Graeme Bandeira | Yorkshire Post
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The selected cartoons appeared first in other publications, either in print or online, or on social media, and are credited appropriately.

In today’s featured cartoon, Graeme Bandeira takes a dig at Boris Johnson for his continued insistence on leaving the EU even if without a deal. To avert any possibility of MPs blocking UK’s exit from the EU, he also asked the queen to suspend Parliament, a request that she has approved.  


Banx | Financial Times

Banx too weighs in on the suspension of Parliament, and sarcastically looks at the positive side of it.

Jim Morin | Twitter

Jim Morin holds US President Donald Trump responsible the increasing global warming. Trump recently skipped a session on climate and biodiversity at the G7 summit and had earlier withdrawn the US from 2015 Paris Agreement aimed at tackling climate change.

Kal | The Economist

As a fire razes on in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, Kal too looks at the issue of climate change.

Michael de Adder | Toronto Star

Drugmaker Johnson & Johnson has been fined 572 million USD for promoting the use of opioids while downplaying their risks. Michael de Adder takes a dig at the company for its alleged practice.


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