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‘Small step towards victory’ and a ‘lie’: How protesters saw PM Modi’s no-NRC assurance

Despite being denied permission, several peaceful protests were held across Delhi Sunday, at the same time as PM Modi’s Ramlila Maidan rally.

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi insisted at his Ramlila Maidan rally Sunday that there has been “no discussion on the topic of a (nationwide) National Register of Citizens”.

Some protesters who have taken to the streets to oppose the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and the NRC responded by calling it a “small step towards victory”. However, not all the protesters were convinced, and pointed out that while Modi says there’s no NRC afoot, Home Minister Amit Shah has been talking about it in Parliament as well as in public rallies.

An IT professional who was protesting at Jantar Mantar said Modi now appears to be on the back foot.

“They have announced this (NRC), got the CAA, and now they do not know what to do with it. The government did not anticipate that people will rise against them,” said the professional who did not wish to be named.

“They now stand exposed. In case they wish to do some face-saving, they should immediately roll back this draconian law.”

Amir, a Jamia Millia Islamia student attending a protest at the university, said: “There is a limit to lying. He (Modi) does not have any respect for the chair he is sitting on.”

In his first public address on the issue of the CAA and NRC since the protests began, the PM said the protesters were misled by “rumours and lies” spread by opposition parties, and once again trained guns on the Congress.

Anti-CAA protesters at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi
Anti-CAA protesters at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi | Photo: Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

Massive security cover

Several protest meetings and rallies were planned across the capital Sunday, to run simultaneously with the Ramlila Maidan rally, which was organised to “thank” Modi for regularising unauthorised colonies.

While the police did not give permission to hold any protest marches, some were given a go-ahead to hold “peaceful meetings” at one place.

With more than 2 lakh participants expected at Ramlila Maidan, there were intelligence inputs that a group of people might take out a black flag procession in the area, and a series of inputs suggesting that possible clashes may break out, between the pro- and anti-CAA groups.

To prevent violence, the authorities divided Central Delhi into 14 zones, and deployed specialised teams to cover them.

The Delhi Police also had a special meeting with the Special Protection Group and the National Security Guard, and more than 3,000 policemen and 2,000 personnel from the Central Armed Police Forces were deployed.

However, peace prevailed across the city, as both the Ramlila Maidan rally and the anti-CAA protests concluded without any untoward incidents. 

“We ensured that the PM’s supporters from outside Delhi do not reach the capital armed. We were also keeping a check to ensure no flying object is used by miscreants,” a police officer told ThePrint.

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‘This is an uprising’

At a protest meeting in Nizamuddin, JNU scholar and activist Umar Khalid and senior advocate Sanjay Hegde were in attendance.

Khalid told ThePrint that the coming together of youngsters against the CAA is more than just a protest — it is an “uprising”, and will grow only bigger.

“The youth cannot be fooled anymore. They know that it is the Modi government’s strategy to take the attention away, shift focus from its failures like the dipping economy,” he said.

A protest against CAA and NRC at Nizamuddin in New Delhi
A protest against CAA and NRC at Nizamuddin in New Delhi | Photo: Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

“NRC and CAA are the biggest sham. They are against all people, communities and religions. This is not just about Muslims. These protests are going to grow bigger.”

Hegde, meanwhile, said people protesting against the CAA were not in this fight as Hindus or Muslims, but as “Indians”.

“This is a fight for our Constitution, which is in danger,” he said.

One thing all participants across the anti-CAA meetings are rallies agreed on and reiterated was that they are against any sort of violence.

“We should spread the word that we are against any violence and we should not give this government any chance to question this nationwide uprising by indulging in any sort of illegal activity,” Shahid, a protester, told other participants at the Nizamuddin meeting. “We should not let this dilute our movement.”

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  2. Those who believe that the government should have anticipated the “scale and intensity of protests” are naive and lack any perspective of history – national or global. Did the British anticipate the scale and intensity of Mahatma’s salt movement? Were anti-war protests during Vietnam war anticipated? Were Mandal protests expected? Did China (their foreign policy favourite) anticipate Hong Kong? Or many such protests that have taken place across democracies and autocracies. Spooky naivety!!!

  3. Why blame Shekhar Gupta only ? Many more journalists, authors,film celebrities etc…etc…etc… are suspiciously absent on this issue.Reason is clear! Don’t desire to be a bad man in the eyes of Modiji!!!Spineless, nincompoops,demoralised to the extreme point!!This is the sad story of this country now!!

  4. The only spook I have ever met in my life is James Bond, on the cinema screen. How could the scale and intensity of the protests not have been anticipated ?

    Shekar Gupta In cut the clutter video says the “this is the first time Muslims have pushed back since Godhra “
    He shockingly equates the burning of the train many years ago as a Muslim pushback.
    Muslims in India as a collective had nothing to do with Godhara, he labels every Muslim with the burning train
    This shows how Shekar Gupata mind has gradually been polarised and poisoned by Hindutva
    The Muslims of India are not pushing back they are just expressing their nationalism, which Shekar Gupta should know has always been there.
    Shekar Gupta did not expose the lies in the speech, this is shoddy journalism
    I think India is in the”last chance saloon’
    When 200 miliion Muslims are pushed to the wall the nightmare will begin.

    • Muslims like you are living in fools paradise. Better ask yourself when 200 million Muslims are pushed to the wall the nightmare will begin for whom? Stop this drama. There is no way that India’s Muslims can repeat 1947 in 2019.

      • Are you expecting Muslims to lie quietly and die
        Or live under the jackboots of the Hindus
        None of this is possible
        So we all better live with mutual respect for each other as Indians
        Or none of us will live


    • Our cities are burning.
      Our people are dying.
      Our children being beaten up &jailed.
      Our houses being looted by police.
      We’re putting our lives on the line to save constitution &our citizenship rights.
      The editor of Print fails to mention this, looks through tainted glasses at Muslims
      Can Shekar Gupta cut the clutter on fascism
      Can he cut the clutter on the attack on secularism
      Can Mr Gupta cut the clutter on peaceful protests of Muslims brutally suppressed by the violent Adityanath police
      We want you to cut the clutter as an Indian not as a Hindu
      Just as Muslims protest as Indians not Muslims.
      It’s about time somebody cut the clutter on you Mr Gupta.

  6. Illegal activity, law passed through parliament is supreme. 14% Muslims must get this into their minds. Something which they perceive is against them doesn’t mean this is against Indians. We Indians are not Arabi.

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