you teach Pakistan a lesson a day. Nor will their needs be met by how much you can persuade them to fear the Muslim or hate the migrant Muslim “termite”.

None of these will get them a job, a living, a better life. Unless, of course, they are your ideological followers. The disillusionment of the college-going youth with Modi-2 has been rapid and deep.

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Nobody should also remain under the misconception that it is just a virus specific to the few, liberal, Left, public universities infested by “Urban Naxals”. The anger has now spread to expensive private campuses as well, which allow no politics or unions, and cost many students’ parents a lot of their savings and inherited assets. I have been speaking at several in different parts of the country, and found anger similar to what you might see at JNU, Jamia or BHU.

The sentiment is a bemused — and increasingly angry — “but this isn’t what we had voted for”. I can also say with reasonable certainty that a very, very large percentage of these young people voted Modi, and mostly for the first time in their lives.

Once a month, ThePrint holds an innovative free-speech event called ‘Democracy Wall’ at a key campus. One of its features is a giant banner that looks like a wall where the students can freely write what’s on their mind and sign their names. These have changed character dramatically over the past six months. In the last three, the change is drastic.

All these are from private or elite universities. Among an outburst of anger and disappointment on the latest one, along with clever lines like “P…k The Folice” and “Mera Desh Jal Raha Hai….#SaveAustralia”, what catches the eye most strikingly is, “bure din waapas kar do (please return my bad days to me)”. Until about three months back, there was some criticism. Today, we see not a line, not even a word of praise. You ignore this kind of unanimity in anger among the educated young at your own peril.

At most times, a cocktail of nationalism, religion and an almighty personality cult can win you one election. But it can’t win you two in succession. Six months after he rode hope to his second conquest of India, he has senior police officers (who trusts the police on its word in this country, I am so sorry to ask) holding press conferences, calling students rioters and anti-nationals, cabinet ministers speaking on TV channels telling boys and girls on our campuses how to behave and be patriotic. But today’s young are smart.

They leave them speechless when they retaliate by waving the tiranga, mass-reading of the preamble of the Constitution, and singing the national anthem. Just over six months back, you had the cream of Bollywood fawningly pose for selfies with Modi. Today, many of the marquee stars, not just the usual ‘arty’ ones, have lent their support to protests. And the rest may be silent, but almost no star of any consequence has risen in the government’s support. You have doubts, check out the worthies who landed at the central ministers’ dinner in Mumbai to support CAA. You will need Google to identify some.

And, in the middle of all this, you field a second-term cabinet minister like Smriti Irani to mock and taunt Deepika Padukone. Remember, we said the league you choose to play in decides your stature. Show us a more effective way of losing India’s youth.

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  1. Actual thing is they don’t want to accept modi failures because they are hindus… But in my state is Telangana state.. modi can’t touch my cm left-leg little finger hair…
    Even he can’t touch south india..
    Shame of having indias PM. modi CM like YOGi. And sadvi pragnya , also future leader ramdev baba and ruling lot of criminal and uneducated leaders..

  2. Since 2014, Shekhar is missing lot of perks, foreign travel, and all thos ethings which come with it. He is a chamcha of congies, the eternal thieves of the country, and the chor paribar.

  3. The biggest irony is, the Modi-Shah government has been depending so heavily on the phrase “tukde-tukde gang” to accuse and victimize the students of JNU, but the so called gang was ACTUALLY A BUNCH OF BJP AND RSS GOONS THEMSELVES! Otherwise, why have they not been able to apprehend those masked thugs until now, since 2016?

  4. Dear Shekhar,
    You are right on the dot. Young Indians are smart, intelligent and idealistic. Their trust and hope have been betrayed by politicians. Young Indians are fully aware of what has happened in last six years. (see few things listed below). Now young Indians don’t want to accept unreality as New India and saying THIS IS NOT MY NEW INDIA. I like balanced view point’s that are close to reality. Keep writing.

    Jawans signed up for dangerous job for country and not for failures of govt
    Victory of taking credit of jawans by politicians is Not My New India.

    Namami Gange means cleaning up of rivers and not coloring of ghats
    Victory of decoration of ugliness by politicians is Not My New India.

    Clean air & water are basic human rights and not pollution in the name of development
    Victory of false dilemma of “either-or” by politicians is Not My New India.

    Everyone is for elimination of corruption and not just selective probing of some
    Victory of touting unequal hand as long arm of law by politicians is Not My New India.

    Indian economy needs rule-enforcers and not institution-abuser
    Victory of vendettas dressed as virtues by politicians is Not My New India.

    Joblessness and farmers suicide are reality and not figment of imagination
    Victory of illusion of economic growth by politicians is Not My New India.

    Vikas means development of all and not promotion of casino economy for few
    Victory of crony capitalism by politicians is Not My New India.

    Governance is about solving current problems and not anger about past
    Victory of assigning blames by politicians is Not My New India.

    Transparency is about accountability and not obfuscation in the name of security
    Victory of grand symphony of noise by politicians is Not My New India.

    Dialogue builds trust for all and not monologue of dreams in digital age
    Victory of echoes of projected reality by politicians is Not My New India.

    Problem solutions needs spirit of inquiry and not unexamined assumptions
    Victory of peddling mythology as science by politicians is Not My New India.

    Elections are about people’s issues and not limitation of democracy
    Victory of diversion of attention by politicians is Not My New India.

    Democracy means people’s power and not concentration of power in duo
    Victory of suppression of rights by politicians is Not My New India.

    Every Indian is a patriot and not just members or supporters of the ruling party
    Victory of branding dissenters as conspirator is Not My New India.

    Foundation rising India is inclusion of all and not discrimination based on religion
    Victory of backward walk with forward talk by politicians is Not My New India.

    Millennials are for equal opportunities in growth and not socio-economic chaos
    Victory of creating fault lines in country by politicians is Not My New India.

    Unity in diversity is true religion of man and not narrowness of assumed purity
    Victory of turning man against man by politicians is Not My New India.

    Two third of Bharat is under thirty-five & young and wearing shorts is not their identity
    Victory of out of touch & old dumb over idealistic young blood is Not My New India.

    The pursuit of truth is a great Indian tradition and not post-truth for justification
    Victory of hacking of truth by politicians is Not My New India.

    Jai Hind!

    • Well written. A lot of this was promised by Modi in 2014. That’s why young people voted for him.

      What I don’t understand is that why young people voted for him in 2019 when his incompetence was so evident. Why are they waking up now? Is it because the CAA and NCR may also touch their families (not just Muslims)? Indeed, statistically there will be more Hindus than Muslims who will suffer – exactly as has happened in Assam. This is simply because 80% are Hindus.

      • It was because of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday rhetoric. It will remain the same in 2024. Opposition needs a credible common leader.

      • Aapka GDP was too high in that old India. Pawar, Manmohan and Chidambaram had rivers of milk flowing with last mile delivery into each household.

    • Suresh JI – What’s the opposition doing? Why can’t it find a constitutional way of cornering the government in the Parliament? Why doesn’t any opposition leader of stature have guts to adopt Gandhian method of fasting? Is it the lure of Bangkok or the allure of those plum portfolios acquired by unscrupulous coalition (like in Maharashtra)? It is easy to criticise the dispensation, but this is a Parliamentary democracy given by the same party that swears by Gandhi and his methods. The Gandhi surname that ruled India by proxy from 2004-14 should come out and show the Gandhian steel. Let’s have a fast from her that makes an impact and shakes up the government.

      • The opposition is sleeping. Rahul is copying Modi by making frequent overseas trips. He thinks that if it has worked for Modi, it’ll work for him.

    • While you paired in your poetic fashion as if everything is wrong with current BJP Govt.. I am sure you must have noticed some good deeds of this government. Why not speak about too…

      To cause a wound it doesn’t take much energy and time; while to heal the same would takes ages to regain to original state.. that’s the economic status when Modi inherited in 2014.. and today’s economic condition is not the byproduct of Modinomics rather that of Manmohanomics, the magnanimous scams and the loot the country went through, for almost 60 + years..

      While it’s fair to throw brickbats for the so called non-performance, it’s also fair to talk of the good deeds which I don’t need to remind you.

      Your take is absolutely biased and Illmotivated.. mimicking SG’s lines.

      Why no one objects to the Islamic terrorist bombs, rapes by the Muslims, Murdering Indian soldiers by the Ismalic entities aka Pakistani sponsored elements, 26/11 in Mumbai, JNU CELEBRATING PULWAMA ATTACK, DEMOLISHING HINDU TEMPLES, DESTROYING PUBLIC PROPERTY in the name of protest, appeasing the minorities all the time at the cost of insulting the majority.. the list goes on.. who will pay for all this?

      But, if one incidence Hindu attacking Muslims is blown out of proportion by the leftist, opposition and not to mention media..I no mean support any violence irrespective of who does on whom..

      Do you have any idea what’s the progressive actions Modi has done so far…it’s very fashionable to bash-bash in the name of Elitist Protest…

      So, If you want to be balanced, pls exercise it in action..too..

    • Actual thing is they don’t want to accept modi failures because they are hindus… But in my state is Telangana state.. modi can’t touch my cm left-leg little finger hair…
      Even he can’t touch south india..
      Shame of having indias PM. modi CM like YOGi. And sadvi pragnya , also future leader ramdev baba and ruling lot of criminal and uneducated leaders..

  5. Why we are unabable to understand and point out transformation is going on in Indian economy along with world ! Be positive. Within few years your perception will change.

  6. Wah Shekarji!! The perfect analogy!! Wah again!!

    I mean, who knew about Kanhaiya Kumar before Modi himself brought him into the limelight. Now, Aazadi it’s being chanted all over India! (For angry bhakts: it means Aazadi from a lot of things, but never from India)

    It seems BJP government’s response is based on their own genesis – how the ABVP helped bring down Indira Gandhi, and how the BJP itself was formed.

    Or maybe it is inspired by Hitler. Perhaps Modi has studied political history after all!

  7. These washed up lefties like Shekhar are in the business of “manufacturing narratives.” Their ilk are trained in the lefty labs like JNU that their job is to “manufacture” narratives, truth be damned; and those who spread the dominant narrative is the winner and the others are the losers. So you see this phenomenon of the lefties trying to manufacture narratives everyday out of thin air through exaggeration, selective sampling and just plain lies. Here, Shekharji equates a few hundred radical looney left students with the entire youth of the country for the purposes of manufacturing a false narrative.

    • Tumhari inglish badhiya hai. Kintu kuch to dhang ki baat kiya karo. Shayad tumahara bayan haath nahin hai. Tabhi lefties ki baat muh se utarti hi nahin hai.

      Shayad Hindi mein likhoge to dimag achha chalega.

  8. So a few perpetually unemployed by choice kids represent the ’60 crore youth of India’?

    Lets assume the protest were held in 100 universities and 500 kids in each university came to protest, thats just 50,000.

    Thats less than 1% of Indian youth by simple maths.

  9. If the global economy is in a free fall (barring the US) , most global firms are laying off thousands of people, India is supposed to be growing at a scorching pace . And I though Shekhar Gupta is intelligent ? He has presumed that the government is doing nothing for the economy as it is focussed on Artlcle 370, triple talaq, Ram Mandir, CAA, NRC etc. Ever heard of multi-tasking Mr Gupta ?????

  10. 1. I can understand if journalists have their own opinion about public sentiment. I can also understand if the intellectuals journalists and the even the academic community feels disturbed by the NDA government’s decisions like enactment of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) or the earlier ones regarding abrogation of Articles 35A and 370. I can also understand if someone thinks that there are more citizen-voters, particularly among youth who disapprove all these decisions. 2. I think all these individuals (journalists, et al) should join hands with all the opposition parties and suggest to these parties to oppose confront NDA government in all possible ways. 3. One way is rather simple: to make these decisions of BJP and NDA government an major election issue in every election to be held from now on and that is how they should confront BJP. I think to underscore fact prove that these opposition parties are really for repeal of CAA and also in favour of reversal of decision regarding abrogation of Articles 35A and 370, these parties will have to give a written promise-cum- undertaking to all citizen-voters of this country to the effect that if and when they (opposition parties) get an opportunity to form a government in the Centre, they will repeal the CAA and also revoke decision regarding Articles 35A and 370. Then there will be free entry to Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. My query is rather simple: Will our opposition parties show courage to give such an undertaking? This is only way to counter BJP. We citizen-voters, including the young voters, who the author of this article claims to be unhappy, will thus get an opportunity to decide what we want.

  11. It has been said that once a cause is espoused by the students and women of a nation, there is no turning back. Modi won because the dreams he sold, achae din, beti bachao, etc were tailor made for the youth and women. They voted overwhelmingly for him. And then comes 2019, he unleashes Amit Shah with his RSS juggernaut with not a word of whatever happened to the promised eldorado.! I think it’s too late to put this angry genie back into the bottle. It remains to be seen whether the duo are able to read the writing on the wall or drag the nation further into anarchy.

  12. Fine column by Dr Arvind Subramanian in Indian Express, addressing this very issue, expressing anguish at how the universities are being violated by violence and hatred, adding to the sense of hopelessness felt by the young about their future.

    • Ashok, why is it that when the students are swayed by the promises of a better future made by Modi, vote overwhelmingly for him, we praise the students because they are politically savvy and understand a good cause when they see one and when they rise up against broken promises and protest to stop the government playing with the constitution of the nation, they become anti-nationals?

  13. The column focuses on the last few months, more or less coterminous with the protests and the period leading up to them. However, the kindling has been accumulating for at least three years, waiting for the spark which CAA provided. One of the most cliched – and troubling for a sensitive government – statistics in India is One million young people joining each month, not the pool of labour but the queue to enter it. If, instead of creating jobs, millions are now being lost, how long can people’s attention be distracted by events / developments that resonate only with a small, hard ideological base. Don’t tell me the traders of Sadar Bazar or the shopkeepers of Karol Bagh who imbibed loyalty to the Jana Sangh with their mother’s milk are ecstatic with what is happening. With more spooks than Langley we seem not to understand what is happening, how the mood is darkening so much.

  14. what is / may be percentage of student opposing CAA in India or even in Delhi ? What ever hype is created by the media veterans who have kept their mind and brains at the feet of erst while dynasty and rules , most of Indian students or any section of Indian society , if not supporting CAA , is not opposed to it. All this anti -CAA campaign will fizzle out like the “” Chowkidar Chor hai “” campaign unleashed by the Rahul G s Congress as advised by some pro-Congress veteran Journalists and their hired think tanks .

    • What is the percentage of Indians who took part in Indian freedom struggle – only a minuscule percentage? So as per you that should have fizzled out?

      • India did not got freedom because of some type of freedom struggle by Indian national congress party as has been taught to our generation in 1950 and 60 ‘s. The Britishers were force to disband empire because of changed geo-politico environment due to second world war which on one hand crippled their economy, and on other hand a new world order was emerging sdue to rise of USA and USSR.. Again in India Revolt by Indian navy and emergence of Indian national army od Subhash chander bose was a very dangerous portent which the Britisher were fearing. some 25 lakh indian were recruited in imperial army to fight second world war and now those were to be retired prematurely. all these factors were responsible for decision by the britisher for ” transfer of power to some of their designated inheritor ” The stories of freedom struggle are all O.k. but were not also of mass participation .

        • That’s Chandra – চন্দ্র NOT chander. Get the spelling right, before you try to co-opt his legacy.

  15. Why are all agitating students have developed so much love for muslims immigrants who will get citizenship in 12 years compared to non-muslims who will get in 6 years? Utter nonsense. This protest will create hatred in the heart of sensible Hindus against such agitators and muslims. We need to identify illegal immigrants through NRC. This government should cleverly change the student mix in all left dominated universities. They are just making chaos.
    I am sure the Congress will do the same albeit a little differently. The opposition and many leftist organization are worried about vote banks which BJP may get by these new laws and processes. Of course social science students who wants to have career in politics are honing their agitating skills by such agiations. It is very well exemplified by Kanhia Kumar. But BJP will do what it is supposed to do. for meeting its poll promises. Even in good economic times, these student would have done the same thing because it is going to be their career. Some are just joining the bandwagon just to be look anti-establishment. Will they give up all government’s education grants and scholarships?

    • Whatever.

      Attending a “protest” and not saying a single word there, just 3 days before her film’s release made her look petty. It was like attending a funeral to promote your film, did more harm to her than those criticising her. Her film has already performed well below the expectations on its first day of the release. Tells you about the real mood of the nation

  16. Some 1000 students out of 10000 students protesting in jnu is portrayed as whole of youth protesting. Do you have any shame Guptaji,?

      • Reading the news which selectively covers and brands protests among a section to be the representation of the entire student community ? Nice try! We are waking up daily to shoddy hitjobs and it is becoming more and more clear about the biased nature of coverage . Its not 1990 ,it is 2019! Most people are well read now and understand the old theatrics! An issue which was not even political has been made political . This has thrown the entire protest in poor light !

      • Agreed, it might come to few lakhs of agitators. Don’t you think that number is nothing in front of a vast majority of citizens watching silent? The agitators are certainly from left leaning organisations and from Muslim organisations. Anyways these people has been opposing Modi from 2002 but he has grown bigger and bigger in the country

        • Those few lakhs of agitators have lot of silent supporters, from gateway of India in Mumbai to Northeast! These agitators are more than enough to force this government to its knees! Don’t you remember the history of your country? Only handful invaders came, less than these few lakhs of agitators, defeated crores like you, enslaved you, and ruled over you for centuries! How did that happened? So what if “the agitators are certainly from left leaning organisations and from Muslim organisations”? Those invaders were also from Muslim countries! And if Modi has “grown bigger and bigger”, then may be it is time now for him to burst! Nothing keeps growing forever, and that which grows too big is likely to burst! Those who rise too high, fall too hard!

          • Every agitator”s wish is same as your’s and all are trying for the same for more than 10years. Now let’s wait for another 4 years to see if he burst or grow further

  17. Just like any traditional government, the BJP government is suffering from groupthink. India’s problems – especially related to economy and enterprise – require unconventional thinkers and implementers, and this government is averse to such talent. Now with Shah as HM, even the slogans of “Skill India”, “Make in India” and focus on “Swach Bharat” seem to be evaporating. It is very similar to the mess during UPA II. Hope the ongoing Australian outcry of “SoMoGo” doesn’t turn up on Indian shores as “ShaMoGo”.

    • What’s wrong if the outcry of “ShaMoGo” comes to India? From what you feel about them now, you should like it!

      • Desai Sahab – to tell you the truth, I don’t want this government replaced by a vile coterie of an Italian unless a credible, non-dynast rises to leadership position at the national level. I just want it to correct it’s course on handling protests and establish reassuring communication with citizens. Rest is all fine. Some great decisions, which though ideally should have been bi-partisan. NRC is not yet done so no need to complain. There is no perfect government in this world, as youngsters will realise with experience of life.

  18. BJP and Modi has delivered whatever they had promised to their voters Mandir, 370, birfucation of J&K, CAA, NRC ( for Assam), triple talak, beef ban, Surgical strike on Pakistan. Upcoming UCC and constitution changes etc. Now why should they complain. They will be definitely voting for him and his party for the next 50 years. Joblessness and economic slowdown, inflation are universal phenomenon. If they can’t find jobs here then they must go to some other country where jobs are available.

  19. I beg to differ. The way hit jobs are being conducted is pretty evident and being exposed too. The writer discounts the silent majority which knows when to answer !

  20. Emotional chord over s long period of time can be effective – Growth – individual and societal has to be the focus – are people better off? How do we measure? Is the measure touching the heart of the people? Who is providing the measure and what is their credibility? Who can carry this forward and provide a credible sustainable framework that appeals to a large mass? No logical and structural options appear today . Strong and consistent articulation within a broad framework is necessary for meaningful communication – debates and discussions – emotions and facts need to be included –

    • How do you expect a meaningful discussion with clowns sitting everywhere? The political discourse has just dropped off in the past decade! There are a lot of sensible people and sensible discussions in the country too but the mainstream media has shunned that approach. The breaking news and hunger for TRPs – mainstream media has learnt to game the viewership. We know what sells! It is going down a very similar road to the media in the West where views is presented as news and who is on the trending page is considered a measure of success. Shekhar Sir is entitled to his opinions and he does present the best balanced side in his Cut the Clutter show but the manner in which these protests are being covered to show one side of the story is not at all a portrayal of the facts. In fact, I would again repeat – the media has yet to find a pill to get the views of the silent majority out.

  21. Your analysis of the economy, job etc are right. However one cannot agree with your opnion on students violent agitation. The communist party of india has always used childrents students to propagate their political agenda. In states like kerela, the communist party targets young school going childen with their idealogys. Once a child fall for the trap he/she will be asked to join protest marches and indulge in small violence. By the time the child is in 10-12th standered their will be many petty cases filed against the child. He/she is left with no other options other than indulging in more higher level of violents. Their by destroying the child career. The communist party is more or less a dead party. They are as usual, hiding behind students using them to gain foothhold in urban areas. BJP it seems have fallen into their trap.

    • FYI, the BJP has also used violence.. look up the period before the emergency. Arun Jaitley as a student activist was an active part of violent protests that included stone throwing.

      If Keralites are brainwashed and radicalized as children, how come Kerala has always seen alternate election victories by Congress and communists every time since independence?!

      Yes, the rush of blood among youth used to see all kinds of cases against members of all student organisations, but camps politics is now banned, and such cases are no longer the case.

      The inherent violence in Kerala politics has a lot to do with how the zamindari system was dismantled. When the poor masses began protesting against the system, the zamindar Brahmins used the RSS to unleash violence, and the communists responded.

      While the Congress, etc. have money power, the communists have people power, being a cadre based party. So each use their strengths to achieve their goals.

      The communists are very much alive and popular in Kerala!

  22. Students of this country are also well aware of this congress stooge called SG who is masquerading as a journalists. Ever since the time of Indira Gandhi the congress has assiduously cultivated the media and we see the fantastic results of the same today. Congress is not in power since 2014 and not going to be atleast until 2024. But we see its proxies in the media like SG, Rajdeep, Barkha and many others who even lie anf spread hatred for the BJP, Modi and Hindus in particular. This is a very sly agenda at work. The programme of SG at campuses is actually meant to prop up the BJP and spread lies about the BJP. SG has not once explained as to why only the violence nad agitation is coming out of left controlled universities. AMU, JNU, Jadavpur University do not constitute the entire student universe of India. What SG will not tell the student on campuses is how these universities have students studying on public money till 50 years of age, enjoying a hostel for Rs 20 a month, smoking charas ganja, drinking in university premises and then sloganeering against India. No wonder they are called the tukde tukde gang. And what are the students protesting against ? Does SG discuss that ? No. Because if he does then the tukde tukde community which he represents will be totally exposed. Which University will allow “Bharat tere tukde honge insha allah insha allah”, “Hindu teri kabar khudegi kabar khudegi” and posters and wal graffiti saying “Khilafat 2” ? 2hich country will allow such non sense in name of FOS ? Which University allows it’s students to chose their VC’s ? There are many such questions which congress and left proxies like SG will never even discuss. They just want the noise level against this government to increase so that their ultimate aim of having Sonia or Rahul led govt at centre can materialise in 20124. These stooges cultivated by the congress in every walk of life have a great power to influence. As you must have seen, every single day they attack Modi government through newspapers, TV, Seminars, meetings, watsapp messages and many more. Their job is to spread lies so much till it starts appearing as a truth. And even if SG and his cohorts manage to influence 10% of the people they would have done their job well. Shame shame.

  23. I am sorry but a bunch of Marxist, hipster, woke liberals do not represent the crores of Indian youth. JNU and likes of them do not represent the youth.

    Get out of your house and Twitter, talk to the masses, majority of them support Modi, that’s why anti-CAA are seeing the same faces again and again, as they lack the support of the majority.

    After the failed project of “Modi vs Poor’, this ‘Modi vs Youth’ project is the new rabbit out of a hat by the liberals.

      • Not on their own, just like those who sing Urdu poetry against pagan idol worshippers also do not represent India or Indian youth.

          • Hinduism does not have “the book” If you try to convince one to read the Upanishads, one may as well challenge you to read the other three parts of the Vedas – Samhita , brahmana and Aranyaka! . each book that came out in a different era is testimony to the very fact that it has accepted difference of opinion. You cannot trash Hinduism on the basis of Upanishads! In fact, you should try to find the reason why Upanishads were categorised as such ! Why was Mahabharata and Ramayana even needed if we already had the Vedas! You characterisation of Hinduism just by Upanishads exposes a shallow understanding of the religion at best!

          • Hinduism is organic not based one set of texts. I am a pagan Hindu who worship stone idols just like some people follow their books and prophets.

  24. Shekhar Gupta, looks like more than the youth, old lefties like you are angry with the BJP Government as it has fully exposed the game you guys have been playing and now there is no chance that you will gain the kind of influence you wielded once. This article is also another one in a series of “revenge articles” that people like you have been writing in a hope that may be you will be able to somehow help your political masters to gain power. You are wryining here about only few thousand students who are left leaning – while totally ignoring the lakhs of students who are supporting this Governmdnt wholeheartedly. It is a shame that people like uph get to call themselves journalists. Take care my friend and tru to relax a bit.

  25. If students believe that Modi has failed them, they should conduct peaceful agitation, build up public mood and vote Modi/BJP out from various state governments and at the Centre in due course but not resort to violence and arson. Any violence on the campus will be dealt with by Police at operational level in the same way as it has been happening and there is no point in theorizing it as Modi’s faulty response to the student agitation. Opposition parties should build up their strength by recruiting these young, disillusioned students and give them leadership, like Yashwant Sinha. Economy is not doing great since last couple of years but solutions are not easy though it is very easy to blame Modi for it. While every economist has proffered insightful analysis, not a single economist has come forward with specific actionable and concrete plan for a turnaround! While Shekhar can analyze in his usual style, answer to the issue is different unless one is looking to instigate familiar action reaction sequence.

  26. It is not just about fighting students.

    It is about the vile and hate it has for people who do not support the BJP. There is an unofficial Emergency in BJP ruled states.

    Its visible and in your face and yet everyone behaves as if BJP is the best thing to happen to India.

        • Well he would, considering he did a great job fixing Germany’s economy and making it the industrial and research powerhouse it became. Added to that he restored Germany’s self respect in the eyes of it’s people, which they felt was lost after the Treaty of Versailles. Germans generally became a happier and more prosperous people. In fact there is a comparative study which shows Hitler’s economic program to be far more effective then that of Roosevelt’s for America, after the Great depression. Of course all this was overshadowed by Nazi excesses.

          • Wah. Hitler destroyed Germany and you say that Germans became prosperous and happier under him.

            In front of such exquisite logic, I become speechless.

          • But what about Modi Sahab, did he develop our Economy? The last time I checked we are facing the worst GDP in 30 years and country is hit with Economic crisis, rapes on Daliths by BJP leaders in UP, multiple state’s freedom of expression has been snatched by shutting down internet and other communications, Amit Shah instigating Hindu Vs Muslim environment in country. Aren’t we THE Secular country for very long? Why are we supporting such absurd Acts and ideologies from Religionists?

            After Hitler developed the country’s economy, he started butchering Polish people, Jews and other non Germans. Once all were done, he started a new rule where Germans who are born with Disabilities were exterminated the same way as Jews and Poles.

            So what goes around comes around and we are selling our freedom ourselves under petty emotions of Religion.

  27. Fixing the economy should be any government’s priority number 1 to 10. Everything else can wait including the Sangh’s agenda for transforming India. If the economy is fixed, it will open up space for pet projects to be tackled at a later date. Fixing the economy will require a collective effort from the entire country for which the current climate of divisiveness has to go. Every election from Gujarat 2002 has been fought and won by the incumbent on divisive agenda (except perhaps 2014 where he did not have to, due to widespread anger against the then Congress led government) So unless Mr Modi and his team manage to find another path where the economic woes are fixed, I am afraid turbulent times and unforeseen changes lie ahead – both for the ruling duo and the country as a whole. There is a also a serious potential pitfall in this for the RSS – this spell can lead to serious loss of credibility for their organisation in the long term, so it is imperative that they lean on the ruling duopoly to fix this problem pronto.

    • It’s certainly true the Economy should be the number one item for the PM to tackle. This does not invalidate the moral obligation and historical justice that the CAA addresses. India owes the minorities of its neighboring Islamic States, the protection of Indian Citizenship. The actions of the Govt of Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh have brought this law into being and one cannot say the BJP had not announced their plans to support it in their election manifesto well prior to the Laws introduction. The protesters are now getting caught in their own whirlpool. Sucking away oxygen from empirical tests on the governments economic performance to a vastly subjective view on the secular vs non secular future of India they claim is at stake. Sadly, it shall not have the impact they are hoping for. It’s sad only because it’s good energy being wasted on a pointless cause while many worthy causeS of social and economic reform remain unaddressed in India. The economy is number one concern. Yet I do support Mr Modi and am even proud they stood by their pledge to help the minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. It’s complex but it’s also simple. Political compulsions should not decide Indiay historical debt to the persecuted. The Bollywood clique are entitled to their view like everyone else, it doesn’t make the slightest difference to my views and beliefs. Those easily misled by a few famous names are unworthy of our democracy’s sacred duty to uphold and protect India’s founding idea. It’s not just the idea of the Congress party. It’s India’s. We are secular but we must protect the minorities of neighboring countries, which were all part of India after all. Where will the Hindus. Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists flee to? Europe? How ridiculous to see our own youth abandoning their own Hindustani’s for some pretentious concept that has no connection to the reality of the persecuted. It’s not to be taken for granted- what with the economic situation – but Mr Modi has still got my vote!

      • Sadly the CAA is simply step 1 in a sequence of steps in changing the fundamental character of the republic.

        There will be further incremental steps where citizens will have differential rights based on their religion (or perhaps language or food habits – who knows where that Pandora’s box leads) – the ultimate goal will be demographic change – either willingly because the unwanted demographic will be pushed into “detention centres” or through violence.

        “Aap Chronology ko samjhiye”

        Is this irrational scaremongering – perhaps? Unfortunately the history of the 20th century has shown time and time again that the demonisation of the “other” always leads to a dark place.

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